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What Does Sebastian Carson and Bernie Sanders Have in Common?

Terror! Terror! Terrorism seems to be the biggest topic in our news world. The media has slandered certain ethnic groups and even different religions for "Terrorism", it seems as if everyone has a finger pointed at every other group for the terror that is going on. With the political campaign going on, you have people like Donald Trump who once said we needed to band all immigrants because of the destruction they have caused in America. Now, the finger has been pointed toward the Muslim religious communties . The fact that the media portrays a overwhelming negative stereotypes ". or a certain group makes you wonder, why hasn't America took the time to look in it's on backyard? Some media experts and politicians have completely ignored the fact that certain things in America are just not right, from global change, inflation and police brutality. As a whole America has found terrorism everywhere, but has yet to take care some of the terrorism right here in our backyards. We have the money to fight Isis and fund other countries for different reasons, but forgets the combat we need right here. The situations regarding the "Black Lives Matter" was not just some catchy slogan that people just hash tagged. The slogan itself was a cry to bring awareness to America to let Americans know we are tired of the open season of attacks on the African American.

Politician Bernie Sanders has stepped up on many occasions and stated "There's no president that will fight harder to end institutional racism," he promised. The politician has obviously realized the danger in America for the so called African American race, Mr. Sanders was asked on the democratic podium "Does Black Lives Matter or Do All Lives Matter?" Mr. Sanders replied with "Black Lives Matter. And the reason they matter is the African-American community knows that one day, some innocent person like Sandra Bland can get into her car and then three days later she's going to dead in jail."

In the year of 2014, there was 1108 African Americans killed by the police. However there was a major drop in this year, with only 61 killings against the African American, but there were still some killings from the police that have yet to be understood. A couple weeks ago in California there was a young man shot 44 times by the police who may or may not of had a knife. Weeks before that accident there was a young man shot 16 times in Chicago who was walking away from the police. Why so many shots are directed to these men? But, let us not forget when a young white man by the name of Dylan Roof walked into a welcoming black church during Bible study and shot 9 people, and what did the police do when they arrested him? Took him to Burger King. "He was very quiet, very calm. He didn't talk," A officer said. "He sat down here very quietly. He was not problematic"

"I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight, I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country. We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me." Mr. Roof stated.

We are not pointing out the racism that goes on, because yes, we all know racism is still alive, but we want those who claim not be racist to see the white privilege that America has shown. One person by the name of Sebastian Carson who some call "Poetic Genius" who has captured the heart of many, by putting together poetic films. Mr. Carson is now releasing a new projects called "Terrorism in My Black Yard" where he has a series of dramatic poetic films that brings awareness to white supremacy, he tops off the last video of the series by questioning white supremacy by asking "What do I have to do to not be another Nigga in your eyes?" The film captures the heartaches of being Black in America, the terrorism that we go through on a daily basis.

The project will be bigger and better than any other project Mr. Carson has done, when I talked to him he quoted "My next project is Terrorism in my Black Yard. You may or may not be aware, but collectively, our spoken word films have received over a million views on various sites. This next film project will top that, simply because of the All-Star production team working on this film and the strong relevant content."

Mr. Carson also wants your help with this film. Here is a video that highlights some strong points of Sebastian Carson's career and newest project.

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Memphis should be aware of the "PowerBox"


Memphis should be aware of the "PowerBox"

Since the year of 2015, I have spent a lot of time networking in Nashville/Murfreesboro, and haven't gotten the chance to actually network with some of my neighbors in Memphis. Recently, I was able to meet up with Tami Sawyer, a 4th generation Entrepreneur and social activist, and we talked about her business that has launched world wide. Power Box is a premiere black business directory that will highlight and celebrate black owned businesses worldwide. With the motto "Transforming How We Buy. Empowering our Community" Power Box is destined to set the standards of how individuals buy and the importance of supporting small business, but especially the black owned businesses. In addition, currently only 2% of every dollar earned by an African American remains within their community. By 2020, Power Box hopes to be the disruptor that moves that percentage to the double digits. This move by Ms. Sawyer is a huge move for the black community and a huge move for the city of Memphis. In November 2014, the hard working Ms. Sawyer decided to have a response to the national call for a boycott of Black Friday, Tami began researching and sharing black owned business with her social network. From there, she used her blog to build a black owned business Christmas guide. Based on the strong response to the guide and knowing firsthand the difficulties that black businesses face, Tami felt the drive to develop a product that would make buying black a standard practice in the black community. With that, the idea for Power Box was born. Power Box is Tami's most ambitious endeavor to date but with the support of her community it is poised to be her most successful.

