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Scorpio Season: Check Out This List Of 15 Hip-Hop Scorpios

Source: Wr Wrrn Kheluxn Phechr / EyeEm / Getty

Today is October 23 and as many of you have already heard, it's the first day of Scorpio season. Considering the pride among the people born under this astrological sign, Hip-Hop Wired thought it fitting to list out these XXX Hip-Hop Scorpios.

Many of these names will be familiar as a certain Canadian superstar named his album after his astrological sign. A hitmaker from St. Louis also is part of this hallowed group, and New York's number one "Bad Boy" is also a part of the Scorpio massive. A couple of struggle rappers are also Scorpios, but we won't be listing them for all the reasons you can imagine.

Check out our list below.


Photo: Getty

1. Prodigy of Mobb Deep

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Prodigy (@prodigymobbdeep)

Rest in peace to Bandana P, Banana Clip P.

B-Day: November 2, 1974

2. Big Pun

View this post on Instagram A post shared by OFFICIAL BIG PUN (@officialbigpun)

Thinkin' that you Satan when I'm the rhymin' abomination!

B-Day:  November 10, 1971

3. Scarface

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Brad Jordan (@brothermob)

Brother Mob!

B-Day: November 9, 1970

4. Sean "Diddy" Combs AKA LOVE

"LOVE takes off the masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."

- James Baldwin
— LOVE (@Diddy) August 3, 2021
The original Bad Boy.

B-Day: November 4, 1969

5. Drake

View this post on Instagram A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi)

October's Very Own.

B-day: October 24, 1986

6. Nelly

View this post on Instagram A post shared by CORNELL HAYNES JR (@nelly)

The hit-making St. Lunatic himself.

B-day: November 2, 1974

7. Eve

View this post on Instagram A post shared by EVE @therealeve (@therealeve)

From Philly to across the Pond.

B-Day: November 10, 1978

8. Ol' Dirty Bastard

View this post on Instagram A post shared by OL' DIRTY BASTARD (@oldirtybastardlegacy)

Rest In PEACE to the God, Ason Unique!

Born-Day: November 15, 1968

9. E-40

View this post on Instagram A post shared by E40 Mogul (@e40)

The master of slang is still, ahem, slangin' but it's all legal.


10. Rev Run

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Rev Run (@revwon)

The Run-D.M.C. legend is still out here living his best life.

B-Day: November 14, 1964

11. Fabolous

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fabolous (@myfabolouslife)

One of Brooklyn's finest.

B-Day: November 18, 1977

12. Warren G

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Warren G (@warreng)


B-Day: November 10, 1970

13. Future

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Future PLUTO Hendrix (@future)

Salute to the Freebandz honcho!

B-day: November 20, 1983

14. ScHoolboy Q

teamed up witH @bleacHerreport to remix tHe @lakers logo. Limited edition collection on sale now!
— ScHoolboy Q (@ScHoolboyQ) February 25, 2020
The Real Puff Daddy!

B-day: October 26, 1986

15. Tech N9ne

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tech N9ne (@therealtechn9ne)

One of the best live performers in the game.

B-Day: November 8, 1971


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Lil Nas X Expertly Trolls Super Saiyan Homophobic Rapper Boosie,  Again

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Lil Nas X is a master when it comes to his own social media marketing, and is straight-up elite when it comes to trolling his faux-nemesis Boosie. The Baton Rouge rapper responded with a homophobic rant after Nas X said they had collaborated on song, which anyone with sense knew was totally make believe.

Lil Nas X says he's working on a song with Boosie.

— Rap Alert (@rapalert4) October 23, 2021

But nevertheless, since the "Old Town Road" rapper lives rent-free in Boosie's head, the homophobic rapper reacted maybe worse than most people would expect. Boosie took to Twitter, and it was all bad.



— Boosie BadAzz (@BOOSIEOFFICIAL) October 23, 2021

On cue, many are clutching their pearls at Boosie saying Nas X should commit suicide. We're not condoning the rhetoric, but did they really expect anything less considering Boosie's blatant hatred? And while he can chalk it up to seeking a foul insult than actually wishing Lil Nas X end his own life, Boosie did go too far no matter how many passive-aggressive "LOL's" he tossed in.

