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DJ DISSPARE is a household name in Canada, with over 32 years experience on the ones and twos. Disspare is truly passionate and gifted at his craft, whether it be rocking the crowd at an event, a conc... Read More


DJ Disspare


Legacy- Gon Gotti x Patchy Pacino


New music from toronto canada hip hop artist ctmmg mixed and mastered by envee productions video shot and edited by the shooters !!!!!!

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BEBIDA VERDE ©  The Original CANADIAN INFUSED Iced Tea .Available in THC & CBD

"For the past four years, two brothers have been on one journey to provide Canada with a beverage that dances on your tongue. With the wave of health concerns across the nation, in regards to smoke inhalation. •

Proper 28 proudly introduces... •


An organic drink infused with THC and/or CBD. Comes in five flavours, each bottle has a different experience waiting for you inside. •

Enjoy alone or with some friends at home or on the beach, no matter what time or season.
Proper28 will sure be able to match one of our tantalizing flavours with your specific tastes... •


1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power...and in our case, taste! Bebida Verde is our art, produce for you the Cannabis Consumers to enjoy always. (#ProudlyCanadian)

Available in both THC or CBD in all 5 flavours!!!
• HIBISCUS & & LEMON 2 Different sizes to choose from !! Amazing flavours !!! Amazing taste!!! Coming soon to WINNPEG and the west coast of Canada ???????? @bebidaverdetoronto: "CBD vs. THC ?? #facts #Proper28 #bebidaverde #cannabistea #cannibustoronto #weedtoronto #weedto #420 #420canada #love
#instagood #canada
#toronto #cbd #pot #pothead #hemp #stonerlife #weedlife #like #stayhigh #instaweed #healing #educational •

The Original CANADIAN INFUSED Iced Tea .
Available in THC or CBD or 2:1
Inquire within... #proudlycanadian???? #cbd #thc

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90-25 - Andre Nickatina feat. Pimpton
Directed by Josh Fields

Get 90-25 here:

Upcoming Tour Dates:
3/22/19 - Cervantes Masterpiece (Denver, CO) -                                                                                                                                        Facebook - The PimptonTwitter - @ThePimptonInstagram - @PimptonSnap Chat - @Pimptoncj

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IcMD Video's Watch how quickly you can get set up, have your video call and get approved

Adam Beach explains how will change the face of healthcare for people across Canada.

IcMD's goal is to offer complete secure video medical services to rural, remote & under served communities across Canada. With a focus at first on providing FREE access to medical cannabis prescriptions and delivery for these under served communities we are working diligently in the background to change how health services are provided.

Come download the FREE App and book your FREE appointment to get a medical cannabis prescription. Then choose from over 25 licensed producers and have it delivered to your door.
Why leave home?                                                                                                             

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Stream/Download this song:

#Happy420 #Marijuana #Cannabis #Weed

Grammy Nominated Reggae Superstar Jah Cure, has released his single "Marijuana" featuring Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley on VP Records, just in time for 4/20. In addition to the songs release, the "Marijuana" video has premiered today on Complex. To add to the celebration, Jah Cure and Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley will be supporting 4/20 parties around the U.S., providing patrons with limited edition "Marijuana" rolling papers, posters, and more. (List of parties below).

Produced and written by Jah Cure, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley, Frederick Seymour and Anwar McDonald for Iyah Cure Music Ltd., "Marijuana" praises the wonderful euphoria of cannabis in a smooth and rhythmic serenade. With the growing acceptance and supporting research of cannabis, recreational consumption, medical benefits, economic profit and other benefits, "Marijuana" embraces its conscious use. In the song, both Jah Cure and Damian deliver educational lyrics, "CBD is my medicine... Legal drugs, they killling us" and "the seeds can replace your petroleum" which speak about not only the holistic practice of marijuana but the "Green Energy" movement as well.

Directed by Justin "Jus Bus" Nation, the video is a visual dedication to marijuana with vivid imagery of the plant and a variety of everyday people lighting up. Filmed like an old school movie, the video also features cameos by Alborosie, Luciano, Jesse Royal, Kumar, Capleton, Bushman and Kabaka Pyramid.

Jah Cure received his Grammy nomination for The Cure for Best Reggae Album in 2015. "The Cure" held the #1 spot for 3 consecutive weeks after its debut and steadily remained on the Top 10 U.S. Music Charts. Jah Cure's next album is anticipated for release this Summer and along with "Marijuana", will feature previously released singles "Risk it All" featuring Phyllisia Ross, "Life is Real" featuring Popcaan and the recently released "Pretty Face."

