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3 Ways To Live Your Best Life!


3 Ways To Live Your Best Life!

  Peace family!  I hope all is well with you & your family.  As you can see in the subject line I'm giving you a few ways you can live your best life or "be like me when you grow up" as I'm often told when I'm jet setting.  Since I've walked away from my job at 99.5 Jamz back on June 30th 2016 the common question I would get is "how did I do it?"  Now since I've caught the travel bug the common question I get is "how are you able to take these trips?"  So here's how:

  1.  Know how much your bills are:  76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and I can guess a great number of those people have no idea how much they pay in bills every month.

  2.  Create multiple streams of income & build it up:  This one is self explanatory, relying on 1 stream of income is very dangerous because if that streams gets cut off then you already know what happens.  So create a side hustle or 2 and build it up.

  3.  Assign a revenue stream to cover your bills:  I'll use myself as an example, YoKaraoke covers my bills and my other revenue streams allow me the luxury of taking trips to Orlando, Vegas, and Tampa (upcoming).

  Simple right?  It really is honestly, the key is having multiple streams of income and just getting started after creating a vision in your mind.  So go make it happen!  Stop overthinking and that's how you can live your best life in 2019.  Love

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For The Culture: Long Live Nipsey Hussle


For The Culture:  Long Live Nipsey Hussle

  Peace family, I'm sure most of you are aware of the HUGE loss the culture just experienced yesterday.  I can't lie this one really really hurts because Nipsey was our Malcolm X with bars.  I couldn't sleep last night, and when I finally closed my eyes all I could envision was documentaries and interviews I've watched that featured Nipsey. 

  Nipsey was just scratching the surface with his efforts in not just music but rebuilding his community.  His entrepreneurial mindset was beyond inspiring, and his community efforts is a model I've shared with various artists and entrepreneurs when they come to me about building a brand and getting support.  I want to share a great quote a very good friend of mine Melody shared with me last night "I pray 10 more pop up just like Nipsey we can't keep letting our visionaries be taken out."  Nipsey laid the blueprint so let's keep it going for him.


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#Hustle101: 5 Side Hustles To Start


#Hustle101:  5 Side Hustles To Start

  Peace family!  I hope all is well on your end, I'm still recovering from my Vegas trip.  Time went forward and the very next day I caught a flight out west and the time change had me all off the whole trip.  But it was worth it tho, wouldn't change anything at all.  So let's get right into the topic at hand, my list of 5 side hustles to start 2019! 

1.  Social media marketing/management,  Social media is evolving daily and business owners don't have the time to keep up with it on top of running their business.  That's where you come in and manage their social media (be the solution!). 

2.  Create a Youtube channel.  Youtube is growing just like social media, and can be a very profitable side hustle.  You can also diversify your income with Youtube as well if you don't want to rely on Google Adsense.  You don't need 100k subscribers to make money either, there are creators with 1k subscribers making 3-5k a month from their channel.  How are they doing that?  Affiliate marketing, & selling their own products.

3.  Ecommerce/Dropshipping.  The Ecommerce lane has blown up (especially on Youtube) recently and has shown that it can be an inexpensive business to start.  With brick & mortar stores closing down left and right, online sales are only increasing.  A simple google search on ecommerce and dropshipping will tell you all need to know (hey I'm not going to lay everything out for you lol).

4.  Blogging.  I feel like this lane is slept on, but blogging has definitely grown to as well.  There are so many ways you can diversify your content and your income with blogging.  I know a blogger personally and she has managed to created multiple streams of income just from her blog from brand partnerships to sponsored posts to hosting events.

5.  Forex/Day Trading.  I'm still learning about this lane but from what I've seen I wouldn't be surprised if it blew up like Bitcoin did last year.  For those that are looking to make quick money in stocks, look into Forex.  Now if you're expecting to hit a lick and walk away with 25k I'm not saying you will but it's possible.

  There you have it my 5 side hustles for you to start as we head into Q2, which one do you see yourself starting?  Hit me up @dj3two1 and let me know

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#Hustle101: Challenge Yourself


#Hustle101:  Challenge Yourself

  Peace family!  Today's message is a very simple one, if you're not challenging yourself you're not growing.  You have some people that choose to take the easy route in life (aka going through the motions), they never take any risks or attempt to do anything that challenges them.  But those that level up in life take the route that challenges them, because they realize nothing grows from being in the comfort zone.  From this day forward take on the tasks that's challenging, yes you will struggle & yes you will probably get frustrated.  But that's part of the process of becoming better, it gets better in due time.  I believe they use to call it "paying your dues."  Now go and be great

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#Hustle101: Be Specific


#Hustle101:  Be Specific

  Peace family!  I hope you're enjoying your 3 day weekend, and I hope you're maximizing that extra free time to work on your goals.  While we're on the topic of goals, I want to share a major key that has helped me on my journey (still helps me actually).  Early in my career I would set these vague goals like "I want to be the hottest dj" or "I want to make more money than last year" neither goal was specific and I couldn't tell you exactly why I wanted to accomplish those things.  When you're specific about what you want and why you want it you begin to tap into another level of thinking.  

