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[BOOK RECOMMENDATION] Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas


[BOOK RECOMMENDATION] Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas

Today's BLACK VIBES Book Recommendation is on the urban fiction drama Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas written by author Seni Marquis of Mo Betta Books.  

Monkeys Can't Sell Bananas is a captivating story that grabs a hold of you from the first page to the back of the cover, and have you looking for more. This urban fiction revolves around the life of a young man named Kamar. He is a stand out on his high school basketball team and has a promising future in the NBA. Kamar is stuck between the call of the streets, the loyalty to his friends, and the love for his family. One mishap starts a domino effect in his life. You'll see how a bad decision can set off a chain reaction, and affect the lives of those around him............... I know, I know.... This sounds like another book you read or it reminds you of a movie you saw. You might even be thinking, "Oh no, it's another hood book about the streets".... Well you're half right. It is a story about the streets, but it is being told like you've never heard. Therefore, it is one of a kind. It's a MO BETTA BOOK! PURCHASE THE BOOK AT THE DIRECT LINK BELOW

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Ieva Buko Breaks the Grass Ceiling in Europe with a Cannabis Concept Boutique  With the Cannabis

 IevaBuko Breaks the Grass Ceiling in Europe with a Cannabis Concept BoutiqueWiththe Cannabis Industry´s undeniable potential still far from fulfilled Ieva Bukois demonstrated to be a protagonist in the scene opening The Green Boutique.The Green Boutique is a luxury cannabis ¨members only¨ boutique in Barcelona,but it´s far from what you have experienced before, if you are in to cannabis. TheGreen Boutique, located in a prime location within the center of Barcelona, isan avant-garde concept store where cannabis meets music, fashion, art andentertainment to create an experience for its members that they will alwaysremember. Interiordesign reflects opulence and comfort. It´s a cozy, safe and very socialenvironment where the client can consume cannabis but socialize at the sametime; it´s about making connections for a lifetime. Client oriented trainedstaff delivers the highest quality service, and obviously the highest qualityproduct, to add to the green experience. The Green Boutique is quality ofquantity. Events are key to keep the members informed about trends, music, products,world matters and innovations. It´s a place where members can spike their creativity.
IevaBuko, with her clientele, breaks the stereotypes of the industry. The personaof the typical cannabis user has changed. In today's cannabis industry theclientele is highly educated, working in top notch jobs. They are simplyinterested in cannabis because they have discovered the benefits of the plant,nourishing their well-being, improving their work ethics, improving theircreativity and in general improving the quality of life. There are numerousstudies that confirm increased productivity and creativity.WhenIeva opened The Green Boutique back in 2019, one of the most challengingpandemic years, she felt that the cannabis world needed something new,something that has not been done before. Studying the industry for many years,she felt that nothing represented the full power of the plant and definitelynothing that represented the modern cannabis consumer. The modern cannabisconsumer basically didn´t have a place to go, except from picking up thecannabis and consume at home. Nowin 2021, The Green Boutique is a statement cannabis member boutique in Europe.The wait-list to become a member is very long. Ieva is proud, but this is onlythe start of much more to come. The goal is to become an international leadingcannabis brand once the legal frame permit arrives, to create a variety ofproducts in ways you won´t expect. Is this the proof that the cannabis industryneeds a female touch? 
 AboutIeva BukoIevaBuko, originally from Lithuania, lived in London and The Netherlands. Currentlyshe resides in Barcelona, Spain and she is a loving mother and wife. Shegraduated in International Business Management and Marketing and Commercial Law(UK). This lady in the ´little green dress´ is determined and driven bysuccess.Todayshe successfully runs the international praised The Green Boutique and she wasrecently appointed as the official manager of Frankie Biggz. Frankie Biggz isan international Grammy Awards winner, Record Producer, Songwriter, Musicianand DJ.  The Green Boutique


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[NEW SINGLE]: "She Bad" by Mobb Boss


[NEW SINGLE]:  "She Bad" by Mobb Boss

Florida indie music mainstay and southern businessman Mobb Boss is BACK with a brand new single dedicated to the women out in the world that look gorgeous and go after the bag titled "She Bad"!  "She Bad" is the certified grown sexy woman anthem for the southeast and soon the rest of the nation.  This single is also a collaboration with Manebo and RaRa!  Stream the entire single for yourself at the direct spotify link below.  