But what's really going to happen? Despite all the lip service to cancel culture latest, no one actually gets canceled. We imagine Lil Nas X is somewhere laughing at the guy, unbothered.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Peep reactions to Boosie's twitter fingers in the gallery.

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this is boosie with lil nas x
— kira ~ (@Sadcrib) October 23, 2021


The fixation y'all have on queer people would be hilarious if it wasn't so violent. Lil Nas X is probably at brunch right now.
— Saeed Jones (@theferocity) October 23, 2021


retweet this if you would rather have Lil Nas X on this earth instead of Lil Bossie
— Zé Taylor (@thezetaylor) October 23, 2021


Lil Nas X when Lil Boosie pulls up on him
— Rich (@UptownDC_Rich) October 23, 2021


how you this outraged because another nigga gay? boosie definitely wanna fuck lil nas x, i'm sorry that's what it's giving.
— ? (@TYRISPRINT) October 23, 2021


"lil nas x just got death wished upon him"
meanwhile lil nas x:
— ?IY????? ?? ??? ??????? (@nasxmont) October 23, 2021


boosie is so mad his homophobia not working on lil nas x. like he is unraveling over the shit,
— Personal Blogger (@NoEmmeG) October 23, 2021


me in theshaderoom comments defending lil nas x right now
— ??????????. (@xomarajs) October 23, 2021


this boosie vs lil nas x beef is sending me cause boosie really beefing with this nigga while lil nas x just be trolling and existing
— ????????????????????. (@LondynnMilan) October 23, 2021


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Black Louisiana Dads Celebrated For Stepping Up For High School Students #DadsOnDuty

Source: CBS News / CBS

In one of the best stories to come out in this early part of the fall, a group of fathers tiring of the violence at a Louisiana high school have stepped up in a major way. After a series of violent incidents at Southwood High School,  the dads put everything on the line and it appears that their presence alone has touched the hearts of not only the students but onlookers across the nation as well.

CBS News published a report highlighting the violence and the arrest of 23 students in the span of three days along with several skirmishes on the grounds that were caught on video. Frustrated with the danger the students were putting themselves through, a group of around 40 fathers formed the Dads on Duty group and, amazingly, since they've been in the school to greet students and encourage them on their educational journey, the school has not reported one bad incident.

More from CBS News:

And though none of the dads have degrees in school counseling or criminal justice, they do have some relevant experience.

"We're dads. We decided the best people who can take care of our kids are who? Are us," Michael LaFitte, who started Dads on Duty, said.

Now, any negative energy that enters the building has to run the gauntlet of good parenting.

"I immediately felt a form of safety," one of the students said. "We stopped fighting; people started going to class."

"You ever heard of 'a look?'" one student asked while describing a "power" they claimed all dads have.

With the news going wide, the hashtag #DadsOnDuty has cropped up with folks saluting the Dads on Duty crew for doing the right thing. Oh, and dad jokes. Dad jokes are a powerful deterrent to violence.

Check out the reactions below.

DADS ON DUTY: After a violent week of fighting at a Louisiana high school, parents knew something had to change. So, a group of dads decided to show up not just for their kids - but for the whole student body - to help maintain a positive environment. @SteveHartmanCBS has more.

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) October 22, 2021


Photo: CBS News

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}, 1000)


Share this a million times!!!! 2 million #DadsOnDuty i need their info
— Marcus Spears (@mspears96) October 23, 2021


There's another way. There's always another way.

I love this. Thank you #DadsOnDuty for showing up for everyone's babies in this school.

We need more of this and less police in schools.

@ me. I'm here.
— yvette nicole brown (@YNB) October 23, 2021


I love this so much!!!
Don't EVER tell parents they shouldn't be involved in schools and let's never pretend that having a male or dad present in a child's life isn't needed.
I love these men!!! #DadsOnDuty are what these kids need!!!@ScottAdamsSays @DeAngelisCorey @JLPtalk
— Erica (@ZiaErica) October 23, 2021


"You ever heard of a look?"

