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The new self titled album from Tennessee underground rap music legend BIG PAP THA MIC KILLA is now available on all streaming platforms!  Stream it on Spotify at the direct link below

The album also includes Big Pap's latest viral hit single "In and Out"!  Stream it today!  

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Watch the new music video clip from Tennessee underground rap legend Big Pap titled "In and Out" at the direct link above!  The new album BIG PAP THA MIC KILLA is available now on all streaming platforms.  


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Geechee One Film's TRAP FLIX PARTY is one of the most talked about films on TUBI

Esteemed streaming app Tubi's most talked about new film releaseTrap Flix Party comes to us by way of rising African American femaleindie filmmaker Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Films.  The movieTrap Flix Party was released on April 1st on the prominent streamingplatform and is steadily becoming one of Tubi's most popular project.The release features 4 amazing short films all packaged together inone, written, produced, and directed by Felicia Rivers.  The 4 short Filmscontained on Trap Flix Party are the horror Tiffany the Doll, the dramaLove Bomb, murder mystery Untimely Reunion, and King Amir's Verdictone of the latest drama short films by Geechee One Films.Trap Flix Party and other films produced by Geechee One Films are nowbeing released and distributed through Maverick Entertainment,the number 1 film distribution company for black cinema in the world!Felicia Rivers is a 2006 graduate of the HBCU Claflin University with aB.A. in Mass Communications.  In 2019 she formed Geechee OneFilms with prominent businessman Isaac Hilton, and is based inCharleston, SC where most of her projects are filmed and produced.Felecia has worked with over 100 incredibly talented actors from newcomersto season veterans, which many of them are mainstays in her variousproductions.  Felicia Rivers and Geechee One Films are set torelease their first full length project Treasure Box in Sept. of 2021 throughMaverick Entertainment's distribution.Watch Trap Flix Party now on Tubi.CONTACT:Felicia Rivers

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Well known "blerd", Nerdcore super producer and member of the prestigious rap collective S.P.F., Philonius Phunk has teamed up with rising rap recording artist A-Game to construct one of the most creative, well composed collaboration EPs released in 2021 titled Mashup!   The EP is comprised of well produced instrumentals hand crafted by the godfather of the modern day nerdcore sound Philonious Phunk with A-Game spitting some of the best bars to be heard in hip hop this year!  Don't just take our word for it, stream the EP at the link below and give us your feedback!

Mashup | A-Game & Philonius Phunk | Philonius Phunk (

Also visit Philonius Phunk's official website at the direct link below

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With all the turmoil in the world today, Ghanaian pop singer Twicy provides a inspiration to all those looking for light at the end of the tunnel with his new single and music video titled "Hope"!  The song is very encouraging and is much needed at a time like this.  Watch the video at the direct YouTube link above.

Follow Twicy on IG at the direct link

For business inquires please e-mail Moses Dailey at (Dailey's Entertainment)

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SLOW CHEMICAL finally releases the long-awaited follow up to the SERVING ALL MASTERS EP!

 Popular Blerd (black "nerd") and well known "everythingist" (music producer, songwriter, spoken word artist, rapper, director, comic book writer, screen writer) SLOW CHEMICAL is BACK and this time with the long-awaited highly anticipated follow up to  his controversial / thought provoking rap EPSERVING ALL MASTERS, SERVING ALL MASTERS VOL. 2!  The very first edition in SERVING ALL MASTERS series shook up the underground and nerdcore hip hop scene with it's powerful messages, and Vol. 2 is expected to do just the same if not more!  This time around, Slow Chemical has enlisted the vocal assistance from indie music heavyweights Jonathan Ester, Gemstar Pre, Rock Dice and the budding in popularity The ZYG 808 (the son of legendary funk musician Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor). 
Slow Chemical's SERVING ALL MASTERS is available on many streaming platforms!  STREAM IT at the direct SPOTIFY link below ????????

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Black Vibes would like to introduce rising Flint, MI hip hop recording artist One Tha God!

