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New York Graffiti Experience (Documentary)


New York Graffiti Experience (Documentary)

What do you know about that old school Hip-Hop cinema maaaan? Have you seen "Wildstyle" yet? If so, congratulations. But that was '83. And we mean old school - before the 1980s. How about this mini-documentary that came out in 1976, the "New York Graffiti Experience" above? #Graffiti #HipHop #Elements

Enjoy. You're welcome!

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/new-york-graffiti-experience-documentary

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Samuel L. Jackson Speaks On "Kong," Black People In Film & TV, President Trump And More (Video)

Samuel L. Jackson talks about President Trump, racism in America, Hollywood's casting of British Black actors in 'American' roles, "Kong: Skull Island," and more. See? Waaaay more than just the 2 controversial minutes here or there the gossip sites are gushing about.

(Google that sh!t if you like. We don't do that here.)

But something else of note: Jackson, in response to Ebro's lead-in, touches on the historical racist undertones in all the "King Kong" movies (like we did on here). Yeah. Talk more about that mainstream.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/samuel-l-jackson-speaks-on-kong-black-people-in-film-tv-president-trump-and-more-video

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Flying Made Easy: The Icon A5 Mini-Plane (Video)


Flying Made Easy: The Icon A5 Mini-Plane (Video)

Dope! Got more news on the Icon A5 - the 2-seat mini-plane designed to be so simple that anyone who can drive a car can fly it. The sticker weighs in at just over $200K, so it is near the regular people price range (okay, regular people who have quite a bit of big change to throw around). Plus this plane can land on and take off on water. Put in the money, 30 hours' training, get a license, and viola... your life is 'fly' for real #BALLIN

Check out the latest video above (courtesy USA Today).

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/flying-made-easy-the-icon-a5-mini-plane-video

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Raekwon - "This Is What It Comes Too" feat. Ghostface Killah (Remix)

Anybody out there who heard "This Is What It Comes Too" ever think... What if Raek had Starks on that jawn though? Well, congrats on your mutant power - you just predicted the future. And the future is DOPE! Check out the "This Is What It Comes Too" Remix, featuring Ghostface Killah!

"The Wild" LP will be out in a couple of days (pre-order link below). This will be a bonus track on it.


via: http://www.jayforce.com/music/raekwon-this-is-what-it-comes-too-feat-ghostface-killah-remix

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos Pilots The 'Method-2' Mech (Video)

South Korean robotics manufacturer Hankook Mirae Technology debuted its first prototype piloted mech, the Method-2.

Remember that sci-fi-come-to-life robot we posted on here a while back? Well, Jeff Bezos took it for a ride a few days back. And that's big; as big as the movie monster bot (another demo reel of it above).

Pause: Who's Jeff Bezos??? Oh, he runs Amazon. That all... BOOM! Like we said, BIG!

Building a movie bot is a project success. Getting rich folks excited about it? The business! Although military contracts would surely be expected to follow, Slate did some digging that revealed that they - maker Hankook Mirae Technology - ain't ready yet (more here). Disaster relief and cleanup - that seems to be the ceiling for these mega man-driven machines. Not as sexy as a 'War Machine' (Marvel), but no small feat. And after the storm, when the help comes, best believe these will be welcomed like some of the hottest things walking!

I just got to pilot an awesome (and huge) robot thanks to Hankook Mirae Technology. Nice! #MARS2017 pic.twitter.com/MvN6ghEYFi

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) March 20, 2017

via: http://www.jayforce.com/news/amazons-jeff-bezos-pilots-the-method-2-mech-video

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Eye Candy: Kreesha Turner (Video)


Eye Candy: Kreesha Turner (Video)

Hang in for a bit on this one. Kreesha Turner is hella cute from the jump, no doubt. And the music is standard fare for Instagram Girls' vids. However, I will admit it takes a bit for this compilation edition to warm up. They took it took it to the slow cooker for this, and the result: Delicious!

