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West African Fashion Designer MARENIKAE premieres new line at RAGTRADE ATLANTA

(Atlanta, GA) RAGTRADE ATLANTA is the newest leading producer for presenting emerging designers in Atlanta and during this week long series of events will be holding unique conversation on how West African fashion has had on Western culture with emerging Nigerian designer MARENIKAE. The emerging designer will be joined on stage with owner/founder of RAGTRADE Angela Watts for this conversation to be followed by an exciting runway showing of MARENIKAE's newest line. 

Nigerian born MARENIKAE is a recent transplant to Atlanta, GA and is excited about the opportunity to introduce the Nigerian culture to Atlantans. "Growing up in Nigeria, every family has a family tailor. Its ingrained in our culture to design what you and your family are going to wear. I took it one step further and started designing pieces that merged American culture with African culture. Many people wouldn't wear the full traditional garb but they would something that has cultural inspiration," she says. "I have been inspired by being a part of a global community. I share these two communities and I'm passionate about bringing the two together. This is my first show in the states and its very fitting that it's a fusion of Western European clothes mixed with West African culture." 

West meets West will feature supermodel Jessica White and celebrity male model Q. White is world renown supermodel seen on runways across the country and has been featured in editorials such as Sports Illustrated, Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue. 
West meet West will be held at the beautiful AC Hotel Atlanta Buckhead at Phipps Plaza with a red carpet reception beginning at 6pm and conversation at promptly at 7pm. 

For press inquiries please contact Christal Jordan at or call at 678-499-0297.

Founded in 2012, RAGTRADE ATLANTA is a leading producer, marketer and partner to emerging fashion designers. We produce an impressive list of yearlong events and properties including a premier runway show, retail collaborations, consumer-focused events, designer discovery and educational platforms. Atlanta is a key gateway for emerging designers to position their brands
globally. As a leader in Atlanta's evolving fashion industry, RAGTRADE ATLANTA provides a vast amount of resources that not only foster growth, but provide unlimited opportunities to showcase their brand to leading industry professionals including buyers, retailers, celebrities, models, VIPs, media, bloggers and influencers. For more information, please visit:

Enchanted Branding & Public Relations is a multimedia marketing, branding and public relations agency with headquarters in Atlanta, GA and a partnership office in New York City. Enchanted Branding and Public Relations specializes in fusing creativity with strategic industry know-how to create impressionable and measurable customized campaigns, especially as it relates to entertainment/arts. Our agency has worked with top talent to segue their careers into alternate dimensions by cross-branding and promotion, exposing them to a larger consumer fan base. Enchanted Branding & Public Relations actively seeks exposure for
clients that include television, print, radio and sponsorship opportunities. We strive to create opportunities for our clients relevant to their career goals and aspirations

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Female Bass Player LT Partners with PRS During Beyoncé's Formation World Tour to Encourage Young Wo

(Atlanta, GA) Female bass guitarist Lauren Taneil (otherwise known as LT) realized her wildest dreams had come true when she was chosen to play bass guitar for Beyoncé' five years ago. Although, while growing up, she never would've imagined touring the world with Beyoncé, LT knows she was preparing for the opportunity from the time she picked up a guitar at age seven. LT's sponsorship with PRS allows her to play a top-of-the-line bass guitar while on the Formation world tour. She believes the opportunity was given to her to teach other young women to chase their passion and to dream big. LT wants to use the opportunity to encourage female musicians to become masters of their instruments in order to prepare for their own opportunity of a lifetime. "I want to encourage young women stay focused on their goals, and stay spiritually grounded/connected in who they are and who is inside of them-to make sure they take care of themselves first and foremost and never stop growing/learning. In addition to that, it's important to stay ready so you don't have to get ready," she says.Since that life-changing call, LT's dreams have continued to manifest as she returned to Beyoncé's all-girl band for the Formation world tour in spring 2016. "I've been playing bass for Beyoncé for going on 5 years now. The musical director at that time, Kim Burse, came to see my sisters and I perform and before I knew it, she called me to play on Black Girls Rock, where I first met all of the ladies of Beyoncé's all-female band. Shortly after, I got the call to play for Beyoncé and have been with her ever since," LT explains. Over the last five years, LT has taken the opportunity to hone her craft even more, admitting her biggest lesson from Beyoncé has been that hard work yields an inevitable harvest. "I want young women to know they have to work hard for what they desire and realize they are responsible for their own life and no one else." LT is excited to partner with PRS guitars to encourage young women to become masters of their art after the Formation tour wraps. "PRS has been such a great sponsorship partner and I'm really excited to work with them to empower young girls to find confidence in their art," LT says. She plans to launch a program with PRS, encouraging young women to pursue their craft competitively. "Young women are taught to compete against each other as opposed to competing with their craft. You must be competitive to excel; competition makes us better-it shouldn't tear us apart." Although she is looking forward to doing great work back at home in her community, for now, LT is excited about touring the world with the second half of the Formation world tour. "My favorite part is when I come out for my solo. It's just a real, organic, fun moment for both Bey and I. I enjoy having the opportunity of exchanging that energy with her. It's an honor to share the stage with her and just have fun. I really do love what I do." For media inquiries or more information on LT, please contact: Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, Christal Jordan at 678-499-0297 or christal(at)enchantedpr(dot)net. To learn more about LT's upcoming program, get to know Lauren Taneil aka LT HERE: or visit:

