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Basic Information
Location:Lawrenceville, Ga
Birthday:Nov 30
Short Desc:Come Experience JustATouchof_J
Description:Super Star .. Business Owner, Author, and Multimedia Mogul, Jillianne Veronica Harris is not your average woman. This insightful entrepreneur has achieved success and recognition in numerous endeavors and has become an exceptional inspiration to many.

Born as Veronica Jillianne Harris on November 30th, her mother believed she would grow to be a tenacious woman. Her mother prayed daily and sowed spiritual seeds of Godliness over her daughter; thus, developing her strong moral and ethical character.?

After researching her daughter's name, she discovered the definition of Jillianne meant - "Analogically intellectual and honest. Loyal, clever-minded, very talented, child of God." This matched her personality well, causing her parents to change her name to Jillianne Veronica Harris. They saw it as confirmation that she was destined to have a unique and successful life, full of love towards others.

Jillianne's name has served her well. She is currently the CEO of her own company named JaToj. JaToj is a diverse entity that has both profit and non-profit divisions; and stands for JustATouchof_J. Through her company, Jillianne provides the world access to an array of innovative, nontraditional services. She continuously takes a bold and fearless approach in displaying her ever-evolving talents. Jillianne says that EVERYTHING she touches, she touches with God's guidance, so everything flourishes in its own capacity. This is how she initiates, organizes, and runs her own enterprise.?

Jillianne is not only the Founder and CEO of her own corporation; this adventurous, intelligent, and well-educated entrepreneur is also a radio personality with her own podcast! However, her list of accomplishments continues. Jillianne owns her own fitness company called, JustATouchof_J's Fitness. She is the creator of MakingLoveinVsKitchen cooking show, and one of Atlanta's very well-known personal chefs. Chef Veronica, or Chef V as she is known, is a Black Chefs Network partner who has established herself in the culinary arena as one of the best food and wine connoisseurs of her generation! Serving the east and west coast with her tasteful and embellished dishes, Jillianne's mission is to cultivate more love in each family she encounters through her food.

From Regional Healthcare Supervisor to mother, this godly, profound woman is also an author and a future restaurant owner who has paved her way into the wine and cannabis production industry, fitness apparel design, food distribution, her own TV series, and her own Mobile App.

Jillianne is just trying to put it all out there in pieces for you, Baby!?

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