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Focus On What You Have!


Focus On What You Have!

  Peace Tr3 Fam!  Welcome to December!!  We made it to the final month of the year wow!  One thing I definitely learned in 2019 is focusing on what you have.  I'm pretty sure we all can agree that our motivation is based on things we don't have or things we want.  More money for instance, or a certain car/truck, etc.  So we set goals to go after things we don't possess, which at times create anxiety, stress, being overwhelmed.  That also takes the focus off the most important thing in our lives, what we already have.

  In the technology era there are people that dream of being the next big brand on social media, so there's a need to have "more followers" on social media so people can start their influencer hustle.  It's wild what people are doing to get a massive amount of followers on Instagram, buying followers was a ugly trend that I'm glad has died down.  But the crazy thing is having a big following on social media doesn't always equate to more money.  You'll be surprised at the number of stories out there about people with millions of followers are struggling to get by.  I tell people to focus on the followers you do have, because how can you handle 10,000 followers if you've never learned how to handle the 100 followers you have now.  How can you expect to monetize your social media with a huge followers if you never made money with a small following?  Think about it.

  It's amazing what we put ourselves through just to go after what we don't have, we go after more money so we can buy material items that add no value in our lives.  Only to end up losing it or going broke down the road because we were so driven to go after it we never planned for when things go left.  Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with wanting more money, or nice things.  But sacrificing our mental well being is where we have to draw the line.  Instead focus on what you already have, that will serve as preparation for what's to come.  Many desire more money because they believe it will solve their problems, but if you don't know how to manage the money you have now then how can you expect to manage a larger sum?  Think about that too lol.

  This month I want you all to shift your focus on what you have, and be grateful that you possess it.  In order to get more money you have to learn how to work with what you have now.  In order to grow on social media you need to have an engaging following that love to comment on your posts.  All of which you can start doing right now and will be a great way to start a new decade.  More importantly be patient!  A lot of what creates that stress, anxiety, and being overwhelmed is lack of patience.  Things take time to build, and there will be setbacks but learn the lesson from those setbacks and continue on.  So shift your focus!  Trust me it will be worth it.  Lov

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DjPreneur Life: Never Give Up!


DjPreneur Life:  Never Give Up!
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  Peace Tr3 Fam!  Wow 2020 is getting closer and closer, and I get excited around this time because it's like a fresh start is on the horizon.  For the first time ever in my life, I have my 2020 goals hanging on my fridge.  I believe that if you want something different you have to do what you've never done.  I know one thing, I would have never gotten to the point if I had given up on my dreams.  Trust me there have been times that I verbally said "I quit" but physically still pushed through.  So this post is for those questioning if they should continue on with their passion/dreams.  Let's go!

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  About 8 years ago I was in the radio studio at 99.5 Jamz doing my show, and I just had multiple people call in and call me somebody else's name.  It was frustrating at the time because I was thinking "how can I build my brand if people keep calling me someone else's name?"  At that point I said "F this, I'll just do something else."  Also around that time nobody was calling my phone to DJ their events, I was living paycheck to paycheck as well.  So it was a combination of things that hit me at one time.  I'm glad I didn't give up and listen to my inner self.  If I would've given up then I wouldn't have fired my boss and took control of my life.  I wouldn't have become a Djpreneur, and I wouldn't have realized my purpose.  So what made me continue on with my dreams?  What pushed me to overcome that mental hurdle?

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  Belief is what pushed me to continue on, I always believed that my vision would become a reality and it did.  I just had to be patient, and people eventually knew my name.  But what drives me now is my purpose, whenever I lose a client or get rejected I just think about my purpose.  My purpose is bigger than money, plus I've come too far to just walk away.  You've come too far, invested a lot of energy and time to just give up.  For what?  Because it's taking just a little while longer for your plan to come to fruition.  You not only owe it to yourself to keep pushing, but you owe it to the world & the next generation of your family.  Love

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DjPreneur Life: Support System


DjPreneur Life:  Support System

  Peace Tr3 Fam!  I hope all is well with you all as we're entering the holiday season and the last few weeks of 2019.  Crazy how we're headed into a new decade, the 2010's was a memorable decade.  I'm sure the 20's will be just as memorable for everyone, a lot of new business owners are being born.  I'm seeing more weddings, and baby showers.  A great sign of what's to come.  Since I mentioned those things, they wouldn't be possible without a great support system.  Support is a word I've seen used A LOT lately and normally it's in a negative light.  So let's discuss the subject of support!

