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The Core DJs, founded by National Programmer & Mixshow DJ, T.Neal (Tony Neal) is a premier coalition and acts as a union for DJs. Its membership boasts over 500 of the World's most influential DJs & I... Read More


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Matthew Schultz "Turn Me Up" ft Gyptian


Matthew Schultz "Turn Me Up" ft Gyptian

Matthew Schultz is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and performer who started out playing guitar in Chris Daughtry's first band. Last year, 2018, saw a plethora of successful releases for Matthew Schultz. In January, he released the single Promise For Keeps, following up with a version featuring Jamaican reggae singer Gyptian and an Electric Bodega remix in the following months.

That remix has accumulated a million plays on Spotify and the track became part of a viral craze on Instagram (#promiseforkeeps), featuring some of the biggest stars from NBC hit show World of Dance. Also hugely popular was another single, All Night Long, featuring Gyptian and Rico Tayla and Somewhere Far, which has racked up an enormous 7 million streams since its release last August. Somewhere Far topped the Spotify Charts and was featured on Chill Hits, Brand New Chill, Pop Relax, No Stress, Wochenende and went viral 50 in 8 Countries. His last single release, Go, also notched up streams in the millions and was featured in the Top 20 on Music Weeks Commercial Pop Club Charts.

This latest track, Turn Me Up, is a return to the very successful collaborative relationship with Gyptian after the purely solo releases of Somewhere Far and Go. Gyptian has over 1.4 million Spotify monthly listeners and almost 100 million Streams on his hit song "Hold Ya".

Turn Me Up starts with laid back, gently insistent triplet-based synth rhythm and the three chord structure around which the song is built emerges, augmented by punchy and intricate percussion. This track lays down an infectious reggae-influenced vocal melody. The overall sound is distinctly dancehall with a strong Major Lazer vibe and their vocal performances are charismatic, with an exotic flavor. Lyrically, it's about feeling intoxicated by someone ("It's an inferno being around you....") and this is perfectly reflected in the understated yet hypnotic music.

Overall, this is yet another excellent dancehall track by Matthew Schultz with a fine cameo by the gifted Gyptian and flawless, cutting edge production. With its languid, chilled out vibe and mesmeric rhythms it's the perfect soundtrack for late summer and will no doubt become hugely popular once more both on the dancefloor and on streaming sites. After several hugely successful singles behind him, Turn Me Up sounds like another smash that will be particularly appealing to fans of Major Lazer and Tory Lanez.

Matthew Schultz Track Quote:

"Turn Me Up" is an excellent dancehall raggae-influenced track by Matthew Schultz & Gyptian with hypnotic synths and punchy percussion. With it's languid, chilled out dance vibe and mesmeric rhythms it's the perfect song for radio, streaming & clubs.

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Connect w/ Matthew Schultz:


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Reel Feels "Blood Moon Sacrifice" EP


Reel Feels "Blood Moon Sacrifice" EP

Reel Feels recently announced the release of a brand new EP titled "Blood Moon Sacrifice." The EP features a combination of darker metal tones and incisive rap influences, blurring the lines between these two musical worlds. The artist doesn't stop in the face of genre restrictions, making for a truly unique and forward-thinking sound.

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Connect w/ Reel Feels:


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NEW MUISC: Stimulus by Marvin Bloc


NEW MUISC: Stimulus by Marvin Bloc

Check out Stimulus by Marvin Bloc

Enjoy this Electronic Dance Music jam coming straight from Staffordshire, England. Marvin Bloc is the talent behind the cut. He gets inspiration from Danish musical composer Trentemoller.

"Trentemoller was a musician I used to listen to a lot. He had a very unique style and one that just fitted my taste at the time." ~ Marvin Bloc

What is your music background?

I started to learn to play classical guitar for a while when I was younger, but I would often skip guitar lessons to play outside with my friends. Looking back it's easy to regret such moments, but your priorities are different when you are that age. I am not a gifted musician by any means. My process involved using a computer and experementing with creating different sounds using many synthesizers. I honestly respect and envy those musicians that can play and create music organically, but despite the best efforts of my parents I am not a gifted musician. I just enjoyed messing about with synthesizers on my computer.

