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BV Mobile Apps Partners with Black Bloggers Connect

Leadingmobile app development company BV Mobile Apps has recently partnered withrenowned social network for black bloggers Black Bloggers Connect that willfacilitate the great opportunity for BBC bloggers to have their app developedby BV.

Atlanta,Georgia - Leading Atlanta-basedmobile app development company BV Mobile Apps has entered into a partnershipagreement with Black Bloggers Connect, a renowned social network for blackbloggers. As per the terms of the partnership agreement, Black Bloggers Connectcommunity members will be made aware of the great opportunity to have their ownmobile app created by BV.

Black Bloggers Connectintends to disseminate information about how BV Mobile Apps can assist theirmembers via e-Blasts, social media marketing and digital banners on theirwebsite,

The partnership becameeffective as of September 1, 2016.

"Black BloggersConnect is excited to partner with BV Mobile Apps. For bloggers and digitalmedia mavens, apps are one of the gateways to success. BV Mobile Apps willprovide access to the opportunity to further engage readers and followers",stated Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, the founder of Black BloggersConnect. 

Several bloggers affiliated with Black BloggersConnect community had expressed interest in having their own mobile app giventhe supreme competitive edge assured by an app today.  BV Mobile Apps offers a premium mobile appexperience at an affordable price; therefore this partnership will offer greatvalue for Black Bloggers Connect members.

The seeds of this partnership were planted when BVMobile Apps co-owner Gerald Olivari spoke at the Black Bloggers Connect annualconference in Washington D.C.

"We have been on thelookout for a quality organization comprised of bloggers with whom we canestablish a partnership; Black Bloggers Connect is a perfect fit.  Knowing how important mobile apps are tobloggers today, we're looking forward to meeting and exceeding the mobile appneeds for both Black Bloggers Connect and their incredible members.  We're confident the apps we create for theBBC community will enable them to leverage the technology to grow theiraudience and generate more revenue" according to BV Mobile Apps co-ownerMarshall Lyons.

AboutBV Mobile AppsBased in Atlanta,Georgia, BV Mobile Apps is a top mobile app development and hosting companythat specializes in developing apps for a wide array of primarilyentertainment-based clients.  Founded byGerald Olivari and Marshall Lyons, BV Mobile Apps caters to music artists,producers, DJs, indie radio shows, bloggers and more!  Their value is unmatched as they offeraffordable pricing while still maximizing value.

AboutBlack Bloggers ConnectFounded in 2013, BlackBloggers Connect is now a leading social networking portal for bloggers &journalists of African descent from 20+ nations around the world. Tohave your own mobile app by BV Mobile Apps, go to

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BV Mobile Apps Partners With International DJ Coalition CORE DJs

Rising mobile app developer BV Mobile Apps has entered into a partnership with DJ coalition CORE DJs. The partnership signifies development of an innovative and customized mobile app for the internationally famous DJ organization on part of BV.

The alliance marks a global event since BV creates applications for brands worldwide and CORE DJs includes members from all across the globe.

"We are excited about establishing a partnership with globally renowned DJ network CORE DJs. As part of our relationship, we have provided our esteemed partner with a cutting edge app that will disseminate music, news & related content to all the members of the network. CORE DJs has also allowed us to be present at all flagship CORE DJ events like national & regional conferences- to assist the CORE members with creation of their mobile apps", stated a senior spokesperson from BV.

Based in Atlanta, BV Mobile Apps is one of the fastest growing mobile app providers that caters to the app needs of the entertainment industry. Co-founded by Marshall Lyons and Gerald Olivari, the company has created dynamic, interactive apps for more than 250 clients across the world.

In the words of CORE DJs CEO Tony Neal, they were looking for something clean & easy to help with music promotion. It was Marshall & Gerald who approached him about a potential partnership to promote their app services to CORE members and Tony was happy to liaise.

"All I needed was something clean and user-friendly, but at the same time reflective of what we want to project with music promotion; BV made it happen." remarked Tony speaking about BV's custom mobile app for his organization.

As per further statements from the spokesperson, the exclusive significance of the partnership lies in the fact that it would expose CORE members to affordable opportunities and options with their mobile apps. BV Mobile Apps provides affordable monthly packages from its portal that counter usual app creation and hosting charges in the contemporary industry- which range from $1,000-$5,000 for app creation and $50-$250/month for app hosting.