Spotify - SHE BAD

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NEW SINGLE: $hynePhre$h "Ugly" (SPOTIFY)


NEW SINGLE:  $hynePhre$h "Ugly" (SPOTIFY)

Black Vibes is proud to spotlight the latest single from one of the hardest new artists to arrive on the indie music scene,  The song is titled "Ugly" by Baton Rouge born record artist $hynePhre$h.  The song is available to stream on the direct spotify link below

Get familiar with the artist 

The artist known as $hynephre$h was born and raised in the savage city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The artist has been into music for over 15 years, but didn't start pursuing a career in the music industry until 2019.  $hynephre$h would have started his professional music career earlier however the street life, back and forth to jail, gun charges, breaking into homes and attempted murder were many of the reasons why his passion for creating music was put on the backburner.  Although he has a strong love for creating music, the artist says his first love is God being that God has delivered him from the streets and put him on the path to creating music and using his gifts and talents for good.  $hynephre$h started investing into his career, purchasing professional top quality studio equipment to cut costs on going back and forth from the studio. 
$hynephre$h states that he is no "one hit wonder" and is here for the long haul.  "I won't drop your typical music, the bang bang shoot 'em up and I want them all dead type vibes, no, I'm bringing authenticity back to the game.  I'm dropping real relatable vibes.  All I wanna do is make music with substance".  

Visit $hynePhre$h's official promo blog at
and follow the artist on Instagram at Shynephresh_ThaGreat (@shynephresh_thagreat) • Instagram photos and videos

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TENAI proves you can SPILL THE TEA without BEING MESSY!

          Over the past few years Celebrity Gossip, and Entertainment News has become it's own respective genre.  An abundance of media platforms from Bossip, The Shade Room, Vlad TV, to TMZ and every place in between has made a multimillion dollar industry out of being nosey, spreading dirt, and giving the common individual a closer look into the lives of public figures, celebrities and well known entertainers.  While numerous celebrity bloggers and entertainment journalists use baiting tactics to reel in more readers and viewers while implementing unique strategies to monetize turmoil and drama on their public platforms, one rising media proprietor has found a way to garner the same results without being so...... "messy".  Celebrity interviewer and media personality Tenai Staley of the esteemed self-produced web program The Tenai Show finds a way to reel in new viewers weekly, and "spill the tea" all whist maintaining her journalistic integrity and without resorting to click traps and shock value.  Tenai is very astute and cunning when it comes to bringing out the juicy details with her celebrity guests and maintains a way to show respect to her subjects without making them look bad all in the name of more views.  

The Tenai Show has had multiple celebrity guests on her prestigious program such as Mya, Avant, Cheryl Underwood, The cast of Wild-N-Out, Mathew Knowles and many more!  

Follow Tenai an The Tenai Show on her Instagram
@TheTenaiShow (

Also visit her official website at and Subscribe to her YouTube channel for more excellent content.

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THE SEO QUEEN (Zhe L. Scott)

Multiple studies have shown a slight correlation between Hypertext Transport Protocol Security and SEO. Search engine optimization stats tell us that websites that use HTTPS are more secure and they load faster. HTTPS has been a signal in Google's ranking algorithm since 2014. (Blue Corona)
If you want a free case study so you can get your company on Google page 1, claim your Free Video Case study now.
Follow us for SEO Tips and more!Facebook: @theseoqueen or @zhetheseoqueen or @theseoqueen or @theseoqueen or

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Exzotiqa Insurance Agent and prominent businesswoman Wanda Bowie states that there is no excuse and no reason for anyone to not have life insurance or any other insurance for that matter.  Many people often shy away from insurance policies for a lack of knowledge and proper education on how everything works.  For those that may have a more difficult time digesting the information, Wanda is here to provide the information and present it in a way that doesn't intimate those who are in need of insurance.  Rather it be life insurance or other forms of insurance, Wanda Bowie certainly has the solution.  

