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Today's BLACK VIBES BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT is on "Be Financial".  Be Financial provides a vast array of financial services from Tax preparation, Credit repair, restoral, financial planning, consultation and more!  Visit the official website to learn more about Be Financial and everything they have to offer at

Also Visit BE FINANCIAL on SOCIAL MEDIA a the links provided below

Be Financial can help you reach financial freedom.  

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Trade N Travel Academy is a  platform teaching brand new students about trading foreign exchange markets, crypto currency, stocks, and Indicies. Classes are weekly at night with a curriculum and schedule given to students through discord. Classes are hosted via zoom and cover Basics, Advanced, Fundamentals, Price Action and Mindset classes. We are the solution to trading not being taught to students of all ages. Our goal is to graduate our students as successful independent traders. Our niche is shrouded in scammers and false information, We are creating a home for real people to learn from real educators.
Instagram: @tradentravelacademy
Facebook: @Trade N Travel Academy
Youtube: Trade N Travel Academ

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Mac Nova, an 80's baby was born on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit Michigan. Academics were a main focus of his upbringing; he developed a love for words and those gifted in its usage at a young age. His mother "Penny" didn't approve of most rap, so it wasn't allowed in house until his teen years. In the meantime, every morning and on the weekends, she made it her aim to fill his ears with exceptional music by artists such as Anita Baker, The Gap Band, Bootsy Collins and a slew of soulful legend. During study periods, she would play classical music for him and his two younger sisters. Aptly, a first CD purchase was Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Mac Nova's mother was determined to allow her children to have a well-rounded library of varied genres and compilations. Following grade school, Nova attended MLK Jr. Sr. High school where hip hop was introduced to him in full for the first time and he was immediately hooked. Guided by his older cousin Marcell, he absorbed it all. From hometown heroes like Eminem and J. Dilla, to underground icons such as Immortal Technique and The Cunnilinguists. It was during this time period, Mac Nova discovered he had a unique and skillful talent to freestyle. He participated in a few unofficial friendly battles here and there, but he was mostly limited to friendly fun competitions between friend and family. Taking on the moniker "Mac" as a play on his last name, he never considered being an MC, even after graduating from high school.Leaving his beloved state of Michigan to pursue higher education, he sought work to support himself. He worked as a 'jack of all trades', looking for an occupation to love. Eventually, he found a job that fed his passion in healthcare - specializing in the care of patients with Developmental Disabilities. After a health scare, and a series of unfortunate events, Mac found himself working with his father in Toledo, Ohio - starting over. In what seemed like a low point in his life, he found that freestyling was still his biggest stress reliever. Overhearing him rap in the work garage, his coworker, 'Big Steve', convinced him to try his talents at the studio. Introduced Mac to the Toledo Legend Cj Mack. Right there in Glass City, a SuperNova was born.......Managed by business extraordinaire, Debra Sue-CEO, Glass City Talent 419, Mac Nova has found a place where he has flourished, and shared his extraordinary gifts with the world. This SuperNova is on his way to greatness, but stays humble....stating, "I'm just happy to be here."Booking: Contact Debra Sue @ 419-930-7132 

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             Born and raised in SW Atlanta, Georgia. He is an indubitable polished rapper who understands all to well the dynamics of living in the ghetto. His parents split when he was young. This made him mature very fast in a lot of ways. Always having had the gift of connecting with people, Rallo Gesus., became interested in acting and signed with Jumandi productions as a child. He enrolled in North Atlanta High School's Arts Academy.Rallo Gesus. is grounded and ready to let the world know who he is. He has life stories to share with the world expressed through rap. Through this he wants you to become part of making his dream a reality. With his initiative he wants to go beyond the normal expectations set by mainstream.
             During his career he led his group MaSON (Mama's son) vigorously throughout the southeast region. Realizing the fan following and gaining creative control, Rallo G. started his own record label, MaSON Inc. Records, and The Royal Family. He has skillfully completed two solo albums and the MaSON Inc. mixed tape. He has artist (, Lil Ace) signed to the label. In recent times he completed his first video "Hustle til I Die". The goals of Rallo Gesus. are to work on other pending projects of his label and search for opportunities to expand his degree of reaching his audience. While working with several artists, from the south such as Coool Breeze of the Dungeon Family, The Attic Crew, Jimmy Swagger (4th Generation Productions), Bohagon and Sean Paul (YoungBloodZ), he has gained the respect and experience as a professional in the industry. He has preformed with Young Dro, Field Mob, Trick Daddy, Scotty ATL, Gorilla Zoe and BASS LEGENDS such as Kilo, Raheem, 69 boyz, MC Shy D. The world is ready for Rallo Gesus. with the crisp writings of an enthusiastic rapper from the south. With his creative style and original sound the world is ready to welcome him. The lead single "DOPE MONEY" ft. KING FLOATY prod by CHRIS FLAME is already rattling trunks and club speakers and all over the Internet and the southeast region. It is a statement of a lifestyle. "That song is bigger than me", says Rallo Gesus., "it lets the world know who I am, what we are, and the mentality of young men coming from.

