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Does Hard Work Really Pay Off? Idk.


Does Hard Work Really Pay Off? Idk.

Disclaimer: At some point, we all need to put in our time and grind in order to build experience and tolerance. My thoughts following this disclaimer are for those who have already made a few steps up the ladder.

I've recently hit a crossroads with the ideology behind the saying, "hard work pays off." My beef isn't so much with the saying because when you work hard, the work will speak for itself. Right? I think in the world that we're in now, the HOW is not so much, if at all, important when the end result of your efforts are what really determines your value.

ie. You can spend 60 man hours on a project and deliver a presentation that lands you a petty pat on the back and a "nice work" e-mail OR you can spend 50 hours binge-watching a new Netflix original in your underwear while a college student you paid $100 dollars to, creates the same presentation. Which in the end only cost you 10 hours or so. Ya' know, to cover the introduction to an NDA, hosting the onboarding dinner, supervising and revising the presentation until their work was presentable. 

You get the same petty pat on the back and the same "nice work" e-mail. Nobody got pissed at you for not putting your already fragile relationship on the back burner to finalize those graphics. You didn't get scolded for missing a family event. In fact, you find that everything was actually better than ok.

Maybe it's time to build a team? Maybe it's time to be more RESULTS driven. I'm of the impression that some of us develop a super-hero complex. Have you ever noticed how some parents put themselves last? Like, really last. Like, when everyone else is dressed up and neat but Mom looks like she stuck a fork in the toaster-kinda-last. 

That's the same thing. That is a person sacrificing themselves, their appearance, their happiness to give all of their focus and attention to one thing. Here's the pill that is hard to swallow: NO ONE ASKED THEM TO. 

Don't hate me. Wait a minute. Just take a second to register this. The kids can wait. They really can. Mom doesn't have to feel bad for spending an extra $20 on her nails or some extra money on her hair and outfit. The kids didn't ask you to do that. That is the super-hero complex I'm talking about. Where you feel you need to over sacrifice to deliver on something. When all that matters is that you all look presentable as a family and have a good time.

No one asked you to put in 60 hours on the project. You just did it. To save a day that really didn't need saving. The kids didn't stop and ask you to NOT do something for yourself. Drop the complex. Sacrifice doesn't make you a hero. It makes you bitter. 

I think the new saying should be, "results pay off." 


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5 Things You Should Know Before Filming Your Music Video


5 Things You Should Know Before Filming Your Music Video

Coming Soo

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Before You Decide To Chase Your Dream, Read This


Before You Decide To Chase Your Dream, Read This

Coming Soon

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How High 2 Is On Its Way Starring Lil Yachty


How High 2 Is On Its Way Starring Lil Yachty

It looks like Lil Yachty will soon be flexing his acting chops. In a video posted to his Twitter account on Tuesday (Sept. 25), Lil Boat announced that he'll be starring in the long-awaited sequel to the 2001 film How High-How High 2.  "I got some exciting news for all my fans and all my haters out there, and all the smokers," Yachty, who recently teased a new album, said. "I want to be the first to announce that we are in production of the long-awaited sequel of How High 2, starring me, you know what I'm saying?" For those who know Yachty, he may seem like an odd choice for a film about marijuana, given that he doesn't smoke or drink. However, according to MTV, Lil Boat will be acting as the character of "Roger," who is the entrepreneurial younger brother of one of the main characters. No word yet on who will be the protagonists of the film just yet-but with any luck, maybe Method Man and Redman will make their return. The film is set to hit theaters in 2019. How High 2 started filming in Lil Yachty's hometown of Atlanta today. Not only will it be a short commute for the 2016 XXL Freshman, but he's also be among friends. The CEOs of his label, Quality Control, Kevin "Coach K" Lee, and Pierre "Pee" Thomas, will also reportedly be credited as executive producers of the film, as will Yachty. -Via XX

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Lil Wayne Just Announced Carter V Release Date


Lil Wayne Just Announced Carter V Release Date

Fans have been waiting, as Wayne noted, for nearly six years since he first announced the project and said it would be his last album. The delay of its release was embroiled in the legal battle between Wayne and Birdman, which eventually concluded in July 2018. As a result of the lawsuit, Lil Wayne became the sole owner of Young Money.
The project remains largely a mystery. In a recent Billboard cover interview, it was revealed that Wayne would discuss a suicide attempt by the artist at age 12. The iconic hip-hop artist has always maintained that shooting himself nearly through the heart was an accident.
However, according to Mack Maine, Tha Carter V's outro track will discuss the fact that it was actually an attempt by Weezy to end his life when his mother told him he wasn't allowed to rap.Along with his announcement of the album release date, Weezy also included a link to his website, thacarterv.com, which has a countdown clock to the long-awaited album drop.Lil Wayne's Carter V will be released on his Birthday Sept. 27th.

