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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight Micca


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight Micca

Micca (Pronounced Mee-Kuh) is a true Pop/Hip-Hop diva and entertainer. The DC raised multiracial and multicultural artist is nothing short of an amazing talent on the rise. Micca's diverse background and cultural setting shaped Micca's musical landscape.

Micca wanted to follow in the footsteps of her Apollo winning father, who had a successful music career in the 1990's. He taught her to become an entertainer. Micca, who could already sing and did so in the school choir, learned how to play the keyboard and drums. As well as studying dance, this would prepare her for the years to come.

Micca's debut single "Signals" is one of many hard hitting tracks on her upcoming, "New Girl Order EP". The EP includes production by Micca, Billboard Jay, Komo Beatz and other industry producers. Giving life to a new order for females in the game, to step outside the box, as Micca has displayed with her singing and rapping abilities on the EP. Micca is a fresh breath of air and a liberating voice in her generation.

Twiter: http://www.twitter.com/dcmicca

Instragram: http://www.instragram.com/therealmicca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficiallyMicca/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/officiallymicca

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyF8C0bwL1Wg5coocA4gMgA

website: http://officiallymicca.com/

Contact info:
Manager/Contact name: Johnny O

Phone Number: (216) 701-1214

email: officiallymicca@gmail.com

Streaming links:

Spotify -

Tidal -

Google Play -

Amazon -

Deezer -

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight Alex Takton


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight Alex Takton

When I found out Al wanted to do a song with Too $hort I was like yeah ok, I will see if I can make it happen. One call to the Yay and I was on the phone with DJ Xtra Large and boom it was on like Donkey Kong.

You can't do a song with Short Dog and not spit some nasty rhymes so we chunked down this booty clapper called A$$ and Tiddays. I felt like we might have a problem with radio so I flipped the title to "Tigoldbiddies" In this DJ Service Pack you have the TNA Mix which is dirty and the Tigold Mix which is radio! Thanks for the support! We have a fun year planned!

Artist/Group Name: Alex Takton


Alex Takton rolls in like a cloud from a good L on a sunny day. This Hip Hop head grew up listening to golden era emcees from coast to coast. I think he knows as much about Wu Tang as he does about E-40. That's what living in the Great Lakes Region does for artists that live grow and thrive around the waters of the fab 5.

Alex loves 2 things, WEED and rap music, in that order.He might actually be Wisconsin's greatest weed head. We smoke with celebs, we smoke with broke people too, long as you matchin' we got action!

We are presenting our brand of music which we call "Great Lakes Music." Our circle of independent artists, producers and engineers is called "The Raw Cone Pirates." We will define the sound of this region and work hard every day to make that a reality.


Contact info: (262) 573-1059

Manager/Contact name: Godxilla

Phone Number: (414) 339-5191

email: godxilla414@gmail.com

website: https://www.alextakton.com

Producer (s): Godxilla

Label/Production Company: Automatic Truth AT5 LLC

Social Media Links:

Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/alextakton

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alex_takton/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AlexTakton/

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/alextakton

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEtPwWbV4P-L3IotZ43Ix0Q?view_as=subscriber

Streaming Store Links:

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/7n9mLwESTNfMI8q2hQly6s?si=DRu-REwpQRega4y8cg-IEQ

Tidal - https://tidal.com/browse/artist/15341525

itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tour-life-feat-spade-one-kewii-single/1457335438

Amazon - https://music.amazon.com/artists/B07PWLDRK2?tab=CATALOG&ref=dm_wcp_artist_link_ad

Deezer - https://www.deezer.com/us/artist/6213753

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Of The Week-Kyera


103.7 Da Beat Artist Of The Week-Kyera

You might say that Kyera, a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, is a unicorn in the music world. Her long, flowing, natural wavy hair, supermodel height, athletic body and "no nonsense" approach to life will command your attention. Kyera's magical energy combined with a deep, haunting, beautiful voice will reach the depths of your soul and take a strong hold of your ears.

A recent transplant from Hollywood, California to New York City, Kyera comes out into the spotlight with the debut of her single "Passion" on iHeartRadio stations 105.1FM in Greater New York, 103.5FM in Greater Miami and 102.1FM in Greater Philadelphia areas.

The studio release was produced by Grammy Award-Winning Mega Producer Narada Michael Walden and features multiple award-winner guitarist and international icon Carlos Santana's legendary musical signature on Kyera's electrifying single.