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New Television Project Starring Draya Michele and Rob Riley Highlights Atlanta Nightlife

ATLANTA, GAAtlanta, GA has become the destination of choice for television and film projects, with its attractive tax breaks and southern hospitality. The city also carries the reputation of having one of the hottest underground social scenes in the country, complete with perfectly shaped Georgia peaches running the show. Executive producer (Double R Media) Gina Caliste is betting on Atlanta living up to its hype on both the destination of choice for film and the best backdrop to capitalize on black girl magic. Caliste's new television project, "Bring out the Lady" features socialite Draya Michele as the lead in a storyline that celebrates all things femme fatale in a city filled with scandal, opulence and temptation.With the title being a throwback to the chess term, "bring out the Queen" Caliste hopes audiences will embrace her new project that showcases the embodiment of a triple threat lead character complete with brains, beauty, and a bit of a bad girl, wrapped in a flawless package. "Bring out the Lady's" production team includes director Nahala Johnson aka Mr. Boomtown and Kelly Gray as production manager. "We want to show women in a different light; more than just beautiful arm candy or trophy wives; these women are show runners," Caliste explains. "When you combine sex appeal with an even greater business sense, now that's dangerous," she laughs.The project is set against the backdrop of Atlanta's provocative nightlife giving some of the city's hottest nightclubs co-starring roles throughout the production. ""Bring out the Lady" is the embodiment of everything that has made the Atlanta underground social scene legendary; strip clubs, flashy cars, beautiful women, and inevitably drugs and murder, but we're telling the story from a female's perspective," Caliste explains.In addition to Draya Michele and Rob Riley, Bring Out the Lady stars Charmin Lee, Erica Page and L. Warren Young.Double R Media and Enchanted Branding & Public Relations will host an exclusive media day for "Bring Out the Lady" in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. The social media behind the scenes event is being sponsored by Sweet Bitch Wine. For more information on "Bring Out the Lady", or the exclusive media luncheon contact; Christal Jordan, Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, 678-499-0297, christal(at)enchantedpr(dot)net

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(Atlanta, GA) Child First USA will present the inspirational Broadway production titled, ALIVE! 55 and Kickin' on July 30, 2016 at the Atlanta Symphony Hall in Atlanta, GA. Originally birthed in New York, the production has spent the last three years receiving critical acclaim on Broadway, after being featured on CBS news staple 60 Minutes.  Created by Vy Higginsen and Ken Wydro, ALIVE! is a moving musical testament to overcoming adversity and living victoriously at any age. Featuring singers and performers 55 years and older, the production has been described as soulful, emotional, funny, and powerful.
Conceived and written by Vy Higginsen and Ken Wydro (the creators of MAMA, I WANT TO SING), and directed by Wydro, ALIVE! is about healing and the transformative power of story and song. The cast is comprised of everyday people ages 55 and over, from all walks of life, representing everything from hard working mothers to an ordained minister. ALIVE! features a unique blend of gospel, jazz, R&B and pop music - songs that served as a soundtrack for the last four generations. Through the music and through authentic stories and testimonies, ALIVE! offers a realistic backstory but also suggests there is no limitations on the future, proving it's never too late to live a dream, the cast and their stories are the embodiment of the title; ALIVE! and Kickin'.
The Atlanta production will include four new local cast members selected from two upcoming auditions. The producers insisted on including talent from Atlanta for the upcoming premiere. "Atlanta is a talented city and we know there are talented people here that will be perfect for this production. We're looking forward to meeting them at our audition dates on May 17th and May 18th," says Higginsen.
ALIVE! and Kickin' is being produced by Child First USA with partnerships with AARP and Clear Channel. For more information on auditions or being a corporate partner contact For more information, visit ALIVE! and Kickin at:

