Tech Tuesdays: BOSSIP's Unfiltered Thoughts On The Apple Vision Pro Headset, Is It Worth The Enormou

Tech Tuesdays: BOSSIP's Unfiltered Thoughts On The Apple Vision Pro Headset, Is It Worth The Enormou

Source: N Williams for iOne Digital / N. Williams For iOne Digital

If you're thinking of purchasing Apple's Vision Pro Headset we have some thoughts that could help make your decision easier.

On February 2, Apple released its latest product the Apple Vision Pro headset. The headset is officially labeled as Apple's first "spatial computer". If you want to grab one it will set you back $3,500 which is an enormous amount in this economy.

According to CNBC, the price tag is justified with rumors suggesting the cost of making the headset totals $1,542. Once you add in the money set on development, research, marketing, and packaging the price makes sense.

If you're on the edge about purchasing one and have questions, we have answers. We've spent a few weeks with the headset and we have thoughts.

BOSSIPs Apple Vision Pro Review

As soon as you open the Apple Vision Pro box you immediately understand why the price is on the higher end due to everything included. The unit comes with a light seal, seal cushion, audio straps, accessory carrying bag, cleaning cloth, and a Solo Knit Band connected to the unit. Additionally, you'll receive an external battery that connects to the unit for power.

This headset is expensive and fragile so you'll need to buy a case for it. The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case is $199 and is the only case made specifically for the VP. The external battery can sit in your pocket but that becomes annoying over time. To solve this issue you'll need to spend $49 for the Belkin battery holder which is a lifesaver. The Belkin holder allows you to drape the battery over you with a sling so you don't damage the battery which is $199 to replace.

If you wear glasses you can also purchase prescription lenses for the headset from Zeiss for $99.

We've become accustomed to buying cases and accessories for all the latest tech so spending more after the initial purchase should be expected.

Apple Vision ProSource: N Williams / N Williams

First impressions: During the first hour of using the headset one thing instantly stood out compared to other VR headsets. You won't get that seasick feeling most headsets give you after using them for more than 15 minutes. It takes a few minutes to adapt to using your fingertips for typing but it gets easier. The weight of the headset isn't noticeable at all, it's surprisingly comfortable. One of the most exciting features is sharing your MacBook screen on the headset creating a spatial work environment. The only complaint I truly have is the lack of apps available for the headset. Right now you can download the iPad version of any app you need so it isn't too bad.

Final Overview: After using the headset for two weeks I have to admit it's an amazing piece of technology. If you're an "early adopter" of new tech you'll love this and understand why someone would spend $3500 on the device. My biggest use over the two weeks was playing Call Of Duty online with friends by mirroring the PS5 to the headset.

However, there were days I wouldn't use the headset and after the new factor wore off I questioned the purchase. This shouldn't be held against Apple due to the fact this happens with every VR headset. In closing, it's a high-quality product that is loads of fun and worth it if you can afford it. It's not a necessity like an iPhone, you could pay $3500 for an iPhone and seriously justify the amount because your phone is your life.

Many people have returned their headsets but I've decided to keep mine and here's why. VR is still very niche but a major player like Apple joining the game forces everyone to adopt the technology. The fact I do not feel seasick after two hours of using it is a big selling point. Playing Playstation 5 on the headset in my backyard on a massive screen is worth every dollar. Watching NBA games courtside on the headset is loads of fun. Also, I installed a cold air intake on my vehicle while using the headset and it was a game changer. Following a step-by-step video on YouTube while doing it in real life all in the same viewing area is life-changing.

In our honest opinion, it's worth the price tag.


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