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Empress Journee

Basic Information
Birthday:Dec 17
Short Desc:Radio Personality
Description:Empress Journee', a Charlotte North Carolina native, started her music career at the tender age of fifteen, crafting her art of DJ-ing from esteemed and celebrated artists in her hometown. From there, she nurtured her gifts at North Carolina A&T State University where she earned degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Radio Broadcasting, African-American Studies and African-American Literature. During her tenure at A&T, Empress Journee' found the perfect storm of music and commentary; as on-air talent for her college radio station, WNAA in Greensboro NC.

In 2006, she founded Next Up Promotions (N.U.P.), a Charlotte-based entertainment company. The company showcases the work, talent, and performance of up-and-coming artists. This vision, became a phenomenon, known simply as "The Unsigned Movement". Quickly rising to the top of her field, she became the top female Indie hip-hop promoter in Charlotte, being recognized at the Southern Entertainment Awards as Promoter of the Year 2008.

Presently, N.U.P, has shifted towards personal promotions, catering to the needs of the artist as an individual. Artists that have joined the company with its new direction include popular rapper/actor, Ozy Reigns, and international hit Kam Moye, to name a few. With Empress Journee' as its founder and head promoter, N.U.P has focused on album releases, image management, promotions and events for countless artists.

In 2009, Empress Journee' started Bangnat Radio, a sensational web-based radio show where listeners hear great music and enjoy humorous and informative commentary about culture, hip-hop, and style. Notably, Empress Journee' and Bangnat Radio is responsible for producing the Bangnat Radio Mixtape Vol 1, which features top indie hip-hop acts like Charles Herron, Ozy Reigns, Bettie Grind, P Wonda, and Kam Moye.

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