Every interview here is gold. #DadsOnDuty
— Daniele Hamamdjian (@DHamamdjian) October 23, 2021


Black Men are the Best Fathers and Natural Born Leaders. When we are our true selves and take our rightful place, it brings peace and order to the children. A Salute to the Black Man. #DadsOnDuty
— Wakeel Allah (@wakeelallah) October 23, 2021


Dads stepping up and getting involved at their children's school. #DadsOnDuty
— Rasta Redpill (@RastaRedpill) October 23, 2021


This community made a difference, and it cost $0. This. Is. Amazing. #DadsOnDuty
— Trevor Donovan (@TrevDon) October 23, 2021


Come on, #DadsOnDuty!! I absolutely love it.
Kids, and people in general, flock towards love. So let's start doing that more. Everything else will fall into place.
— Ebony Jade Hilton, MD (@EbonyJHilton_MD) October 23, 2021


I'm not feeling hopeful and crying you are! #DadsOnDuty
— Nick Zano (@NICKZANO) October 23, 2021


Black Dads Matter!!! This is powerful. #DadsOnDuty
— the Black Hermoine Granger (@WhitneyTyes) October 23, 2021


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K-Pop Star Giselle of aespa Lip Syncs N-Word, Twitter Gathers & Educates Her Over Folly

Source: @flrtyvs / Twitter

It's 2021, and people still can't wrap their heads around about when and when not to use the N-word. Giselle of K-pop group aespa is learning this the hard way as she was spotted lip-syncing the racial slur, and Twitter is gathering but also educating her on the misstep.

The video in question was uploaded to aespa's Youtube (it was reportedly a behind the scenes clip of the making of the song "Savage"), and then removed. In the clip the group is singing SZA's "Love Galore" and Giselle clearly emphasized the n-word while she was getting her karaoke on. See it below, this is the Internet, where nothing gets wiped once it's out there.

So, Giselle openly lip synced the n word during a Savage behind the scenes video that has since been made private. I am not going to defend Giselle for her actions, as I know what she did is wrong. Please apologize, Gigi. #??????

— pierre | volunteering (@iconicyjy) October 23, 2021

Did Giselle know that lip-syncing the word, and passionately at that, was a no-no? The receipts are saying she did thanks to her self-editing in prior examples. And there's the fact that she's reportedly fluent in English.

So people keep staying that aespa Giselle probably doesn't know what the n word means but she actually does. When she did a cover of Tia Tamera by another black artist Doja Cat she replaced the n word. She did that so she wouldn't say a racist slur. So basically she knew Periodt

— mojito with lime (@tw1ceismyoxygen) October 23, 2021

Here's a really easy guide. If you use the n-word as a term of endearment and are Black (even via the archaic one-drop rule), you're good. Although to be fair, many feel no one should use it all. But, if you are not Black, leave it alone.

That's not too difficult to understand, right?

Expect a formal, expertly-crafted apology sooner than later. But for now, peep some of the reactions to Giselle's fail, and hopefully teachable moment, below.

i know we're all shocked right now, but babying giselle at this point is ridiculous. right now what we need to do is educate her on this issue. she's one of the most open-minded idols i know, and I'm self-assured she'll openly acknowledge her mistake and learn from it.

— '??' coco ? (@giselleskr) October 23, 2021

window.addEventListener('interaction', function () {
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}, 1000)


me when i found out giselle said the n word
— scarecrow (@qcknct) October 23, 2021


giselle is fluent in english and is very aware she shouldn't be saying nigga...
— liah NINGNING DAY (@dinofuIs) October 23, 2021



please do not try to sweep this under the rug and instead, use your platform to inform giselle of her mistakes and help her to learn from this.
— ? (@aespapic) October 23, 2021


"If ur disappointed with Giselle then block me" is peak levels of racism
— Mimi MSD (@chujimimi) October 23, 2021


Since people are confused, I want to objectively explain what happened:

In a video recently uploaded (and taken down) on aespa's YT, Giselle was lip-syncing + dancing to SZA's 'Love Galore' when she leaned forward and lip-synced a racial slur that was part of the song's lyrics
— aespresso #Savage (slow) (@aespresso_SM) October 23, 2021


Giselle is a very open-minded idol. I know she can handle this very well.

