Freddie Gibbs Accused Of Domestic Violence By Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend: A Break Down Of Allegations &

On February 14, 2024, Indiana-born rapper Freddie Gibbs introduced the world to his girlfriend, Jasmine Grenaway, a model and social media influencer. The post was symbolic, coming on Valentine's Day, and meant the lovebirds were truly committed to each other. Freddie and Jasmine's relationship marked a new beginning for the rapper, given his experience with his ex-girlfriend, Fit Miami. Freddie and Fit seemed to be a perfect couple until she allegedly got pregnant. According to Fit, Freddie didn't want the pregnancy and asked her to get an abortion. Taking the matter to the public via social media, Fit alleged that Freddie ghosted her after her pregnancy and never checked on her to confirm if she went ahead with the abortion or not.

While there was no confirmation of Fit's claims, another pregnancy seems to be the beginning of the end of his relationship with Jasmine. Recently, Jasmine took to social media to accuse him of domestic violence. The new allegations brought unwanted attention toward Freddie, who eventually denied Jasmine's allegations with alleged receipts. Here is all we know about the drama between Freddie Gibbs and his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Grenaway so far.

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How It All Began

On May 10, Jasmine took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share several tweets, which she has since deleted. Firstly, she shared a picture of a positive pregnancy test, claiming she was carrying Freddie Gibbs's child. Jasmine captioned the post, "Happy early Mother's Day to me! Y'all go tell Freddie Gibbs congratulations." In another post, Jasmine shared that people warned her to stay away from Freddie but she didn't listen. She wrote, "I'm not above mistakes. I'll admit, I should've listened to the warnings from everyone. But, here I am, I'm a real a** b**ch so I'll take that on the chin. A sucka I am not tho."

Not long after, Jasmine made another post. However, this time, it was with more serious allegations against Freddie. She shared four images of herself that showed her with bruises and marks, implying that Freddie hurt her physically. In the post's caption, she wrote, "Now that that's out of the way, here's to the more serious part." Later, Jasmine added, "Why are y'all acting so confused? I said Freddie Gibbs put his hands on me, which left scars and bruises, then I found out I was pregnant and he won't help me get the abortion bc he knows the risk due to my medical history of having cervical/ovarian tumors and a laparatomy. Like..."

Jasmine Continues With Her Rampage On X

Having gained some attention with her tweets, Jasmine continued her offensive against Freddie Gibbs. She posted, "Dangerous in the booth, but not in the streets," along with a flurry of laughing emojis. When a fan replied to one of Jasmine's posts, calling Freddie a "FREAKY A** N***A" and a "BABY MAKING GOD," she responded with several laughing emojis. Later, she threatened to take Freddie to court, posting, "See me? I'ma take the ponk to court." When another person on X told Jasmine she should have gone to the police after Freddie allegedly laid hands on her, she claimed that the police arrived at the scene. The X user then asked Jasmine why the police didn't arrest Freddie. She replied, "They literally held me down in a room while I was shouting 'help, it's domestic.' And the police did not hear me. SMH. But I was still able to file charges."

However, Jasmine surprisingly deleted all the posts she made, much to people's bewilderment. After deleting the posts, she shared a video of herself and captioned it, "Here's some beauty to brighten the day. I hope y'all enjoyed my exposé of my abuser. I'll handle the rest of the matter privately. I have to focus on my children and my mental health. 😘 be back soon."

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Freddie Gibbs Responds To Jasmine

Jasmine generated much attention with her actions and people began questioning Freddie on social media. The rapper seemingly responded to Jasmine's accusations against him by tweeting, "The devil is a lie my n***a." However, Jasmine continued with her onslaught against Freddie, causing him to share screenshots of alleged text messages between them that he believed showed his innocence. In the first screenshot Freddie shared, Jasmine apologized to him for her behavior. The second screenshot showed him accusing her of "swinging" at him, to which she replied, "Yes because I was abused for real." Freddie also accused Jasmine of disrespecting him, and she replied, "I did not know I did that. I would never do that to you."

Freddie also shared screenshots of alleged text messages between him and Jasmine's mother and her uncle. In the screenshots, Jasmine's mom said it was unacceptable for her daughter to make such claims and emphasized that she didn't think Freddie did anything to her. She also claimed that Jasmine locked her out. Meanwhile, Jasmine's uncle said he and her mom were on the same page, and Jasmine was trying to extort money from Freddie, whose net worth is about $5 million as of January 2024. Freddie replied, "yep and my lawyer got all the text and I recorded her." Jasmine's uncle responded, "I goofy shit win goofy prizes. My sister and I both agree if she takes this social she may lose us."

Freddie Gibbs shared more screenshots of his alleged chats with Jasmine. In one of them, Jasmine admitted she had a temper because of all the abuse she endured in her life. She also apologized for her actions and professed her love for Freddie.

Jasmine Responds To Freddie Gibbs' Screenshots

After Freddie posted the screenshots of his alleged chats with Jasmine, she remained defiant. The social media influencer posted, "I am not a slave to public opinion. Truth is truth. Nobody is more disappointed in me than myself. So y'all can defend my abuser if that's what you want to do." She added, "I truly don't want sympathy. I just had to share my story. The info is yours now and y'all should do as you please with it. We've all been dumb before, I just chose to share. I'm not ashamed. I'm human." In another X post, Jasmine insinuated she was done addressing the issue on social media as she wrote, "Gone."

Not long after, she returned to X to make more allegations against Freddie. Firstly, she called his text message screenshots "fake receipts." Later, she suggested she had taken the matter to court, writing, "Let's just let the rest play out in court. Charges filed." Jasmine also warned Freddie not to lay his hands on her again. She wrote, "And guess what? If Freddie Gibbs puts his hands on me again, I'll snap another finger. This mf won't be able to hold the mic. Shows cancelled." She added in another post, "I know that ain't the same boy who told me had Benny shot in Texas and killed Jim Jones friend trying to act like I abused him." It should be noted that there isn't any evidence to corroborate such claims. Jasmine has since deleted all her tweets, causing many to wonder what her motives really are. Also, Freddie is yet to respond to her again after sharing the screenshots. We'll keep you posted on any more developments regarding the situation.

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