For Media Contact of Tami Sawyer
Candice Nicole Public Relations

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Thomas Bailey Featured on AML Network.


Thomas Bailey Featured on AML Network.

It's been a while since I had anything to do with media, usually when I'm dealing with the media was because I was either doing public relations for clients or I was writing articles for "My Way Magazine." This time was different, as in this point of my life I'm attacking a different project. I have decided to write a book, and have a poetry soundtrack with the book. This past Wednesday I had my first interview in New York City with AML Network. The interview was great, we discussed the business of public relations, and how Indy artists can break in the game. In the interview we also discussed how music impacts the mind, and of course we discussed the book. Please check out the full interview by clicking the link below.

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Did The King's "Dream" Put Us To Sleep?


Did The King's "Dream" Put Us To Sleep?

Did The King's dream put us to sleep?

Before, I start I want to thank the great brother Martin Luther King for all of his accomplishments during the civil rights movement. Dr. King was a natural born leader, and is a highly intelligent brother. However, could the dream of Dr.King put us to sleep? What does this even mean? Let us look closely.

When the brother Dr. King gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech, he gave great examples of what America could and should be painted like. There is a problem with this so called "Dream", the fact that Dr. King was dreaming, while his race was living a horrible nightmare. The "Dream" of Dr. King is beautiful, but let's be real for a second, and look at the wilderness of North America. I understand Dr. King was a righteous man who preached "Turn the other cheek", but this method is a easy method to control. If I am a bully, and I keep bullying you, I already know you are going to "Turn the other cheek", and so I continue to bully you. Let us look at the animal kingdom, since we are apart of it. Every animal has a tactic that will help himself to defend what is his. No matter what that animal his against, he will use his tactics, and survival modes to do what? Survive! The "Dream" of Martin Luther King has us sleepwalking thinking we are all equal. I'm sorry to say brothers and sisters, we are not all equal. The black man, and black woman are built differently than any other race. However the "American Dream", that was somewhat painted by our brother Dr. King, is our sleeping pill. Since we have been dreaming, we have been damaged economically, biological, spirituality, and sexually. You want to know how I know this is true? Well, let me ask this... Who are you? What is your real last name? What is your native tongue, or original language? What community do you actually own? What schools do you actually have? Before the invaders of Africa, what was your religion? Do you know? If you do, please let me know, because since we have been dreaming, we have forgot how we even got here. We forgot who the real enemy was. I'm not saying hate every white person, or hate everyone outside of your race, I'm saying love your race enough to build something for them! Look at America! The whites have they're banks, the Arabs come and own they're corner stores, the Asians come and have little China Town. While we are in the ghetto, that isn't ours, waiting on the government's food stamps and welfare checks. Brothers and sisters, they have let the chains off, because they know you are just walking around dreaming, it is easy to keep a slave a slave, when he has no idea he is a slave. You are not dreaming when you see black on black crime, you are not dreaming when you see those student loans, you were not dreaming when you saw Oscar Grant get killed, or Mike Brown, and Sandra Bland. You need to awakening from this dream, and like the nature around you, defend yourself and those who look like you! I'm speaking to all of my brothers and sisters. We need all of you to awaken, especially our educators, thugs, peacemakers, religious teachers etc. For the sake of our next generation WAKE UP!!!!!! Or forever live the "Dream".............

When Dr. King started to wake up from his dream, he became a threat. No more preaching "we shall overcome", he started to preach "Revolution"! Boycotting, which took funds out of the white man's pocket. See at first they could tolerate Dr. King preaching the method "Turn The Other Cheek", but when Dr. King awakening, they had to get rid of him just like they did our other great leaders.

Let me leave you with this, especially for my brothers and sisters who are religious.....
• Genesis 15:12-15 - "12 As the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell on Abram. And behold, dreadful and great darkness fell upon him. 13 Then the Lord said to Abram, â€Ã..."Know for certain that your offspring will be sojourners in a land that is not theirs and will be servants there, and they will be afflicted for four hundred years.14 But I will bring judgment on the nation that they serve, and afterward they shall come out with great possessions. 15 As for you, you shall go to your fathers in peace; you shall be buried in a good old age."