Who are your musical influences?

My first real musical influence was probably 90's Hip-Hop/Rap music. The music just grabbed me as being very raw and real. I guess it became a bit of a passion

and I had collected a lot of the music form that era. It wasn't until my late teens that electronic music really took a hold. Trentemoller was a musician I used to

listen to a lot. He had a very unique style and one that just fitted my taste at the time.

What are your long-term career goals?

I don't have any. I will take each day as it comes.

What type of recording process do you use and who produced your recording?

There wasn't any recording. I know to the keen musician this is bordering on sacrilege. To my defense I had very little money, I couldn't play an instrument competently, but I just wanted to make music. I had a popular DAW and a few soft synths to hand and I just gave it a go. I never had and still have no ideas of

grandeur. If people like my track that makes me happy. I am not going to pretend I am super producer of any kind because I am not.

Do you ever get the chance to perform live?

No. You can never say never but I don't have any desire to become a DJ. Going to nightclubs is becoming a rare occurrence now anyway, never mind doing it for a living.

Are you looking for to remain independent or to get a major label deal?

I am not pushing for a record deal mainly because I see making music as a past endeavor. My main reason for doing this interview is because I wanted to see how far I could push Stimulus. It remains the best track I have ever produced and without a substantially bigger budget I'm not sure I could make anything better.

If anything, what would you change about the music industry today?

Am I the problem? If I could give myself one saving grace, it has been commented before that my song has soul compared to the over produced electronic singles of today. Most of today's electronic tracks are in no doubt more pleasant to listen to, but they are so clinical in there sound. I think today's music in practically all genres could search for a truer more organic sound.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists?

Do what makes you happy. Start with a blank canvas and just do what your heart tells you.

Anything else you want to say on the people?

I was just youngish guy trying to make music with nothing more than a computer. Most people will hate this idea. But if for whatever reason Stimulus resonates with you, that makes me happy.


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National Recording Artist PAULY DINERO @paulydinero is on the rise with his new single "Show Me The

Artist Name: Pauly Dinero
Song Title: Show Me The Way

"There's nothing worse in life than a waste of talent." - Robert De Niro "A BronxTale"
When Singer, Songwriter and Producer Pauly Dinero was asked for a quote that he lives by, he immediately paraphrased a quote by Robert De Niro from the classic movie "A Bronx Tale". Staying true to that quote Pauly refuses to waste his talent.
Hailing from Newark, Delaware, Pauly has a story of his own. He has had his share of ups and downs with family, friends and the industry. Through it all Pauly has remained consistent no matter the obstacle. He is the true definition of the term turning lemons to lemon aide.

At an early age he was forced to deal with the topic of mental health when he and his sister were removed from their mothers care due to her battle with Bipolar Schizophrenia disorder. In addition to that he was placed in the care of his father that in turn displayed abusive behavior towards him and his sister. As a result he was forced to mature fast. However, he did not let that get the best of him. As years progressed Pauly began to write about his issues, which he found therapeutic. He took his life struggles as well as its success and put pen to pad creating some of the most life changing, thought provoking and feel good music.

Known for being lyrically versatile with impeccable delivery and energy that would make any music lover an instant fan, he began to perform around the city. As time progressed he began to make a name for himself and built a solid and very supportive fan base across the tristate area. Since then he has won 5 philly song battles, performed on stages with artists such as Future, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Cardi B, Migos and French Montana to name a few. Additionally, he won Power House 2017 Philly with over 20k votes and has sold out multiple shows as a headliner.
He has recently inked a management deal with Kings Lifestyle Entertainment. When asked how he felt about deal he smiled charismatically and stated "There's nowhere to go but up."
His forth coming project yet to be titled will not only display his lyrical ability, but allow you to see how he has evolved as an artist and individual.

