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Beats By Ced Productions LLC, founded in 2014 by music producer Ced Wynez. We offers some of the best music production to songwriters & recording artists all over the globe. From Rap instrumentals to ... Read More


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Podcast Interview: Ced Wynez


Podcast Interview: Ced Wynez


Check out the interview with Ced Wynez Our Founder and music producer, Music content creator, Artist, and A&R for One Dynasty Entertainment. You would get to know more about him when you listen to his interview. He was a Guest on Creativity Is An Idea Podcast (@CREATIVITYISANIDEA) out in Charlotte, NC. He shared his Success, Ideas, Challenges, Changes & Setbacks that lead to his growth. Special thanks to Pyeric follow him social media @Pyeric.

via: http://www.beatsbyced.com/blog/blog/podcast-interview-ced-wyne

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Why artists & songwriters are leaving money on the table.

In 2019 still there are many many artists and songwriters aren't registered with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC at all. This always had me puzzled because many artists claim they like money but yet they are leaving money on the table.

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Sounds of Sodom instrumental album by Ced Wynez


Sounds of Sodom instrumental album by Ced Wynez

We're be releasing our beat tape instrumental album in April called Sounds of Sodom. All tracks are produced by Ced Wynez (@iamcedwynez_ode). 11 dope instrumentals for you to vibe out too and at the same time get the feel of a story through some hard knocking beats. It will be available on all streaming platforms including YouTube. Make sure you visit the website - http://www.beatsbyced.com

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Eric Lee - My Time Is  Now feat. Dammit Boy [Prod. CedWynez]

Salute to Jacksonville, Fl hip hop artists Eric Lee and Dammit Boy jumping on one of our beat production. The song is DOPE by the way!. Listen for yourself.

Click to listen - https://soundcloud.com/ericlee904/time-is-the-enemy-ft-damnitboy-prod-by-ced-wyne

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The Quest Chronicles: Dating An Entertainer


The Quest Chronicles: Dating An Entertainer

Check out this dope blog by the lovely T-Quest. It's a good good read. Especially from a woman's point of view being an entertainer herself.

Lights, camera but maybe no action! Being an entertainer, dating an entertainer or attempting to date at all is not what it cracks up to be. Well, at least not for me. I personally feel it's a gift & a curse trying to balance out having a music career while bringing some normalcy to my life. 

Shout out to all my independent women! Boss Ladies stand up! As a woman who is a boss, it's rewarding. I call the shots, they report to me, I am the head lady in charge but once clocked out, things change. There is nothing wrong with having your own but some of us desire to share it with someone special. 

I've tried to date regular men as well as men who work in the entertainment industry & so far, it has not worked out whatsoever. Let me write a few of the situations I been in to give you a taste of my dating experiences. 

Let's talk about going out. Whether it was a regular guy or an entertainer (Music artist, Djs, etc) I ended up having the same problem or issue. As a well known public figure, when I'm out and about people tend to come up to me, say hi, catch up,& possibly want a picture. I'm an entertainer so this shouldn't be shocking. As for the men I was dating, they had a problem with it. Some felt left to the side, some showed insecurities, feeling uncomfortable to the point they started to think the worse. "Who's this person?" "How well do she know him?" I wonder if they ever been intimate or is this really a fan?" Usually people assume only females think like this but I know from personal experience that so do men. 

To a certain extent I can understand why regular guys would feel some type of way because they're not use to this lifestyle. At first they may feel they can handle it until they actually have to. As far as entertainers, I was very shocked! You work in the same field as me. I expect you to have a better understanding of how it is. Women come up to you but I don't feel no type of way. Either way, if a person is not secure within themselves, there will always be a problem. 

Another big issue is TIME. We're always on the go, appearances, performances, bookings, meetings & more. Not just entertainers neither but in this case, we are the topic. Many understand time is limited but still complain when they don't get enough of the other person's time. I know it can get hard as well as very challenging but as I stated earlier, this comes with the territory. We have to sacrifice and compromise but don't try to make us feel bad because we can't give you all the time you want. That's not fair, especially if you see many of us trying to balance it all out, the best way we know how. This goes back to knowing and understanding your mate or potential mate. It's not for everyone. 

