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Dj Juvy for

Dj Juvy for

Dj Juvy for

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Dj Juvy
Basic Information
Location:Westchester, il
Birthday:Nov 6
Description:DJ Juvy hales from The Windy City's West-side. He was introduced to music at a young age and it soon became his first love and an outlet to express himself best. He started out selling mixed CDs and Djing family functions. Back then music wasn't as easily accessible as it is now so he mowed lawns just to cop the latest CDs every Tuesday. He has had many opportunities to give up on his dream of becoming a Dj but refuses to quit until he masters this craft. He hopes to one day leave the corporate world to spread his love of music across the world full time. His demeanor is calm and mysterious until he hits the tables and truly comes alive. Many are shocked by his ability to mix and blend various genre that span the past 5 decades. He is not just limited to mixing tracks at parties, wedding receptions, and corporate events but will satisfy your musical desires in most any facet you desire. One of his most reputable ventures is compiling mixes from some of today's well known artist as well as tributes to the greats. Dj Juvy maintains full-time work as a computer repair technician which is the only passion to rival his love of music. If he isn't at his 9-5 or in a local club/lounge you can find him caring for his son who he hopes will carry on his love of music to the future generations. Some of his inspirations are Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Kid Capri, Dj Timbuck 2, Boi Jeanius, and Dj Scratch just to name a few. Catch him while you can as he is growing more and more in demand as time goes by.

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