Educate, don't hate! #??????
— ?????????? ?????????? (@aespadailyph) October 23, 2021


LMFAOOOO, Giselle is FLUENT, and regardless if she was or wasn't, Koreans know what that word means. There's no excuse.
— CONVERT TO RENJUNISM (@fatherrenjun) October 23, 2021



in today's savage jacket behind the scenes video, giselle was seen lip syncing to a racial slur in SZA's Love Galore. we will not defend this and we hope that she acknowledges her mistake and apologises to those she has hurt.
— ? (@aespapic) October 23, 2021


Nah because...if I see any of y'all saying "she didn't know "...giselle speaks fluent English and lurks on TWITTER, where even breathing can get you cancelled. She definitely knows what the n word is and she needs to apologize. #giselle
— J | nct²³, stop hating on bahiyyih (@mintyjaes) October 23, 2021


bet giselle would've said something already if it wasnt for sm so can you people pls stop calling her out everywhere asking her to apologize like she knows ok, she knows, and if sm wont let her then there's nothing she can do about it she's not in control of things you know that
— ad (@winthorkim) October 23, 2021


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Los Angeles Lakers Face Chemistry Questions After Dustup Between Anthony Davis & Dwight Howard

Source: Kevork Djansezian / Getty

The Los Angeles Lakers opened up the 2021-22 NBA season as favorites to potentially win it all in the west after trading for Russell Westbrook and adding some other key pieces from teams past. However, the new-look Lake Show might have to talk some things out behind closed doors after big men Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard got into it on the bench.

The Lakers are just two seasons out of winning the NBA championship and any team with LeBron James is a shoo-in to be a contender for the title. However, the young NBA season has proven already that what looks good on paper might not be good in reality. It should also be noted that the Lakers' bench is a bit depleted as Talen Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, Wayne Ellington, and Trevor Ariza are all nursing various injuries so the team isn't at full strength.

During Friday night's (October 22) contest between last season's Western Conference champs in the Phoenix Suns, the Lakers never looked in sync and King James' usual heroics would not be enough. Westbrook also had a bit of an off night as the Suns dominated much of the game and it was never close. During a timeout, Davis and Howard began scuffling and had to be separated by their teammates. In fairness, the men claimed that there's no beef and it was just a little competitive frustration being worked out on the court.

While AD and Howard might be good to go, Rajon Rondo, thought to be one of the glue players of the team, made a questionable finger gun gesture at a fan sitting courtside. The fan slapped his hand out his face and was ejected from the arena. It isn't known what was said by the fan that prompted Rondo to make the gesture, but it certainly has NBA Twitter talking.

The season is still just starting although few thought the Lakers would begin their quest for the title winless after all the hype and big names added. Check out the reactions from Twitter below.




Dwight Howard and AD got into a physical altercation on the my 42 years of being associated with the Lakers organization, I've never seen something like that smh
— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) October 23, 2021


everything is fine.
— Rob Perez (@WorldWideWob) October 23, 2021


Dwight and AD fighting
Lebron not trying
Lakers fighting each other
Lakers down 30
Rondo finger gun gesture at a fan

Everything is fine...
— CarlosStory (@CarlosxcStory) October 23, 2021


AD and Dwight fighting on the bench. Rondo pulling a Gilbert arenas in game at a fan and we're only 2 games into the season lmaoo
— jw (@iam_johnw2) October 23, 2021


Sub Rondo in so he can do this again
— (@TheWestbrookEra) October 23, 2021


"Rondo kicks it out to Westbrook"
— Max Hodder (@maxhodder) October 23, 2021


Dwight: "I should've been in the NBA 75 list.."

Rondo: "Over who"

Dwight: **Looks at AD from his peripherals**
— The Voice Of The Boston Celtics (@yamzislife) October 23, 2021


so Rondo does a gun motion in fans face at courtside at the Lakers home game and the fan slaps his hand and gets removed...was the fan supposed to take that
— Clarence Hill Jr (@clarencehilljr) October 23, 2021


Teammates fighting each other

Fans fighting Rondo

Bron taking possessions off

Westbrook... well

Hug a Lakers fan tonight, y'all.
— The Lead (@TheLeadSM) October 23, 2021


The Lakers are 0-12 since Andre Drummond did this
— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) October 23, 2021


Kuzma, KCP, Trez and Caruso are all 2-0.