(My friend Ashley always support in person and in spirit)

  The current trend on social media is business owners crying on everybody's news feed about the lack of support their business is receiving.  What they fail to realize is that this will hurt them and be detrimental to their brand and business.  Also they're focusing on the wrong thing, their whining about the lack of support is a smack in the face to those that do support them.  Simple logic, if you keep focusing on the negative then the outcome will be negative.

(Made an hour & half drive to Richmond to support Ashley)
  I know people that have yet to experience Yo! Karaoke, but crying about lack of support would be disrespectful to the new friends I've gained that have experienced it.  By me focusing on the people that do support Yo! Karaoke, it has helped me grow my brand and make it thrive.  So stop crying about those that don't support, nobody is obligated to support you.  Shift your focus on the ones that do support and watch what happens.  Love.

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DjPreneur Life: How To Be Booked & Busy!


DjPreneur Life:  How To Be Booked & Busy!
Image may contain: one or more people

  Peace Tr3 Fam!!  Well summer is officially over, and it seems like everybody is ready for hoodie szn, holidays, and cold weather (insert eye roll emoji).  My plan for the fall is to keep the same energy I had during the summer, booked and busy!  So if you're trying to figure out how to reach that level with your hustle, I'll share what I did to have a booked and busy summer.  Here's how you can be booked and busy for the fall 2k19!

  My previous post about getting that first client or that first paying gig will come from someone you know, and that's how I was able to be booked and busy this past summer.  Majority of the gigs I was booked to DJ was from relationships I've built with different people.  In August I was booked to DJ an event for the business students at Duke, and I was able to DJ that event because of a relationship I've developed with one person and she passed my info along.  I know we're in the social media era but word of mouth is still a very effective marketing tool.  So get out there and network!

(Creating the vibe at the rooftop pool)

  When you get booked make sure you GO IN!  Make your performance memorable like when the Cavs came back from 3-1 to beat the Warriors 3 years ago in the Finals.  That's how you gain repeat customers and get booked again.  You never know who's watching or who else that client knows so you have to perform like that booking is the end all be all.  Even if it's an unpaid gig/service still give it your all, that will lead to a paid situation if you play your cards right.

(Performing at YoKaraoke)

  I was only to give 2 tips but I'll leave you with a bonus and that is fulfilling a need or solving a problem in the marketplace will also play a role in being booked and busy.  With YoKaraoke I was solving an entertainment problem in the area I was in, and that lead me to getting booked in spaces I would not have gotten booked at as just a DJ.  So build relationships, and perform well when you get that opportunity.  You will be booked and busy this fall.  Lov

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DJPreneur Life: Standing Out on Social Media


DJPreneur Life:  Standing Out on Social Media
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  Peace Tr3 Fam!  Let's talk social media, after all we are in the social media era.  It's so crazy how social media platforms have grown within the last 5 years.  Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have billions of users monthly, it's very easily accessible.  Social media has also made a lot of people a nice sum of money along the way, so how can you get tapped in and generate money using social media?  Let's talk about it!

(In Vegas scrolling on IG)

  When people think about making money using social media they believe they need a large amount of followers, and in some cases yes that does help.  But you can leverage your social media account if you have 100 followers and make money.  The key is having a following that genuinely rock with you.  For example you're a fitness trainer and you put out a workout and meal plan ebook to your 100 active followers.  If 100 people pay $10 or $20 for your ebook, you just made 1-2k without having to invest hardly any money.  Focus on the people you have now and your following will grow.

(My FB friend Tip uses FB to hustle her meal plans)

  Another key to success on social media is not just great selfies when you hit the right angle, you have to create video content!  Video content is how YoKaraoke became a fun brand online, and every video I posted was recorded on my phone.  So you don't need fancy camera equipment or editing software.  I use Filmora to edit my content and then it gives me the option to share it to social media.  I would consistently do this and that's what helped YoKaraoke grow and obtain new clients.

  The key to standing out on social media is focusing on the people you have following you, whether it's 75 people or 2,000 people.  Engage with them, serve them, once you develop that trust with them they'll support you.  Just be sure you have products they can use and it's something they need.  Look at them as your family instead of followers, that's another way to create that family bond with them.  Recently I just started calling my social media fam Tr3 Fam, because I look at them as my cousins.  Consistently create video content, incorporate that into your strategy.  Video content is the wave so definitely get on that wave.  I hope my keys help, and I'm wishing you massive success on your journey!  Love

(Tr3 Fam and I at YoKaraoke

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DjPreneur Life: Getting That First Client


DjPreneur Life:  Getting That First Client
Image may contain: 3 people, including Rotunda Rush and Tre Boogie, people smiling, people standing
Image may contain: 2 people, including Tre Boogie, people standing

  Peace Tr3 Fam!!  Well summer '19 is winding down and 2020 is just around the corner, I must say it's been a very busy but fun summer.  I hope you've accomplished your summer goals, but if you didn't just make them your goals for the fall and smash them before the year ends.  Speaking of goals, I would like to speak on a particular topic that I'm sure quite a few of you have as goal on your list.  Getting that first client, or that first sale, or that first paying gig.  Let's jump right in!

