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Blacktopia is the web group for black people to connect, build network, share ideas, opinions and have discussions about topics centered around the black community. We will discuss black economic empo... Read More


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Award Winning Ghanaian Pop Singer TWICY will be a guest on MAKING CONNECTIONS TV on Saturday Nov. 18


          Recently, Aly the host and program director of the illustrious Making Connections TV was a guest on the season premiere of The Digital Meet and Greet to promote her popular visual platform / interview show.  The Digital Meet and Greet has been one of Blogtlalk Radio's top performing programs / broadcasts since 2021 (during the program's 2nd season).  Aly helped kick off The Digital Meet and Greet's 3rd season with hosts James "JT" Thompson and Jonathan Coleman in a major way!  During the broadcast there were many callers wanting to know more about past and future guests of the Making Connections TV program, and of course Aly answered all of the callers' questions.  Following the Q & A session Jonathan ran down a list of several prestigious individuals that have had the honor of being guests on Aly's Making Connections program and one of the names Mr. Coleman listed was Ghanaian pop singer Twicy, in which Aly made the correction that Twicy has yet to be a guest on the program.  Jonathan immediately replied with "oh.. well we have to get him on your show then".  Soon after the broadcast, host and Media Blast PR specialist Jonathan Coleman reached out to Twicy's management (Dailey's Entertainment) to set up a meeting with Aly and now the Central Music Award winning Ghanaian pop star / songwriter Twicy will be a guest on the next episode of Making Connections TV set to air live Saturday Nov. 19th at Noon Eastern!
Stream Making Connections TV LIVE on Facebook by visiting the link below
 (1) Making Connections with Aly | Facebook

Twicy's music is available on all Music Streaming Platforms!
For business inquiries contact Moses Dailey of Dailey's Entertainment

Need more publicity for your music?  Email Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR to "make the connection".

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Take a look at the new items in stock available from Marie's Home, LLC.  Marie's Home, LLC provides chemical free, organic, 100% natural skincare, hair, beauty, hygiene and self-care products.  All handmade to perfection!  Visit the store at the direct link below.

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[RADIO SPECIAL] The Black Business Power Panel LIVE on Blogtalk Radio | Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern


Blacktopia Presents The Black Business Power Panel LIVE on Blogtalk Radio Today Oct. 28th (Friday) at 9:00 PM Eastern!  Dial 929 477 3872 to stream from your phone and press "1" to enter the queue during the Q & A Session.  You can stream the panel on
Join us to discuss economic empowerment for our people, tips to advance and grow your business, networking and more!  
Every powerful businesswoman on the panel is a proud member of the Blacktopia movement.  Let's meet the speakers and panelists below.

Shantel Archbold of Marie's Home, LLC

Shantel Archbold of Marie's Home, LLC
Shantel is  the owner of Marie's Home, LLC and the key speaker / headliner for the Blogtalk Radio special.  Marie's Home manufactures, markets and distributes homemade organic, all natural, chemical free skincare products used with 100% natural ingredients.  
Shantel states "As a single mother of 4 children, it was rare that I had the opportunity to splurge on going to spas, investing in skin care products to build and uplift myself.  Often times I felt out of sorts and completely overwhelmed. Deciding to love on yourself should not come with making life altering decisions.  Although I love mainstream competitors, I couldn't afford their products on a regular basis.  I also could not afford to go to massage therapists and pay outlandish prices for an hour of relief.  So, I began making amazing products right in my kitchen!  Truly quality products that allow my skin to feel luxurious and truly give me a reset and a recharge.  I designed Marie's Home as a homeopathic wellness shop where you can purchase quality, products and therapeutic massages for people of all skin types!"
Check out many of the quality products provided by Marie's Home, LLC below.
Marie's Home Soaps
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Learn more about skincare, beauty and hygiene products provided by Marie's Home, LLC on tonight's Blogtalk Radio Special.  Visit the official website at
Marie's Home, LLC is the official sponsor of tonight's Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel on Blogtalk Radio, Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern.  