Social Media: With this topic alone I can write a book series but I'll keep it short.LOL Social media will have you walking on egg shells if you don't know how to use it properly. From fans, to stalkers being flirtatious to sliding in Dm's, It can get messy if you allow it to. But let's not focus on others, let's focus on the two in the relationship or "talking" to possibly be exclusive. Some will see all your posts, notice what you click LIKE on, pay close attention to what people write on your page , how you respond and if you interact according on their page as well. Guys I may have been interested in, definitely took the fun out of it all! They were too into their feelings not realizing that it's nothing but social media and if they paid more attention to me and not others, they would have noticed that. 

How long is your studio sessions? 
Who were those people in your Instagram video? 
How come you're not home yet? 
You have to go out of town again? 
How come I can't go? 
Do you have something to hide? 
Who are you with? 

This blog only scratches the surface but I'll end it here for now. Just beware of who you date, trying to date & know what may come with it. 

As usual, I only gave a tease on the topic. Why, because I love for you all to chime in with your personal experiences & opinions so you know what to do below. 

This is Ms Gotta Love Me herself, it's T-Quest Tuesday & you've just been Questified! Show love by sharing & following me on social media at TQuestGLM 

Email me topics to discuss & QUESTions you may have. To learn more about me or to hear about certain topics in dept please download my app "T-Quest" in your google play store & visit my website GottaLoveMeWorld.com



via: http://www.beatsbyced.com/blog/blog/the-quest-chronicles-dating-an-entertaine

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Jon Platt Rap Rader interview


Jon Platt Rap Rader interview

If you're a producer, artist, and songwriter you need to watch this. Jon Platt is the man you need to know in the music industry. A lot of Gems in this interview. Former CEO of Warner/Chappell and now Chairman at Sony/ATV.

via: http://www.beatsbyced.com/blog/blog/jon-platt-rap-rader-intervie

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Top 5 Income streams for producers


Top 5 Income streams for producers

In today's music industry streaming and licensing music has been on the raise. Digital downloads, cd sales has been on the decline. So where does that leaves the producers?. Back then producers ha to rely on record sales and advances to make money in the music industry. Outside of publishing it really wasn't that many outlets for producers to make money. 2018 there many ways for producers to make money out here. So here are our Top 5 income streams producers:



I know a lot of producers especially old school producers have a problem with leasing out their beats for a low price. But licensing beats has to turn into a whole new market over the past 10 years. This is one of the main income streams that producers can make money and earn a living off their music. You can lease out beats for $25-$30 bucks to artists whose looking for beats for a low price. Guess what you the producer still own the rights to the beats. Imagine if you lease a beat for $25 bucks and it has been downloaded 10x you made $250 bucks off that one beat. Plus your can still collect the publishing income as well.


This is one avenue that a lot of producers bypass often. There's an audience out there who loves to listen to instrumentals with out any singing or rapping on it. There is a lane for it. There are people who support this part of the music industry. There's money to be made with your beats. Also you can release your instrumental album with CD BABY, TUNECORE put it on spotify, apple music, tidal and pandora. That's an whole another income stream for producers. Then it's a good chance your album might end up on a spotfiy playlist. Now we talking $$$.


If you don't have any beats on youtube then you need to stop reading and go do this now. Youtube is the number one search engine in the world. When people go and look up music they go to youtube first. When artists need beats they go on youtube first before they go any where else. Even tho youtube criteria has changed but you still can make money with the ads on your videos. Plus a lot of well-known artists go to youtube looking for beats to buy. Another income stream.


This is another lane that's being over looked. Back then producers also wrote the songs as well as produce the record. Now not too many producers write songs today. I heard L.A. Reid say he doesn't buy beats he buy songs. Remember he signed Rihanna and Lady Gaga. They need complete songs for these type of artists. Indie artists need complete songs too. What better way to go into the studio with a well-known artist setting yourself apart not only with dope beats but lyrics that comes with it. 


It's a lot of artists in your city. It might be more dope artists in your city then there are dope producers. Get with as many as artists in your city as much as you can and put a project together and put it out under your company. This is a great way not only to get your name out but also increase your income. On top of that those same artists will come to you looking for beats to buy. The more artists you know the better you chances of increasing your income. Don't over look streaming and licensing your beats.



via: http://www.beatsbyced.com/blog/blog/top-5-income-streams-for-producers-beatmaker

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