The Lakers are 0-2.
— StatMuse (@statmuse) October 23, 2021


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Swedish Mafia & The Weeknd "Moth To A Flame," Don Toliver ft. Travis Scott "Flocky Flocky" & More |

Source: Atlantic Records / Atlantic Records

Now that The Weeknd is done walking around looking like he was stomped out by a gang of soccer players, the Canadian crooner is back on his sexy ish and in his latest feature he goes all out with the eroticism.

Linking up with the Swedish Mafia for the visuals to "Moth To A Flame," The Weekend plays the cut somewhere while an orgy plays out and countless naked people get familiar with each other before things get extremely weird and everyone is suddenly looking like The Walking Dead or something.

Else where Don Toliver continues his ascension in the rap game and in his clip to "Flocky Flocky" is joined by Travis Scott after eating chicken wings next to a big booty twerking in his face. He ain't pay that booty no mind. Musta been the lemon pepper flavored wings.

Check out the rest of today's drops including work from Curren$y, Lakeyah, and more.







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Nia Long Talks Filming "Come Clean Day" Spot With Deon Cole, Working With Old Spice & More

Source: Old Spice / Old Spice

Old Spice has long been a leader in the men's grooming products line for well over 80 years and counting, and recently, they've become pop culture darlings for their hilarious television spots over the years. Nia Long appeared in their new "Come Clean Day" spot with actor and comedian Deon Cole, and Ms. Long shared some details about working with the company, how she uses the products herself, and more.

The spot opens up with Deon Cole and his romantic partner sitting down with Long, who plays a relationship therapist. Apparently, Cole's character is emotionally wrecked because his lady keeps borrowing his Old Spice lotion and he's having quite a hard time processing it. Cole, face wet with tears, hands over the lotion and expresses his hurt while his lady couldn't be less bothered.

The scene shifts to Long ready to inject her advice but suddenly, the time of the session concludes and they're on their way. Off-camera, you can hear Cole's lady and Long discussing the lotion and taking some more for themselves, adding to the whole "Come Clean Day' theme neatly.

In our exclusive chat with Long, she shared how much fun she had shooting the spot, how she's been guilty of snatching up some Old Spice, and shared that she has some other ventures coming down the pipeline. Long also shared her thoughts about the passing of her Friday co-star, A.J. Johnson.

"Being on set with Deon was so much fun and especially since it was my first commercial," Long began, explaining how she prepared for her role and how she maintained a straight face. "It wasn't a long shoot like it would be for movies, but it was still a production and I really enjoyed working with the crew."

The new "Come Clean Day" collection is centered around women taking their body and skincare products from their guy, so we naturally asked if Long uses the product and not just for the sake of the commercial.

"Oh I have a bunch of men in my house, and those men are ashy," Long said with a laugh. "But even I use it too when I take my son to the bus stop and I see that my hands need a little touching up. Our entire household is all about Old Spice and I'm not just saying that."

To commemorate the day, Old Spice has offered a limited-edition bundle, complete with a little Old Spice swag so that when you steal his smell-goods, you can sweeten up the deal. Learn more about the collection here and keep scrolling to see the commercial.


Photo: Old Spice


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Alicia Keys Has Long Forgiven Lil Mama For Crashing Her Show With Jay-Z [Video]

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

One of the biggest live performances snafus all time is now seemingly behind Alicia Keys. She says has since forgiven Lil Mama for crashing her set.

As spotted on The Grio the New York native recently was a guest on The Morning Hustle Show. The crew got the performer to detail some of her biggest moments in her stories career. Naturally her performance of "Empire State Of Mind" with Jay-Z at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards also became a topic. But to hear her tell it she was the last person in the world to know the "Lip Gloss" rapper had joined them. "Listen, to this day, I truly never knew she was even on the stage - that's the craziest part of the whole thing for me. I was on that stage, JAY was in the middle, she was on the other side of JAY, and I never saw her. Never" she said.