Zhe L. Scott, The SEO Queen

Have you ever wondered why your website, brand, online store and business never seem to rank high in search engine results?  Well luckily for the listeners of tonight's Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel on Blogtalk Radio we will have one of the top SEO Experts in the nation giving advice, tips and information on how your business, and brand can make the front page of google and other top performing search engines.  Blacktopia meet Zhe L. Scott also known as "The SEO Queen".  SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and Ms. Zhe is absolutely one of the best around.  Tune in and listen as Zhe will give the audience a few pointers on how you can make the best of your web experience.  Although Zhe doesn't mind giving away some "free game", definitely connect with her directly to "book a session"!  
Join The SEO Queen's Mastermind Group on Facebook at the direct link below 
The Seo Queen Mastermind Group | Facebook

Lawanda Kay of SisterHood Services 
and United

Esteemed businesswoman Lawanda Kay of Sisterhood Services and United is also one of the head admins of the prestigious Blacktopia Facebook Group.  Lawanda always has great and efficient information, tips and advice to share for rising entrepreneurs and to seasoned business owners as well.  Although Lawanda spreads her infinite wisdom to the members of the Blacktopia Facebook Group Movement, tonight during The Black Business Power Panel at 9:00 PM Eastern, she will be glad to share more of her knowledge to the listeners and callers tonight!  Visit her official website at

The Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel is proud to have renowned travel agent and businesswoman Teirra Cooper of Xperience Travel 365 as one of our guest speakers.  Teirra will talk to the listeners and callers about her experience as one of the leading travel agents in the southeast region of the United States, what it takes to become successful and enroll future movers and shakers in the travel business under her wing.  Visit her official web-link below and learn more about Xperience Travel 365.
BookTravel Engines (

Rapper Linda B.

One of the leading black saleswomen in Ohio and rising hip hop / rap recording artist Linda B. will join Blacktopia for our Black Business Power Panel on Blogtalk Radio tonight Oct. 28th at 9:00 PM Eastern.  Linda B. is a true "hustler" and knows how to survive in the mean streets of life and is ready and willing to share her experiences to the audiences and show them how they can all come up and get this money!  Linda has extensive knowledge to share and true game to spit to the listeners.  Be sure to stream the experience tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern at

A. Brytney Reeves
No business panel is complete without a strong financial expert and business consultant to share information with the attendees and luckily for Blacktopia Ms. A. Brytney Reeves are both rolled into one neat complete package along with plenty other viable skills.  A. Brytney Reeves will share knowledge and other information with the listeners tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern on The Blacktopia Black Business Power Panel.  Dial 929 477 3872 to stream from your phone and press "1" to enter the queue when we open up the phone line to ask questions.  
A. Brytney Reeves is also an established author and poet as well.  She will talk about her current projects tonight during the Blogtalk Radio special.  

Prominent North Carolina based businessman and 
PR Specialist Jonathan Coleman will produce and moderate the 
BlogTalk Radio Special tonight.
The Blogtalk Radio Special is being produced and moderated by Jonathan Coleman AKA Some Guy Named Jay.  Jonathan Coleman is known for making each Blogtalk Radio broadcast that he produces very entertaining, light and engaging in addition to educational and informative.  Listeners can expect to learn a lot of crucial information about effectively marketing their businesses all while being thoroughly amused!  You don't want to miss this spectacular audio event!

Join us at 9:00 PM Eastern on Blogtalk Radio.
Advertise with Blacktopia!  Email us at
Join the Blacktopia Facebook Group
Blacktopia: Black Utopian Society | Facebook


Welcome to the Trunk or Treat Pop Up Event!  The Pop Up Event will be held Saturday Oct. 29th at 1 PM at 
2979 N. Cannon, Kannapolis, NC
Blacktopia will be in the building!
Sponsored by Marie's Home, LLC



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[BLACKTOPIA MUSIC] Former Sugar Hill Records artist CLAYTON SAVAGE returns with new single "Losses"!

Blacktopia is proud to present the latest single from legendary songwriter / performer Clayton Savage titled "Losses"!  