Follow Pauly Dinero on all social media sites:
For bookings, features, or interviews contact 


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Jhonni Blaze - Lil Favorite @iamjzapal


Jhonni Blaze - Lil Favorite @iamjzapal

Jhonni Blaze - Lil Favorite


Jhonni Blaze - Lil Favorite @iamjzapal
Artist: Jhonni Blaze
Track: Lil Favorite
Producer: Ayo, Keyz and @Clntfrd
BPM: 154
Label: Jhonni Blaze Music
Social Media:

Description: Lil favorite was written by Brelin and Marquis produced by Ayo&Keyz and clntfrd CONTACT BOOKING INFO:
Stream Here


Direct Download:




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New Release >> Steeldrumz - Give it 2 U prod by Gorilla Tek

STEELDRUMZ is a group from Miami, FL who are set to release their self titled debut album "Steeldumz" with production from Miami's own GorillaTek and The Bay Area's own Livin Proof.

This Argentinian and Bahamian duo are already winning over eardrums with their two hot singles "Give it 2 U" and "Ask Yb (Who dat)" available on all digital outlets. They are currently on a radio run after receiving nationwide attention for their new single and video "Give It 2 U", which has gained traction on their YouTube channel, gaining over 130k views.

Support "Give it 2 U" by streaming or purchasing the single!



Connect w/ SteelDrumz


TWITTER: @steeldrumzmusic

INSTAGRAM: steeldrumzmusic

FACEBOOK: steeldrumz

For Booking Inquires:


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Paul Anthony of Full Force and Tanya Diona Perform "Fire and Desire"

"Recording "Fire & Desire" was such a special journey. It's one

of those songs you DO NOT mess with unless you honor it properly and proudly. Rick once said Full Force was his favorite Band and Teena and I shared a warm friendship. This is extra special because my artist & friend Tanya Diona is from Buffalo, has performed with members of Rick James's Stone City Band, and really honors Teena on the song. My Dad always taught Lou, Bee and I: "Don't sing the song, become the song..." Just Like That

Connect w/ Artists:

Paul Anthony

FB: Paul Anthony

FB: Fullforceworld

IG: therealpaulanthony

Tw: Paul_Anthonyff


Tanya Diona

FB: Tanya Diona

IG: Tanya Diona

Tw: Tanya Diona


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New Release Strypez "Sayonara" Out Now


New Release Strypez "Sayonara" Out Now

Strypez AKA "Strizzy God"

The word "STRIPES", may have derived from the military, denoting one's enlisted rank according to his or her particular rank or position... But this, STRYPEZ refers to one local Georgia native who shed light on his southern hip-hop style and underlying persona through music. Brandon Lee, from (Hinesville, Georgia), STRYPEZ, [pronounced "Stripes"], has a firm grasp on the different levels of creativity it takes when putting together impressive works of musical art. His southern rap style was influenced by contrasting forms of Crunk and Bounce music.

Strypez is currently in the studio working on his mixtape; Take Flyght: FIRST IN FLYGHT, which is set to drop soon. His first release off his upcoming project titled "Colorado" has been released virally and has gained grounds with both mainstream and underground audiences. Strypez has put together a compelling group of producers and artists to comprise this anticipated project. Between constant admiration and his gain of widespread popularity the rapper is definitely on his way to stardom.

The up and coming artist was initially introduced to the music scene back in 2004 when he performed at a Car & Bike show called "Summer Slam" in Midway, Georgia, alongside another local artist. His talents where noticed by A&R, Odom "DaTrappa" Dingle, who at the time worked for A1 Recording formerly known as Rocky Road Records located in Atlanta, Georgia. After a couple years of shadowing Atlanta's hip-hop scene Strypez went on to release his first debut mixtape "Obey the Game", hosted by DJ J3 in 2007. He has been featured on and many major blog sites for his works.

Success for Strypez is to be measured by the obstacles from which he has overcome. The energetic rapper is definitely building up a reputation as an artist to keep your dial tuned in anticipation for what drops next. With only a few months closing in fast for his projected release of "Take Flyght" the mixtape he is definitely in the driver seat with nothing but wide open road ahead.

Lets check out "Sayonara"

Click Here to Stream / Add to your Spotify Playlist!