The Atlanta-based mobile app developer has promised to offer dynamic mobile apps for the entertainment industry which will include real-time analytics, push notifications and social media integration with popular social networking platforms Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. In addition, all clients will have the opportunity to monetize their mobile apps via digital ad integration. BV Mobile Apps creates apps along three major platforms: iPhone, Android and Amazon.

"We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Tony Neal and the CORE DJ community. We are confident the membership will be beyond pleased with the quality of mobile app products and services we can provide and look forward to meeting their needs", added in BV Mobile Apps Partner Marshall Lyons.

For more go to


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Why Bloggers Should Get a Mobile App and How To Maximize It!

By Bianca Bee

Blogging is growing rapidly every day, but how many bloggers can say they have their own mobile app? Yep, you heard it right. How many bloggers out there can say they have their own app on all phones? Hardly any. This is why getting your own mobile app will make you stand out even more as a blogger.

I first got the idea of starting my own app about two years ago. At the time I was like, "No, that's so conceited." Then I really thought about it and was like "wow, I really can stand out by doing this." I did some research and noticed that apps are really expensive! I then talked to my mentor Monica Marie Jones about it and she told me about "BV Mobile Apps."

When I saw their site, I was like wow this is cheap. When I reached out to the company, they were so friendly and responded back to my emails immediately. My app was ready to go in less than three weeks. To all bloggers out there, I advise you to get your own app.

Here are the benefits:

  • Makes you stand out - No one is really doing it as a blogger.
  • Your viewers have everything on one platform - People can view your app all day.
  • Improves engagement - You can get more personal with a mobile app.
  • Anyone Can Download It - Everyone doesn't have social media, but everyone has a phone.

    Now once you have your app, what do you get out of it? What should you do next? Here are my tips:

  • Push notifications - Notifying your viewers that you just released a new blog.
  • Sponsors - You can get more people involved with your app by posting their products and getting paid for it.
  • Easy clicks - Once you have set on your push notifications, people are more likely to click it and that can help you gain more clicks on your site, app, videos and more.
  • Shareable - You can share an app post on all your other social media sites.

    Now it's time to go get your app!

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    Do you want real-time tracking of your mobile app traffic? Add Google Analytics!

    As we continue to look for new ways to improve your mobile app experience, we've introduced something that many of you have requested for a long time: Google Analytics!

    What is Google Analytics?

    A web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports usage data from iOS and Android apps. The Google Analytics function will enable you to better understand your users while also setting and tracking goals and objectives. 

    Want to know your stats in real-time? Want to know what cities and countries are visiting your app the most? Want to know what part of your app keeps people engaged the most? Then add Google Analytics today!

    How do I add Google Analytics to my mobile app?

  • Google Analytics is available as part of our new Gold Package!  Select The New Gold Package!

  • Once you upgrade to Gold, you can setup Google Analytics in your Mobile App service.

    NOTE: Are you a member of Fleet DJs or Nerve DJs? E-mail us for your unique discount upgrade link

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    Add Mixcloud to Your App Today!


    Add Mixcloud to Your App Today!

    As part of our continuing effort to be the best mobile app provider for DJs and Radio Stations, we've added Mixcloud as an available feature for our apps.

    Mixcloud is a popular site for DJs and Radio Stations because they are devoted to mixes and they have negotiated rights for all uploaded content.  In additional, they offer unlimited uploads and unlimited listening.

    Now, our clients can integrate Mixcloud in addition to SoundCloud and Podomatic into their mobile app to bring the best content possible to their fans.

    New clients can add it to their app by providing a link to their Mixcloud account during setup.

    Existing clients can submit a request to have their Mixcloud added using the Request Design Changes form.

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    Make It Easy... Make It Mobile!! -- BV Mobile Apps Commercial

    We've just launched our new commercial for BV Mobile Apps. You might recognize some of the faces because it features several of our current clients.

    Check it out and please share it with your audience!

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    Fleet DJs, BV Mobile Apps Announce Partnership


    Fleet DJs, BV Mobile Apps Announce Partnership

    Atlanta, GA - BV Mobile Apps has announced a strategic partnership with Fleet DJs to be the official mobile app provider for their organization and its members. Fleet DJs is the second largest DJ coalition in the world. Based in Charlotte, NC, they have several divisions within their organization including Fleet DJ Radio, Fleet Models, and Fleet Photographers.

    BV Mobile Apps, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, specializes in creating mobile apps for clients within the entertainment industry. They have created 100+ apps for music artists, DJs, actors and Internet radio stations.