ABOUT THE ARTISTClayton Savage is a rising artist whose upcoming single, 'Losses', is out on September 23rd and will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms! Having begun "singing shortly after he began speaking", Clayton has honed his craft since he was a child to become the artist that he is today. Although he receives inspiration from a number of styles, Clayton Savage combines a variety of compositional elements to form his unique and authentic sound.
Clayton has developed a plethora of experience in the music industry; he worked as a studio secessionist and producer at the legendary Sugar Hills Records in Englewood, NJ, and was introduced to the lineup which included the
Grandmaster Mele Mel of the GM Flash Camp. Clayton cultivated his initial fanbase having toured Europe and abroad with the Furious Five. Desiring to pursue a solo career and release his own album, Clayton Savage went on to sign with Gerry Griffith to Capitol Manhattan Records.
After a "failed marketing attempt by Manhattan Records", Clayton moved to Minnesota to perform with the area's top band at the time, Westside. Five years later, he returned home to Virginia and began work in Northern VA as a Computer Programmer and Graphic Artist before he began creating original music once again under his own label Red K Records.
Clayton Savage currently has twelve releases in his Spotify discography. Some of his most popular tracks on the platform include the likes of 'Laday', 'Back in Dah Day', and 'Girlfriend'. With a growing number of followers and

listeners, there is no denying the fact that Clayton Savage has developed a dedicated following of loyal fans who will be eager to hear his upcoming single, 'Losses'.

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[INTERVIEW] Blacktopia speaks with the Renowned Humanitarian and Author πŸ’œ NICKOLE WILLIAMS πŸ’œ | Dom

          Blacktopia sits down with the renowned humanitarian, author, poet, prominent businesswoman, advocate for victims of domestic violence and current president of the Charlotte, NC chapter of The Elite Dollz of Faith Charlotte Nickole Williams AKA Doll Lady Laureate for an in-depth, one on one interview about all that she's done in the community, her books, working with victims of domestic violence and more.  Read all about what she has to say below.  
Also, Nickole Williams will present the upcoming Domestic Violence Awareness Month event Purple & Pearls: Quintessence on Oct. 15th in Charlotte, NC from 1 PM to 5 PM (details for the event is listed below the interview).  

Blacktopia:  Hello Doll Lady Laureate, are you ready for this interview?Doll Lady Laureate:  Yes!
Blacktopia:  You have done so much in the community, and you work with many different organizations and nonprofits, could you tell our readers a little bit about what you do in the community and the various organizations that you work with?Doll Lady Laureate:  My greatest work in the community is being a Youth Mentor, and Domestic Violence Advocate, however, with the help of Queen City Dollz and Collaborations from Various Organizations and Individuals we have fed the homeless at different locations, provided mothers with essential items and baby clothes, back to school giveaways, domestic violence and cancer awareness programs presenting them with gift baskets, Porch Blessings to the sick, shut-in and coronavirus homebound Seniors for those who cannot or do not go out, Stop the Violence Walks and Marches. Just to name a few of the organizations I have worked with or supported are God's Gift Baby Ministry, StopKillingOurChildren, Peacekeepers, Zakat Foundation, Butterfly Visions Project Kids Mentoring, CUC 100 Incubators. I am currently a Board Member of God's Gift Baby Ministry, BVPKids and Mecklenburg County of Elders (MCOE) - MCOE board also consists of Members with their own organizations whom are on the frontline, such as LockedOutLove who assists youths in the detention centers, MCOE also have expungement clinics and anger management classes for youths and young adults just to name a few of the services that we provide on-site. My biggest role right now is President of the Queen City D.O.L.L.Z. Charlotte, NC Chapter under EDOF.

Blacktopia:  How did you get involved with The Queen City Dollz?
Doll Lady Laureate:  I met Belinda, aka Doll Hollywood, at the Womens Entrepreneurs Network and started going to the Authors Showcase selling my books here in Charlotte and Durham with the group and me and Doll Hollywood really connected. We lost contact and one day she found me on Facebook. Belinda stated she was looking for me, and had since joined The Elite D.O.L.L.Z. of Faith starting her own Chapter here in Charlotte and because of my deliverance from Domestic Violence and all I had to offer she felt like I would fit in.  At that time my life was spiraling due to hurts and feeling alone.  God sent them to me at the right time when I needed Sisters the most to remind me again the Woman God was creating me to be. I was inducted in September, 2019 with the name Doll Lady Laureate.

