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The PlayList (DJ Jazzy Jeff et. al.) - "1995" feat. Glenn Lewis [Video]

Yeah. It seems only right that DJ Jazzy Jeff's PlayList Retreats bear smooth tasty fruit like this. A taste of the full plate "Chasing Goosebumps." So so dope! The soulful singing of Glenn Lewis over a R&B'd out track. Perfect.

(More on The PlayList after the jump.)


Starting in 2015, DJ Jazzy Jeff has hosted an annual retreat, dubbed Playlist, as a way to facilitate collaborations and spread knowledge between fellow DJs, producers, songwriters, musicians, and vocalists. In 2017, an outgrowth of the retreats developed into Chasing Goosebumps, credited to the Playlist. During a seven-day period at the end of January and beginning of February, Jeff and well over three dozen peers - Stro Elliot, Eric Lau, Kaidi Tatham, Muhsinah, Eric Roberson, Avery Sunshine, and Glenn Lewis among them - created the album, as witnessed by those who caught the sessions' live streams. The result was a connected set of sophisticated modern soul, a bright synthesis of played and programmed components with Lewis serving as the frontperson. Chasing Goosebumps was released digitally in mid-February.

- Andy Kellman

via: http://www.jayforce.com/rb/the-playlist-dj-jazzy-jeff-et-al-1995-feat-glenn-lewis-video

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Freshco Shares Memories of Working with The Notorious B.I.G. (Video)

For those who don't know: Freshco (aka Shawn Conrad) is FIRE on a mic! I'll post my all-time fav joint from him after the jump. But for now, take my word if you have no other reason to care. Then click play and consider that Biggie mostly worked with microphone masters back in the day. And he wanted to put something down with Freshco. That ought to tell you something!

But let me tell you something... Freshco has a previously unreleased track featuring himself and the Notorious B.I.G.! However, the lionshare of Freshco's talk is about memories of B.I.G., not that track.

Come back with me to 1993 when Biggie and I met and did some music together. Before the Tupac beef. Before the King of New York.

- Shawn Conrad

- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/freshco-shares-memories-of-working-with-the-notorious-b-i-g-video

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Kool G Rap Speaks On Mumble Rap, His Album & Tour, And Respect For Sean Price (Video)

I don't think much of mumble rap, I don't think highly of it...so many things that young cats are doing have nothing to do with the roots of where this thing started from.

- Kool G Rap

Ah! This clip might sting a bit. See, Kool G Rap gets around to [more than] inferring that the surge in popularity of "mumble rap" is the listeners' fault! Come on... There is a song called "Peek A Boo"... A cat is out here getting MAJOR check from a song called "Peek A Boo."

Yeah. That's where we are with the rap that the masses love out here today.


(But hey, that new Kool G Rap is LOADED with features from LYRICISTS though... including Sean Price!)

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/kool-g-rap-speaks-on-mumble-rap-his-album-tour-and-respect-for-sean-price-video

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Save The Date: The 'Eclipse Across America' Occurs On August 21st (Trailer)

Just imagine back when eclipses were 'magical' events, mysteries that caused anxiety in the hearts of all around when they happened unexpectedly. But not today, we predict when they are coming... even tell you how to get the best look at them... But this 'Eclipse Across America' is one of those that still might cause a 'stir' within even the most experienced observers of eclipses.

On August 21st, as the Earth, Moon and Sun align, a total solar eclipse will blaze a brilliant path across the continental United States. For millions, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make the most of it with our new exclusive 4-part series, where we reveal the best way to watch, dive deep into the science, and explore the high-tech experiments ready to capture the event.

- CuriosityStream

Watch the trailer for this documentary mini-series.

- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/save-the-date-the-eclipse-across-america-occurs-on-august-21st-trailer

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Get Ready Sonequa Martin-Green, Starring In The New 'Star Trek' Series This Fall (Series Trailer)

Watch the explosive trailer for the next chapter of the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek: Discovery premieres September 24th on CBS All Access.

I hope you haven't sleeping on Sonequa Martin-Green, esp. when she was on Talking Dead, as a guest talking about her role on AMC's The Walking Dead. She'd be dressed up and made up like WHOA! - in direct contrast to her necessarily understated look on TWD. Well, she is far from dusty on her new show Star Trek: Discovery, though they still play down her beauty (you see it though).

Her 'death' on TWD did not hit fans as hard as 'losing' other characters because they knew Sonequa would be okay joining an 'enterprise' like the Star Trek franchise (see what we did there?). This dope trailer is just more evidence supporting how great this next chapter in the Star Trek lore is gonna be!

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/get-ready-sonequa-martin-green-starring-in-the-new-star-trek-series-this-fall-series-trailer

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Documentary Filmmaker John Borowski Brings Us The Full Story Of "America's First Serial Killer" (Tra

TORTURE CHAMBERS? VATS OF ACID? SECRET PASSAGEWAYS?? This muthaf*cker here! It's worth watching this documentary to see how (or if) they caught his twisted azz!

At the height of his criminal career, the infamous Dr. H.H. Holmes designed his castle of horrors in Chicago, where he rented rooms to unsuspecting victims visiting the 1893 World's Fair. Further benefiting from his victims, Holmes sold their skeletons to local medical schools.

The first ever feature-length film depicting the entire life of Herman Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes.

- John Borowski

Check out the trailer. Chilling music included for effect. Catch the full documentary on Netflix.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/documentary-filmmaker-john-borowski-brings-us-the-full-story-of-americas-first-serial-killer-trailer

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Rhythm Roulette With DJ Khalil (Video)


Rhythm Roulette With DJ Khalil (Video)

Tons of accolades for contributing banging beats to the biggest artists' hits. Sure DJ Khalil is all that. But how about this? We blinfold him and see how he fares in a game of Rhythm Roulette.

[W]e had to see what Khalil could do with the Rhythm Roulette challenge. At Artform Studios in Los Angeles, he picked out some darkside flower power with a Doors album, a Congregation record from the early '70s and a soul selection from Charles Wright to balance it all out. Because Khalil frequently works with rock samples, it seems like dude got the perfect ingredients.

- Mass Appeal

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/rhythm-roulette-with-dj-khalil-video

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Sha Stimuli - "Together" (Video)


Sha Stimuli - "Together" (Video)

Not only will your head nod, but your body will rock to this one. Dope beat, conscious lyrics... THIS is Hip-Hop!! Salute to Sha Stimuli with a rap embrace for the Nation, trying to get us "Together" family. Pay attention!

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/sha-stimuli-together-video

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Rest Well Sean Price, Because Wifey Got You On The Mic (Video)

Gonna let Ras Kass tell you about this Sean Price mini-tribute. I have seen footage of his wife rock with Rock on this Heltah Skeltah track, and it still chokes me up a bit when I see Sean's wife step in like this. Plus, I think she is getting better.

(Hit the jump for the music video from back in the day.)

This Was Dope. Rockness & Bernadette (Sean Price wife) spitting his verse prod. by E Swift, Tha Alkaholiks show & myself. Mad friends & celebs in the building...

- Ras Kass


- @ojones1

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/rest-well-sean-price-because-wifey-got-you-on-the-mic-video

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