About the producers:
Vy Higginsen is an award-winning author, publisher, playwright, and media personality. Vy is the first female advertising executive at Ebony magazine and went on to become a contributing editor for Essence. She created her own magazine, the African-American lifestyles publication Unique NY and served as its publisher and editor. Vy also spent a decade behind the microphone at major New York radio stations, including WBLS-FM, WWRL-AM, and WRKS-FM. On camera, she has been a contributing reporter for WNBC-TV (including the long-running "Positively Black" segment) and The Metro Channel. In 1983, Vy co-wrote, produced and directed the classic gospel musical, MAMA, I WANT TO SING.
Ken Wydro is a published author, producer, playwright, and seasoned professional speaker. Ken has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Rochester and a Master's Degree in Theater from University of California, Berkeley. His published works include Think on Your Feet and Flying Solo: The Art of Living Single. Wydro also co-wrote, produced and directed the long-running gospel theatrical, MAMA, I WANT TO SING. Wydro is also an active Broadway producer with credits including THE MOUNTAINTOP, EVITA, THE BEST MAN, AMERICAN BUFFALO, and JOE TURNER'S COME AND GONE. He is also the author of two original plays: SECRETS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF SIGMUND FREUD AND CARL JUNG, and VICE VERSA.
ALIVE & KICKIN! is a celebration and exaltation of life thru song that should be celebrated by all ages and not just those over 55.  ALIVE awakens your inner-self, bringing you to a realization that regardless of your struggle or challenge you are going to be alright.  It calls you to celebrate that fact that you are alive!
"This show will blow you away!" by Jacque Reid, Tom Joyner Morning Show
"Preserving the sounds of Black America, Socially, Spiritually, and Culturally".  Vy Higginsen
For more information or to speak on Alive 55 & Kickin, contact: Christal Jordan, Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, or 678-499-0297

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(Atlanta, GA) "Deliverance in Africa" & "Soweto Street Beat", will present "Zulu Kingdom" and "Lion Heart Gallery Exhibition" which will be a live South African gallery exhibition, musical, and dance production produced by the only professional South African dance, and theatre company in the United States of America who have been featured in the New York Times, as well as esteemed by Former President Jimmy Carter.

In addition to an evening filled with dance, live music, and electrifying traditional African fashion design, we will also showcase a soul embracing documentary film presented by Deliverance in Africa founder, documentary photographer, and film director Calvin Lebu Evans Owner of who will debut his "Lion Heart" gallery exhibition featuring life-sized original prints, and portraits that capture the resilient spirit, and soul of South Africa.

In this gallery exhibition we plan to reach and bring life, hope, excitement, and inspiration back to the failing schools, and communities in Georgia in an evening filled with fun, excitement, ministry, education, art, fashion, culture, dance, and music for all cultures, counties, and school districts to enjoy. "Saturday March 26th, 2016 will be a life changing, and exhilarating experience for the City of Atlanta & Austell GA.

After the founders of Deliverance in Africa Calvin & his wife Dawn Evans returned from their mission trip to South Africa with S.E.W. Ministry and "Servants Evangelizing the World founder Nina Slappy Blackmon, they were determined to help bring the beautiful culture of South Africa back to their hometown, of Atlanta, and all surrounding communities in order to share the beauty of the African culture with their family, and friends. This is not just an exhibition, it's a purpose, and a calling to bridge the gap between cultures, and all ethnicities in the mist of a obscure racial, political, and economical time period in America.