Peace, and Love

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Do Black Lives Really Matter?


Do Black Lives Really Matter?

For the past year we have seen multiple publications, and people use the sloagan "Black Lives Matter", but is that just a new saying or does Black Lives really matter? Let us look at certain stats that may give us a good answer. First, let us look at some of the killings in 2014 to start of.

1. Darrien Hunt; Saratoga Springs, UT: Hunt was shot six times and killed after someone reported a man with a suspicious sword. Hunt, who had a fascination with Japanese anime characters, was carrying a toy sword. A recent autopsy report found the shots hit him in the back, suggesting he was running away from police on the scene.

2. Ezell Ford; Los Angeles, CA: In what was described as "an execution" by family members, Ford was unarmed when LAPD shot him last August. Officers stopped him on the street, in response to a possible officer-involved shooting. One witness contends that officers beat the 25-year-old disabled man while saying "shoot him." Others maintain that Ford was laying on the ground when he was shot.

3. Omar Abrego; Los Angeles, CA: Abrego died a mere four blocks from where Ezell Ford was shot. A father of three, Abrego was beaten to death by LAPD after a car chase last August. Witnesses allege that officers punched Abrego in the face continuously, and also hit him with a baton.

4. Tamir E. Rice; Cleveland, OH: Police responded to a 911 call about a boy with a gun in the park. Within seconds of arriving at the park, police opened fire, killing the 12-year-old who had been holding a toy gun. Officers on the scene refused to administer first aid for four minutes, and left him laying on the ground. They allegedly handcuffed his 14-year-old sister.

5. Eric Garner; Staten Island, NY: NYPD officers stopped Garner, who was selling untaxed cigarettes, on the sidewalk. The encounter turned deadly when Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Garner, an asthmatic, in an illegal chokehold. Garner repeatedly said 'I can't breathe' before dying on the scene. The entire incident was caught on camera, but a grand jury decision refused to indict the officer.

6. Mike Brown; Ferguson, MO: Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson, after the police stopped him and friend Dorian Johnson, who were walking in the street. After he stopped them, Wilson realized that Brown matched the description of a suspected thief who the officer was trying to find. Wilson claimed there was a physical altercation, and that Brown tried to grab his gun and charged at him. Witnesses say Brown was running away with his hands up when the officer shot him. Police kept the body in the street for 4.5 hours. A grand jury chose not to indict Wilson.

7. Yvette Smith; Bastrop County, TX: Police were called to a house where a disturbance call was placed, although a dispatcher misinformed them that the disturbance was about a gun. Officers allege that people inside the house ignored demands to step out of the home. The Sheriff's Department originally said that Smith eventually opened the door with a gun in her hand and refused to listen to orders, which is when Deputy Daniel Willis shot her in her abdomen and hip. But the department backtracked on the gun claim hours later. Witnesses say the disturbance call was about money and not a gun, and that Smith was compliant. The 47-year-old woman died at the hospital, and Willis was indicted for murder.
(Carimah Townes, Dylan Petrohilos. 2014.)

The stats above are only half of what happened in 2014. If that is not heartbreaking, then another fun fact is 1 black male is killed every 28 hours by a police officer. Recent studies show in 2012 not only did police officers do a lot of damage to the black community, but security guards as well killed at least 313 African Americans. If you are fillmiar with the saying "Operation Ghetto Storm" which carries a very deep meaning. This is the code name of the first U.S. invasion of Iraq. This slogan is was also used for the the deaths of 313 Black people. The high tech military hardware and a exclusive mind-set went into war on Black and Brown communities inside the U.S. Reason why? Well this was to prevent future extrajudicial killings of Black people by those paid or sanctioned (security guards and vigilantes) by the national security state, it is important to know that these killings are a result of the perpetual war on Black people. Operation Ghetto Storm urges that we widen our spectrum to see that cities like Ferguson, which is a low-income Black and Brown community, and needs to be held to same standard as the war on Iraq.

I asked a couple of activists what the black community must do to reinforce the slogan and give "Black Lives Matter" a meaning.

