Best Netflix Series To Watch Right Now

While Netflix might be a great streaming site for kids, adults, and teenagers alike, sometimes you find yourself wishing for a pile of recommendations that work for everyone. And while there may be plenty of great shows on the website, there are also a handful of mediocre shows that you may want to avoid. Getting into a show is not only a commitment of the self but of your time. Since it would be a shame to watch a show for a few hours only to dislike it, let us get a few good options for you through our list of Netflix shows you can binge right now.

So, strap in, grab some snacks, and get comfy, because we have more than a few.


Kleo is a thriller eight-part mini-series on Netflix that follows a Stasi assassin named Kleo. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she is released to take action and a knife to her former handlers without discretion. However, a former German detective is a witness for her latest kill. It becomes a game of wits between two skilled individuals, Kleo and detective Sven. While the show Is dark, gritty, and full of action, it has some lighthearted moments as well.

The show picks up on themes like betrayal, action, vengeance, and what it means to be alive. The charismatic leads within Kleo are full of personality and bounce off of one another throughout the show, both in dialogue and general writing. Also, Netflix recently confirmed a season two for this show, so now's a great time to get in and watch both.

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

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The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem is a show based on a novel by author Sarit Yishai-Levi, telling a somber and dramatic story set across 1920's and 1930's Israel. The show depicts the nation at the time as the Ottoman Empire respects British mandates. The domestic show covers family affairs, romantic ones, and all kinds of internal conflicts between the relatively large cast of characters. The title character, Luna, is the eldest daughter of Gabriel and Roza (played by Swell Ariel Or, Michael Aloni, and Hila Saada respectively). Overall, the show majorly focuses on the differences between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, concerning matters of their faith.


This recommendation is no doubt not a surprise to you. Besides the fact that it's trending, Wednesday is a great show that displays the iconic macabre humor and wit that comes with any Addams Family show. During the course of the show, the plot focuses on the younger member of the family, Wednesday Addams as she enrolls in school, learns to handle her emerging powers, and protects her family from a long-lost monstrous enemy. Revisit some iconic characters and love them in a new light with this ongoing series that's sure to give you the good kind of chills.

Lost in Space

While Lost in Space isn't exactly a new show, it remains a strong show for those new to Netflix or those who have been surfing the platform for a long while. Based on the 1960's version of the show with the same name, this show is a rare one in today's media environment simply because it cannot be canceled. That's right, you for sure will see at least three seasons of this show because three seasons of the older version of this show already exist. Feel free to get comfy and get invested, because the show does have an already-written conclusion just waiting to be developed.

The show focuses on the Robinson family and their fight for survival on a hostile, unknown planet. After evacuation from a dangerous Earth goes wrong, they end up in a strange world, all but stranded. Hoping to meet with a colony mission group, the family fights and strategizes to make the most of their survival and come out on the other side stronger. Get a load of the sci-fi atmosphere with great characters, creatures, and robots through three robust seasons of Lost In Space.


You is a show that focuses on the human nature, the morality of obsession, and the limits of love. Based on novels written by Caroline Kepnes, You is a story about deranged love between a bookstore owner and an aspiring author. The story focuses on the limits of love and how twisted it can become when it buds within a twisted mind and psyche. If you're into twisted thrillers or shows akin to Dexter, this Netflix show is definitely for you.

The Sandman

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman was once thought to be unconvertable to a movie or series. Some parts of media simply don't translate well, losing nuances in the process. The comics have such a large scope that it was thought to be impossible to include all the necessary details through a conversion. However, somewhat recently on Netflix there's an adaptation, strikingly faithful to the original, just as everyone wants. The story focuses on the Lord of Dreams imprisoned by a warlock who is seeking the secrets behind immortality. The story begins when Morpheus is released to mend what he has broken throughout human existence and time. Overall, the cast is expansive and so is the material, so if you're looking for a full show to sink your teeth into, this would be it.

Physical: 100

Physical: 100 is a Netflix physical fitness-focused show that challenges athletes from around the world to a competition that pushes their limits and sets their physical standards high. Each episode features different courses, challenges and feats that competitors must finish in order to move on to the next round. These can include anything from obstacle courses to endurance tests, to weight-lifting competitions. The dramatic tension, setup, and presentation in the show are akin to past renditions of the format, such as Fear Factor. Without the gruel nature, Physical: 100 makes for a great show for anyone who enjoys a little thrill and test of nature.

All competitors in the show have different backgrounds. In other words, you aren't just watching a bunch of gym-nuts fight to see who can lift the most, you're watching a competition between a diverse cast, with people from every walk of life. They have strengths, weaknesses, and a reason to keep going as they fight for that top spot.

Cunk on Earth

Cunk on Earth is a satirical take on life, with Diane Morgan, a British comedian, playing the character of Philomena Cunk. Throughout the show, Cunk travels through time, exploring humanity's history and leaving witty comments all along the way.

The show is a parody that goes through history, getting all the facts wrong but having a hilarious time along the way. If you find yourself to be a fan of that kind of humor, or a fan of shows akin to Doctor Who, this kind of entertainment might be right up your alley. Overall, the show is a great whimsical take on history, science, and more, providing education with a little bit of sugar through humor.

Cunk visits historical sites, ponders some big questions, and cracks a few irreverent jokes all the while. If you're a history or science buff with a need for a little more laughter in your life, this show is absolutely perfect for you. Even if you're a bit uninformed like me, this show is still likely to make you laugh and learn something new.

Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla is a sequel series to the original Viking series, presented by History Channel. This second sister show follows a Viking group as they explore the lands of England, Russia and Normandy and conquer. The show includes many types of characters, including warriors, rulers, and Viking leaders. The production value for Vikings: Valhalla is high, meaning you won't find many weaknesses concerning the environments, ambiance, and settings used.

The cast is robust and full of motivations, giving you characters you can follow while taking in this forgotten but beautiful world and perspective. The show has robust attention to historical accuracy, making it a great opportunity for you and perhaps a history buff you know in your life. Overall, from the costume design to environmental inclusivities to the language used by the cast, the show is accurate through and through.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is an Netflix animated series that focuses on a sci-fi world flung far into the future. The year is 2071, spacecraft is as common as a beat-up car, and space travel from one planet to the next is as simple as a walk to the drugstore. The story follows a few bounty hunters living paycheck to paycheck, trying to catch the wanted across a vast sea of stars.

If you're into dynamic characters that have their own stories to tell, you're in luck. While the show remains mostly episodic, there are episodes that take detours to tell specific stories about key characters. Not everything may connect by the end of the season. But, before you get there you'll have a good knowledge of where everyone's going and why.

Also, another reason to give this show a try is because of the stunning visuals at play. If you enjoy hand-drawn 2d animation with great colors and motion, Cowboy Bebop pulls no punches. It's an artistic show, from the soundtrack to what you see on screen. While there are live-action versions, the original is the one you need to see, not a remake.

The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" is a post-apocalyptic horror television series that follows a group of survivors as they navigate a world overrun by zombies, referred to as "walkers." The show is set in the southern United States and explores the group's struggles to survive in a world where resources are scarce, danger lurks around every corner, and trust is hard to come by.

The show is a character-driven drama that delves into the psyches of the survivors and their relationships with one another, as well as their experiences with loss, grief, and trauma. Also, it raises important questions about what it means to be human and how people can hold onto their humanity in the face of unimaginable horror.


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