One Tha God, born DeVon Jones is from the city of Flint, Michigan and is the CEO of the Kitchen Money brand (Kitchen Money, LLC, and Kitchen Money Magazine).  Being that the young rising artist was never a part of a group or crew, he adopted the title of "ONE" being that he stands alone and the name one derives from letters of his first and last name.  One Tha God has been an entertainer for most of his life, and became a full fledged recording artist in the year 2002.
One Tha God has released local indie classics and Michigan state street gems such as Street Penitentiary in 2004, Murder Mitten Vol. 1 in 2007 with the 2nd set in the series released in 2009, as well as a slew of other critically acclaimed projects the following years.  One Tha God has worked with many prestigious music producers and composers from Tito 6 of SoSay International, Zoo of Zoo Beats courtesy of Skywalker Productions, Dontrell Brown, Memphis Raines and renowned sound engineer Bernard Terry at 521 Studios and many others.  

Follow the artist on all social media....





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QUESTION:  What's makes JUSS KYIA'S MY REAL LIFE PODCAST stand out among Today's Podcasts???

There are oceans of podcasts that flood the world wide web on a regular basis.  Listeners of all audiences have several different kinds of podcasts, internet radio shows, live streams, and assorted audio / live content to choose from and that will last them for years to come.  With all the new podcasts, hosts and presenters that are rapidly popping up daily to provide new content to a starving market, there are very few that actually stand out and carve their own lane among the plethora of podcasters and content creators.  Listeners are always searching for something new, something better and most importantly something that stands out from the crowd, luckily for those listeners new podcast Juss Kyia has the antidote with her new podcast titled "Juss Kyia My Real Life Podcast"!

What makes Juss Kyia and her growing platform so unique is that Juss Kyia offers words of encouragement, and inspiration to those lucky enough to stream her powerful content.  The "Juss Kyia My Real Life Podcast" discusses topics and subjects that resonate with the every day listener and also includes quotes from the Holy Bible and solutions to situations that may come up in your every day life.  Juss Kyia is a very wise woman and each episode is laced with her words of wisdom.  

Juss Kyia offers more to the audience than the usual celebrity gossip, reporting current events or redundant overdone topics centered around matters dealing with romantic relationships, Juss Kyia's My Real Life Podcast brings listeners much more!  

Juss Kyia's My Real Life Podcast is available on various streaming platforms, listen to some of her latest episodes at the direct link below.

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Introducing a NEW 100% ALL NATURAL CHEMICAL FREE alternative to traditional HAIR CARE PRODUCTS

           Hair care is a multi-million dollar industry, and rising businesswoman, beautician and hairstylist Xymani Bordeaux of Concord, NC is the latest to cash in and make waves in the world of hair care.  Xymani Bordeaux's brand, Slayed Hair (Slayed Lyfe, LLC) exclusively produces and manufactures chemical free, all natural beauty and hair care products created using only a mixture of organic and 100% natural ingredients (such as fruits, pure elements, etc.).  Bordeaux states that "if you can't eat it, it shouldn't go on your skin or hair!".  Xymani was inspired to create her own line of chemical free products after working in the industry for several years and witnessed that many of the leading, commercial, and mainstream brands had long term adverse effects on the scalp, skin and hair follicles due to all the harmful, unnatural chemicals laced in the compound.  Xymani Bordeaux has a major passion for hair care and skin treatment, but has an even bigger passion for the well-being of other people, and she hopes to eventually wean others off the treacherous toxic chemical laced leading brands and onto much healthier alternatives such as the products provided by Slayed Hair!

Follow Slayed Lyfe, LLC / Slayed Hair and Beauty by Xymani on Facebook at 
Slayed Extensions By Xymani - Home | Facebook

Also Follow on Instagram

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DA-MIND dedicates new single to all the naturally BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in the WORLD

Georgia based hip hop recording artist Da-Mind releases a brand new music video and single dedicated to all the naturally beautiful women in the world titled "Beautiful"!  The song encourages women to embrace their natural side while empowering them through his kind words and rhymes!  Stream the single for yourself at the direct spreaker link below 
Da Mind - Beautiful (Radio Edit) (

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