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The sudden death of Juice WRLD is causing many young artists to reevaluate their drug habits. The 21-year-old died after suffering from convulsions upon his plane landing in his hometown of Chicago, a seizure that would later take his life following a cardiac arrest. Seventeen-year-old rapper Lil Mosey shared on Monday that he'd given up drugs after learning of Juice WRLD's death, and now Trippie Redd is sharing that he, too, is ridding himself of drug usage now that yet another friend of his has passed away.

"We ain't doin' it no more," he said on his Instagram Live. "Period. If it ain't weed, we ain't doin' it no more." After a brief pause, he clarifies his declaration. "And when I say 'we,' I mean us as a group. Us as a whole, the whole emo music artists. No drugs."
"It's not cool," he said elsewhere in his video. "We look up to all these bigger artists, all these grown-ass men and all they do is talk about poppin' pills and sippin' codeine and all that sh*t... It's music. N*ggas know what they get theyself into but at the same time, it's like, we gotta be the strongest people to be like, 'Okay, n*ggas is just using this for rhymes at this point. Let it just be that, you feel me? I'll be the first to say: I ain't sippin' no lean, I ain't poppin' no pills but Imma still talk about it in music. Maybe." Watch a clip of Trippie Redd's Instagram Live below.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/trippie-redd-gives-up-drugs-following-juice-wrlds-death-will-rap-about-them-news.97869.htm

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As the days move forward, we naturally expect to hear more about the details surrounding Juice WRLD's untimely death. The 21-year-old rising star was thought to have a long career ahead of him, so when news broke on Sunday that he'd succumbed to a seizure, the hip hop world stood still from shock.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty ImagesFriends, fans, and fellow artists have offered their condolences, whether publicly or privately, and in the wake of his death, TMZ continues to share information they're receiving regarding the young rapper's death. First, the outlet claimed that members of Juice WRLD's entourage told authorities that the rapper ingested several pills to hide them for authorities. The publication, along with the Chicago Tribune, also made claims that investigators found a number of items on Juice WRLD's plane including 70 pounds of marijuana that are alleged to have belonged to members of his entourage, pills, three firearms that two people were arrested for, and codeine cough syrup.
Now, TMZ has issued another report stating that federal investigators have been looking into the rapper and his entourage for at least a month. They stated that in November, the group was making their way onto their private jet set for Australia when federal agents issued a search. They claimed their "law enforcement sources" shared with them that there were even drug-sniffing dogs on the scene, but the outlet didn't know if anything was located. However, TMZ stated that the pilot of Juice WRLD's Sunday flight reported the rapper's bodyguards after finding out they had guns.
As we've previously summarized, as Juice WRLD's flight landed in Chicago on Sunday, the rapper suffered convulsions before experiencing a cardiac arrest. His autopsy has been listed as "inconclusive" pending a full toxicology report.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/juice-wrlds-plane-previously-searched-by-federal-agents-report-news.97868.htm

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It looked like The Late Late Show with James Corden turned into The Late Late Show with Alicia Keys as the Grammy Award-winning singer filled in for the absent host on Monday evening. Fans were in for a treat when pop star Billie Eilish visited the late-night talk show and chatted with Alicia, but they weren't expecting the two vocalists to join forces for a duet.
Fans began to cheer and clap as Alicia's hosting desk was revealed to be a piano and Billie inched closer and sat on the arm of the couch. Alicia then called for more dramatic lighting, so the stage darkened aside from vibrant blue lighting—a signature of Billie's. The all-female audience was then gifted with a duet from the two ladies who sang Billie's 2015 single "Ocean Eyes."
The song was written by Billie's brother, Finneas O'Connell, and was intended to be for his band. Instead, the track was intended to be used for a routine Billie was coming up for her dance class so she uploaded to Soundcloud with no intention of promoting it for any other purpose. The song quickly went viral and kicked off her career, so for the teen singer's fans, it's not only a walk down memory lane but a strange thing to see Alicia Keys belting out the tune alongside Billie Eilish. Watch their performance below.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/alicia-keys-and-billie-eilish-surprise-talk-show-audience-with-ocean-eyes-duet-news.97867.htm

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There have been plenty of people who have tackled Keyshia Cole's "Love," but not many have shown the same enthusiasm as O.T. Genasis. The rapper recently remixed the classic R&B track, switching up the lyrics to be about the Crip lifestyle while belting out the tune offkey. Fans have embraced the song, along with its chuckle-worthy music video, but Keyshia has taken to social media to call the remix "not cool.