  Fast forward to now I know specifically what I want to accomplish and why, and that allows things to manifest right before my eyes (which amazes me every time).  So be specific on what you want to achieve, and know why you want to achieve it.  Put it in the atmosphere, and believe in it with the same energy you believed Jussie was assaulted by 2 Trump supporters.  Feel free to hit me up on social media if you want to continue this convo @dj3two1.  Thanks for reading! 

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#Hustle101: Monday Motivation


#Hustle101:  Monday Motivation

  Peace family!  Happy muthalovin Monday!!  Brand new work week to create new opportunities, & create new relationships that will help you get closer to your goals.  Don't look at today as another dreaded day to start the work week, start looking Monday as a fresh start to be better than you were last week.  Don't bring last week's problems into this week, leave it in the past and move forward.  Change starts within, so start changing the way you think and move.  If you want a different life then you have to move different.  

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#Hustle101: Wanting More!


#Hustle101:  Wanting More!

  Peace family, and welcome to February!!  January felt like the longest month ever, but we made it to month #2 of 2019 and today we're talking wanting more out of life.  After I finished DJing a dope event this past weekend I found myself not being satisfied with where I'm at with my DJ & radio career.  I'm grateful and proud of what I've accomplished but there are things on my bucket list that I haven't checked off yet and it's been on there for YEARS!!  So instead of beating myself up about not accomplishing those goals, I started visualizing what I needed to do to make those things come to fruition.  Beating myself up wouldn't have helped in any way, I'm thankful for growth mentally because now I'm hungrier than ever and excited about the process to make my vision come to life.  So if you want more out of life or your career or both, visualize you achieving more, create a plan on how to do it, then work towards it everyday.  You got this.....We got this!  Love

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#Hustle101: Purpose


#Hustle101:  Purpose

  Peace family!  I hope 2019 is off to a great start so far, today we're talking about purpose.  The other day I was reflecting back on how my mindset was when it came to hustling.  When I was djing 2-4 events every weekend, it was mostly because I had bills to pay.  That was my main purpose for my hustle, bills and buying sneakers aka liabilities.  I remember feeling like I wasn't progressing, and I hit the ceiling.  I didn't have a bigger purpose with my hustle like I do now, but if you're like the old me and your main purpose is paying bills then that's going to stunt your growth.  Do some re-evaluation and find a deeper purpose that's bigger than you.  My purpose is showing people they can turn their thoughts into reality, and I have another one that I'll share eventually.  Find your purpose or your why and then start shifting your mindset and hustle with a purpose

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#Hustle101: How I increased my salary by $10k.


#Hustle101:  How I increased my salary by $10k.

  Peace family!  We made it to the final day of 2018, and this year was so dope on so many levels of dopeness.  I've accomplished a lot this year, and witness great things like seeing 2 of my brothers get married.  I traveled more than ever in my adult life.  I also managed to increase my salary by $10,000 this year, when I was an employee that's something I've never been able to do.  I didn't do anything extraordinary to increase my salary, I incorporated the 80/20 rule (not the one from the Tyler Perry movie).  I focused on the 2 things that generate 80% of my income all year.  I didn't work longer hours, I didn't work 7 days a week, I didn't sacrifice sleep in order to achieve this.  I just worked smarter by shifting my focus, that's it.  Simple right?  Life is simple actually, we just make it hard for some reason.  Wishing you all a simple and successful 2019

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#Hustle101: Budget Allocation


#Hustle101:  Budget Allocation

  Peace family!  Today we're discussing budget allocation, I've witnessed people have a plan for everything else in their life but their money.  They'll plan their weekend, what outfit they're going to wear, places they're going to, etc with no problem.  But when it comes to putting a budget together it's a super struggle.  So I'm going to help those out that struggle with budgeting with a simple plan courtesy of @getjoemoneyright podcast.

50% goes to needs (
20% goes to debt repayment and savings
20% goes to investing (give your money a job)
10% goes to wants (moves, leisure events)

  If you have to adjust the numbers to your liking by all means please do so, I just want you all to start having a plan for your money.  78% of us live paycheck to paycheck, and implementing a budget plan helps resolve that issue.  2019 is coming & I don't want you all to have the same money problems in a new year

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