Blacktopia:  Being an advocate of victims of domestic violence, what inspired you to work with that particular group?  Could you tell us a little about your story?
Doll Lady Laureate:  I was married to a man who literally busted my left eardrum 2 weeks into the marriage, believing he was sorry, I continued to stay. 5 years later, through multiple surgeries, early pregnancy and almost losing my life, it hurt me more to watch my 3 sons witnessing it all.  I prayed and was determined that I did not want my sons growing up thinking this is the way to treat a Woman. By the Grace of God a plan was set in place and if he knew I was leaving he would have killed me.  After starting my life over I wrote my pain on paper and a woman heard my story she approached me and asked 'How did you know", I said "Know what" and she said "Your poem is my story" I knew then that God was pulling me out of my comfort zone.  I was ashamed for anyone to know the abuse I endured for so long, now this woman approaching me with her children by her side. Looking at her I saw me and my boys, at that very moment all I could hear was "I saved you, now someone else needs to be saved" and from there on became my quest in advocating for Victims of Domestic Violence.

Blacktopia:  Could you tell us a little more about your poetry pieces and where the readers can check them out?
Doll Lady Laureate:  All of my pieces are literally my blood, sweat and tears, some bittersweet but it all comes from what I have been through, seen or was just sick and tired of.  From domestic violence, addiction, bullying, race, gun violence. I am more of a conscious, spiritual and awareness poet who pours out her heart for the injustice that surrounds us every day, where others have become so desensitized to. I currently have a total of 5 books, "A Butterfly Called Rainbow - 5 Books of Poetic Healing", "Quotes & Haikus Volume 1 - Sunrise", "Quotes & Haikus Volume 2 - Sunset", "Depths of Solitude", and "Love Unspoken". All Available on under the name Nickole Williams.
Purchase books from Nickole Williams AKA Doll Lady Laureate 

"Love Unspoken" by Nickole Williams
Amazon Link:  Nickole Williams - Love Unspoken

"Quotes & Haikus: Much Ado" Volume 1. SunRise by Nickole Williams
Amazon Link:  Nickole Williams - Quotes and Haikus Much Ado Vol 1

"Depths of Solitude" by Nickole Williams 
Amazon Link:  Nickole Williams - Depths of Solitude

"A Butterfly Called Rainbow" by Nickole Williams
Amazon Link:  Nickole Williams - A Butterfly Called Rainbow

"Quotes & Haikus: Much Ado" Volume 2. SunSet by Nickole Williams 
Amazon Link:  Nickole Williams - Quotes and Haikus Much Ado Vol 2

Blacktopia:  If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?
Doll Lady Laureate (Nickole Williams):  Love, If we can have more love in our hearts, we will not just see that homeless person on the street and walk on by, we will have compassion, buy them some food. If we had more love our children won't get bullied or be the bully, committing suicides, murdering babies, mental illness on a high rise. Sometimes we are so busy just surviving we forget that the Greatest of These is love. No one wants to be alone or settling just because. Every negative act can have an adverse effect on our life, how we react can determine our outcome, if we all do it in Love then it becomes contagious that we cannot help but pour into one another. Love is the Unit that binds the Unity and Community together by Communing as one.

Blacktopia:  What is an interesting fact that you would like to share with the readers?
Doll Lady Laureate (Nickole Williams):  I am like Damon Wayans character back in the days of Living Color, I don't just have one job, I have, 2, 3, 4, etc. monnnn lol. That is why My Sistah Keepa Doll Carah named me Doll Lady Laureate, her words "You can do MANY jobs but you do not fit in ANY category". I am just me I trust God and walk into whatever job he needs me to fill and give it 110% and more..

Blacktopia:  Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention in this interview that hasn't been covered already?  
Doll Lady Laureate (Nickole Williams):  I would like to let the readers know that under The Elite D.O.L.L.Z. of Faith, D.O.L.L.Z. is an acronym for Delivered of Lifes Lessonz, we not only have Dollz but we have Kingz, Sistaz and Brothaz whom have been delivered from homelessness, abuse, addictions and so forth and because of our deliverance we reach back out in the community to give a hand up, not out, to be a reminder to the community that we have been there, let us lift you up too for you are not ALONE!