The singer jumped on Instagram Live to share more of her thoughts on the rapper's rendition, mumbling something about O.T. Genasis changing the words to "Crippin'" and saying with a laugh, "That's not funny!" People on her Live were apparently writing that the rapper messed up her song, but she told them not to spew negativity. "It's too close to Christmas for that," she told them. 
"I haven't watched the whole thing," Keyshia admitted. "I've seen a little bit of it." She made a face when a fan suggested that she hop on the track with him, but she understands that O.T. Genasis created the song to make people laugh. "You know what, honestly, it's always so crazy for me to see when other artists sing that song in particular 'cause it's just so funny. I hated that song when I recorded it."
"Bruno Mars, he made a video for Valentine's Day. I was like, that's crazy. He sung the whole song, but he sung it the way I wrote it, and I'm just used to that. So, I felt like it was a real surprise when I heard [O.T. Genasis] do it in a different way. That's where my confusion came in at." Keyshia added, "But, I think it's funny as hell." Check out a clip of her IG Live below.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/keyshia-cole-explains-her-confusion-with-ot-genasiss-remix-to-her-song-love-news.97866.htm

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Boxing champ Gervonta Davis has faced fierce opponents in the ring, but his toe-to-toe legal battle with the mother of his child has been one of his toughest fights yet. If the 25-year-old isn't making headlines for his high-profile bouts, it's because he's entangled in drama with women in his life. His relationship with Ari Fletcher unraveled on social media along with his child support case with Andretta Smothers, or Dretta Starr, mother to Gervonta's daughter Gervanni.
Bossip reported that in a lawsuit, Andretta accused Gervonta of only giving her money to help with their daughter if she would engage in "seductive favors." The outlet previously stated that Andretta petitioned the court for $10K per month from the boxer, and on Monday the publication shared that Gervonta has agreed to her terms.
Andretta, who is a stay-at-home mother that hasn't been employed since the birth of her baby, retains primary custody their little girl and Gervonta "would parent 15 percent of the time." It's also reported that Gervonta has accepted financial responsibility for his daughter's daycare and tuition. However, the health care costs would be shared with Andretta as well as any extracurricular activities. Check out a few photos of Andretta and Gervanni below.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/gervonta-davis-agrees-to-pay-s10k-per-month-child-support-for-one-year-old-daughter-news.97865.htm

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A man was arrested and charged over the weekend in Texas after he was accused of carving his name into his girlfriend's forehead, KSAT reports. 19-year-old Jackub Hildreth, who has a history of family violence, was accused brutally assaulting 23-year-old Catalina Mireles last Thursday after they began arguing. This story does contain graphic details about the assault.
Mireles explained that she and Hildreth had only been seeing each other for three weeks after meeting on Facebook. She recounted that they had an argument surrounding their relationship that eventually escalated into physical violence that resulted in fractures to her jaw. She explained that she was fearful of her life as Hildreth was held by the neck and punched her in the face "with a closed fist around ten times." Her jaw is now broken in three places.
Hildreth later tried to carve his name into her forehead, according to the affidavit. "He was going to put in the closet until he figured out what he was going to do with my body,” she said. Ultimately, Hildreth ended up evading the scene before the police arrived. He was later arrested the following day and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
At the time he was charged, there were warrants out for his arrest for family assault and burglary. He's being held on $75K bond. 

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/texas-man-charged-after-carving-his-name-into-gfs-forehead-news.97805.htm

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Soul singer Syleena Johnson is switching things up at 41-years-old. Her decades-long career has earned her a number of accolades as she's collaborated with the likes of R. Kelly, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Common, Cam'ron, DMX, and of course, her hit collaboration with Kanye West as she belted out the hook of "All Falls Down."