"Kyera reminds me of the incomparable Nina Simone, "The High Priestess of Soul," said Walden. "She has a distinct sound, look, and delivers timeless music." Kyera counts Simone as one of her influencers, along with Sia, Queen, David Bowie, and Tracy Chapman.

"Ms. Simone was really outspoken and didn't play around, neither does Kyera," said Walden. "We are not used to hearing Nina Simone live, we are not used to hearing that kind of low voice with such natural vibrato like Kyera's and it's wonderful."

Who knew that Kyera's unwavering passion for music and unique sound would lead her on a mystical journey across the country- from New York to Northern California - onto the stomping grounds of Walden, the hit maker.

"My introduction to Narada happened through Entertainment Consultant and Music Producer Raffles Van Exel," said Kyera. "I recorded my song on my iPhone and sent it to Narada, hoping he would like it." Her unique vocals slayed the song. A well-rounded musician, she plays the clarinet, bassoon, piano, and guitar.

"It's her vibe, her music and lyrics that breathes life into her sound made for the world to hear," said Van Exel whose circle of close-knit friends have included musical giants (past) Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston; and (present) George Lopez, Elton John, Chaka Khan, just to name a few. "Kyera is a breath of fresh air."

"With my music and performance, my intention is the same; to reach out, grab you and indulge your emotions... your heart... you," explained Kyera. "My music ranges from simple to epic, from country to contemporary imbued with Latin strumming and some tribal influences."

That said. It was time to take her skills to the next level. "My life didn't truly start, until I started singing the songs in my heart," proclaims Kyera.

"It is an interesting experience because right now I am living a dream, and yet it feels like it was supposed to be," said Kyera. "I don't have a fluttering feeling that I have to hold on to this because I am going to lose it. I feel I have created a new norm that I am stepping into and it feels very comfortable."

Walden has an impressive 57 number one hits and produced for superstars like Aretha Franklin; Vesta Williams; Al Jarreau; George Benson; Steve Winwood; Phyllis Hyman; Stacy Lattisaw; Al Green; Shanice Wilson; Ray Charles; Diana Ross; Gladys Knight; Tevin Campbell; Angela Bofill; Natalie Cole; Elton John & Kiki Dee; Eddie Murphy; Pointer Sisters; Sister Sledge; Sheena Easton; The Temptations; Whitney Houston; Mariah Carey; and more.

"I am very aware of the magnitude of that new level from which I stepped onto from where I was," said Kyera. "I feel I have always been at that magnitude but the timing wasn't right." She says that everything in her life is now aligned including the purpose of her life and everyone around her.

"My next steps in my music career are: revisiting the old which I may or may not do, creating the new Kyera and forging more collaborations," she said. "My success is a reality."

Kyera shares the inspiration behind her song,"Passion."

The lyrics of "Passion" carries the message much like an anthem to empower people to be courageous and believe in themselves. The track, composed by Walden, is powerful and evokes a sound made to fill up big spaces and ascend to the universe from an amphitheater such as the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

The production of her single is nothing short of what the power of musical geniuses can accomplish and shoot Kyera to new heights in the music industry.

"Kyera's lyrics are on point," said Santana, who has sold more than 100 million records and reached more than 100 million fans at concerts worldwide. To date, among his many accolades, Santana has won 10 GRAMMY Awards, including a record-tying nine for a single project, 1999's Supernatural (including Album of the Year and Record of the Year for "Smooth") as well as three Latin GRAMMY's.

"You will only achieve happiness if you are passionate about what you are doing," explained Kyera. "People don't know that they are missing out of life because they are not tuned into that."

Kyera's mantra is "I'm not going to apologize for my greatness.

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Kane Koka


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Kane Koka

Standing out in a music industry filled with
flashy hype and false bravado makes for
a large challenge. Louis Funches Jr. aka,Kane Koca, took on this challenge with a
focused heart and sharp mind. This
charismatic rapper encompasses a rare blendthat some hip-hop artists' lack. He carries the
soulful, charm of asouthern gentlemen and
the work ethic of a self-made, millionaire;which allows him to deliver a blend of
hype lyrics and feel good music for all fans.
Kane calls two cities home, St. Louis, MO hisbirth home and Blytheville, Arkansas, his
childhood home. In 1999, when Kane moved
back to St. Louis, he took a slightlydifferent journey than most hip-hop artists.
While working on his craft, he pursued his dream
and hustled daily by, maintaining aneveryday job like many people, listening to
all varieties of music, and playing the drums.
This pursuit also allowed him to build aninfluential network within the music industry.