    As part of the partnership, BV Mobile Apps will provide special pricing for all certified members of the Fleet DJs community, resulting in a significant savings for its members as well as providing them with an essential marketing tool to promote their skills.

    "This partnership was a natural fit," said Gerald Olivari, Partner and Co-Founder of BV Mobile Apps. "After establishing a relationship with Fleet DJs in 2014, we're looking forward to expanding our relationship with such an awesome organization and all of its members.

    Fleet DJs Vice-President Aaron Shevack confirms the partnership's opportunities, stating "We are proud to work alongside BV Mobile Apps on our current and future endeavors. Their services and technological know-how will generate considerable notoriety."

    About Fleet DJs

    Fleet DJs is a organization of DJs, music artists and musicians. Founded nine years ago and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, their goal is to create and foster positive growth of the mind through the art of music and self-expression. They have over 250 members representing 22 countries in the world.

    About BV Mobile Apps

    BV Mobile Apps is a stand-alone mobile app platform and app development company. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company specializes in creating mobile apps for entertainment industry clients, particularly Internet radio stations, music artists, DJs, and actors. The company is able to create apps for Apple, Android, Amazon and Blackberry devices.

    For more information about Fleet DJs, visit

    For more information about BV Mobile Apps, visit

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    Would you like your app on for Kindle HD and Fire Phone?

    BV Mobile Apps is proud to announce that we are now creating apps for Amazon!

    What does that mean for you?

  • Your app will be available for Kindle HD and Fire Phone devices
  • Your app will be listed on Here's an example:
    According to the latest statistics from Chitika, Amazon has the second most tablets on the market:

    We're going to begin rolling out these new apps this week. The Amazon app will be included in the Premium service. If you're not currently subscribed to the Premium plan, consider trying it out now! There's no contract so you can switch at any time.

    More Info:

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    Are You a Dynamic Networker? Get Paid to Refer Clients to BV Mobile Apps!

    How are your networking skills?

    Do you have an extensive contact list of individuals/companies who need a mobile app?

    Refer Them To:


    Who should I refer

    Individuals and businesses who you know need a mobile app. Perhaps someone mentioned their interest in having a mobile app; or perhaps you know a mobile app will take their business to the next level and they need it.

    Are there any industries that I should focus on?

    Great question! We've found that our apps work well for those in the following professions:

    * Singers/Rappers/Musicians

    * DJs

    * Indie/Internet Radio Shows

    * Actors/Actresses

    * Motivational Speakers

    * Event Promoters

    To view a listing of the apps we've created by category, Visit the BV Mobile Apps Marketplace

    How Does It Work?

    We've integrated a new field into our signup form where new clients MUST select whether or not they were referred to us. If they select "Yes", another field pops up where they can provide your name.

    In addition, if you're accepted into the Referral Program, we'll provide you with banners you can place on your website, blog, etc that include a code so anytime a potential client arrives at our site by clicking on your banner, your name will automatically be filled in as the Referrer.

    How Do I Get Paid?

    First, you MUST have a Paypal account! This is how you will receive your compensation. If you don't have one yet, sign up at

    Next, you refer clients who sign up for a PAID mobile app service (Sorry...the free app option doesn't count)

    Finally, provided your referral remains a client for at least 60 days, you'll be compensated $25/referral (new Standard service) or $35/referral (new Premium service) within 10 business days.

    Your referral signs up Nov 17th. Your referral is still a client on Jan 17th. You'll receive your referral compensation by Jan 30th.

    So the next question is...WHO CAN YOU REFER???

    If interested in the BV Mobile Apps Referral Program, please login to your BV account and apply today!

    Apply Here:

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    Want More People To Download Your Mobile App? Here's a Few Tips!

    Looking For Ways To Increase Your App Download Rate?

    The most important thing you can do is regularly update your app with quality content

    Quality Content is:

    - Relevant to your audience
    - Has a captivating headline
    - Informative and/or adds value

    Don't update your app with content that's not relevant to your audience! This will drive them away.

    Also, make it your goal to update your app at least 2-3 times per week. Why? Again, that keeps your audience engaged. If you're a music artist, update about upcoming performances, new music released, post video of you in the studio working, show pics of past performances, post interviews, etc. This is relevant content to your audience.

    Finally, ask your supporters/fans to give your app a great rating!

    This improves your rank in the app stores for Apple and Android which pushes your app higher in their listings...which leads to more downloads!

    Here's a few links to previous updates with good info on how you can improve your app:

    The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

    The Importance of Headlines

    How To Make Money With Your Mobile App

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