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The Dance Doctors for

The Dance Doctors for

The Dance Doctors for

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The Dance Doctors is a Lighting & DJ company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. We bring the best dance experience to your event, & party bangers to get people on the dance floor.

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The Dance Doctors


The Real Wedding Talk

Pro Tip on Your Engagement


Pro Tip on Your Engagement

After you finishing crying, social posting your ring, call your family & friends here is the 1st thing you should do. When it comes to planning you will begin inquiring everywhere about everything wedding related. All of the inbound emails and notifications can easily clog up your personal inbox. 

First thing you should do is create a wedding specific email address. This will all you to keep everything in one place and help you stay organized. Plus you will be able to find every communication you have 12 months ago when you started planning. 

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