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VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: PJ Dakota "Just Skate"


Today's Black Vibes video spotlight is on the music video "Just Skate" by rising Detroit based indie songwriter / performer PJ Dakota!  This song is positive and upbeat, the perfect mood to kick off the 2021 year, with all the sadness, and tragic events that have happened throughout 2020 and the beginning of 21, the vibe and theme of the song will certainly take your mind off the strife and terrible happenings around the world.  The video shows various people having fun, and enjoying themselves as they roller-skate to the tune.    Watch the video for yourself at the direct YouTube link above and post your comments and feedback below.  

Follow PJ Dakota on Instagram at

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FREE E-BOOK:  Biggest Accounting and Tax Mistakes made by Entertainers and Event Planners

Let's keep it a "buck", entertainers are notorious for not keeping track or reporting earnings, purchasing miscalculations, tax blunders, financial mishaps and more!  Event planners are also known to have slipups when it comes to leaving a paper trail and including all expenses.  Luckily for the new tax season, financial expert Shane Harris of Shane Harris, LLC has come up with an effective solution to the financial mistakes made by Entertainers and Event Planners with the new FREE easy to download e-book titled "BIGGEST ACCOUNTING AND TAX MISTAKES MADE BY ENTERTAINERS AND EVENT PLANNERS".  The book contains lots of solid, and very useful information to help not only Entertainers and Event Planners but other business owners and entrepreneurs that may be in the same boat when it comes to these recurring issues.  Click the link below, and provide your e-mail to receive the very revealing book!  Speaking of "keeping it a buck", if you follow the advice provided by Shane Harris not only in her book but by booking an appointment to discuss your financial and tax situations, she could certainly help you "keep a buck"!

Biggest Accounting and Tax Mistakes made by Entertainers and Event Planners ( 


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[COMING SOON] "Love Song" by Nikia featuring Johnny Will


The new single "Love Song" by NIKIA releases on Valentines Day (Feb. 14th) and will be available on the major digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and more!)  DOWNLOAD IT or STREAM IT on Valentines Day and listen to it with your significant other (or yourself while loving on yourself in the mirror) ??????????


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Introducing The House of Léon |

Black Vibes is proud to introduce and present the newest rising indie urban music record label providing listeners with unique innovative new music by the spiciest raw talent to hit the scene in 2021, The House of Léon.  The label was founded by prestigious and esteemed North Carolina stationed songwriter and vocalist Samuélli Léon.  The label's CEO and flagship artist Samuélli Léon has been making major waves in the southeast urban music scene with the release of his two critically acclaimed viral and streaming hit singles "Light Skin / Dark Skin" and "On Da Way".  The House of Léon's artist roster also contains Afro-pop artist Moonbwoi Epik and R&B soul singer Alia.  Get more updates on these gifted young artists by visiting their official promo blog at

Visit the artists on all Social Media Links

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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT:  K'rena Bhails: Your one stop shop for Afrocentric Apparel and Merchandise

This week's BLACK VIBES business spotlight is on the K'rena Bhails brand!  K'rena Bhails is your one stop shop for Afrocentric apparel, merchandise and the official online store for decorations for Holidays, Birthday Parties and other special occasions and events.   Take a look at the gift and bundle packages available on the site.

 Visit and shop at the official website

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[ARTIST FEATURE]  Introducing LoWlife Molito out of SOUTH CAROLINA | IG: @FrankStandWideOpen


My name is Moses Perkins and my stage name is LoWlife Molito. LoWlife stands for Loyalty Over Wealth. I started making music at the age of 18. I was a fully active basketball player until one day I went into the studio and made a song. From there I fell in love with making music. I have a self titled EP and my first album Harleyvillain dropped a few months ago. Now I have a recently released project called Harleyvillain 2 out now streaming on all platforms. In the 843 (lowcountry of SC), a guy named Nathaniel does a SC 30 top song list every week for our city and my song "Tesla" broke the record for being number 1 12 plus times and I still hold the record. My sound is fun, trappy, trippy, and just straight up creative. I would also describe it as jiggy and authentic. In regard to Harleyvillian 2, my crew and I feel like it will be my breakout project and a lot of pain is in it. I have a few videos from Harleyvillain 1 and 2 prepared to soon be released. There's no exact release dates on the upcoming videos so stay tuned. I just dropped a video to one of my songs off the first Harleyvillain titled "RIDA" over a week ago which is doing pretty good thus far. My next project will drop sometime next year and is titled Still Serving. Be on the lookout for more content from
Social Media Handles
IG: @frankstandwideopen
Facebook: Lowlife Molito
Music Platform Links


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