Contact Wanda Bowie for a quote and additional information.

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Esteemed Travel Agent TIERRA COOPER provides new Economic Opportunities for Travelers

Esteemed North Carolina stationed travel agent and rising businesswoman Tierra Cooper of Xperience Travel 365 understands that the world has changing due to the aftermath of the COVID19 pandemic.  Many people have been searching for new means of employment and economic opportunities now that many jobs have been shut down or having to readjust to the virtual space.  With everything going on Tierra Cooper has stepped in to offer solutions to those experience their own economic crisis.  

To find out more Tierra Cooper either advises you to use the contact information available on the flier OR email her at the address below

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SPOTLIGHT:  TONY 2 X (Chicago, IL)

Today's BLACK VIBES artist spotlight is on rising Chicago based hip hop recording star and performer Tony 2 X, the artist formerly known as Kodak!  Get familiar with the artist by following him on social media and checking out the bio below.

Tony 2 X official Website
Social Media LinksInstagram:

The Artist formerly known as Kodak,now "Tony 2X" was born in San Diego, California and raised inChicago, IL.  Tony 2X found a passion forHip-Hop at an early age influenced by artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Twista,Crucial Conflict, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. In 2011, Kodak began his musiccareer with a local Chicago Hip-Hop group Joint Logistics. Quickly catchingonto the game, Tony had the pleasure of headlining for major artist such asTwista, Pharoahe Monch, Mystikal, Chino XL, Snow The Product, Master Ace, 9thWonder and more. Tony 2X showed no signs of slowing down after releasingmultiple mixtapes between 2011 and 2014 as well as shooting multiple videos andperforming at venues all around the city; Tony gained the respect of Chicago'sHip-Hop scene.  Tony began to develop aunique and everlasting style of rhyming. Sharpening his skills and perfectinghis craft with the guidance of his Group-mate K-mind. They quickly got back onthe grind releasing an album this time under the group Joint Logistics [LastCall] (October 2016). They also released another album [Blowing My High] (July2017). Things were now back in full effect and they premiered two new musicvideos off the [Blowing My High] album "Fucked Up" and "Respect". It wasfinally the right time for Tony to drop his first solo album using a newlybuilt home studio. Tony released his solo album "Community Service" (October2017 under his former alias name Kodak). Teaming up with an independentdistribution platform, he released his album digitally on all major digitaldistribution platforms along with a Joint Logistics Bandcamp page, and more. Tonyalso teamed up with an up and coming music videographer Dinero Films who has along artist list of clients throughout Chicago. Together they released a musicvideo to his debut single titled [The Intro] (New Beginnings). The artisticcraftsmanship and sound of Tony's first album is truly something special. Tonyhas also reached other areas of success gaining traction with his hit single"Talk At All" earning him a video feature on BET JAMS. Along with magazinefront cover placements on YV Hip Hop Magazine and features on Chiraq Magazinein his hometown of Chicago. Tony has currently released his sophomore albumtitled "Just Me" and has partnered with his long time VideographerDjordjo of "WhyCloudNine" films. Tony strategically plans to bringhis supporters and fans more raw and uncut music from his life experiences,struggles, and successes. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the streets. AsTony states, "It's not always a clear view. Some will doubt you and some willride with you but I'm always looking up

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The new self titled album from Tennessee underground rap music legend BIG PAP THA MIC KILLA is now available on all streaming platforms!  Stream it on Spotify at the direct link below

The album also includes Big Pap's latest viral hit single "In and Out"!  Stream it today!  

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