"We must start on ourselves, only then can we make a change. We must all convert to the "change yourself to change the world" attitude. Everyone within our zeitgeist has an attitude that nothing will change, when that attitude itself is what continues to perpetuate it all. Our youth need to be exposed to truth, not ignorance. That goes for the human race as well"- Cameron Allen (Twitter/Ig: @CAdreaM7 )

"We can mold our youth to take over where we see the problems, such as our police. we can have mentoring programs all over the city for kids, job placement for blacks living in poverty and job training, put our own people who are for us in positions of power. once it takes place in one city, we can move to the next."- Jasmine Noriss (Twitter/Ig: Tennessee Trill)

"The best way to address these concerns is by using our vision, voice and vote to elect individuals that understand the plight and is willing to remedy the growing disparities in America."- Taikien Cooper (Twitter/Ig:@TaikienCooper

Thomas Bailey PR
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"The Greatest Hero, is one who concurs his mind.

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A Clear Vision For Star Athlete Cameron Clear.


A Clear Vision For Star Athlete Cameron Clear.

I caught up with Cameron Clear, a talented tight end from Texas A&M who is now getting prepared for the NFL Draft. Mr. Clear was a 5 star recruit, and many schools thrive to have a athlete like Clear on their team. At 6'6 and almost 280 pounds, Cameron Clear is a monster on the field and other opponents fear when he is on the field. In 2014: (at Texas A&M) Missed two games after suffering an ankle sprain early in the season-opener vs. South Carolina. 2013: (at Texas A&M) Played in all 13 games in his first year as an Aggie. Had four receptions on the year for 42 yards and a touchdown, with lone touchdown catch came against then-top-ranked Alabama. 2012: (at Arizona Western Community College) Coached by Tom Minnick. Played primarily as a blocker. 2011: (at Univ. of Tennessee) Played in 12 games with two starts for the Vols. Contributed one catch and saw extensive action on the Vols' special teams coverage units. Was dismissed from Tennessee after freshman season following arrest for felony theft. High School: Four-star recruit by (No. 169 overall), (No. 9 overall) and ESPN coming out of Central High School.

Pro Day Results

40-yard dash: 4.92 and 4.90 seconds
Vertical jump: 32 1/2 inches
Broad jump: 9 feet

1.In high school you were ranked number 9 in your class, and was highly recruited. What made you choose Texas A&M over everyone else?

I chose Texas A&M solely based on the opportunity that was presented to me in regards to having a successful college career on and off of the field. I knew that I was a SEC caliber player and wanted to be a part of a well organized program.

2. What are some of the greatest things you learned from being a student athlete?

The number one thing I've gained from being student athlete is obtaining discipline. To be successful in anything in life you have to be discipline and humble.

3. What can you tell other student athletes, now that you are a graduate?

Now that I am a graduate, I'd tell student athletes that it is very important to stay focused and give it your all in everything you do. Your college career flies by!

4. On the field, what improvements do you think you need to make to be successful in being drafted by a NFL team?

I think the improvements that I need to make are minor when it comes to getting drafted by a team. I personally feel like I have every tool and ability it takes to get drafted. But I definitely need to work some things such as route running, awareness, and study habit to stay on a NFL roster.

5. How has the NFL combine been so far?

The NFL combine was a great experience. I got a chance to link up with some of the best players in the country, workout in front of every NFL coach, and get a lot of gear. Participating in the combine was very helpful for the future of my career especially not having much production at Texas A&M.

6. What keeps you motivated about football? And how do handle the pressure that comes with it?

There are many things that keep me motivated to continue to play football. But I think the most influential would be my kids. Playing football will allow me to take care of them in a way of which they would never have to struggle. I know that the harder I work the better off my kids and faking will be.

7. Are you fulfilling your dream yet? Or do you think the world has not witness what Cameron Clear can do?

I haven't fulfilled my dream yet. I'm on the path, but it hasn't happened yet. Many people have not seen me in action with everything that I have to offer. I was under utilized at Texas A&M, therefore I didn't have many opportunities to show my skill set. Hopefully I get a shot on a NFL team roster to do so.

8. What are your strengths on the field?

My strengths on the field definitely has to be my run blocking game, catching the ball, and gaining yards after a catch.

