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Apathy - STOMP RAPPERS (feat. M.O.P. & Celph Titled)


Apathy comes through with another heavy banger called "Stomp rappers". On this new record, he teams up with the legendary Brownsville rap icons M.O.P. and his Demigodz brethren, Celph Titled. Stomp Rappers" is a no-nonsense banger driven by its chest-pounding beat produced by Apathy himself, with Chumzilla providing the high energy scratch chorus.

Ap also sets the track off with a verse packed to the brim with vivid imagery and head-spinning internal rhymes-the perfect alley-oop to his like-minded cohorts. Celph scales skyscrapers and picks lesser emcees off the bottom of his boots, while M.O.P. "squeeze a tool at a rapper like Capri Sun" and "leave a mess where your nana tatted at." In other words, they're f*cking sh*t up, and we as listeners get to reap all the benefits.

"Stomp rappers" is the new single off Ap's sixth studio LP, The Widow's Son, due out next Friday, March 2nd!


Album Pre-Order (Smart URL): here


Album Tracklist: 

01. The Spellbook (prod. by Apathy)

02. CHAOS (prod. by Stu Bangas)

03. Never Fall Off (feat. AG & DJ Mekalek) [prod. by Apathy]

04. The Widow's Son (feat. Ryu) [prod. by Chumzilla] *Additional drums by J-Zone

05. The Order (prod. by DJ Premier)

06. Alien Weaponry (prod. by Nottz)

07. Hypnosis (feat. Brevi) [prod. by Messiah Musik] *Keys by Vertygo

08. I Keep On (feat. Pharoahe Monch) [prod. by Pete Rock]

09. A View of Hell (Hell Of A View) (feat. DJ Eloheem) [prod. by Buckwild]

10. Fist of the North Star (feat. Diabolic & DJ Eloheem) [prod. by Stu Bangas]

11. STOMP RAPPERS (feat. M.O.P., Celph Titled & Chumzilla) [prod. by Apathy]

12. Legend Of The 3rd Degree (feat. Tone Spliff) [prod. by Stu Bangas]

13. Rise and Shine (feat. Locksmith & DJ Mekalek) [prod. by Apathy]

14. Obi Wan (prod. by Smoke The World)


• Apathy:

• Bill Danze:

• Fame:

• Celph Titled:

• Chumzilla:

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Ravyn Lenae Announces 'Crush' Tour (Links for all tickets below)

On February 9, 2o18, Ravyn Lenae's latest EP 'Crush' sent the world spinning in a groovy, funky, electric vibe leagues ahead of summer. The EP is executive produced by Steven Lacy of The Internet, who also shares vocals on two of the five tracks. Now, Ravyn Lenae is set to embark on her first solo tour. She previous toured with the likes of NoName for her first album "Telefone".  The tour begins on March 21st  in Sonia Cambridge, MA, with her doing a show in Brooklyn on April 4th at Rough Trade. Tickets for her April 4th show opened up for pre-sale on February 22 at 10AM. The remaining tour date tickets when on sale today, Friday, February 22  at 10 AM.

All dates, with their respective links, are listed below:

Ravyn Lenae - 2018 Tour Dates

3/21 Sonia Cambridge, MA

3/23 Trocadero Balcony Philadelphia, PA

3/27 The New Parish Oakland, CA

3/28 The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, MCA

3/30 Constellation Room Santa Ana, CA

4/4 Rough Trade Brooklyn, NY

4/5 Songbyrd Washington, DC

4/9 El Club Detroit, MI

4/10 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL (note: tickets are not yet available)

4/11 The Firebird Saint Louis, MO

9/14 Venue Vancouver, BC

If haven't already, please enjoy her latest EP


I.S. Jones is a writer living in New York by way of California. Please send her pizza not nudes. She sees a brighter future for herself and you. If you like her work, you can tweet at her here

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Tenacity & DRUGS BEATS: "Discussions" [Album Stream]

One producer and one emcee albums are a rarity these days however California hip-hop artist Tenacity and DRUGS BEATS have come together to release their album "Discussions" today on all platforms.

I've been blessed enough to listen a couple times now and Tenacity, in my opinion, has done what we've needed in hip-hop for a minute now. And that's simply to start the discussion, there's a myriad of topics on this, Tenacity calls out everyone and approaches these topics with passion and energy. The government, relationships and everything in between, Tenacity is presenting both sides of the story to let you decide where you stand. DRUGS BEATS straight up killed this, there's an eclectic sound on this, bangers, jazzy cuts and more. I won't spoil too much now, it's easy to put together an album of fire tracks with one producer, but I feel Tenacity has created something here for us to study and genuinely discuss, for now you can stream "Discussions" below.