Evans realized that the image of Africa is often misrepresented in the media as a poor, broken, and under educated people, which is very far from the actual truth of Africa, and it's people. Africa is "powerful", Africa is filled with abundantly blessed, beautiful, and a determined culture of people who's story is theirs & ours. We feel this story of African resilience should be shared with the entire world. "We understand that Atlanta is quickly becoming a cultural mecca that celebrates art, however in this case art also has the power, and ability to educate those who desire to break away from the cultural stereotypes in order to experience, express, and learn something new about the continent of Africa.

This is not your typical African production. This exhibition is the first of it's kind to ever visit Atlanta."This is a ground breaking movement, and Atlanta is Zulu Kingdom's first stop before it's 25 state tour of the United States. Atlanta is where we chose to exhibit first in bringing the Soul of South Africa to the Heart of Atlanta.

The Zulu Kingdom is known internationally for their electrifying performances, and engaging cultural dance filled with powerful rhythmic drum beats, and authentic tribal Zulu attire. Soweto Street Beat promises to provide a stage show, and performance that you will always enjoy, and never forget. Soweto Street Beat has also performed the acclaimed Zulu Kingdom at Leadercast 2015 honoring Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and the late President Nelson Mandela, which was broadcasted in 70 countries around the world.

Executive Director Calvin Lebu Edward Evans is joined by Soweto Street Beat founders Peter, and Isabelle Ngcobo of Soweto Street Beat in what he knows will be a blessed, and powerful cultural movement of appreciation for South Africa, and African's all over the entire world with a love that will embrace all ethnicities, and cultures by producing our event in a spirit of #kingdomlove, #kingdompurpose, and #Kingdomunity "Togetherness". The "Zulu Kingdom" and "Lion Heart" Exhibition is scheduled for March 26, 2016 at 6pm.

This amazing, evening of art, dance, and culture will be hosted at the Dale Bronner Riverside Epi Center Theatre in Austell, GA located at 135 Riverside Pkwy, Austell, GA 30168, behind Six Flags over GA amusement park. This event is touted to be the biggest cultural event of 2016, "Zulu Kingdom" & Lion Heart Gallery Exhibition promises to bring forth a night of art, love, passionate cultural dance, fashion, music, and ministry that will change the lives of many forever.

Evans, and the Ngcobo's insist that this event is family friendly, and will make a great learning tool for metro Atlanta & Austell area students & school districts in the metro Atlanta area. "We hope to greet entire families, and friends that will embrace the amazing culture of South Africa which may have very strong ties, and importance to our own families, and cultures as well.

We want to see our children, grandparents, loved ones, and friends to come together and witness the beauty of the human spirit. In which the human spirit's love has no boundaries or limitations. To purchase tickets to "Zulu Kingdom" " Lion Heart" Gallery Exhibition visit

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TheGrio and Rolling Out Partner to Form Digital Ad Network

ATLANTA, (FEBRUARY 1, 2016) - Two top media sites for reaching millennial and multicultural audiences have partnered to offer expanded reach for brands trying to connect with these coveted consumers. Popular news site and lifestyle and entertainment outlet have joined forces to form the Rolling Out Digital Ad Network. TheGrio, rolling out and the other digital sites in the network will reach more than 10 million targeted consumers through the websites and social media channels with geo-targeting capabilities. This alliance provides advertisers with a diversified digital platform representing some of the best in news, lifestyle and entertainment content. This content is offered through mobile, Web, and video to audiences who over-index on consumption of digital content.

Established in 2009, TheGrio has been a premier news organization for the urban community for delivering content to its online community. Rolling out has been the source for national and local lifestyle and entertainment news for more than 15 years, maintaining both print and digital publications.

"The minority-owned network will provide digital, mobile, and video scale for reaching African American audiences that companies want to authentically connect with. The alliance will also provide cultural insights and data," said Munson Steed, president and CEO, Steed Media Group and RollingOut Digital Ad Network.

"TheGrio is proud to join efforts with RollingOut. This partnership not only allows us to better serve our users with the quality content they have come to expect from our brands but also presents a one-stop shop for advertisers looking to reach America''s most influential demographic, the urban millennial, in an authentic and effective way," said David A. Wilson, theGrio''s co-founder and executive editor.

