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Jeff Jackson
Basic Information
Location:Ninety Six, SC
Birthday:Aug 30
Short Desc:Open Format Mash Up Style DJ from South Carolina
Description:Growing up on hip hop from an early age and discovering Dynamix II at the age of 14 then being stuck behind the DJ equipment at a high school dance, created a monster. "From the first time I was 'in charge' of the music, I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of it." Fast forward to 2001 when he started going to shows in Charlotte, NC he became a fan of the club scene. "I saw DJ Micro and Baby Anne play at my first show at Club Mythos. It was nuts and I wanted to go back every weekend." Now he has finally found a sound of his own by playing a pounding mix of breaks, electro house, trap, and dubstep all with major hip hop sampling. While the breakbeat sound is where his heart lives, his open format sets are a mashup journey including anything from classic rock to new wave to hip hop and trap. Jeff has had the honor of sharing the stage with artists ranging from The Ying Yang Twins, BONE Thugs n Harmony, Nelly, Ludacris, Flo-Rida, JIMITHEGENIUS, Noel Sangar to Styles n Complete and Hate n Beanz with Charlotte legends such as Phat Rabbit, Mac, Skinner, Mad Monk, GlobalE and the list goes on. Currently travels upsate SC with the legendary DJ Scientist of The Ying Yang Twins.