Blacktopia:  Is there anything you would like to plug or shout out?  
Doll Lady Laureate (Nickole Williams):  Shout Out to My 3 Sons/My Family, My E.D.O.F. Family/Queen City D.O.L.L.Z. and Charlotte, NC Community because it takes a Village. There are many Unsung Heroes in Our Village, Men and Women, who do a lot more yet not seen, Pillars who are the Glue So a Big Shout Out to Everyone. Last but not least, I would like to Shout You Out, Jonathan Coleman (founder of the Blacktopia Platform and The Media Blast PR) for bringing so many people who are following their dreams together, through Blacktopia, BlogtalkRadio and your networking outlets it allows not only businesses to thrive but it gives a voice to the people that there are many resources that do exist if we stay connected. So thank you for all you do and having me as a speaker. I appreciate it dearly.

Jonathan Coleman of Blacktopia (left) alongside Nickole Williams AKA Doll Lady Laureate helping out in the community.  

Nickole Williams AKA Doll Lady Laureate will facilitate the upcoming Purple & Pearls: "Quintessence" Domestic Violence Awareness Event on Oct. 15th

The Month of Oct. is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and The Elite Dollz of Faith Charlotte, NC Chapter AKA "The Queen City Dollz" plan to bring awareness, education and healing for victims and family members of victims of domestic violence with their upcoming event Purple & Pearls this Saturday, Oct. 15th between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM in Charlotte, NC.  

The Event is being presented as a segment within the Charlotte Black Family Reunion Event held at The Movement Freedom School 2701 Freedom Drive in Charlotte, NC.

Blacktopia, The Media Blast PR, Blast Against Cancer and many other prominent black owned businesses are sponsoring the event!

DJ MourningGlory will provide the sound and music for the upcoming event!
Yvonne Johnson is the keynote speaker for the Purple & Pearls Event.  
President of The Queen City Dollz Nickole Williams (AKA Lady Laureate) will facilitate and organize the event.  
Special Guests and Speakers Include....
*  Carla "Doll Empire" Langford
*  Tiffany L. Brown
*  Angela Thomas Smith
*  Louisa "Doll Sussta Diva" Maxwell
*  Cindy "Doll Faith" Smith

Get more details on EventBrite
PURPLE & PEARLS "QuintEssence" Tickets, Sat, Oct 15, 2022 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

Email to advertise with Blacktopia.  

The Media Blast PR is sponsoring a charity fundraiser to support and assist families with loved ones battling the "C" for the upcoming holiday months.
To show your support in helping us BLAST AGAINST CANCER we are hosting a raffle, tickets are only $5.00 a piece. The FIRST PLACE PRIZE WINNER will receive a 50" Flat Screen T.V. 2nd Place Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card 3rd Place: Wine & Goodie Basket.The drawing will take place November 27th, 2022 and all winners will be announced on
If you would like to purchase your raffle ticket online, please email us at with subject "Blast Against Cancer".Help us help the community and let's BLAST AGAINST CANCER!
Please Spread the Word


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[EVENTS] πŸ’œπŸ¦ͺPurple & Pearls: "QuintEssence" Domestic Violence Awareness Event πŸ¦ͺπŸ’œ | Oct. 15th from


The Month of Oct. is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and The Elite Dollz of Faith Charlotte, NC Chapter AKA "The Queen City Dollz" plan to bring awareness, education and healing for victims and family members of victims of domestic violence with their upcoming event Purple & Pearls this Saturday, Oct. 15th between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM in Charlotte, NC.  

The Event is being presented as a segment within the Charlotte Black Family Reunion Event held at The Movement Freedom School 2701 Freedom Drive in Charlotte, NC.

Blacktopia, The Media Blast PR, Blast Against Cancer and many other prominent black owned businesses are sponsoring the event!