Kane Koca's entrepreneurial spirit,
hustle and musical ambition caught the
eye of rap sensation J-Kwon. In 2008,
he went by the name of Lou Kane and
started performing as J-Kwon's hype-
man, to warm up the crowd for shows.

While on the road his love for
performing grew and he also started
working with music producer, Martellas
Penny. Penny started mentoring Kane
and helped him to sharpen his music
industry knowledge, writing and
freestyling skills. Kane continued to
push himself by developing his brand,
fan base and music network. He knew
his journey took the right path when he
later met famed, producer Tar Boy of
the platinum selling production team
Track Boys, and the management team
of Face Up Entertainment LLC.

After Sean "BD" Caldwell and Mark
Johnson of Face Up Entertainment heard
Kane's song, they knew without a doubt
they had an incredible hit on their
hands. His song "Moneybag" hits all the
marks of a feel-good, hype track with a
catchy hook. Johnson and Caldwell
decided to immediately book a studio
session with music producer, Tar Boy. The
team pulled an all-nighter and recorded
another major hit called "The Gram"; they
plan to release this song as the second
single. Kane also collaborates with the
music production company Three Kings.
He stays grounded in his music
collaborations and family which also
motivates him to make great music.
Kane believes that with the music network
he started building, that they can create
music with positive energy for all fans.

Catch Kane Koka New Single-Money Bag on 103.7 Da Beat

@KaneKoka on All Social Medi

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Lewis Bey and Klutch KoDe

St. Louis born and bred rappers Lewis Bey and Klutch KoDe are being pegged as 2019's breakout rap /hip hop artists with strong intentions to put St. Louis on the map once more. With rugged lyrics and a new aged mid-west cadence style of lyricism, this duo has come out the Gate-(Way) swinging with the chart climbing single "All My Life", released late 2018. Hailing from St. Louis' city streets, Bey and Klutch have been able to present St. Louis' NEW Rap/Hip Hop Trap culture by extending stories from the STL streets that reflect both the style and current rap/hip hop climate. 

Childhood friends, Lewis Bey and Klutch KoDe collaborated in 2018 when both were on the 
artist roster for management on Die Rich The Label. During a late night organic studio session, the 
two traded bars to a track that would later become the hit single "All My Life". Weeks later the pair 
joined forces again to record "Fxxxke Girl", "Txxn Xt Up", "My Sx6xe" and "Sylly Rabbit". 

Lewis Bey and Klutch KoDe have performed in venues across the U.S. in cities that include, but 
are not limited to; L.A., Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Memphis, and St. Louis just to name a few. Their 
high-energy performances have garnered them the opportunity to build a large fan base that has 
expanded the pair's brand. In December of 2018, their first music video for "All My Life" was 
released, followed by the single launching on streaming platforms Spotify and Deezer. Hot 104.1 FM 
and 103.7 Da Beat have featured Lewis Bey and Klutch KoDe in both mix shows and rotation. 

Social media platforms, Instagram and Snapchat, have made it possible for this duo to remain 
connected to their fan base. Their following continues to grow immensely on a daily bases. Both can 
be found on Instagram @lewis.bey and @dierichklutch . The video for "All My Life" is gaining climbing 
viewership numbers on YouTube. It is only a matter of time before Lewis Bey and Klutch KoDe are 
climbing the Billboard charts with the #AllMyLifeAnthem2019. 

For booking and inquires contact: 

#DIERICH Management - Myth Legend MrRecko 
@live_the_legend__dierich or @drtlabel 


Check Out the All My Life Video!!!  https://youtu.be/3gK9pePo2Ho  

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-David Ben David


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-David Ben David

While some of you may know Dream Doll from hit reality television shows such as "Bad Girls Club," and "Love & Hip Hop: New York," Dream Doll is more than just a reality star, she's an artist.

Dream Doll has recently teamed up with Sprayground owner, David Ben David for his new record "I Am Legend."

According to Ben, the collaboration came about when he was creating an Avant-Garde zombie world collection.

Dream Doll was asked to come by the office to initially discuss her collection of bags, which turned into a musical collaboration.

"Dream Doll and I got together, and we brainstormed this whole world that also includes animation. In the music video you'll see this live action and animation going back and forth in this post-apocalyptic world," Ben said. "I'm the last man surviving, and I create my kingdom, but Dream Doll is the queen, and there are these Avant-Garde zombies."

Sprayground was founded almost eight years ago due to a void in the market.

"It was just boring, solid color bags, but I came to mess that up with putting art on good quality bags," Ben said.

For Ben, music and his business of creating bags go hand in hand.

