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Tips on How to Maximize Your Mobile App


PODCAST: How To Promote Your Youtube Channel with Tateana Michelle

BV Mobile Apps Podcast spotlights our current clients.  In this episode, we talk to Host, Blogger, Entrepreneur Tateana Michelle.

For more information about Tateana:

Follow Sean Garvey on IG: 

To create your own app:

Music by: J. Keys (Anonymous Records) - @jkeysmusic

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Bianca Bee Explains The Value of a Mobile App For DJs, Music Artists and Bloggers

Super Blogger and Social Media Influencer Bianca Bee is back to talk about why having your own mobile app is so valuable if you are a DJ, Music Artist or Blogger.

For more great tips and information on how to grow your social media presence, download the Bianca Bee mobile app, available right now on Android and Apple devices

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BV Mobile Apps and American Disc Jockey Association Establish Partnership

Atlanta, GA - August 2, 2018 - BV Mobile Apps, an Atlanta-based mobile app development and hosting company, has entered into a partnership with the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) to be the exclusive mobile app provider for ADJA and its membership. This partnership will include the development of a custom app for ADJA as well as significant savings on apps for its members. Due to changes in the technological landscape of music distribution and marketing, both organizations see this partnership as a great opportunity to meet a need that's in demand.

"BV Mobile Apps is excited about the opportunity to partner with the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) in providing a great mobile app experience for its members. ADJA is committed to servicing the DJ community and their clients with dynamic methods to promote and grow; this matches the passion that BV Mobile Apps has for its own clients. We are excited about moving forward with this partnership and enjoying the mutual benefits to both organizations, said BV Mobile Apps Co-Founder Marshall Lyons."

BV Mobile Apps is known for creating unique, dynamic, creative and innovative mobile apps that help to build brand awareness, generate leads, increase your customer base and attract media traffic to your business. The apps created by them come with a simple user interface that allows users to embed media rich elements such as text, image, video, audio, animation, slideshow to
spread the word through creativity and innovation with diverse customer bases and with a consistent winning record of delivering results.

"ADJA is excited to be partnering with BV Mobile Apps to bring to her members the opportunity to have a mobile app for their companies at very low prices. This gives them yet another great value in membership as well as a new way to promote their business and communicate with their clients, said ADJA president Dr. Drax.

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Android Developer Needed


Android Developer Needed

BV Mobile Apps is seeking an Android Developer to create features for new and existing mobile apps.  Features will include, but are not limited to, creating pages for account maintenance, designing new layouts, and integrating with other third party services.

The job will be a contract position and compensation will be based on the project.


  • Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable Java code.
  • Work with manager to meet specification needs. Unit-test code for robustness, usability, and reliability. Identify and correct defects.


  • Previous experience creating native Android mobile apps. Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes. Strong knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices. Knowledge of Java for native Android development. Familiarity with relational databases such as MySQL. Familiarity with loading data from back-end services using XML and JSON. Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements and estimates. Deadline and detail-oriented.

    If qualified and interested, please send your resume to

    If available, please include a link to a mobile app that you've created that's currently available in the Google Play Store

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    Your Mobile App is a Tool; How Are You Using It?


    Your Mobile App is a Tool; How Are You Using It?

    A hammer. A saw. A pair of pliers. What do all of these things have in common? They're tools. We use these tools to fix and/or build things. Do these tools do the work by themselves? Of course not. You have to pick them up and use them to do the work. You can't simply lay the saw on a piece of wood and expect to cut it. Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

    Your mobile app is no different.

    Your app is a tool. It can send info and updates to your followers and fans; those same people can listen to and buy your music through it; you can communicate your next event or performance through it; they can watch your videos within it and even book you for events.

    Sounds great, right? Here's the catch: you have to utilize the tool.

    You must promote your mobile app so people know you have an app. Here's a few tips on how to accomplish this:

    * ALL of your social media bios should tell people to download your app!

    * Create social media banners that you can post frequently on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc
    which tell people that you have an app and where to download it! (Use a free service like if design isn't your strength!)

    * Use a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to regularly schedule social media posts encouraging your
    followers to download your app! (Include your download link in the post - let me know if you don't
    know your link and I'll email it to you!)

    * Ask your followers to give your app a great rating! (this boosts your app in the app stores)

    * Take advantage of the Push Notifications (which enables you to send a text message to those
    who've downloaded your app) at least 2-3 times per week!

    * Create a mini-commercial telling everyone you have an app and showing them how to download
    it! (Use the screen recording feature on your phone along with a service like the Videoshop app)

    These are great ways to utilize the tool that is your mobile app! Have any other suggestions or recommendations? Let us know!

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    Want To Add Your Events and Sell Tickets To Your Performances In Your Mobile App?  Get This Upgrade!

    Add a new tab in your app specifically for Events!

    With this new section, you can view information about the event, add events to their Calendar, share them on Social Media, and open the address directly in Maps. You can also include a link to purchase tickets.

    Through your BV account, you can manage your list and add up to 200 upcoming events to your app.

    Ready to upgrade your mobile app with an Events section? Click Here For The Events Add-On!

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    DJ Detroit Explains Why DJs Need Their Own Mobile App

    Have you ever thought about how you can engage thousands of followers, make yourself more marketable, and give your audience direct access to your content 24/7? If you have, then a mobile app would be perfect for you. It's a perfect place to consolidate all of your social media content in one place, and adds an increase sense of professionalism to your brand. And let's be honest, a DJ's brand can be crucial for business.

    I'm now at the point that I don't even carry business cards anymore. Most of the times the recipient will misplace or lose the card so I do something better. I tell them to download my app! It will have all of the contact information they'll need to reach me in the future. Not only is it a "virtual" business card, but your audience will have access to all of your mixes, pictures, upcoming events, etc.