But two things: that BUTT and those STILLS! She has an obvious dancer's physique with a PERFECT onion that'll bring tears to your eyes. And her photos strewn throughout this presentation make that onion bloom #BloominOnion #FeastYourEyes

Got the perfect theme for that Instagram, too. 'She is SOOOO pretty' (because she is) #EyesThatMesmerize


- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/eye-candy-kreesha-turner-video

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Pioneer Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Takes Viewers to Mars (Video)

Excuse you please. It is Dr. Aldrin. Respect! Credited with being on the first team to set foot on the moon, now Buzz Aldrin has set his sights further... as in Destination: Mars.

Buzz Aldrin wants to be remembered for more than just "kicking up moon dust." He wants his legacy to include laying the groundwork for a permanent human settlement on Mars, and he has a plan. As NASA prepares to send the first humans to Mars, 8i and Time Inc's LIFE VR have collaborated with the celebrated astronaut and historical icon to create a one of a kind virtual reality experience. In Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars, journey with Dr. Aldrin from his landing site on the moon to Mars as shows you first hand his plan for inhabiting the Red Planet.

So, Aldrin wants in on colonizing Mars. Yep, looks like Buzz wants to make humans Martians sooner than later. Watch his 360 visuals on that above. Making of video is embedded after the jump for your further edification.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/pioneer-astronaut-buzz-aldrin-takes-viewers-to-mars-video

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Hiplet: Now Hip-Hop Is En Pointe (Video)


Hiplet: Now Hip-Hop Is En Pointe (Video)

I will admit to turning a 'side eye' to Hip-Hop dance brought into a ballet milieu. Though I was not mad like the why-are-THOSE-PEOPLE-invading-our-artful-dance ballet purists. I was mad like F##K-their-fancy-shmancy-dancy-sh!t, we got our OWN legit dance practiced by the WORLDWIDE Hip-Hop Nation!

But seeing this helped me realize that whatever we do that aspires to LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, and HAVING FUN (word to Africa Bambatta and Soul Brother #1 Mr. James Brown) is a good thing.

A man of color forges a new art form that allows anyone to be down; first and foremost the have-nots and those previously left out. That art form grows, gets embraced by those for whom it was meant and is spread to, through and by everyone who enjoys it. Sound like a familiar story? This IS Hip-Hop showing its essence in another form, no less true. And it is beautiful.

So are the ladies doing it in the above mini-documentary. Wowee-wow-WOW. I love these HIPS... I mean Hiplet dancers!

(Hey, they are fine af ok? You see 'em. And if you're mad at that, you can stay mad. Ha!)

Watch this. Enlightenment awaits. I was thoroughly edutained (educated and entertained, word to KRS-ONE). Bet you will be, too!

- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/hiplet-now-hip-hop-is-en-pointe-video

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A Closer Look At The Story Of King Kong (Video)


A Closer Look At The Story Of King Kong (Video)

Talk about knowing what you are getting into. The folks behind the latest King Kong movie declare they are doing their adaptation in a way different way than the way the story has been brought to screen historically... the way this docu-short makes clear. The math on the story of King Kong to date, King Kong's Story = The Tragic History Of The Slave Trade.

Megaton mic drop.

Careful watching this one in [culturally] mixed company. True, the revelations in this expose clip won't be so much so to Black people contentwise. Rather, we're more surprised that someone actually 'said it aloud for everyone to hear.' But for any who end up screen-gazing in wide-mouthed astonishment - that someone could draw such distinct parallels between the Kong story and the history of the African slave trade - is it really THAT hard to make the connection?

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/a-closer-look-at-the-story-of-king-kong-video

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Technology: Looking At The NFL In The Future Through The Microsoft HoloLens (Video)

Microsoft shows us what the future of watching the NFL might be like if we all had a HoloLens in our home.

Man! Looking at this future tech teaser trailer... In the future, inviting folks over to 'watch the game' is gonna seem like a DRASTIC understatement! HoloLens could change the game; at least how we watch it.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/technology-looking-at-the-nfl-in-the-future-through-the-microsoft-hololens-video

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