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Basic Information
Location:Charlotte, NC
Birthday:Nov 8
Short Desc:American DJ and the content producer for
Description:The DJ Shark Experience

A party starter not your average deejay, but a crowd pleaser; His eclectic music database features anything from Hip-Hop, electronic dance, soulful house, classic rock, R&B to classic Funk soul. Catering to crowds of thousands down to the in-store and intimate settings.

"I know what you want to hear and when you want to hear it.

An I-pod can play music; but I create an experience".

Marcus "DJ Shark" Clark

American DJ and the content producer for "The Morning Maddhouse" on WPEG Power 98 FM located in Charlotte, North Carolina; early in his career, he put his leadership skills into action. In1991 he and his best friend started South Florida's electrifying teen Dee Jay coalition; titled "Pound Puppy DJS". After growth thru the years at the age of eighteen the group decided to change the name to "Dem Damn Dawgs DJS".

While gaining much success touring across the state of Florida "Dem Damn Dogs DJS" composed there first hit single in 1993 titled "Weed Head"; which lead to a record deal with South Florida based label M.V.P. Records; under the groups original name "Pound Puppy DJS". Collectively they sold over 50,000 vinyl and tape copies in Florida and Georgia. The popularity of that single grew rapidly which led to other business opportunities for the group. In the same year of '93 the Dawgs opened their own teen nightclub in downtown West Palm Beach; "The Boom Room".

As DJ Shark career progressed it relocated him to Mid-west city of Louisville, KY; in 2005. Though the turntables are his home, they are not his only haven. DJ Shark is not just a disc jockey; he is a musical producer as well. One of his esteemed accomplishments was producing the hit single "Do The Shizz" which became the featured song and dance anthem for NBA 2010 first Round Draft Pick John Wall of the Washington Wizards. DJ Shark is also known for penning another smash hit while on the Louisville music scene titled; "Who R U" which featured DJ and Super Producer Drama. The single grew throughout the Midwest collecting rave reviews and popularity; earning DJ Shark song of the year at the Kentucky Music Awards in 2011.

In 2013 the Kentucky Music Awards voted DJ Shark Host / Hype Man of the year. Shark continues to captivate audiences nationwide, his success stems from the ability to control his crowd; engaging them in the music which drives them not only to be listeners but participants in the DJ Shark experience. What makes DJ Shark stand out from the rest is that he goes beyond mixing music and has made himself an understudy of the craft. He is determined to stay at the top of his game. His presence on the social media scene (300,000 followers collectively) and his private study of the industry will insure that his conquest for success is inevitable.

In 2013 DJ Shark took his talents to the growing metropolitan city of Charlotte, NC. By 2014 he became the acting producer for Charlotte's number one rated urban morning show; "No Limit Larry an The Morning Maddhouse" on WPEG 97.9. During his stint he and the Maddhouse are very active in the community while using there popularity to raise awareness of the many non-profit organization's. Recently DJ Shark has been touring through out the country guest appearing at popular nightclub venues alike; also opening at festivals with Acid Cigars under the Swisher Sweet brand; A3C Festival, Ludacris Day, the Kentucky Derby and many more.

2014 DJ Shark also was brought on board with Scratch Live Events Corporation®. A national team of in-store marquee DJs for corporate events, music festivals, weddings, and retail stores; Clients include leading brands such as Belk, H&M, Vans, Bloomingdale's, Victoria Secrets, Pepsi, and more.

Birth Name: Marcus Clark Born

Genres: Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Top40/Pop, EDM, Reggae, Soul/Funk

Occupation: Disc Jockey, Morning Show content producer

Years Active: 1991-1997; 2003-Present

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