    What's great about BV Mobile Apps is that they will cater your app specifically to what you need. You can have your mixes under one tab and have independent records you are servicing under another. My app is set up to where as soon as my mixes are uploaded, it immediately sends a notification to everyone who has the app. You even have control as to how often your audience will receive notifications.

    Owning your personal mobile app is much cheaper than you think. BV Mobile Apps have different plans that will fit your budget and a substantial discount if you pay for the year. They service all mobile platforms (iPhones, iPads, and even android). Their customer service is phenomenal and they always respond to questions or app changes quickly. If I were you, I would give them a call and get your app started today!

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    BV Mobile Apps Speaks On Atlanta Tech Edge About Creating and Maximizing Your Mobile App

    BV Mobile Apps Co-Founder Gerald Olivari recently sat down with Cara Kneer of Atlanta Tech Edge to discuss the process of creating and maximizing your mobile app.

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    BV Mobile Apps Partners with Black Bloggers Connect

    Leadingmobile app development company BV Mobile Apps has recently partnered withrenowned social network for black bloggers Black Bloggers Connect that willfacilitate the great opportunity for BBC bloggers to have their app developedby BV.

    Atlanta,Georgia - Leading Atlanta-basedmobile app development company BV Mobile Apps has entered into a partnershipagreement with Black Bloggers Connect, a renowned social network for blackbloggers. As per the terms of the partnership agreement, Black Bloggers Connectcommunity members will be made aware of the great opportunity to have their ownmobile app created by BV.

    Black Bloggers Connectintends to disseminate information about how BV Mobile Apps can assist theirmembers via e-Blasts, social media marketing and digital banners on theirwebsite,

    The partnership becameeffective as of September 1, 2016.

    "Black BloggersConnect is excited to partner with BV Mobile Apps. For bloggers and digitalmedia mavens, apps are one of the gateways to success. BV Mobile Apps willprovide access to the opportunity to further engage readers and followers",stated Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, the founder of Black BloggersConnect. 

    Several bloggers affiliated with Black BloggersConnect community had expressed interest in having their own mobile app giventhe supreme competitive edge assured by an app today.  BV Mobile Apps offers a premium mobile appexperience at an affordable price; therefore this partnership will offer greatvalue for Black Bloggers Connect members.

    The seeds of this partnership were planted when BVMobile Apps co-owner Gerald Olivari spoke at the Black Bloggers Connect annualconference in Washington D.C.

    "We have been on thelookout for a quality organization comprised of bloggers with whom we canestablish a partnership; Black Bloggers Connect is a perfect fit.  Knowing how important mobile apps are tobloggers today, we're looking forward to meeting and exceeding the mobile appneeds for both Black Bloggers Connect and their incredible members.  We're confident the apps we create for theBBC community will enable them to leverage the technology to grow theiraudience and generate more revenue" according to BV Mobile Apps co-ownerMarshall Lyons.

    AboutBV Mobile AppsBased in Atlanta,Georgia, BV Mobile Apps is a top mobile app development and hosting companythat specializes in developing apps for a wide array of primarilyentertainment-based clients.  Founded byGerald Olivari and Marshall Lyons, BV Mobile Apps caters to music artists,producers, DJs, indie radio shows, bloggers and more!  Their value is unmatched as they offeraffordable pricing while still maximizing value.

    AboutBlack Bloggers ConnectFounded in 2013, BlackBloggers Connect is now a leading social networking portal for bloggers &journalists of African descent from 20+ nations around the world.

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    BV Mobile Apps Partners With International DJ Coalition CORE DJs

    Rising mobile app developer BV Mobile Apps has entered into a partnership with DJ coalition CORE DJs. The partnership signifies development of an innovative and customized mobile app for the internationally famous DJ organization on part of BV.

    The alliance marks a global event since BV creates applications for brands worldwide and CORE DJs includes members from all across the globe.

    "We are excited about establishing a partnership with globally renowned DJ network CORE DJs. As part of our relationship, we have provided our esteemed partner with a cutting edge app that will disseminate music, news & related content to all the members of the network. CORE DJs has also allowed us to be present at all flagship CORE DJ events like national & regional conferences- to assist the CORE members with creation of their mobile apps", stated a senior spokesperson from BV.

    Based in Atlanta, BV Mobile Apps is one of the fastest growing mobile app providers that caters to the app needs of the entertainment industry. Co-founded by Marshall Lyons and Gerald Olivari, the company has created dynamic, interactive apps for more than 250 clients across the world.

    In the words of CORE DJs CEO Tony Neal, they were looking for something clean & easy to help with music promotion. It was Marshall & Gerald who approached him about a potential partnership to promote their app services to CORE members and Tony was happy to liaise.

    "All I needed was something clean and user-friendly, but at the same time reflective of what we want to project with music promotion; BV made it happen." remarked Tony speaking about BV's custom mobile app for his organization.

    As per further statements from the spokesperson, the exclusive significance of the partnership lies in the fact that it would expose CORE members to affordable opportunities and options with their mobile apps. BV Mobile Apps provides affordable monthly packages from its portal that counter usual app creation and hosting charges in the contemporary industry- which range from $1,000-$5,000 for app creation and $50-$250/month for app hosting.

    The Atlanta-based mobile app developer has promised to offer dynamic mobile apps for the entertainment industry which will include real-time analytics, push notifications and social media integration with popular social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. In addition, all clients will have the opportunity to monetize their mobile apps via digital ad integration. BV Mobile Apps creates apps along three major platforms: iPhone, Android and Amazon.

    "We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Tony Neal and the CORE DJ community. We are confident the membership will be beyond pleased with the quality of mobile app products and services we can provide and look forward to meeting their needs", added in BV Mobile Apps Partner Marshall Lyons.


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