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DJ DuPree
Basic Information
Birthday:Mar 29
Short Desc:DJ and Sound Engineer
Description:I am Campuskingz DJ DuPree. I have been a DJ for the past 9 years and have loved every minute of it. I got into the industry when I walked into a Club (The Club) one night as a teen and the owner was the DJ. I told him I've always wanted to learn, he taught me the basics and from that point on I've never taken my hands off my vinyl.
In 2008 CampusKingz DJ Frosty (President), myself (Vice President) and CampusKingz DJ P-Nut (Marketing Officer) decided instead of joining an already established coalition, we would start our own, the CampusKingzDJs. We started by throwing parties/events in Denton, TX, quickly moved to Dallas, TX and expanded throughout Texas. To date we hold the Biggest Event of the Year in Dallas/Ft. Worth, in collaboration with CKB ENT, known as the #LATEX (Official After Party for Grambling Vs. PV Football Game). We have over 10,000 people in attendance each year. We currently have over 30 DJs nation wide. We are primarily based in Dallas, Ft. Worth where I am the current resident DJ on Saturday nights at Vice Lounge and Sundays at Public House in Denton.

My Vision: "To expand my brand and CampuskingzDJs by breakin records of real artists and rocking as many events as possible!"

My stlye of DJing defines me as a person. I don't just play Hip Hop, house music or latin songs. I am a diverse DJ so I try and play a little bit of everything. One of my mottos is "If you want a playlist of the same old songs stay home, but if you want an experience follow me." I take my crowd on a journey by mixing up my sets everytime I DJ. In a given set you will hear, Hip-Hop, Dub-Step, R&B, Bachata, Top 40 and turntablism. I know how to smoothly transition between genres which makes for a great show. I can also MC any event to give the crowd just a little bit more energy.

Over the years I have broken a lot of records and thrown events with many artist who have a great name for themselves:

Wideframe (Magnum/Throw It Back), Fat Pimp (UhOh & Hurt They Feelings), Bryan Angel (Day-26), VIC (Wobble), BeatKing (Crush), Chalie Boy (I Look Good), Big Tuck (Not a Stain on Me), Dorrough (Ice Cream Paint Job/Dig In It), Jeramih (Birthday Sex) and Bobby V. (Mirror).

When you book me for an event you satisfy your customers by choosing a DJ who has the whole package and can take them on a journey, making their night memorable for years to come.

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