The R&B singer released a string of albums and would later star on the reality show R&B Divas, but in recent years her career has been focused on making music while balancing being a radio and television host. Another endeavor that Syleena frequently shares with fans is her fitness journey, including her participation in competitions.
Syleena uploaded photos of her new physique on Instagram as she posed as a contestant. In a lengthy caption, the singer sang the praises of her two trainers who got her in shape. She mentioned that in eight months she dropped massive weight while enduring some physical challenges along the way.
"He took me from 236 pounds to 179 pounds in 8 months with diet and exercise through my bulging disc, strained hamstring and calf muscle, and losing the entire feeling in my left leg," she wrote about one of her trainers. "He gave me the proper meal plan each week, came on tour with me, pushed me in my weak moments and got me to that stage injury free." Check out a few photos of the fitness buff below.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/singer-syleena-johnson-shows-off-muscular-physique-at-fitness-competition-news.97864.htm

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The cast of Empire have really been making a name for themselves outside of the runnings of the show and as we know, some are good and some are bad. The latest on the cast of the Fox series centers on actress Amanda Detmer, who stars as Tracy Kingsley. 

Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesAccording to Page Six, Amanda was arrested on Sunday at 5:51 PM after she crashed into a utility pole and left the scene in the impacted car. Cops located her thereafter and it was easy to spot her since the front end of her car was damaged. The 48-year-old has been charged with a DUI and leaving a traffic collision. Amanda is not only known for her role in Empire but also The Majestic, Final Destination and You, Me and Dupree.
In other news surrounding Empire acts, Taraji P. Henson who stars as Cookie recently opened up about her struggles with mental health and the strong black women myth. “There are some times where I feel absolutely helpless,” she said of her battles with depression and anxiety. “That's human. Everybody feels like that. Just because I'm a black woman, don't put that strong-superhero thing on me.”
Read more here

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/amanda-detmer-from-empire-arrested-for-dui-and-hit-and-run-news.97808.htm

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Netflix's Ava DuVernay-directed series When They See Us is a moving depiction of real events that happened in 1989 when five young men were convicted of a gruesome crime they did not commit. The boys were labeled as the Central Park Five and their story moved millions of people when Ava brought the realities to screen. Despite the numerous Emmy nominations, When They See Us has completely been left out of any Golden Globe recognition and for that, people are responding. 

JC Olivera/Getty ImagesThe disappointing snub was made even more frustrating since other stars such as Lupita Nyong'o for her role in Us, Zendaya for her role in Euphoria and Regina King for her Watchmen role also didn't pull in nominations. "The fact that Regina king, Zendaya, Jharrel Jerome, Lupita and when they see us were all shut out of the golden globes ... hmm I wonder what they have in common," one Twitter user wrote
Ava has responded by simply showing love to her show, not letting the Academy's snub affect her. "WHEN THEY SEE US is trending nationally. A good thing. More light on the Exonerated 5 and the system of mass criminalization this nation has constructed," she wrote. Peep more social media reactions below.

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/ava-duvernays-when-they-see-us-snubbed-at-golden-globes-and-people-are-upset-news.97825.htm

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Whether you're ringing in the season as the Grinch or Buddy the Elf, the holidays are upon us. Millions of people are scrambling to find that perfect gift for their loved ones—and themselves—and the effort can be a financial blow to one's bank account during these winter months. Companies like to offer layaway options so people can pay off their items over time, and an NFL player wanted to do what he could to help strangers alleviate financial stress brought on this time of year.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesChicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack warmed the hearts of 300 Wal-Mart shoppers when he paid off their holiday layaway accounts in his hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida. The store announced the good deed on their Facebook Page by writing, "We have some wonderful News! If you have an active Holiday Layaway account at your local Ft. Pierce Wal-Mart, you account has been paid off! We here at Walmart would like to thank the Khalil Mack Foundation for your generosity, and for making so many families happy for the holidays! Everyone is truly greatful for everything you have done for them!"
The 28-year-old football star is known for his generous efforts, and the representative of his foundation shared that Mack visited the Wal-Mart location and told management that he wanted to be a "secret Santa."

via: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/khalil-mack-of-the-chicago-bears-pays-off-300-wal-mart-holiday-layaway-accounts-news.97863.htm

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