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DJ Mos Precious
Basic Information
Location:St louis, MO
Birthday:Jul 20
Short Desc:Working is all I do, I love to make people dance to new music by breaking records. I love traveling.
Description:Born and Raised in Saint Louis, Missouri Dj Mos Precious is on the move to make a big name for herself throughout the United States by way of Chicago. She has been djing since 2009, while operating her own online radio show called Mos Valuable Player Radio. MVP Radio has been featured in the Makin-It Mag top college radio shows, which has been airing on since 2011. As of the year of 2016, her radio has been accepted and airs every Monday 8-10pm CST on WLGK Radio by way of Logik Radio out of Chicago. While still living in her hometown, she always travels to other cities and network with the djs and movers and shakers in that market.

Dj Mos Precious, has experience in artistry, mixtapes, recording, songwriting, and photographer, and modeling she has worked with many underground talents within her city and surrounding areas.She also is the face behind the growing Fleet Djs United and Hip Hop Lives On mixtape series. She is the only DJ making moves for the underground music scene on a city to city basis, giving artists the chance to network and build with djs, radio outlets and promoters around the world. While hosting local indie concerts and open mics, Mos Precious has djed in venues such as The Firebird, Fubar, Cicero's, Blank Space, just to name a few. She has a specialty in put on a live Picasso during poetry events, birthday parties, fundraisers, school events, non-profit organization, weddings and hosted mixtapes. She has been nominated as DJ of the Year and radio personality for local and Midwest award shows.

Outside djing, DJ Mos Precious owna and operates one of the largest websites based out of Missouri called www.missourihiphop.comand has been on a few woman panels and judged a few music contests. She is working model and has modeled for upcoming photographer and body artists, J-Stylz Art, clothing line based out of Philadelphia and Chicago. DJ Mos Precious has been featured on many media outlets over the past 5 years. She is an active DJ in the top ranked DJ coalitions, which are Fleet Djs, Blok Club Djs, and Nerve Djs.

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