DJ MourningGlory will provide the sound and music for the upcoming event!
Yvonne Johnson is the keynote speaker for the Purple & Pearls Event.  
President of The Queen City Dollz Nickole Williams (AKA Lady Laureate) will facilitate and organize the event.  
Special Guests and Speakers Include....
*  Carla "Doll Empire" Langford
*  Tiffany L. Brown
*  Angela Thomas Smith
*  Louisa "Doll Sussta Diva" Maxwell
*  Cindy "Doll Faith" Smith

Get more details on EventBrite
PURPLE & PEARLS "QuintEssence" Tickets, Sat, Oct 15, 2022 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

The Black Family Reunion Charlotte

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[FEATURE] Comedian TOMMY DAVIDSON passes the torch to the next generation of Performers | www.Blackt


          Veteran stand-up comedian and actor Tommy Davison has been pleasing audiences since the mid 80s and continues to remain a prominent figure in comedy and the entertainment world today.  From hit television shows such as In Living Color, to movies and traveling the globe on tour as one of the leading comedians of our time, Tommy Davidson is one of our most treasured and beloved performers of this generation.  Tommy most definitely has talent encoded in his DNA, and running all through his blood, and he's certainly passed those talented genes to his offspring.  
          Tommy Davidson's daughter Jillian Davidson (BKA Jillian Joelle) is an immensely gifted vocalist, songwriter, dancer and all-around performer!

 (Jillian Joelle)

          Jillian Joelle's Official Bio 
Everything Jillian Joelle has been working towards in the various branches of her career have been leading to this moment. The eldest daughter of Tommy Davidson, legendary comedian and actor of In Living Color fame, this breakout singer is no stranger to the spotlight: growing up dancing closely with the iconic Debbie Allen, traveling with her father for shows and walking the red carpet at premieres. Her mother, Desiree Davidson, was the first African American winner of the Miss D.C. pageant and had an illustrious professional dance career of her own. Jillian has spent the past couple of years hosting and attending dance masterclasses, writing songs, shooting music videos and even acting. With her mother's love of movement and the performing arts, combined with her father's comedic timing, singing chops, and over the top charisma, Jillian Joelle is the perfect mixture of what it takes to be a star.

Jillian Joelle's single "Promise" featuring Yxsterday is available to stream on Spotify and all digital music streaming platforms.
Amazon MusicPromise by Jillian Joelle feat. Yxsterday on Amazon Music Unlimited
SpotifySpotify - Promise

Follow Jillian Joelle on Instagram (@_jillianjoelle)
????LL?????? ????ELLE ???????????????? (@_jillianjoelle) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

Watch the official music video for "Promise" by Jillian Joelle featuring Yxsterday below.

_________________________________________________Advertise with Blacktopia!  Email us at BlacktopiaBusiness@Gmail.com_________________________Join the Blacktopia Facebook GroupBlacktopia: Black Utopian Society | Facebook


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[Interview] Rapper Young Dom AKA DomTMO |

          Long Island, New York stationed rap recording artist Young Dom AKA DomTMO best known for garnering a lot of buzz and attention after opening up for rap star Lloyd Banks sits down with the content creators of Blacktopia for an in depth, insightful interview about his music career, future plans and more.  Read all about what the bright young artist has to say in the interview below.  

Blacktopia:  Hello, DomTMO.  How would you sum up who you are as an artist in just one sentence?
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  I am a firm believer that nobody can tell you what you can and can't not be! 

Blacktopia:  How would you describe your style as an artist?  What can people expect when they hear you?
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  My style is authentic.  I don't try to be nobody but myself honestly.  You can expect someone who is dedicated to what he is doing and also inspiring the next to become better than.  Wherever I decide to finish my marathon.

Blacktopia:  What are some of the subjects that you rap about?
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  My life!  The things I see or have seen.  My close circle of peers that are not artists, but can inspire me to create content about their struggles or anything in life that I may not have gone thru.  It all helps 

Blacktopia:  Who have you worked with?
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  Man, kR Da Problem, Marcus Taylor, JuTheKing , Gp45, Kino, Scott King, Buddy Lofton, Rose, TheRealMaine, Relly & more coming up this year! 

Blacktopia:  We see that you've opened up for Lloyd Banks, what was the experience like opening up for him at The Sony Music Hall's fifteen-year anniversary event?
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  Honestly, it was the first time I opened up for a packed out venue like that!  Not only once but twice in the same spot with Lloyd banks!  I thank him for that ... the experience was crazy the first time I did it.  It was 3 of us then I lost a brother to street violence later that year and he wasn't there the second time but he knows it's only up from here for me.  So I'm forever grateful for that experience.