9. You played along with Johnny Manziel, we all know he is a heck of a player. But, did he show you this past year, how hard it is to be successful in the NFL?

I think the situation with Johnny is very different from many other players in the NFL. In my opinion Johnny is a different player. The different type of player that you build a team around. With his style of play it is very difficult to use him in pro style offenses. But I don't think it's hard to be successful in the NFL, you just have to be dedicated and work hard.

10. Besides football, what else does Cameron Clear have passion/love for?

Of course I still have my deep passion for my first love. I hoop every chance I get. I always thought I was going to the NBA

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Check Out Nashville's Artist Karizma New Interview Live!!

Tonight Karizma will be having a live interview with #TheCorner on @NtuneShow w/hosts @Altidude @sipnque @OrlandoSydnor & @Phoenixstar9 LIVE Thur 10/9c!!!! You can listen to it here live on this app.

Link to the show:

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Rozay P And Marseo New Video "On God" Is Out NOW!!


Rozay P And Marseo New Video "On God" Is Out NOW!!

Hot Boy Turk has been on the scene lately with a lot of hot music out, but he also has been able to coach two young men by the name of Rozay P and Marseo. Inviting the men on tour with him to perform singles, and development a movement. The two young men have birth a new unique sound for this generation. Now, that Rozay P and Marseo are off from your, they wanted to give fans their anticipated single/video "On God" off the "On God" mixtape.


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From The Concrete of Memphis, To The Star In Japan: Joushua Peppers.

Josh Peppers, The Former UCF Basketball Star has taken his game to a whole new level since leaving the program. He took his talents over to Japan where he has become one of the Elite Guards in the league. Josh Peppers has been no stranger to success on the court as he dominated at Whitehaven High School in Memphis, Tennessee.

During his Senior Year, Josh Peppers became a Two-Time All-Metro Selection as he averaged a Double-Double, Scoring 28 points and Posting 10 Rebounds a game. He quickly was named to the area's "Best of the Preps" list four consecutive seasons and was voted team MVP after his final season.

After showcasing his talents in Tennessee, his next stop took him to Central Florida to play for the UCF Knights. His first year as a UCF Knight could not be brighter as he appeared in all 31 contests as a freshman. Josh Peppers came off of the bench in each game, but reached double figures in scoring in four games. This was only the beginning as his Sophomore Year was his coming out party as he played in 32 contests and logged 22 starts.

During his sophomore season, Josh Peppers averaged 13.1 points per game and posted 25 double-digit scoring games. Peppers also registered 58 3-pointers along with 22 blocks during his sophomore season at UCF. While many would be happy with those type of stats, Josh Peppers was wanting to top his own personal achievements and make UCF a contender in Conference USA.

Peppers Junior Year was just as impressive as his sophomore season as he ranked 9th in Conference USA in scoring with 13.7 points per game. Peppers also recorded double figures in scoring on 21 occasions and connected on 59 3-pointers and shot 36.9 percent from the 3 point line. Josh Peppers also averaged a career-best four rebounds per contest.

Prior to his senior season, Josh Peppers earned All-Conference USA First Team honors from several preseason publications, including Lindy's, Street & Smith's and Athlon's. This only fueled him to perform above the rest in the conference. With his sights set on making his senior year special, Peppers went over the 1,000-point career mark with 12 points against Florida Atlantic. During his Senior Season, Peppers had impressive performances against East Carolina where he scored 25 points on 8-of-12 shooting from the field.

Josh Peppers collegiate career was one that players only dream of. Peppers consistently scored, defended, and rebounded for the UCF Knights.

Here is some offseason workouts that Josh Peppers goes through.
Joshua Peppers has grown into a phenom overseas averaging more than 25.0ppg in Japan. Putting up big numbers is nothing new to Joshua. In the past 2 months Mr. Peppers has posted more than 3 games with 40+ points. When I asked the red hot player how did he feel about the season he simply replied "I'm Just Having Fun.

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Taikien Cooper Wants To Help YOU Reach Your Dreams!!

Taikien Cooper, who is a Former/Future Candidate for Office/ UNC Alumni/ Community Advocate/ Political Activist/Motivational Speaker/ Intellectual Resource, has realesed a special video asking are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to reach your dreams? Mr. Cooper wants to show and prove how he can help you overcome obstacles in life. Check out his new message here:

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