TheGrio and RollingOut will produce exclusive investigative pieces and offer exclusive 2016 campaign coverage, community information, technology coverage, and highlight issues affecting the African American community. The network''s sales team will represent both media properties as well as other targeted sites reaching young, urban professional content consumers who access these sites daily for news on fashion, politics, social justice, celebrities, art and more.

Rolling out is also adding a new content studio to its offering to provide targeted and engaging content that can be supported through brand partnerships. Located in its Atlanta headquarters, the studio will begin production on serialized original video content and newscasts in partnership with TheGrio.

Rolling out offers hyper-localization of original content given its print and online platforms with newspaper distribution in 19 cities across the country. Rolling out will continue to provide amplification opportunities for brands through the network including signature events and custom content.

About Steed Media Group
Steed Media Group is a multimedia company comprised of several media brands including RollingOut urban style weekly,, video-on-demand (VOD) channel Hip Hop On Demand, Talking Pretty and several others. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with several offices across the country in key African American media markets, Steed Media Group produces and distributes 19 newspapers, and develops content for custom magazines, television programming and production, internet properties, and branded publications such as Producer 10. Steed Media Group also creates signature events and marketing initiatives.

About TheGrio

The independently owned, is a video-centric online news community devoted to providing African-Americans with stories and perspectives that appeal to them but are underrepresented in existing national news outlets. Based in New York city and reaching 6 million people every month, serves stories that affect and reflect urban America through original video, opinions, and cover everything from breaking news to politics, health, business and entertainment

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Christal Jordan / Enchanted Branding & Public Relations / 678-499-0297


October 20, 2015


(Atlanta, GA) PURE Atlanta, one of Atlanta's preferred men's boutiques will host COOGI'S Atlanta launch of Ready 2 Dye on Thursday, October 22nd in their flagship store located in Lenox mall. The event is a joint collaboration between COOGI, One Grand Gallery and PURE Atlanta. In addition to COOGI'S new fall line, One Grand Gallery will showcase exclusive pieces honoring the late Notorious BIG. There will be an artistic musical interpretation produced by PURE Atlanta, along with a special presentation by actor Jamal Woolard. Many will remember Woolard for his larger than life re-enactment of Biggie in the 2009 biopic Notorious. PURE Atlanta will donate a portion of proceeds from the event to the Atlanta Youth Alliance.

Ready 2 Die is based on four key principles surrounding COOGI'S contribution to Biggie's legacy; Reflect, Honor, Inspire and Evolve. COOGI seeks to create an experience that will allow the industry to pay homage to the essence of the 1990's especially as it relates to its visual aesthetics. COOGI also hopes to inspire the ever-growing art culture movement, while providing an artistic experience that will evolve from the wholesale and retail experience.

"It's an honor for PURE to bring this to Atlanta," says PURE owner Liz Korn, "we are longtime supporters of the authentic hip hop community; past and present." PURE Atlanta is a high-end men's contemporary boutique in Atlanta's Lenox Square with a curated assortment of exclusive lines such as Balmain, Versace, MCM, etc. PURE enjoys an extensive clientele of athletes, recording artists and fashion influencers.

Uniting art, music and fashion through charitable projects like PURE Atlanta x COOGI x One Grand Gallery, PURE Atlanta bridges the gap between fashion, lifestyle and community. "We are excited to have Atlanta be the springboard for this type of PURE collaboration; but look forward to adding similar experiences in our Charlotte and Houston stores," Korn says. "We have been looking for opportunities to celebrate art and fashion, and COOGI presents the perfect opportunity for us to start initiating projects in that space."

Recognized for its rich history worldwide, COOGI is an iconic brand known for its bold designs, luxury knits and colorful palette. The U.S. adopted the kaleidoscopic-patterned sweaters made famous by Notorious B.I.G. in the 1990's and was honored by being inducted into the Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum for its knitted technique.

Ready 2 Die impacts Atlanta on Thursday, October 22nd. The private event is invite only and is sponsored by Effen Vodka.