Blacktopia:  What other milestones have you had in your music career so far?
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  Roc Nation meeting, Def Jam meeting, met Nipsey Hussle before he passed.  Seeing Jay Z in passing through the Roc Nation building, Long Island Nets (d league) playing my song in Nassau Coliseum man felt great.  It just let's me know I'm that close to where I want to be. 

Blacktopia:  As an artist, where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Young Dom AKA Dom TMO:  Financially stable, really impactful, inspiration to the next , coming out of Long Island you heard of EPMD, you heard bout Rakim but since the 90s nobody besides Reek Da Villian really put the island on the map so I'm here to embark that right there! 

Blacktopia:  If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?  
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  Stop living in doubt.  Everyday you wake up and have air in your chest, chase that goal or dream of what you want to be.  Don't get discouraged because it's happening faster for the next person.  Focus on yourself, it's all about timing! 

Blacktopia:  What's next for DomTMO?  What do you have lined up for the rest of 2022?  
Young Dom AKA DomTMO:  I got a script. I'm reading time to get into these short films, more singles , tryna make a Roc Nation brunch, get on Bdot Top 10 list and make my son proud to be my son.  I can't ask for much, respect from the peers and I'm solid.

Visit DomTMO's official website at
Follow DomTMO on Instagram at

Learn all about Young Dom AKA DomTMO
          You know the saying, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!  The New York stationed hip hop recording artist known as DomTMO AKA Young Dom could use that phrase as his official tagline / slogan as he's walked away from disheartening as well as tragic experiences only to come out on the other end triumphant and much stronger than before.  One of the two career altering occurrences that pushed the young vocalist to strive for greatness happened after joining the rap group Team Money, a band of local lyricists that Dom ran with during his high school years.  In the group Young Dom was referred to as "the weakest link" by tastemakers and critics alike after the release of their debut mixtape.  Devastated by the response, Young Dom processed the information, took it in stride and used it as fuel for his internal fire to become a much better artist / performer!            The other life changing event that sparked a new found motivation in the emcee was surviving a critical motorcycle incident that left him hospitalized for 6 months.  During his road to recovery, Dom struggled with thoughts of continuing his music career, but after his body healed and his health improved, Dom realized that he's definitely here for a reason and to create more excellent music for his growing fanbase.          Throughout the years Dom released a well-received mixtape series titled Live Young Die Rich, which garnered thousands of listens worldwide virtually and through several viable internet platforms.  The 3rd installment in the series led to sparking the attention of veteran New York rapper and 50 Cent associate Lloyd Banks.  Lloyd Banks' interest in the artist brought upon the opportunity to open up Banks during his performance at The Sony Music Hall in NY for their fifteen year anniversary.  Young Dom has put out back to back "bangers" during the Covid19 pandemic from the singles "Zone" featuring GP45 out of Texas and "Top Of the Food Chain" featuring JuTheKing!              What doesn't kill you, certainly makes you stronger, and surviving is one of the reasons why DomTMO has some of the "strongest" music out right now!  
Join the Blacktopia Facebook Group?????????????????Blacktopia: Black Utopian Society | Facebook
New Fashion...NOVA LOCKOURE:  Home of the Playa Pantz
Visit the brand on Instagram at  
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          Composer, producer and proud Blacktopian Philonius Phunk of the supergroup S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) has constructed countless viral hit singles for indie recording artists of all walks of life from around the nation, primarily focusing on the hip hop and "nerdcore" genres.  Although he's mostly known for his work as a beatmaker, in 2022 Philonius Phunk has decided to step from behind the boards and in front of the mic to give the world his latest composition "It's Like That" with a little vocal assistance from S.P.F. bandmate SwagSwitcha!   In this single Phil shuts down the haters and trolls with bars of fury, and words that will make the harshest critics rethink their entire review system.  This song proves that Philonius Phunk is more than just a mere beatmaker, but a very well rounded artist, performer and overall musician.  
Listen to the single at the direct link below: 
It's Like That ft. SwagSwitcha | Philonius Phunk (
(Philonius Phunk)

(Tammy Thomas)
Philonius Phunk is also set to produce tracks on the upcoming debut spoken word album from Tammy Thomas later this year.  Keep checking back for more updates.

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BLACKTOPIA would like to SALUTE another Black Creative, comic book writer and businessman Ryan White (AKA Slow Chemical) of RYMU Entertainment!
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