Connect w/ Strypez:


Instagram: strypezlcmg

Twitter: @Strypezonline


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Bla5er x Blo5k Lil A "Feels Good" [AUDIO]


Bla5er x Blo5k Lil A "Feels Good" [AUDIO]

Atlanta trailblazers, Bla5er and Blo5k Lil A just released their collab banger, "Feels Good" from their latest mixtape, 'The 5'. The upbeat feel good record is produced by J Reid, the producer of Nicki Minaj's "Chun Li" and "Barbie Tingz". Currently "Feels Good" is in rotation on Atlanta radio stations, mixshows, and nightclubs.

Bla5er and Blo5k Lil A released their joint mixtape 'Tha 5' September 5th, 2019 with their record label, Last Supper Music Group (LSMG). The tape features Blo5k Fatt and Bloody Jay with production by Zaytoven, J Reid, Murda On Da Track, B Rackz, Brand Da Beast, Tasha Catour, UmmSosa, and Quay Global. The 14 track project has an A side and B to reflect both artist's styles.

In addition to their collaborative work, Bla5er currently has a single featuring Lil Baby called "Beat Up" that is also in radio rotation and currently playing on BET Jams and Revolt TV.

Check out "Feels Good" on any and all sites below:





Bla5er & Blo5k Lil A social media:

Instagram: @_Bla5er @blo5k_lila

Twitter: @_Bla5er @Blo5k_LilA

Facebook: TheRealBal5er Blo5kMuzik



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New Release >> NB Tank An Exclusive 1 on 1 w. Breezy Says + his Single "23"

Welcome to Mollie's World (The Breezy Says Hot Seat), NB Tank

BS: What's your name and tell us a little bit about yourself.

NB Tank: I go by Nb Tank, I'm the coldest rapper in Ohio and besides rap, I ball!

BS: Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music?

NB Tank: I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio; Price Hill to be exact, but we like to call it the the "PSIDE" or the "P". It really didn't have an affect on my life, only basketball. I started rapping from spittin freestyles in school with friends.

BS: Tell us a little bit about the inspiration between your new single "23"?

NB Tank: The inspiration behind that was to gett my ep going. I dropped "23" with a big producer from the city, BigDan. My manager was said "that's hard we could use this one to start with a single." and the rest is history!

Lets pause for a moment and check out his record "23"
Click Here to Stream/Add it To Your Spotify Playlist

Back To The Hot Seat

BS: Are you planning on going on market visits or radio stops to promote the single or is it more of an introduction to another release?

NB Tank: "23" really is just a start for another release.

BS: How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does how does the music industry affect your personal life?

NB Tank: My personal life is my music life, my whole family is behind me with no road blocks and no brakes.

BS: What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you proudest of?

NB Tank: Right now "23" means the most to me because it's the first song I dropped and we are currently pushing it. Due to music being my passion, I'm proud of every song I drop.

BS: How do you separate yourself from other artist?

NB Tank: I'm different; plain and simple. There is none other like me.

BS: What is the hardest part of the music industry? and do you feel it is more beneficial to stay indy or go major?

NB Tank: The hardest part about being a rapper is getting support because without support you're not going to get known. As a rapper, people have to feel your music, but it's better to go major. Having local fame in your city is limited, whereas going global opens up more opportunities.

BS: What are your thoughts on how the rap game has influenced your life, any certain artists or beats changed your direction or made you see things differently?

NB Tank: My thought on the rap game is that I listen to so many people and I get different vibes from all, but an artist that stand's out is Sway Lee.

BS: Who or what has the biggest impact on your career?

NB Tank: My manager has the biggest impact on my career. He looks out for me by making sure I have studio sessions, beats, and everything else I need he makes sure it happens. My family also supports me in a major way.

BS: What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you?

NB Tank: I'm working. I will be at A3c, SXSW, and the Ohio Hip Hop Awards! My focus is networking and connecting with others, just trying to get my feet wet and make a little noise.

Connect w/ NB Tank:

Facebook: Nb Tank
Instagram: Nb_Tank

Twitter: @Nb_Tank

For Booking:


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