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[BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT]  303 Creatives |

Today's BLACK VIBES Spotlight is on 303 Creatives!

Get to know the visionary behind the visuals, esteemed businessman Cedric Sanders.

          Seasoned, immensely gifted and experienced graphic designer Cedric Sanders (founder of 303 Creatives), discovered his passion for art and drawing at a very young age.  Born the middle child of 3, Cedric entered this world on March 5th, 1986 in Wake Forest, North Carolina (a town just outside of the state's capitol Raleigh, NC).  Cedric began drawing at the tender age of 5.  He was taught by his older brother, and continued to improve his talents throughout his childhood and teen years.  During his youth, Cedric was already on the path to eventually turning his passion into a successful career by starting out creating artwork for the kids in his class, producing art for the local Boys and Girls Club, winning various street art competitions and creating the official High School Mascot for Wakefield High in Raleigh, NC.          After accomplishing so much at such a young age, Cedric had even more ambitions to take his talents a step further.  In the Fall of 2004, Sanders moved to the big city of Charlotte, NC to attend the prestigious Art Institute of Charlotte.  During his college tenure, Cedric, along with his college roommate launched "303 Creatives", a graphic design and branding company created at first just to make money on the side for bills, food and other necessities.  In 2006, Cedric Sanders graduated from The Art Institute at the top of his class with honors and an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.  Soon after college, the market dropped and there was no high demand for graphic designers at the time, however Cedric found a job in printing for Herff Jones, and worked a year at Lifetouch afterwards.             From there Cedric managed to take his once college side hustle 303 Creatives and turn into a full-scale graphic design company that he now owns and operates himself.  303 Creatives provides everything from logo design, club flyers, apparel design, album covers, business cards and more!  With over 15 years of experience, 303 Creatives provides the best service for all your design needs.  Cedric Sanders is living proof that you can follow your passion and turn that passion into commerce.  

Visit the Website at

Email 303 Creatives at

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TOP FIVE on BLACK VIBES:  5 Reasons to Listen to the new single "DouGFresh" !

We are BACK with another edition of TOP FIVE on BLACK VIBES, and for this particular segment we will go over the TOP FIVE REASONS you should stream the new single "DouGFresh" by rising indie rap recording artist K Davis the Hitman produced by his uncle, the legendary Doug E. Fresh himself!  

1.  The record is a certified party starter!  Point blank period!  Once the first notes play and the beat drops, you already know what time it is!  The single has been receiving tons of spins and support from various party, radio and mix show DJs across the nation and every DJ that's had the pleasure of spinning the single for their respective audiences will surely tell you the same!  No 2022 party is complete without throwing on "DouGFresh"!

2.  K Davis the Hitman is undeniably talented.  Although K Davis the Hitman (the artist formerly known as Mansone Batez) has years of multipliable albums, mixtapes, EPs and singles on his resume, the most recent single "DouGFresh" is a perfect display of what the gifted emcee is truly capable of.  Although "DouGFresh" is primarily a party themed dance record, K Davis doesn't dumb down his style for the audience.  K Davis the Hitman blends his forceful delivery, outstanding wordplay and powerful vocals over the club track, fully demonstrating what he's capable of as a seasoned performer and recording artist.  

3.  The record is produced by Doug E. Fresh!  The legendary Doug E. Fresh has close to 40 years of experience in crafting music for the dancefloor.  Although the times has changed, the essence and the core of what makes a dope party track remains the same no matter the decade, and Doug E. Fresh most certainly adds his one-of-a-kind flavor and expertise to the beat.  The new single "DouGFresh" will remind you as to why Doug E. Fresh is one of the true pioneers of crafting hip hop party records.

4.  Doug E. Fresh is K Davis the Hitman's Uncle!  K Davis has talent flowing through his bloodstream and all through his genes.  Nuff said! 

5.  It's just a great record overall.  This sums it all up, the song, the dance, the history behind the record could all be analyzed in it's own way, but the bottom line is "DouGFresh" by K Davis the Hitman is just a sold and enjoyable hit single!  That is all.

Don't just take our word for it.  Stream it yourself on Spotify and come up with your own list 
Spotify - DouGFresH - Radio Version - song by K Davis the Hitman, DJ King Assassin, DJ GREENGUY

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[MEDIA] The SECRET behind Veteran Radio Personality E LUV's Longevity REVEALED!

