Justin Timberlake Essential Songs

Rising from the ranks of the iconic boy band *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake has emerged as a multifaceted entertainer who has made a considerable mark in pop, R&B, and beyond. His ability to continually reinvent himself and push musical boundaries has solidified his influence in the music industry. From the release of his debut solo album, Justified, to his latest hits, Timberlake has consistently delivered chart-topping tracks, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated global fanbase. His contributions have garnered numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards, affirming his status as a leading figure in contemporary music.

Further, Timberlake's achievements extend beyond music into acting and business. Collaborations with top producers and artists, innovative music videos, and dynamic live performances have also set new industry standards. His talent for blending genres and creating timeless music has kept him relevant and inspired a new generation of artists. As we delve into his essential songs, we explore the tracks that have defined his career, highlighting his evolution as an artist and his enduring impact on the music landscape.

1. "Cry Me a River" (2002)

"Cry Me a River" arrived on Justin Timberlake's debut solo album, Justified. It marked a pivotal moment in his career. Produced by Timbaland, the track features a haunting melody and intricate production. The song is widely believed to be inspired by Timberlake's highly publicized breakup with Britney Spears, adding a layer of personal narrative. The lyrics and Timberlake's heartfelt delivery captured the pain and betrayal of a broken relationship. This further helped make "Cry Me a River" a powerful and relatable anthem.

Moreover, "Cry Me a River" was a commercial success. It peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned Timberlake his first Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. This track solidified his status as a solo artist and showcased his ability to craft deeply personal and emotionally resonant music. "Cry Me a River" remains a defining moment in Timberlake's career. It highlighted his transition from a boy band member to a mature and sophisticated solo artist.

2. "SexyBack" Ft. Timbaland (2006)

In 2006, "SexyBack" marked a bold and transformative moment in Justin Timberlake's career. This lead single from his second album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, signaled a dramatic shift in his musical style. He embraced a more futuristic and edgy sound. Produced by Timbaland, the song features a pulsating beat, distorted vocals, and a minimalist yet infectious hook that redefined pop and R&B in the mid-2000s.

"SexyBack" was also a commercial juggernaut, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks. It became one of the best-selling singles of the year. The track's clever production and Timberlake's confident, almost swaggering delivery resounded with a wide audience. It further helped to cement his status as a pop icon. Its success was further bolstered by a provocative music video featuring Timberlake in a series of sleek, high-fashion visuals.

3. "My Love" Ft. T.I. (2006)

"My Love," featuring rapper T.I., is another standout track from Justin Timberlake's critically acclaimed album FutureSex/LoveSounds. Released in 2006, the song exemplifies Timberlake's seamless fusion of pop and R&B with a touch of hip-hop. Produced by Timbaland and Danja, "My Love" is built on a foundation of lush synths, a stuttering beat, and a soaring falsetto. Timberlake's lyrics and vocal performance exude romantic yearning, while T.I.'s confident rap verse adds an edge that complements the track's overall vibe.

The song was a massive commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and earning widespread critical acclaim. "My Love" showcased Timberlake's ability to craft contemporary love songs that are both innovative and timeless. The track's production pushed the boundaries of mainstream pop and R&B, setting a new standard for the genre. The accompanying music video further cemented the song's impact and Timberlake's status as a leading figure in the music industry.

4. "What Goes Around... Comes Around" (2006)

"What Goes Around... Comes Around," from Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds album, is a masterful blend of storytelling. Released in 2006, the track features Timberlake's soulful falsetto layered over intricate production by Timbaland. The song's narrative, often interpreted as a continuation of the themes explored in "Cry Me a River," delves into betrayal and karmic retribution. Timberlake reflects on the cyclical nature of love and heartbreak. The sweeping orchestral strings and haunting guitar riffs also add a dramatic flair. They create an emotionally charged atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners.

Commercially, "What Goes Around... Comes Around" was a significant hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 and earning critical acclaim. The song's epic nine-minute music video was directed by Samuel Bayer and starring Scarlett Johansson. It further amplified its impact, presenting a visually compelling story that mirrored the song's themes of infidelity and revenge. This track reinforced Timberlake's skill as a solo artist. It also highlighted his ability to craft songs with deep emotional resonance and lasting appeal.

5. "Suit & Tie" Ft. Jay-Z (2013)

"Suit & Tie," featuring Jay-Z, marked Justin Timberlake's triumphant return to music after a seven-year hiatus. Released in 2013 as the lead single from his third studio album, The 20/20 Experience, the track is a sophisticated blend of retro soul, modern pop, and hip-hop. Timberlake's smooth falsetto glides over a lush arrangement of horns, strings, and a steady groove, creating a timeless sound that pays homage to classic R&B while remaining contemporary. Jay-Z's laid-back rap verse adds a layer of cool sophistication, making the collaboration a perfect blend of both artists' strengths.

The song was a commercial powerhouse, debuting at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earning widespread acclaim for its polished production and sleek style. "Suit & Tie" showcased Timberlake's evolution as an artist, highlighting his ability to seamlessly merge traditional and modern elements. The accompanying music video, directed by David Fincher, featured elegant black-and-white visuals and intricate choreography. This further enhanced the song's classy and stylish vibe. "Suit & Tie" not only reestablished Timberlake's presence in the music industry but also set the tone for the ambitious and expansive sound of The 20/20 Experience.

6. "Mirrors" (2013)

"Mirrors," a track from Justin Timberlake's album The 20/20 Experience, is a deeply personal and reflective song. Released in 2013, the song's production, crafted by Timberlake, Timbaland, and J-Roc, incorporates lush harmonies and intricate instrumentation. The hauntingly beautiful melody that captures the essence of love and introspection. Further, "Mirrors" is often interpreted as a tribute to Timberlake's wife, Jessica Biel.

The song was a commercial and critical success, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and receiving widespread acclaim for its heartfelt lyrics. The music video, which tells the story of a lifelong love through multiple generations, adds a visual narrative that enhances the song's emotional depth. Timberlake's performance in "Mirrors" is poignant and sincere. This makes it one of his most memorable and impactful songs.

7. "Can't Stop The Feeling!" (2016)

"Can't Stop the Feeling!" marked a significant milestone in Justin Timberlake's career. It served as a vibrant anthem that dominated the airwaves in 2016. Written for the soundtrack of the animated film Trolls, the song showcases Timberlake's ability to craft feel-good pop music that appeals to a broad audience. Moreover, "Can't Stop the Feeling!" quickly became a global hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Also, the song's success was amplified by its lively music video. It featured Timberlake dancing alongside everyday people in various settings, capturing the song's celebratory spirit. "Can't Stop the Feeling!" also earned Timberlake numerous accolades. These included a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media. The track's infectious beat and uplifting message solidified Timberlake's status as a master of crafting pop hits that resonate deeply with audiences, making "Can't Stop the Feeling!" a quintessential part of his musical legacy.
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