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Keianna Johnson
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Location:Waldorf, MD
Birthday:Mar 4
Description:Hello, my name is Keianna.

I am a wife, mom of 5, a successful entrepreneur, a writer and........a former PEOPLE PLEASER!

I can not pinpoint the exact day I wondered off to travel the road of a people pleaser, but I've walked that path for as long as I can remember. A social butterfly, naturally, I am a passive person. I work best in structured environments. I enjoy being helpful towards others and I value my close relationships as if I am guarding my life. I do not like to lose. The foundation of who I am is loyalty.

What's interesting about this drug called "People Pleasing" is that a chronic people pleaser will tell you that they are not a people pleaser at all. When it came to being angry (passive/aggressive), I had no problem speaking up and defending myself by any means necessary. I thought my ability to defend myself was a strength, but the real power I later learned is the capacity to stand on my beliefs. I am still a work in progress in this area of my life because I have operated in this manner since I was a child. The good news is, I am acutely aware of who I am. Thank God he isn't through with me yet.

One of my favorite quotes in life is, 'To Thyne Own Self Be True" Truth moment: I was a people pleaser because I had low self-esteem. Self-esteem for me had nothing to do with me being pretty because I always knew I was cute. The truth is, I had a terrible habit of putting myself down. I had a bad habit of putting myself and my soul on a platter to be eaten by wolves. I was overextending myself. Surrounded myself with wolves in sheep's clothing and not cutting those relationships off because I felt it wasn't the "Godly" thing to do. I had the audacity to get angry when things didn't work out in my favor. My life was a dangerous concoction of brown and white liquor, and I would wonder why I was always sick.

Real change didn't happen for me until I had enough. Enough with overly caring about folks and their problems. Enough with being self-conscience. Enough with caring about what people think of me. Enough with being loyal to fake people. Enough with kissing butt. Enough with all forms of self-sabotage. Enough with the drama. I wanted to be happy. The only way I can ever be truly happy is to rid myself of the craziness that surrounded me and BE MYSELF! With no apologies.

I created this site to help others who are like myself. You, yes YOU are something special. Take back your power to live your life happy. Live for you and most importantly, be yourself. If you struggle with people pleasing, low self-esteem, always worrying about what other people are thinking of you, self-sabotage, overextending yourself, taking care of everyone else needs but forget to take care of yourself.....This site is for you. Here you will be uplifted and restored to live your best life. TODAY!

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