With the emergence of podcasts, digital apps and internet live streams, many people claim that terrestrial radio and its format is slowly dying.  Network television is losing viewers to streaming services, while blogs and social media sites are becoming a more reliable source than physical print making it harder for magazines, newsletters, etc. to stay afloat, and 2022 we see traditional FM radio go head-to-head with podcasts and the like to obtain new listeners while struggling to retain the old ones.  Although it may seem as if podcasts and other digital platforms are gaining the upper hand over the traditional format there is at least one radio personality from the old guard that has managed to keep his head above water while many of the rest in his class gasp for air (or in this case "airtime"), and his name is E Luv of the immensely popular Luv Lounge show on Xhale Radio.

E Luv is one of the few veteran radio personalities from the previous generation to make a smooth transition to the new digital world while maintaining the classic structure and long-established format of terrestrial FM radio without missing a beat!  E Luv and Xhale Radio combines the methods of the new digital age of media all while giving listeners what they've always been used to by providing wonderful, insightful grown folk conversations, in-depth interviews with various noteworthy figures, hot topics, and of course playing the hits and oldies.  You know the saying, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" but you most certainly can enhance it and that's exactly what E Luv continues to do each and every week on "The Luv Lounge" available exclusively on Xhale Radio every Monday Night at 7:00 PM Eastern!



Esteemed Radio Personality, Producer, Karaoke DJ / Host and Entrepreneur Eric Forte (better known as "E Luv", a nickname given to him by The Queen of Mid-Days Ms. Patty Jackson one of his mentors in radio) has had a very successful, upwardly mobile career in terrestrial radio before making the transition to Internet and streaming platforms.  
E, started his radio journey while attending college at Temple University.  Philly's very own WDAS FM 105.3 was the place where a young Eric honed his skill, practiced his craft, and developed his voice and work ethic.  While learning the ropes of the broadcast world, Mr. Forte had several illustrious and well respected mentors such as the late great Joe "Butterball" Tamburro, the afternoon drive talents of Mr. Gary Shepherd and of course The Queen of Mid-Days herself Ms. Patty Jackson.  In addition to his mentors, E was also influenced by notorious radio host turned television mainstay Wendy Williams as well as the late BJ in The Morning.  
After becoming one of the most recognized voices in Philadelphia, E Luv and his family moved to Charlotte, NC where he continued his radio career, but settling in the mobile and Internet platforms.  E Luv launched the highly praised radio program The Luv Lounge on his new network XHale Radio on Live 365 which airs Monday Nights (7:00 PM on the East Coast).  The show has "grown folk conversations", current events, music and more!  Stream Xhale Radio at the link below or search it on Xhale Radio - Free Internet Radio - Live365

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[BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT] Kisha's Kakes | Charlotte, NC

Today's BLACK VIBES Business Spotlight is on Charlotte, NC based business Kisha's Kakes.  

"Kisha's Kakes" has been the cornerstone of the baking and dessert industry in Charlotte, NC and surrounding cities for the past few years, serving the community with delicious, memorable cakes, cookies, donuts and assorted pastries and other sweet tasting goodies.  The owner, simply known as "Kisha" learned how to bake watching and studying her mother and began making cakes herself in 2009.  Although Kisha's specialty and one of her best-selling items are Pound Cakes, Kisha's favorite dessert to create are "Mini Cakes".  Kisha's Kakes flavor selection is endless!!   
Social Media Links:FB:


Contact info:Mobile- 980-327-3225Email-

For more publicity and exposure for your brand and business, email Jonathan Coleman with The Media Blast PR at

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The Profit Room is a community. A family helping other families supplement their current income or replace their income by finding success in investing/trading.
HOW THE PROFIT ROOM DIFFERS FROM TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS LIKE DEUTSHE BANK OR GOLDMAN SACHS?Large financial institutions have a lot of moving parts, such as hiring financial analysis, business analysis, auditors, accountants, compliance officers along with many employees that keep the industry in working order.  The financial industry stays afloat because of the stock market and the different products offered such as mutual funds. Many people and businesses invest in mutual funds as way to grow their money over time. Your company's retirement plan is a form of various mutual funds, your financial advisor will pin point you to invest in the "best" mutual fund based on a questionnaire.  If you are saving for your child's college, more than likely it's in a 529 plan which is allocated in mutual funds.  Union worker's generally have "pension funds" which are also mutual funds.  Your financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman's Sachs etc. generally all provide the same services to millions of people/businesses, that is in a form of mutual fund investing. Mutual funds are managed by institutions that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. The Profit Room teaches people how to understand and profit from the stock market.  We are an educational company that financially empower people because we teach them what the "experts" do by taking control of their own financial situation. The licenses and certificates are usually red tape in order to work in the industry, however the more we educate people, they are learning that they do not need any of that to make money in the financial markets. The knowledge and skill set we provide to our clients enables them to be independent.  In an adverse event or a pandemic our students will be able to make money regardless, and that's a skill to pass on to the next generation.Visit the Profit Room at the official website here at http://www.TheProfitRoom.comFollow The Profit Room on all social media.

