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Basic Information
Location:Missouri City, Texas
Birthday:Jan 1
Short Desc:Musical Entertainers/Group
Description:Dj ShomRoc:
Born in Los Angeles, California...but raised in Houston/Dayton, Tx, Dj ShomRoc will show you how music is in his blood. He was actually bred to be a musician before touching 2 turntables and a microphone.
In his adolescence, his mother introduced him to the likes of John Coltrane, The Isley Brothers, Miles Davis, and Marvin Gaye. ShomRoc, being raised in the 80's and 90's, is also an avid fan of music during those decades.
His mother also encouraged him to learn how to play the saxophone, which eventually led him to perform, MC, and SING in many musical circles.
After creating personal mixtapes with a few computer programs, ShomRoc was encouraged and taught by Dj JBlue2 to make an official move and follow the art of a Disk Jockey.​

Dj-Tru Blu's path to vinyl began as audiophile since his youth. This study of music laid the foundation for a musical career that continues to evolve. As an artist/producer whom founded his own record label Bluchippaz Entertainment; being engulfed in the art as well as the business of music has become 2nd nature. His hustle has placed him in the company of the industry's most reputable artist, and has helped established a strong, devoted, grass-roots fanbase ranging from Texas to Louisiana.
As an artist, his witty lyricism coupled w/ a golden ear for hit music has catapulted his latest release "The Blu Pill", into debates as one of 2012′s most talked about indie releases. He has worked directly w/ artist like Bun-B and Bushwick Bill, and has been the lone opening act for major artists such as LL Cool J and the Ying-Yang Twins in the peak of their careers. He is truly a veteran w/ "a nose for the endzone" when it comes to finding talent and bringing it all together.
Marketing/Branding and street promotions are definitely a strong suit to add to the resume. Backed by an extensive knowledge of the hip-hop culture, and a methodical approach to blazin' any party regardless of

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