Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg Receives Death Threats After Winning Donald Trump Hush Money Felony Case

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg Receives Death Threats After Winning Donald Trump Hush Money Felony Case

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Alvin Bragg Under Siege

All of this just because a Black man was doing his job? It's giving white fragility.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has faced an unrelenting barrage of threats and racist harassment since securing the conviction of former President Donald Trump.

According to the Daily News, Bragg has received over 100 abusive messages filled with vile, racist slurs and death threats, including terms like "Savage [...] primate, F-king [...] rapist," and "GORILLA."

One alarming message declared, "Bragg in Trouble, Alvin a Bad Evil Man," while an email from "ThisMeansWar" transmitted additional threats. Disturbingly, a packet exposed by the Daily News from Portland, Oregon, contained a photo of a noose with Bragg's head beside it, stating. "I am passed the point of just wanting them in prison." 

Can you imagine? Yes, officials may receive harmful messages and threats but imagine the caliber of heat from a support group where Trump can encourage his following to insurrect the White House. Let that sink in.

Trump's Conviction: A Historic Moment

On May 30, Trump became the first former U.S. president to be convicted of a crime. Found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records to hide information from voters during his 2016 campaign, Trump's conviction relates to an affair with Stormy Daniels.

This historic conviction has sparked outrage among Trump's supporters, leading to a dramatic increase in threats against Bragg. The New York Times reports that since the trial began, the NYPD has logged 56 "actionable threats" against Bragg, his family, and employees at the district attorney's office. The threats, largely from Trump supporters, have included disclosing home addresses and bomb threats.

Even with the facts, Trump still remains favorable to Republicans and followers who don't want justice. If you search #AlvinBragg on social media platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), the way lawmakers who are fighting against his crime are being dragged - it's unfathomable.

Racially Charged Attacks

The vitriol directed at Bragg is not just about politics; it is steeped in racism. The use of dehumanizing slurs and threats against Bragg, a Black man, underscores the racial tensions inflamed by Trump's conviction. It is upon the ongoing list of challenges faced by Black officials in positions of power, particularly when they take on high-profile cases against influential figures like Trump.

Pay attention to leaders in the #MAGAMaggot movement, such as Steve Bannon. According to the Guardian, he is a former strategist of the White House, leading the jail charge against Bragg and stating, "Of course [Bragg] should be - and will be- jailed." 

They are listing out their intentions of using the government for their own twisted gain, before the election with a felon on the ballot has even taken place. Protect Bragg and #ProtectBlackMen at all costs.

The Role of Trump's Rhetoric

Trump's rhetoric has undeniably fueled this wave of hostility. Manhattan prosecutors have urged the continuation of a gag order on Trump, which the New York Times reports prohibits him from attacking witnesses, jurors, court staff, and the relatives of Judge Juan M. Merchan.

Despite this, Trump has repeatedly violated the gag order, resulting in fines and threats of jail time. His inflammatory statements have inspired his supporters to target Bragg and others involved in the case with threats and harassment. 

Let's be clear: this is NOT a form of protesting. Is this how Trump believes he is making America great?

The Gravity of the Situation: The Republican View

The significance of this situation extends beyond the immediate threats to Bragg's safety. Trump's conviction and the subsequent backlash highlight the deep divisions within American society. The attacks on Bragg are not just an attempt to intimidate a single individual but a broader effort to undermine the justice system.

Axios states, if re-elected, Trump allegedly could potentially leverage the 14th Amendment or the federal rights statute "conspiracy against rights" to take legal action against Bragg, further complicating an already tense legal and political landscape.

Adding fuel to the fire, Judge Judy Sheindlin, known for her television series Judy Judy, blasted Bragg's case against Trump as "nonsense" during a recent interview with Chris Wallace on Max. According to The Hill, Sheindlin criticized the case, saying, "You gotta twist yourself into a pretzel to figure out what the crime was.

This show consistently ranks as one of the top-rated syndicated shows, drawing in millions of viewers daily. According to Next TV, Judge Judy includes a diverse range of viewers, with significant representation among Black and Hispanic communities. Judge Judy's opinion on Alvin Bragg's handling of the Trump case carries significant weight due to her wide-reaching influence and trusted voice among a diverse audience. 

Be careful who you watch, what you consume and who you support.

Why This Matters

The treatment of Alvin Bragg by Trump and his supporters matters because it exposes the fragility of the justice system in the face of political and racial animosity. Bragg's determination to pursue justice, even in the face of such intense backlash, demonstrates the importance of holding powerful figures accountable.

It also highlights the risks faced by those who stand up against entrenched power structures, particularly for Black officials who are often subjected to additional layers of scrutiny and harassment.

The Road Ahead

As Trump's sentencing on July 11 approaches, the legal and cultural ramifications of this historic case continue to unfold. As a nation, we should watch closely and be aware that the outcome will resonate far beyond the courtroom, impacting many layers of the political and cultural landscape. 

The threats against Bragg and the attempts to undermine his work serve as a sobering reminder of the challenges ahead in the pursuit of justice and equality.


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