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URBAN CITY CONNECT Presents.... SHARE THE LOVE | Event Feb. 23rd at 1st & Goal in CHARLOTTE, NC

On Feb. 23rd (the last Wed. in the week of February) URBAN CITY CONNECT presents SHARE THE LOVE - Networking and Social Event at 1st & Goal 7801 University City Blvd. 28213 between 7:00 and 10:00 PM!  

Hosted by comedian NuffCed the Ultimate Host & Jonathan Coleman with music by DJ Roxx!  Attendees are encouraged to dress in their favorite shade of red.  Come out and mingle with local Queen City and surrounding area professionals.  There will be prizes, giveaways, drink specials and more!

Also visit Urban City Connect on Facebook for additional information on this event and upcoming events by The UCC.  
Urban City Connect | Facebook

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E LEGENDZ Presents a Brand New Way for Artists to Share Their Music to the Masses!

BLACK VIBES is proud to introduce a new platform dedicated to creating more awareness for up and coming recording artists as well as established artists.  Welcome E Legendz (

E Legendz is a social media/music sharing platform that's like noother. It provides a stage for musicians who specialize in alternate rock, country, rock &roll, hip hop, pop, jazz, gospel, soul, and reggae. It's also beneficial to music producers, recordlabels, and, in the near future, music video producers.

What makes E Legendz so unique in the independentmusic industry is any
musician can either upload their videos or, if they have a YouTubechannel with their music,they can copy their YouTube link and the video will play. Whenuploading a video or sharing the link, users can choose to tag other users that helped make thesong or are featured in the song's video by simply putting the "at sign" (@), and the user's name ifthey are on the platform. If you add a user to your video, it will also display on their profile aswell as yours. This will give you
recognition and other users a chance to potentially work withother artists, producers, and labels.

For those saying that YouTube has more people on that platform,that's correct. However, YouTube is not made particularly for music makers and yourpotential fans have to maneuver through all other non-music videos. E Legendz gives users a listof choices on sign-up so they can pick what types of music they like. This means they will nothave to see music they don't particularly prefer, and this can be updated on the user's profileat any time. Currently,users with the most views in a certain region of the United States will beselected and showcased on the Champions Page. This will be along with theirsong that got the most views at the beginning of every month. There will be achampion in the North, South, Midwest, and West in each category. For futurecontests like this, E Legendz hopes to have a cash prize for the top performerin each category. Any winner will then have the opportunity to spend that moneyon making more content in the music industry.


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[ENTERTAINMENT] Honest Movie and Media Reviews by "If I'm Being Honest"

If I'm Being Honest is a multimedia platform where pop culture is enjoyed and explored. We know that real life gets in the way of everyone's binging time so it is our mission to make planning your next binge event easy and your watching experience very enjoyable by doing the screening for you. IIBH's YouTube channel is also a podcast that is streaming now on all major platforms.

Honest Netflix Movie Reviews | If I'm Being Honest (

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MUSIC VIDEO:  Da-Mind "My Best Life" (Official Video)

Watch the new music video from Georgia based rap recording artist Da-Mind titled "My Best Life" at the direct YouTube link above.

Follow DA-MIND on INSTAGRAM at the direct link below 
Da-Mind (@da_mind843) • Instagram photos and videos

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Now, when you make a "Petty Face with your Petty Mug" you can drink from an actual "Petty Mug"!  Petty Meme Syndrome Merch & Apparel now offers the new PETTY MUG available on the official Petty Meme Syndrome website at

Merchandise from Petty Meme Syndrome always has cute and often "petty" sayings and statements branded on each product and it's no different for the all new PETTY MUGS.  The mug says "Things You Can Try: Jesus, Crack and Me" but has the box next to "ME" Xed out, so that you know that you aren't to be "tried"!  Try out the new PETTY MUGS at  If you're PETTY and you know THEN your CLOTHES should surely SHOW IT!!

Check out the latest apparel from P.M.S. (Petty Meme Syndrome) below.
"We sell Petty Apparel because some are born petty, others grow into it or they were provoked into this lifestyle. Let us say what you always wanted to say." - Petty Meme Syndrome

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