"I would say a lot of my inspiration for the bags comes from music. I was limited as an artist to tell my story because I can only inspire with a visual representation of the things I create," Ben said. "I just jumped right into the music."

Dream Doll, who wrote her verse in 20 minutes for "I Am Legend" hopes that people understand the creativity of the music video.

"This is something new for me because if you check out my body of work, I never did anything like this before," Dream Doll said. "We brainstormed all these ideas and to see them all come true is super dope."

Check out the "I Am Legend" music video below:

Ben has worked with big names in Hollywood like Chris Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. Currently, he is working on projects with Asian Doll, Sand-flower, Valley Baby and Nyemiah Supreme."I've been working on a collaborative effort where you're creating fashion; you're creating music and merging all that and putting it out visually for people to see," Ben said. "The next song and products that I have coming out are with Valley Baby, and that drops New Year's night."


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103.7 Da Beat Business Spotlight-StarCrowd


103.7 Da Beat Business Spotlight-StarCrowd


StarCrowd is a completely new approach to the music business. Our online platform systematically develops new music stars - with artists owning all their music and rights, and fans directly funding and profiting from these artists. Record labels sign and pour tremendous resources into only about 3% of music artists. Many of the millions of unsigned, undiscovered artists are very talented and would have great success with this same kind of support. We give them that support and much more on a major scale.

StarCrowd was co-founded by superstar songwriter, producer, artist, Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd. Poo Bear is a 5x Grammy Award winner, who wrote 16 of the 19 songs on Justin Bieber's last album. He also made history by recently co-writing the #1, #2, #3 top songs on Billboard, which included the smash hit single, "Despacito", featuring Justin Bieber.

Benefits of StarCrowd

StarCrowd gives the 20 million+ unsigned and undiscovered artists a real chance at stardom and much more.

Artists simply upload their music and videos. Our music superstar partners, like Poo Bear, will then select the best artist, or they will be chosen by fan vote, for a chance at funding and StarCrowd's major label support.

StarCrowd prepares selected artists for funding by forming their corporations, etc, at no cost. Fans, alongside music superstars and experienced investors, then invest (as little as $50) in these artists via the StarCrowd online platform, or the StarCrowd Reality TV Show, which will showcase our top 10 artists each week.

After funding, artists receive 360 major label support through StarCrowd and its major record company partners. This includes videos, promotions, and global distribution. As Investor Fans track their star artist's rise on the charts, they can track and count their profits on the StarCrowd platform

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-All Day Jay


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-All Day Jay

For artist, producer, athlete, and recent college grad, the moniker All Day Jay is not just a  name, it's a motto, because Jay is on his grind, all day every day. Jay was born in Brownsville, Tn, but was raised in Freeport, IL. Jay's musical influence started early inlife, as he has memories of playing on the studio floor as a preschooler, while his daddropped rhymes on the mic. In high school, in addition to being a stand out athlete in  football and track, Jay was bitten by the music bug when his dad finally let him touch hisMPC2000XL drum machine. Jay formed a rap group made up of his best friends andfellow athletes named The Track Starz, for which he made the beats. The Track Starz gota little hood fame, but the group disbanded as they all went off to college in pursuittheir athletic dreams. In Jay's downtime from school and sports, he would make the driveto retreat to his dad's home studio and unwind making beats and recording songs. Jay'slove for beats and the mic didn't go unnoticed by his dad. He asked me one day, with asmile on his face, "you're serious about this, aren't you?" The next week Jay's dadshowed up at his dorm room with a new drum machine, a keyboard, and a mic. "Now youcan get your ideas out when the creativity strikes you, but you better not let your gradesdrop." Jay not only made the grades, but me made music also. Now a college grad, Jay isall in on his passion of beats and rhymes. The Pre Game EP is Jay first released project.As the name implies, Pre Game is Jay just getting started. Pre Game is just a introductionto more great music to come. Look out world, here comes All Day Jay.

Social media

Twiter: http://www.twitter.com/imalldayjay
Instragram; http://www.instragram.com/imalldayjay
Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/imalldayjay
Soundcloud; http://www.soundcloud.com/imalldayjay
Youtube; http://www.youtube.com/imalldayjay
Snapchat; http://www.snapchat.com/imalldayjay

Streaming links; http://bit.ly/pregameallday

Contact info:
Rod Robinson
website: www.alldayjay.com
Producer : All Day Ja

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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Michael Dion


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Michael Dion

Michael Dion, born Michael Dion Franklin in Rochester, NY and raised in Orlando, Fl is an American ,singer-songwriter,producer and actor. Protégée of late industry veteran manager Steven E. Kurtz [Christina Aguilera,SWV, P!NK, The Doors]. Best known for his 2006 collaboration on internet single ''Sweet Love'' with cousin Mr.Cheeks of 90's group ''Lost Boys''.
While the commercially accessible, soulful songbird's pre-solo debut hype continues to peak the interest of international online fans and music execs alike, the humble 27 year-old is staying focused. "I'm gearing up to hit the scene running, working hard to make my mark. 2018 is going to be my year and beyond! ", comments Michael.

