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#Hustle101: Monday Motivation


#Hustle101:  Monday Motivation

  Peace family!  Happy muthalovin Monday!!  Brand new work week to create new opportunities, & create new relationships that will help you get closer to your goals.  Don't look at today as another dreaded day to start the work week, start looking Monday as a fresh start to be better than you were last week.  Don't bring last week's problems into this week, leave it in the past and move forward.  Change starts within, so start changing the way you think and move.  If you want a different life then you have to move different.  

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#Hustle101: Wanting More!


#Hustle101:  Wanting More!

  Peace family, and welcome to February!!  January felt like the longest month ever, but we made it to month #2 of 2019 and today we're talking wanting more out of life.  After I finished DJing a dope event this past weekend I found myself not being satisfied with where I'm at with my DJ & radio career.  I'm grateful and proud of what I've accomplished but there are things on my bucket list that I haven't checked off yet and it's been on there for YEARS!!  So instead of beating myself up about not accomplishing those goals, I started visualizing what I needed to do to make those things come to fruition.  Beating myself up wouldn't have helped in any way, I'm thankful for growth mentally because now I'm hungrier than ever and excited about the process to make my vision come to life.  So if you want more out of life or your career or both, visualize you achieving more, create a plan on how to do it, then work towards it everyday.  You got this.....We got this!  Love

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#Hustle101: Purpose


#Hustle101:  Purpose

  Peace family!  I hope 2019 is off to a great start so far, today we're talking about purpose.  The other day I was reflecting back on how my mindset was when it came to hustling.  When I was djing 2-4 events every weekend, it was mostly because I had bills to pay.  That was my main purpose for my hustle, bills and buying sneakers aka liabilities.  I remember feeling like I wasn't progressing, and I hit the ceiling.  I didn't have a bigger purpose with my hustle like I do now, but if you're like the old me and your main purpose is paying bills then that's going to stunt your growth.  Do some re-evaluation and find a deeper purpose that's bigger than you.  My purpose is showing people they can turn their thoughts into reality, and I have another one that I'll share eventually.  Find your purpose or your why and then start shifting your mindset and hustle with a purpose

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#Hustle101: How I increased my salary by $10k.


#Hustle101:  How I increased my salary by $10k.

  Peace family!  We made it to the final day of 2018, and this year was so dope on so many levels of dopeness.  I've accomplished a lot this year, and witness great things like seeing 2 of my brothers get married.  I traveled more than ever in my adult life.  I also managed to increase my salary by $10,000 this year, when I was an employee that's something I've never been able to do.  I didn't do anything extraordinary to increase my salary, I incorporated the 80/20 rule (not the one from the Tyler Perry movie).  I focused on the 2 things that generate 80% of my income all year.  I didn't work longer hours, I didn't work 7 days a week, I didn't sacrifice sleep in order to achieve this.  I just worked smarter by shifting my focus, that's it.  Simple right?  Life is simple actually, we just make it hard for some reason.  Wishing you all a simple and successful 2019

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#Hustle101: Budget Allocation


#Hustle101:  Budget Allocation

  Peace family!  Today we're discussing budget allocation, I've witnessed people have a plan for everything else in their life but their money.  They'll plan their weekend, what outfit they're going to wear, places they're going to, etc with no problem.  But when it comes to putting a budget together it's a super struggle.  So I'm going to help those out that struggle with budgeting with a simple plan courtesy of @getjoemoneyright podcast.

50% goes to needs (
20% goes to debt repayment and savings
20% goes to investing (give your money a job)
10% goes to wants (moves, leisure events)

  If you have to adjust the numbers to your liking by all means please do so, I just want you all to start having a plan for your money.  78% of us live paycheck to paycheck, and implementing a budget plan helps resolve that issue.  2019 is coming & I don't want you all to have the same money problems in a new year

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For The Culture!


For The Culture!

  Peace family!  I came across an article about Tekashi 6ix9ine claiming he was acting like a gangsta just to sell records.  As a fan of the culture I felt some type of way, the hip hop fan in me was heated.  Why do we continue to allow these culture vultures to come in and make a mockery of our culture just for profit??  The forefathers of the culture didn't create this lifestyle just for it be mocked and turned into an episode of Love & Hip Hop.  I never cared for 6ix9ine and his gimmicks or trolling as people call it, I even felt like a sell out when I played "Gummo" in my mix.  I don't feel bad for ole Danny, because that's the energy he was putting out, CThaGod tried to tell him.  Fat Joe just recently tried to warn him, but of course these culture vulture clowns not trying to hear none of they were saying.  So artists stop mocking the culture and start respecting it, the forefathers didn't endure their struggles for this!  Old heads it's time we correct this issue and no longer allow this foolishness to continue (myself included).  Love

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#Hustle101: How To Get Out of Debt


#Hustle101:  How To Get Out of Debt

  Peace family!  Thank you to the new fam that's downloaded my app, welcome and I hope my app not shifts your mindset but I hope you enjoy the content I produce on here.  Now let's get right to business, all this week on my radio show I've been giving out ways to get out of debt.  Debt is something that's plaguing our communities for year!  Here are some solutions that can help you get out of debt.

1.  Lean to budget.
2.  Decrease expenses.
3.  Increase Income.
4.  Save money & invest it.
5.  Get more than one income.
6.  Debt snowball.

  I hope this helps someone that's been struggling trying to find a solution to getting out of debt.  These are steps I'm following myself even tho the only debt I have is student loans (should've stayed a college dropout).  Thanks for reading and feel free to hit me up @dj3two1.  Love

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