(Rotunda Rush CEO of From Start 2 Finish & Rush All Aboard Daycare & I, I handle her radio ads & I DJ her events as well)

  Back in May I was home on a Friday evening brainstorming on how can I replace the income I was getting from radio since I'm no longer in that industry.  The idea of being a social media manager popped in my head, it was like a light bulb went off.  Now I just have to get clients, as I continued to brainstorm I decided it was best to reach out to people that I've worked with before when I handled their radio advertising.  That following Monday I reached out to an old client and boom locked in my first customer.  Yes it was that simple, that's what happens when you don't overthink and just shoot your shot!  A good friend of mine Shay opened her own lounge and guess who spun at the grand opening, I did.  A friend of mine Rotunda owns 2 businesses, and wanted to advertise on the radio.  Guess who handles that, yep me.  Just wanted to give you all a few more examples.

(DJ Trans & I, Trans refers people to me that need radio advertising and he also passes events to me that he can't DJ)

  The key is building relationships, I've built a great bond with my clients whether it's handling their radio advertising or DJing their events.  Also friends and family may also be your first clients, I told my mom about my social media management idea and she told me instantly I need your services.  So just like that I had 2 clients and my idea wasn't even a week old.  I just DJed 2 events over Labor Day weekend and it was for 2 of my friends.  See where I'm going with this?  I knew you would because "you smart" (Dj Khaled voice).

(My good friend Shay & I, she's been booking me to DJ her events for YEARS!)

  So to get that first client for your business check your circle of friends and family, they may need your services or they'll know somebody that does.  Also reach out to people you've connected with in passing or on Facebook.  I made good money off FB messenger last year, definitely use social media.  This can be applied to service based businesses, people looking for a job, or creatives looking to be booked and busy.  So let's get to work!  Love.

(My boy Paul & I after I DJed his wedding.  We played ball together in 8th grade!

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DJPreneur Life: DJ Expo 2019


DJPreneur Life:  DJ Expo 2019

  Peace family!  I know I''ve been slack with my blog posts but recently I needed time to figure out my purpose with blogging and vlogging.  I had to really focus on what my why is for stepping into this realm, and I''ll share that with you all on another post.  After take a short break from traveling I got back on the road and took a trip to Atlantic City for the annual DJ Expo 2019.  This year definitely did not disappoint, and by the end of the post I want you to start looking at attending an Expo or conference in your field.  It's a great investment and I''ll show you why.  Let''s go!

  What is the DJ Expo?  It's an annual event where DJs from all over come to Atlantic City to attend different seminars and events that can help grow their DJ brand/business.  We can also test out new toys (equipment) that''s coming out.  It''s always good to know what's coming down the pipeline when it comes to new equipment and new business tactics, that can help you grow and position your brand as the go to person in your market.

This year I sat in the some of the seminars and learn some new tactics that I can incorporate into what I''m doing, and it''s good to be able to soak in that knowledge from successful djs.  They highlighted certain tactics I wasn't doing, and hadn't thought about doing.  That one tactic I decided to implement could be the one move that explodes my brand, that''s what these events are designed for.  We''re all 1 idea away from changing our lives, and that 1 idea could come from something you got from attending a seminar.

The DJ Expo had me excited, pumped up, and anxious to get back home to get back to work!  I was exposed to new information and tactics that will elevate what I''m doing to the next level.  I was able to be in the same space as legendary DJs and I tell people often that you have to get around new energy.  Being around new energy and in the presence of successful DJs raises your energy.  So for 2020 plan to hit a expo or 2, go in with an open mind and willingness to learn new information.  Get around new energy and watch how things change for the better.  Love. 

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Djpreneur Life: Financial Future


Djpreneur Life:  Financial Future

  Peace family!  I hope summer 19 has been good to you thus far, I had a slow June but July has been boomin boomin!  I wanted to share a recent experience with you that needs to be discussed.  So this entry won't have any pics like the previous entries, but hopefully it will spark a change within you.