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Boogey : Level VI (Video) + Nouveau Niveau Album




Nigerian hip hop artiste, Boogey,  after dropping a bunch of freestyles has now released his first solo LP for 2018. The LP titled "Nouveau Niveau" is a 15 track project that demonstrates a sequence of maturity and acceptance of self through life and music. The album includes the earlier released singles "Liquor Nights" featuring Tay Iwar and "Solo" featuring JazzZ and Kemi Smallzz. It also includes a feature verse from Nigerian hip hop legend, Terry Tha Rapman, and feature performances from a host of other artistes.

This is his 6th project, following 4 mixtapes and a collaboration album, from 2012 till date, all released independently.
For the promo of the project, he also delivers the visuals for the track "Level VI"

The album is available for purchase on selar and  iTunes


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Blak Madeen - One Second to Pray (EP & Video)


Boston rap duo, Blak Madeen kick off 2018 with a brand new EP that brilliantly balances their hopes and frustrations with some help from underground legends, such as Edo. G, Divine Styler, and Grand Daddy I.U.

Across the seven tracks of One Second to Pray, proud Muslim rappers Al-J and Yusuf Abdul-Mateen dream of better days for their people while venting on the ongoing treatment that has left so many of them in pain. It's this multifaceted approach that keeps the music and lyricism fresh; it's something you can nod along to if you like, but you can also sit with it and come away with potentially life-changing insights.

This is particularly true on the EP's stand out "Men of Peace," which features a fired-up Edo. G, as well as the previously released  single "Industry Doors," which features Cali stalwart West Coast Kam. On the latter, you hear as Al, Yusuf, and Kam drop knowledge about the realities of underground Hip-Hop (not all comic books and cartoons). "We don't fit in any particular clique, and we don't try to," Yusuf explains. "We just enjoy making the music, and putting it ourselves. Whatever happens, happens."

That pragmatic, yet positive, outlook is what keeps One Second to Pray so endearing even in its harder moments, such as on the two Arcitype-produced tracks "On the Edge" and "The Sum Up." The latter may have a darker Boom bap feel to it, but it's all delivered through a hopeful lens. "Praying for the better, me and my alliance," Yusuf raps, while on  the hook, Al-J notes their refusal to dumb down their lyrics.

Their refusal to make "easier" music is important not just for Blak Madeen, but for their listeners, too. Everyone benefits when they push themselves to find knowledge and, ultimately, the truth. "A wise man once said 'feel your pulse, and once you feel your pulse, stay on it,'" Al-J says of his group's placement in the hip-hop world. "I never looked back. In the case of Blak Madeen, it was written before we were even a thought."

In promotion of One Second to Pray, the duo is pleased to share the Myster DL (of ILL Mannered Films) directed visuals for, "Men of Peace" featuring Roxbury's own, Edo G., with production supplied by Billy Loman (Slaine, Termanology, CRIMEAPPLE, REKS). One Second to Pray is now available through all digital retailers and streaming platforms, via Rhyme Dawah.


EP Stream: 

Apple Music:



01. One Second to Pray (prod. by Sicknature)

02. Out of Place (feat. Grand Daddy I.U.) [prod. by David "C-Doc" Snyder]

03. Men of Peace (feat. Edo. G) [prod. by Billy Loman]

04. Windows (feat. Divine Styler & Rite Hook) [prod. by The Arcitype]

05. On the Edge (prod. by The Arcitype)

06. Industry Doors (feat. West Coast Kam & DJ Slipwax) [prod. by Sicknature]

07. The Sum Up (prod. by The Arcitype)

*All Cuts by DJ Slipwax

Blak Madeen Online:

• Twitter:


• Facebook

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Jordan Montgomery: "Welch's Grape" [Music Video]


It's panning out to be an exciting year for the 1Hood and Driving While Black Records artist, Jordan Montgomery. As his latest single, "Welch's Grape", has become a local favorite in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Jordan plans to take the single to new heights with the release of its highly anticipated video.

"The beat gave me an early 2000s Dipset feel which was very influential on my style as an artist", says Jordan. "At first it was going to be a throwaway single but it really began to take off on its own so I decided to create a video for it."

Shot by Jordan Armstrong and produced by A-Kxng, this fun and colorful video serves as the perfect backdrop for Jordan to show why he's one of the most exciting hip hop acts to rise out of the Burgh. Be on the lookout for his new album, "Thank You 4 Your Purchase But We R Not For $ale", which is set to drop this Summer.