Keys continued, "So umm, that was wild to me. But I absolutely - it's not even a statement. That was then. You know, she's from New York, too. You know, I think she really felt the energy of the record and she loved it and she couldn't hold herself back. Look, this is what my music does to people. What can we say?" Nevertheless she confirmed on the show that she has long forgiven Lil Mama. While the moment has since evolved into a legendary meme, Jay-Z was not very pleased with the move during those days. In a interview with Angie Martinez he explained that Lil Mama was out of pocket. "To interrupt that moment for us, I don't think that was the right thing to do," he said. "It was a lot of planning that went into that performance. To disrupt that was out of line."

You can see Alicia discuss the incident below.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, LLC (@theneighborhoodtalk)



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Dave Chappelle Is Willing To Talk With Netflix Employees After Protest

Source: Stacy Revere / Getty

In the wake of the walkout protest conducted by Netflix employees upset with Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special, representatives for the comedian have stated that he's willing to sit down and talk with them.

"Dave stands by his art: No more jokes about transgenders until we can all laugh together," an unidentified representative for Chappelle reportedly said afterwards to TMZ.

"The streets are talking and Dave is listening. At some point, when everyone is open, I'm sure the communities will come together." This news comes after a few dozen LGBTQ+ employees, angered by the comedian's comments about the LGBTQ+ community and trans people in particular in The Closer, staged a walkout in protest over the special and the streaming giant's internal mishandling of the situation.

According to transgender activist and journalist Ashlee Marie Preston, a spokesperson for those protesting, an invitation was extended to Chappelle to come to the protest outside of Netflix's offices in Los Angeles, California. "I invited Dave Chappelle to come and have a transformative dialogue about the harm that was committed. He chose not to show up," Preston said when interviewed on the scene.

The representative for Chappelle however, refutes that, claiming they're unsure why that would be said since they claim no invitation was received by their camp. Dave Chappelle is currently performing in London, and has stated that if Netflix were to pull the special from their platform that he'd consider doing a U.S. tour in response.

Netflix has been flustered by the backlash to the special, with CEO Ted Sarandos admitting that they haven't handled it well after word got out about the company punishing employees who crashed a board meeting in protest over the special and the streaming giant's treatment of those employees who spoke out publicly regarding Chappelle's jokes against trans people.


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Lil Nas X Honored With His Very Own Day In The City of Atlanta For His "Artistic influence & Transfo

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Lil Nas X keeps on winning and giving his haters a reason to be mad.

The city of Atlanta awarded the "Industry Baby" rapper his very own day. TMZ reports the honor was bestowed upon Lil Nas X for his "artistic influence and transformative influence"... mostly through his super-popular songs." The special ceremony went down at The Gathering spot in Northwest Atlanta. He was presented with a plaque with a proclamation from city councilman and mayoral candidate Antonio Brown, Atlanta's first openly Black LQBTQ+ council member.

Billboard reports that Brown praised Nas X for his "considerable impact" on the LGBTQ community through his music in a passionate speech.

 "He has made a considerable impact on the LGBTQ community by reshaping how society accepts LGBTQ artists within the music industry and empowering others to break barriers and be more open, expressive, and personal through music and art. And Lil Nas X, I just wanna say you inspire me. I'm running to be the mayor of Atlanta. I would be the first LGBTQ mayor in the history of the city. And you inspire me, allow me to believe I can do it. So thank you."

Lil Nas X was also praised for his charitable work as well. The rapper brilliantly uses the outrage he generates on social media to help causes he cares about. The Grammy award-winning artist used a fake baby registry ahead of the release of critically acclaimed debut album Montero and raised money for  HIV awareness organizations. According to Billboard, "The rapper has raised more than $100,000 for the Gilead COMPASS Initiative grantees, with Gilead pledging to match up to an additional $25,000 per grantee once the baby registry has closed."

Take that Lil Boosie.

Notable guests on hand included Chloe Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker, Miss Lawrence.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Paras Griffin (@thephotomanlife)

Since dropping "Old Town Road" and the even more infectious remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, the Georgia native has proven time and time again that he is not a one-hit-wonder. He has won two Grammy Awards and became the first openly gay rapper to receive 7 Grammy nominations.

Congrats to Lil Nas X.


Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty


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