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Spelman stands up for women rights with decision to rescind Cosby professorship

The BBC reported last week that the Atlanta,GA-based historically black all-female institution has discontinued both Bill and Camille's professorship amid multiple sexual assault and drugging allegations against Cosby from multiple women that date back several decades. The position was provisionally suspended last year when news of the allegations first surfaced. In addition to rescinding the professorship, Spelman plans to return the remainder of the $20 million donated to the school by Cosby back in 1998. While this is a sad ending to a great example of philanthropy, I have to applaud the powers that be at Spelman college. It sends a clear message that Spelman intends to uphold the integrity and honor of the black woman by any means necessary.

Cosby's never-ending rape allegation saga has created more after effects than any celebrity scandal I can recall over the last twenty years, with the exception of President Bill Clinton. Although Cosby hasn't lost any current endorsement deals, his brand is destroyed beyond recognition and the community that he spent years uplifting and holding to the highest level of morality, is now ashamed to even watch the programs that singlehandedly changed the way the African American family viewed itself. Cosby is one of the few African American stars that has enjoyed A-list status for over twenty years. Not only did he enjoy perks known only to those of white privilege, but he did this while being one of the biggest supporters of education in the African American community.

Cosby's support for HBCU's was so influential that it resulted in enrollment increasing for HBCU's across the country after his brainchild, A Different World made its television debut in 1987. Years before that The Cosby Show did wonders in changing stereotypes by offering a new vantage point of the African American family. His characters empowered the black community by pushing education and refusing to accept anything less than excellence along the way. Each of the Cosby kids had storylines focused on the migration to college. Denise played by Lisa Bonet was the first shown with her transition highlighted thru A Different World. Another character went on to become a doctor and even the additional three Cosby kids had major storylines that focused on their preparation and transitions to college.

Its sadly ironic that almost thirty years later, Cosby's closet demons would work to destroy such a valuable and most importantly needed legacy. To even attempt to refund a $20 million dollar gift is a noble sacrifice that will certainly be felt by the young women who are students at the prestigious college, but with that sacrifice the school has shown the student body that there are some principles that can not be compromised, some standards that are not for sale. In addition the school has displayed an advocacy for women which will prove the institution will continue to represent a legacy of black excellence; one that surpasses even that of Bill Cosby.

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What do you need to know before getting to the red carpet?

What do you need to know before getting to the red carpet?

Red carpets, flashing bulbs, high fashion dresses and Colgate ad smiles
make for great television. Whether watching the MTV awards, the Oscars
or even the MET gala, the red carpet is the ultimate destination for
anyone with stars in their eyes and the desire to be immortalized by
mainstream paparazzi. While it all looks incredibly glamorous; it can be
the source of imminent stress for an entertainment publicist.

Escorting your client down the red carpet isn't as simple as showing up
and waltzing down that scarlet strip. For anyone with aspirations of
walking in the parallel shadow of a Hollywood A-lister guiding them to
the flashing lights, there are several things you need to know before
you get to the carpet.

*Celebrities must be confirmed for every red carpet they attend. - An
event publicist or Public Relations firm wrangles media for every red
carpet event. This event publicist confirms media based on the
celebrities confirmed to walk the carpet. The bigger the event, the
harder it is to ensure your client will receive clearance. Your clients
priority is juxtaposed against the other celebs attending the event.
Even if your client is popular, if they don't fit the reputation the
event publicist wants to capture for the event, your client may not
receive clearance to walk the carpet.

*Not every client that attends the event will walk the red carpet. When
you receive confirmation for your client, you will receive detailed
instruction on when your client should arrive and if they are granted
access. Some clients are granted access to the event, but are not
invited to walk the red carpet.

*Preparation for the red carpet can extend anywhere from thirty days to
a year in advance. Depending on your client's promotional calendar;
certain red carpets may be a prominent part of their PR campaign. In
cases like this, wardrobe, hair & makeup are the lifeblood of these
events and more often than not celebs have designers shipping them
options as early as six months in advance in hopes they will be
photographed in their pieces.