Citing influences such as Babyface, LA Ried, Tony Thompson,Whitney Houston,Tevin Campbell and Adina Howard, the edgy music sensation began singing at the tender age of 4. After several years of growing as an artist and perfecting his songwriting by writing for acts such as Britney Spears, Jamie Foxx, BLAQUE's Natina Reed, Fuller House, Jodie Sweetin, Tori V and vocal producing various of artist, the Florida native living in Los Angeles sold all of his belongings and went on a journey across the globe finally landing in London where he wrote and produced the ''The Perfect Stranger'' album himself in a tiny room rented upon arrival from America with his MXL 990 Microphone and his iMac on Protools.

A wonderful introduction to a multi-dimensional artist who has been waiting in the shadows, Michael has shaped his debut LP with a series of beautiful love songs and club anthems which resonate with a pop/r&b retro freshness. From the player swagger of the surefire club hit "So Lit!", the synth seduction of "Dirty Dancing'", ''Real Love'' which contains elements from Mary J. Blige's 1992 hit of the same title and the sexy,commercially enticing pop tune that is "Still" and the poetically touching heartfelt balled dedicated to his 5 year old daughter properly titled ''The Best Song I Ever Wrote'', Michael has only just begun to win the hearts of pop/r&b/crossover audiences' world-wide. Reminiscent of industry luminaries such as Ne-Yo, Usher and Chris Brown. The ''So Lit!'' single offers a powerful introduction to this new singer, with Michael's soulful feel-good, radio-friendly vocals perfectly suited to take over every music lover's favorite playlist.


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103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Blackway


103.7 Da Beat Artist Spotlight-Blackway

Born in Brooklyn and raised between Ghana and New York City, Blackway spikes Hip-Hop with Afrobeat rhythms and African soul, spinning it around the globe.

As a result, he unites two continents and cultures via a one-two punch of rhyme acrobatics straight out of the nineties and panoramic pop-size vision.

"It comes from both sides," he explains. "I mess with my voice by not only rapping, but trying different harmonies, instruments, production, and melodies influenced by my heritage and roots. It's a subtle thing sometimes, but it's there."

To be honest, that thing is in his blood. Inspired by his entertainer father (one of Ghana's most celebrated actors and comedians KSM), the spotlight called to him at an early age.

"Growing up there, everybody knew who he was," recalls the MC. "It was super exciting. I went to his shows, spent time on set with him, and visited him at the radio station. That got me interested in the business."

After completing middle school in Ghana, Blackway headed stateside to live with his mom and attend high school in Long Island. He can vividly recall his first freestyle over Sheek Louch's "Mighty D-Block," and he became hooked with the artform. Inspired by everyone from Eminem, Jadakiss, and Big L to Wizkid, E.L., and Mr. Eazi, the artist dropped his first mixtape Broken Language in 2011. After a stint back in Ghana, he further honed a signature style on 2014's Radiant Child powered by the single "Lost My Mind." Between making his SXSW debut in 2017, he served up New Yhana and turned up on collaborations with the likes of New York legend Uncle Murda. Acclaimed by The Fader and more, 2017 saw him ink a major label deal with Republic Records.

Now, the powerhouse 2018 single "That Fast" [feat. Gucci Mane, DJ Battle] illuminates his individuality. Driven by a wild beat from France's DJ Battle, the international MC goes bar-for- bar with the undisputed King of the South, delivering an unshakable, undeniable, and unbeatable anthem.

"I was having fun with it," he goes on. "Gucci killed it, so I was vibing out and thinking of how to nail those four bars. It's meant to be a vibe."

This is just the beginning. Blackway's taking his sound around the globe...

"I've lived such an interesting life," he leaves off. "I want to tell stories. That's how people can
relate to me, and I can ultimately help them emotionally. There's no agenda when I get into the booth. It's a powerful thing. When it comes to rapping, I feel like I could go toe-to-toe with anybody. Hip-hop has always been a competition like basketball. I want to be the greatest.

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