"Jah Cure consistently puts out good music and we are very proud of this song," said Neil "Diamond" Edwards Senior Director of A&R at VP Records. "Jah Cure's vocals combined with the great lyrics by Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley makes this song rich with potential to become an anthem for 4/20 and beyond. It is also a nice sample of what's to come with the upcoming album by Jah Cure."

Directors: Gareth Cobran / Justin "Jus Bus" Nation / The Truth & Anderson Andrew

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Nazine - Real Inna Action (Official Video)


Nazine - Real Inna Action (Official Video)

The official YouTube channel for Nazine.

Written by - Nazine
Produced by - BigZim
Directed by - 300KJA

Follow Nazine:

#nazine #realinnaaction #bigzim

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YK The Mayor - On God ft. Quick Cash (OFFICIAL Video)

YK The Mayor - On God ft. Quick Cash (Prod. Boogey The Beat & LJ Montana)

Follow YK The Mayor:

Follow Quick Cash:

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PONCE Teams Up With   NBA Star IMAN SHUMPERT   For New Single   "Throwin Salt"   (Prod. Tago)

PONCE Teams Up With


For New Single

"Throwin Salt"

(Prod. Tago)

Los Angeles, CA (May 1st, 2019) --- PONCE (Ponce De'Leioun) is back and better than ever. Today, the buzzing artist releases his anticipated new single "Throwin Salt" featuring NBA star (and current playoff competitor) Iman Shumpert. The song was produced by popular beat-maker Tago, who Ponce has frequently collaborated with. The catchy new single is out everywhere now with the official video dropping very soon.

Ponce has been consistently dropping new music, performing all over the place and making his presence felt on social media day in and day out. Bottom line - 2019 is continuing to shape up as Ponce's year. With a new project dropping in May, stay tuned for all the exciting things Ponce has up his sleeve. Listen to "Throwin Salt" below.

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Pimpton - Jane For The Pain (Explicit)


Pimpton - Jane For The Pain (Explicit)

©2019 Propagate Records, CJE

Directed by: Stuey Kubrick
Filmed & Edited: Stuey Kubrick
Beat Prod. : Tap Riley
Tracked & Mixed: K. Roberts
Mixed & Mastered: Pmck Studios

Single appears on Pimpton's THE BUNN DOWN DELUXE available now!

Follow on:

Facebook - The Pimpton
Twitter - @ThePimpton
Instagram - @Pimpton
Snap Chat - @Pimptoncj

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Michael Powers (MP) artist bio and Music Single (Again),(I Wanna Know) and more

As the hip hop culture continues to give birth to new talent, few are in comparison to the raw and diverse talent (MP)/Michael Powers possesses. Born Aklaesso Michael Agba, on April 16, 1987 in the small town of Lome in the Portuguese colonized country Togo in west Africa, his father (Theo Agba Tadjeli) passed away from an untimely death when Michael was at the tender age of two. His mother (Veronica Molyin) of Ghanaian decent and his little sister (Esther Agba) were forced to move to Canada for an opportunity for a better life.

Michael spent his early years in the small town of Penticton in British Columbia, where he was exposed to a small town view of life. He later moved to Toronto Ontario, where he survived life in Jamestown, a small community in the town of Rexdale, known for its violent gangs and drug reputation. Growing up in this harsh environment Michael found himself in trouble with the law from an early age and despite having an above grade average dropped out of school in grade 10 to pursue a life of crime which ultimately resulted in multiple incarcerations and loss of close friends and family. Through personal trials and tribulations Michael started to write poetry and lyrics as an outlet for the pain and emotions he was going through, these experiences were what fuelled his turnaround, and he used his music as a catalyst to overcome the trials and tribulations of such living, thereby allowing him to create music that resonates with people of all walks of life and experiences.

Michaels musical genres range from Hip Hop,RnB and soul to contemporary rock, jazz, etc. His musical influences are among the great song writers and performers like Bob Marley, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, Baby face, The Roots, Jay z and the list goes on. Michaels sole intention is to be a positive influence to the younger generations. Success is a slow process, and no matter how hard the road was his moto is "you have to hit the bottom before you can make it to the top. Anything can be attained through hard work and determination".

Michaels burning passion for music allowed him to create a vast catalogue of music he built sonically over the years. When he was released from incarceration he started to record and utilize the opportunity to influence people through his words and music. He felt a sense of relief to be able to capture these emotions and share his story with the world. Demonstrating that it's never to late to make a change in society. Twitter:@mpowersmusic

Instagram: @mister416
Facebook: Michael Powers
YouTube: Michael Powers Music
Snapchat: @mister416    

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