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DJ Peer Pressure - Oldschool for

DJ Peer Pressure - Oldschool for

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About Me
Spinning Music from the 70-90's

Diagnosed With Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer Dec 2012
Since then my joy of music has inspired me to become an advocate for cancer awareness.
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DJ Peer Pressure - Oldschool

DJ Peer Pressure

Spinning 4 A Cure


Spinning 4 A Cure

I've been quiet about my Cancer situation and just wanted to give you guys an update.

Next week i get another scan done and the following week i get the results of it and my updated #"s.

I'm trying something but i want proof before i let it out. 

Over the past month I've seen a change in my daily routines and I'm excited so far.

So keep in mind I'm still stage 4 but I'm ok with it. 

Let's see if my results will be enough to get their attention.

It's in God's hands.


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