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Audio Push - "Last Lights Left" (Documentary)


Audio Push - "Last Lights Left" (Documentary)

No features. Just Price and Oktane and the tracks for their "Last Lights Left" album. But wait, in case there are haters about (because they show up any and everywhere), who want to say, "That all?" NO! Not all.

There's a documentary, too. Peep that above. And follow the iTunes link below.


via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/audio-push-last-lights-left-documentary

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Method Man Remembers & Praises The Excellence Of Prodigy (Video)

Meth says Prodigy was 'Top 5' in his day... PLUS he was a fan. Dopest and most real thing a colleague can say in almost any field of endeavor; but esp. so in Hip-Hop. One more RIP to Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/method-man-remembers-praises-the-excellence-of-prodigy-video

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Hi-Rez x Emilio Rojas - "Lost My Way" feat. Dani Devinci

This body-bobbing beat will have you locked in before you get 'hold of what the lyrics are saying. So know in advance you will need to click to play again to start catching what Rez & Rojas (and Dani) are putting down about being in a messed up place and getting into something (e.g. someone) that makes things a bit messier.


via: http://www.jayforce.com/music/hi-rez-x-emilio-rojas-lost-my-way-feat-dani-devinci

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Kaytranada - "2017 07 04" / "2017 09 01 - SUS" / "2017 - 38" (Instrumental)

3 new jawns on my soundcloud, no project related, just beats...

— KAYTRA (@KAYTRANADA) September 2, 2017

Um... okay K. So, just tossing these out there with no plan. Of course, we're good with that, but you good? Too late! Because we are taking these jawns and running with them. Hahaaa! Get at the streams family!

Simply titled "2017 07 04," "2017 09 01 - SUS," and "2017 - 38," these are the latest Kaytranada instrumentals.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/music/kaytranada-2017-07-04-2017-09-01-sus-2017-38-instrumental

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Yasiin Bey On Politics And Rap, And Weighs In On The Possibility Of Another Mayweather/McGregor Even

Interesting point Yasiin made, speaking on Mayweather vs. McGregor... Conor just took a page out of Floyd's book. We saw it. Barking it up, making it an event (rather than a fight, we saw it was NOT a fight).

Yasiin Bey Talks opens up on the Mayweather/McGregor fight, South Africa Travel Issues, his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's stance, tearing down of the US monuments, the current state of rap and more!

- HOT 97

Of course, esp. now that we are far removed from the 'event,' we can see what Yasiin sees: That Floyd-Conor do not keep doing business (e.g. that was a one-time thing).

- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/yasiin-bey-on-politics-and-rap-and-weighs-in-on-the-possibility-of-another-mayweathermcgregor-event-no-hell-no-video

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R&B: Musiq Soulchild - "Sooner Or Later"


R&B: Musiq Soulchild - "Sooner Or Later"

A double album is always a risky bet for artists. High risk of overplaying your hand, as you are giving lots of music for a reasonable price, with the perception of higher 'value.' But often the result is a watered down product, or one with too many tracks between the 'good' joints.

Make your own judgments about what Musiq is trying to do with his double LP. But we know you will come to like at least one jawn... "Sooner Or Later"


via: http://www.jayforce.com/music/rb-musiq-soulchild-sooner-or-later

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Eljay Williams Presents The Soundtrack For His "Pathways" Movie (Mixtape)

Dope movies ought to have dope sounds associated with them, right? Yes. Like this "Pathways" flick. Good movie. Confirmed because the squad saw and approved (you should if you have not already). Now, for the tunes. Listennnn!

All music on this soundtrack either appeared in the film Pathways (Sean's Lament), has been used to promote the film or has been inspired by the film. These are some of my favorite songs from some of the dope artists I know and were part of my backdrop while writing the film. These artists' words and sound inspired me and I am grateful that they lent their talents to my dream. Thank you all.

- Eljay Williams

Peep the trailer after the jump.


Concert promoter Sean Pathways is searching for answers to his failures while carrying the pressures of everyone's chance at success. He attempts to balance a stagnant career and relationships with his music producing girlfriend (Beautiful) and his ex-girlfriend Ann. Ann is the leader of an all-female rap group he is promoting and Beautiful, under Sean's influence, produces the group. He finds himself wanting and expecting too much from every aspect of his life and something has got to give.

The film is loosely based on the Independent Hip-Hop Scene in Atlanta and features many of the artists, promoters, DJs, and producers that thrive there. The look, sound, and feel of the film are directly influenced by Eljay's years of covering the scene for his documentary series The Stand. The film's soundtrack, which is dominated by Atlanta's indie artists, authenticates the Emmy Nominated/Telly Award Winning Producer/Director's vision.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/music/eljay-williams-presents-the-soundtrack-for-his-pathways-movie-mixtape

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Civil Rights Activist James Baldwin At Cambridge University Union In 1965... Speaking Like He Is Wit

Is 400 years of slavery building this country (and oppression thereafter) plus many wars of service not enough to justify our right to have some say in its running... without having to hear, "You can leave it if you don't love it"... Well, isn't it? Answer: YES! Moreover, we are not going to be ousted by anyone. We helped BUILD this place 'they' say we can 'leave' (like it isn't OURS, too)! Sure, this declaration has an angry tone. So I will let activist/scholar James Baldwin say it. Words from so long ago. Could he have known they'd still be so applicable today?

Prior to the UK release of the Oscar-nominated documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, we take a look at a seminal speech by the film's subject - writer, essayist, poet and civil rights activist James Baldwin. At Cambridge University Union in 1965, Baldwin debates whether the 'American dream' has been achieved at the expense of African-Americans.

- The Guardian

Yeah. And Baldwin even has something to say about the flag in this. So on point.

- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/civil-rights-activist-james-baldwin-at-cambridge-university-union-in-1965-speaking-like-he-is-with-us-today-video

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Elon Musk Updates The 2017 International Astronautical Congress On The SpaceX Mission To Mars (Video

Elon Musk is going to Mars. You know that, right? We have been saying it here. But this visual presentation... Okay, you know when a planned trip starts getting real? When you have real talk about how to get there and how to PAY for it. Click play above and watch Musk get real right from the start.

Elon Musk gives new details about SpaceX Mission to Mars at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia and reveals plans to shorten most long distance travels to less than 30 minutes. September 2017.

- Expovista TV

Full disclosure: There is a lot of science & tech in this talk, but you can hang. Press play and get excited about the future of space travel!

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/elon-musk-updates-the-2017-international-astronautical-congress-on-the-spacex-mission-to-mars-video

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The Most Bizarre Tradition Of Donkey Sex (Documentary)


The Most Bizarre Tradition Of Donkey Sex (Documentary)

Some of the locals... They f*ck donkeys.

- Ryan Duffy

They are so wrong right for flipping that "Gimme That Donkey Butt" sample for the backbeat for this in the beginning. Haha!

Having sex with donkeys is a part of growing up for some of the local boys on the northern coast of Colombia. We went to investigate this obscure tradition and foolishly said, "we'll believe it when we see it."


Oh, you didn't think we were playing about actual DONKEY F*CKING, did you? You might need to schedule a therapist visit BEFORE you watch this. Crazy!

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/the-most-bizarre-tradition-of-donkey-sex-documentary

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