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MGK Releases New EP "BINGE" and People Are Actually Rocking With It

Machine Gun Kelly is capitalizing off of his Eminem diss buzz by releasing an EP titled, "Binge."With a total of 9 songs, you can finally get a feel of who MGK is as an artist if you haven't before. Surprisingly, I've seen multiple stans bitterly admitting via social media that it actually bangs. Haven't had a chance to stream it myself but if you do, HMU and let me know what you think.

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Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino Breaks His Foot On Tour

Childish Gambino has nine dates left on his This Is America Tour, but an injury he suffered last night (Sept 23) leaves the remaining shows in question.The "Feels Like Summer" crooner threw fans for a loop at his Dallas performance yesterday when he walked off the stage 30 minutes before it was scheduled to end. Fans believed he may have "misstepped during a dance move," according to TMZ, and a rep from the venue, American Airlines Center, has confirmed that the artist broke his foot after the show.According to radio personality Kevin Turner, Gambino left the stage before performing some of his biggest hits. "The show ended without them playing Sober, 3005, Sweatpants, and Redbone so naturally most of the crowd is pissed and also confused," he tweeted.
Hopefully this doesn't keep him from continuing the tour, as it will be his last. In a fan video from his kickoff show in Atlanta on Sept. 6, Gambino told fans, "Number one, if you're at this show, then you know this is the last Gambino tour ever. I love you forever for supporting me and coming out for this shit."

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Power 92's Hotrod Releases New Bangers List. Add Them To Your Playlist

Need new music to stream? Hotrod just released his new who's who list of bangers. 
thraxmusic - Dripppin _gdotmarkee - Stomach Flat preme Ft. @richthekid x @offsetyrn - Frostbite (Remix) chancetherapper - 65th & Ingleside kanyewest - Lift Yourself tarhondajay x johnblu_ - Roll All That sincere5qb - Free Throw wale - Ungrateful & Thankful 6lack - Switch 
Listen to Hotrod on 92.3FM in Chicago over the airwaves or via the Power 92 app Monday thru Friday 7P-10P & Saturdays 6P-10P. Graphic Design by @spahny11

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Meeting Charlamagne Tha God


Meeting Charlamagne Tha God

There was something surreal about meeting and getting to hear from Charlamagne Tha God. On June 17th of last year, I began listening to Charlamagnes book, 'Black Privilege' via Audible.

In it, he speaks about hitting his all time low and how he grew to be the powerhouse personality he is today. I felt like he was able to maintain a level of authenticity that many aspire to keep but lose along their journeys.

He was very transparent about his childhood and shared a lot of industry gems he's learned on his climb.

Like being unafraid of actually grinding. Like, ACTUALLY grinding..

He even speaks about being an INTERN and how much it can actually work in your favor if you're willing to do the work.

Immediately after I finished the book I added the books cover to my vision board under, 'people I need to meet.'

Only a handful of months later, I was invited to be a part of Charlamagnes speaking engagement in Chicago.

One of my friends texted me.... "Check out Charlamagnes IG. You're on it!"

I hadn't mentioned to anyone that I was invited to be a part of it as I didn't want to feel embarrassed if for any reason the event wasn't going to happen.

Even though I'm a full believer of the law of attraction, I was still in shock and awe.

They say you shouldn't meet the people you admire because they'll kill it for you.

To be honest, his energy was the same as it was in the book. It was purposeful and full of intent.Here are some key take aways from the speaking engagement:
"Face everything & rise or fear everything and run"

"You're more than what you think you are to so many people.."

"Information is very important"

"The person who controls the media controls the mind of the masses"

"We live in the MISinformation age"

"We have to show kids there are OTHER ways to make money"

"I want to leave a legacy of service"

"If you are a radio personality you are a public servant. You should be empowering people in the community."

Not all of these are his original quotes, as I mentioned they are things that I jotted down that I wanted to revisit and/or share.

Shout out to Boaz Space & the J Spot for making this event possible. I'm grateful for the invitation and your hospitality.

Shout out the homies Mic Taylor & Radio Maha for the dope conversation & Donda's House for stopping by and supporting

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