*Although you will escort your talent on the carpet your job will be to
remain invisible. While a publicist's job is often considered glamorous,
the reality is red carpet events for publicists are anything but
glamorous. Few realize the disheveled handler, barking at media from the
shadows, clad in non-descript black, beige or some other neutral color
with an ALL ACCESS lanyard and a phone glued to the side of the side of
their face is the celebrated publicist.

*If wearing understated clothes that don't clash with your client or
other talent isn't enough, often publicists aren't seated during events.
Although your lanyard may read all access, the reality is great seating
is reserved for great talent ONLY. If your client is a heavy hitting
A-lister and they have requested you be seated with them there is a
possibility that you will be seated, but in many cases publicists are
relegated to the nosebleed seats or not afforded seating at all during
grand events.

For celebrities and their publicity team, red carpets events are work more than they are a spectator sport. While there are many victories celebrated in magazine and blog coverage, there are an equal amount of failures with celebs giving bad interviews or being misquoted and even qualifying for the worst dressed list in weeklies. A stellar publicist understands that their true time to shine is once the media coverage shows up much after the red carpet has been rolled up and put away

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(Atlanta, GA) Booklovers from across the country flocked to Atlanta, GA for the first LIVE African American Book Clubs on the Move also known as the AAMBC awards. Real Housewives of Atlanta starlet Claudia Jordan
hosted the ceremony celebrating various genres of literature in the African American culture. "When we learned that Claudia Jordan was working on a literary project, we were even more excited to extend an invitation to her to host the inaugural show," Tamika Newhouse (Delphine Publishing, AAMBC awards) says, "It was a great fit and our audience enjoyed her very much." Newhouse was also thankful to the sponsors that stepped up to make the evening special. "We were blessed to have amazing sponsors that stepped up to the plate to make this first show amemorable experience for our participants," publisher Tamika Newhouse (Delphine Publishing)says. In addition to the ASPIRE network coming on board as the official media partner, the AAMBC awards was sponsored by Newhouse's new publishing site LITISH, David Weaver presents, Miss Virgo Girl Media, the Z Bailey Collection, John Silvey (Zaxby's) MBP Publishing, and Pure Sip hyper-purified water.

The awards were presented by a mixture of Atlanta celebrities, authors and socialites. 2015 AAMBC award nominees included; Poet of the Year- Laqueshia Malone, Breakout Author of the Year-Piper Huguley, Book Club
of the Year-Keys No Lock, Male Author of the Year-David Weaver, Indie Publisher of the Year- Brown Girls Publishing, Female Author of the Year-Zane, Indie Book Store- Nubian Books, AAMBC Author of the Year- M. Skye, Romance Author of the Year- Sheila Goss, Magazine of the Year- Rolling Out, Christian Author of the Year- Denora Boone, Independent Digital Publisher- David Weaver Presents, Blogger of the Year- Orsayor Simmons "Book Referees", Reader's Choice-K'wan Foye, eBook of the Year- Jessica Watkins,Street Lit Writer of the Year-
Silk White, AAMBC Reviewer of the Year-Kiera Northington. The Francis Ray award was given to popular urban fiction author K'wan and steed media/rolling out publisher Munson Steed received the 2015 Media Innovator of the Year. In his acceptance speech Steed spoke of support for African American authors in establishing a platform for them via rolling out. "We want to support our literary community. So if there are any authors here that we haven't featured, we'd like to share an opportunity with you to connect with our readers," Steed explained.

Guests of the 2015 AAMBC awards included Brittish Williams (VH1/Basketball Wives) Adrianna Lombardo (R&B/pop singer), Bo Talley (Atlanta philanthropist/socialite) Shay (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) and several other notables. Newhouse says she is looking forward to the next AAMBC awards which she has set the date of June 11th, 2016.

Enchanted Branding & Public Relations is a multimedia marketing, branding and public relations agency with headquarters in Atlanta, GA and a partnership office in New York City.

Enchanted Branding and Public Relations specializes in fusing creativity with strategic industry know-how to create impressionable and measurable customized campaigns, especially as it relates to entertainment/arts. Our agency has worked with top talent to segue their careers into alternate dimensions by cross-branding and promotion, exposing them to a larger consumer fan base. Enchanted Branding & Public Relations actively seeks exposure for clients that include television, print, radio and sponsorship opportunities.

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