  Earlier this week I met with a financial adviser to discuss my financial future and come up with an investment plan, I had a plan in place but to go to the next level I knew I needed some guidance of a professional.  This is something majority of the black community doesn't participate in for some reason, which is why I'm blogging about it.  There could be a number of reasons why my fellow black people don't have a money plan in place, so I'm not going to assume or generalize.  I just knew I didn't want to be like the majority, and I also wanted to be an example my community can look to if they want to make a change.

  Here's the investment plan I put in place with the financial adviser, I'm starting with $100 a month with $50 of it going into the Roth IRA I just opened up, $22 going to my life insurance, & $25 into a raining day fund.  Simple right?  Also inexpensive too, I waste $100 a month eating out so this will help me cut back.  Look at your bank statement and calculate those misc charges and eating out charges.  You could take that money and invest it in a high yielding account, you don't need much to start.  With my mutual fund I started with $50 a month, then I switched it to $50 quarterly.  Now I'm going to switch it back to monthly so I have $50 going into my Roth and $50 going into my mutual fund.

  I hope this post inspires you to change your outlook on your finances, I hope you begin to plan for your future so you won't have to keep working while you're 60 or 70 years old.  Change starts with us individually, and we as black people have to change our relationship with money.  I encourage you to sit down with a financial adviser, take control of your life and your future.  Change starts now.  Love

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July 1st 2016


July 1st 2016
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  Peace family!  Today is a very special day, 3 years ago today I started my entrepreneur journey.  July 1, 2016 was a fresh start to a new beginning, it was the day where I no longer have to rely on a bi-weekly check, have a boss dictating my livelihood, I was completely free and in control of my life.  But this journey wouldn't be possible if it weren't for 2 people in my circle.
  Back in February 2016 I was having a convo with my Program Director/friend at 99.5 Jamz CJ (he gave me my first job in commercial radio), and in the middle of the convo he tells me to leave the station at the end of July.  I was against the idea, and he was adamant about it. Telling me to figure things out after I quit, of course I was still against it because I let being fearful hold me back. CJ put it in the universe for me, if that conversation never took place I believe things would've played out differently.  Thank you CJ.
  Fast forward to April 2016 my fellow Dj brother Dj Reggie Marcus (on the left in the pic below) held down a weekly residency at this spot called Cam's in Goldsboro, NC.  He was preparing to move out of state and reached out to me to take over his residency after he leaves NC. This residency put me in a position where I was bringing in between $600-$800 a week, I was able to build up my savings account in the process.  After a month of DJing at Cam's I put in my resignation letter to 99.5 Jamz. Without Reggie I don't even know if I would've walked away from my job, Thank you Reggie.
  Without Cj & Reggie my journey would've played out differently for sure, but what I want you all to get from my story is your circle is very important to your growth.  2 people in my circle played a huge role in me becoming a full time entrepreneur. I'm a firm believer in your circle will either help you grow and keep you in your comfort zone.  So if your surrounded by people just going thru the motions, and have no type of drive or ambition. I need you to do an audit on your circle, your life and your dreams depend on it!  Love.

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It's Halftime!


It's Halftime!

  Peace family!  It's officially halftime, welcome to the midway point of 2019.  This year has been dope thus far, I've traveled more, grew my businesses, took some losses, and also gained some major wins along the way.  Definitely hit a few bumps within the first 6 months of this year, but I was able to fight thru and continue to make some progress.  Here's how my 2019 has been so far!

  The year started with me being booked and busy, 2018 started off rough because I didn't plan and execute properly.  I told myself I was not ending 2018 the same way I ended 2017, and I was able to end the year strong and start 2019 with that same energy.  Also 3 weeks into 2019 I took my first trip of the year to Orlando, Florida to hit up Universal Studios and Disney World.

  YoKaraoke has grown to another level this year as well, making it's debut in Greenville, NC with a different format (concert style), and it was lit!!  Actually the event was called Lit Karaoke, and it definitely lived up to the name.  YoKaraoke had created opportunities I don't think I would've had come my way at all.  I was traveling to 5 cities every month, and partnering with major brands like Fat Tuesdays is something I never would've experienced as a DJ.  

  As I mentioned before I've taken some losses this year, losing Fat Tuesday as a client (still not sure why), getting a rejection email from a potential client I was working on for 11 months to do karaoke, losing both radio stations I was syndicated on with 3two1Radio.  Changes are inevitable and will happen regardless if you're ready or not.  If you stay ready you won't have to get ready, so I always prepare for the unexpected.  On the flip side I've locked into new clients for karaoke, started a social media management & advertising agency which has generated income within 2 weeks of starting it.  Also after visiting Orlando I was able to hit up Vegas again!

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