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Denmark Vessey: "Sun Go Nova" [prod. by Knxwledge + Earl Sweatshirt]

Mello Music Group let's just face it, is one of the best record labels of our time (I'd say all time, but I still have to educate myself on the full breadth of hip-hop's labels). They've been putting us on to the underground's greatest, introducing us to new unbelievable talent. To me, they're the perfect label.

But enough of that, earlier this week they brought us the new talent MC Paul Barman, today they bring us the return of Denmark Vessey in "Sun Go Nova". I'm always ready for new Denmark Vessey music as he's one of hip-hop's most creative and original acts, however what completely threw me off was that this project is divided into two volumes. The second volume is produced entirely by Vessey himself, but volume I is produced by none other than Earl Sweatshirt & Knxwledge. I'm not going to reveal much more, but here's the first single from "Sun Go Nova" which happens to be the title track, produced by Knxwledge.

"Sun Go Nova" comes out April 20th. You can pre-order the album HERE.

Sun Go Nova by Denmark Vessey

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Senseless: "Mosey On In" [Music Video]


Ohio's own Senseless dropped his "Yeah Whatever, EP" late last year and the visuals are coming in! The latest is "Mosey On In". What I love about the "Yeah, Whatever" EP is Senseless dives deep into the funky & jazzy side of hip-hop and the video for "Mosey On In" gives into this as well.

You can check out the music video for "Mosey On In" above and if you like what you hear you can check out our interview with Senseless HERE and stream his "Yeah, Whatever" EP HERE.

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Durell: "Call Me Later, Way Too Busy" [Album Review]


Durell: "Call Me Later, Way Too Busy" [Album Review]

The grind is something that's been romanticized for as long as I can remember. Work hard and you'll get what you want, work hard and you'll make the money you want, work hard you'll gain the respect of your peers. When we talk about the grind, we always hear about the long days, sleepless nights, but Florida's Durell in his EP "Call Me Later, Way Too Busy" he goes more into the relationship and friendship aspect of this grinding lifestyle we're accustomed to.

"Call Me Later, Way Too Busy" starts with "Beep" that has us introduced to a woman who's trying to get ahold Durell on the phone and ends up leaving a voice message, her frustration growing. The first track "Runnin' Runnin' Runnin'" has our hero, doing nothing wrong, nothing shady, just putting in the work to get to where he wants to be. This is the running theme throughout the entirety of the EP.

Durell's voice and cadence is a unique one, his lower seemingly nonchalant delivery adds to a project whos subject matter is being focused on your work and not letting the distractions get to you. Durell also clearly spent a lot of time picking out the production, the way this EP flows, you'd think one person produced this.

The interludes dispersed throughout the project really piece the low-key story being told, in my personal opinion though the last two joints on the project really bring the concept home. In " More Money" Durell makes it a point to show the listener, he's here to be productive, he's here to make money and support his mother. While others may take him ignoring their calls as rude, Durell is chasing a much bigger purpose. "IDK" stole the show for me, as Durell comes with an energy we only see peeks of in the rest of the EP. Durell is also the most personal on this joint too.

"Call Me Later, Way Too Busy" is an ode to the grind and in some ways a letter to those who don't understand what he's pursuing, what the bigger picture is. This EP is cohesive, it bangs in the whip all the while putting together a story that we all can relate to. Who knows what's next for the Florida native, but if he's still too busy, I know we're about to get a serious full-length from him eventually.

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RSXGLD - "Err'Body Know That" (Video)


RSXGLD - "Err'Body Know That" (Video)


Detroit natives, RSXGLD (rapper Ro Spit and producer 14KT) are back at it with their latest video. This time around, "Err'Body Know That" gets the visuals treatment, which features slick animated effects and charismatic performances from the emcee/producer combination.

This is the third video from RSXGLD's acclaimed 2017 self titled LP, which include previously released visuals for "ICU" and "I Believe (feat. JMSN)." And just as those two videos had their own stylistic touches and narratives, the same is true for the great "Err'Body Know That."

Directed by fellow artist Mario "Khalif" Butterfield-known for his work with HouseShoes and Denmark Vessey, among others-the visuals place a sharp focus on Spit and his lyrical dexterity, which is highlighted with various animated effects.

Check out the visuals for "Err'Body Know That" and head over to your preferred digital outlet to support RSXGLD, which is available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms. The 12 track LP which boasts features from Royce da 5'9", Elzhi, JMSN, Denaun Porter, DJ Assault and Ronnie McNeir among others, is also available on CD and various vinyl formats while supplies last, courtesy of Fat Beats.

Useful Links:

• Album Stream/Download (Smart URL):here

• CD/Vinyl (Fat Beats):  here



• Ro Spit:

• 14KT:



• Ro Spit:

• 14KT:

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