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Sniper Squad Dj's is a international DJ career development company. We work with djs to develop their careers as DJs in the music industry, by assisting in business structure,servicing, promotions,mar... Read More

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Sniper Squad DJ Organization forms Strategic Alliance with Europe's Number One DJ Organization; The

Press Contact: M. Smit - Behind The Spins LLCPress Email:
The Sniper Squad DJ Organization forms Strategic Alliance with Europe's Number One DJ Organization; The DJ-League to expand their collective National & International Reach.
Press Release:
Worldwide date - The Sniper Squad DJ Organization announces the formation of a strategic alliance with European based DJ Organization; The DJ-League in building the bridge between the culture of DJ'ing, promotion of music worldwide, and the exchange of ideas in preparing the next generation of MixMasters.
The Sniper Squad DJ Organization overseen & founded by CEO Bonita "Adorable P" Payton and led by President Audra "DJ Reality" Murrell & V.P. DJ Parallax, has gathered the best DJ's over the years, and is now rebranding the organization for the new music business model set in place since the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020. While European based the DJ-League is going through a similar rebranding, President/CEO DJ Absolute & Head of U.S. Operations/Senior Consultant Martin "DJ FlexMaster Dee" Krumm saw a parallel movement being made by Sniper Squad DJ's their organization, and together they collectively saw the need for working jointly for a common goal.
As DJ FlexMaster Dee states "The two most effective DJ Collectives in their continents are working together when it comes to music promotion as well as Exchange of DJs. This step will lay the foundation for a win-win-Situation of everyone involved. The two brands remain independent in their respective markets, but we are working hand in hand for a bigger picture." 
Audra "DJ Reality" Murrell says, "The DJ League in Europe (established in 2000) and the US based Sniper Squad Djs (established in 2008) are two well respected brands that have been active in the marketplace since the early 2000's and have secured a place in the minds of labels (Major & Independent), artists, and other DJ organizations as being able to break new music. This joining of forces is a natural progression in both promotion, marketing, A&R, and building lasting fan bases for those that bring our organizations skillsets to the table... we are ready both individually & collectively to bring and break new music with substance to the world!" 
"Both the Sniper Squad DJs & The DJ-League will share promotional & marketing strategies, DJ Mixes, Executive Staff, DJ's and their mixes across continents which when breaking new artists and music brings an International presence/fan base to their demographics. This makes this the start of changing local artist to International artist... How can an artist lose when working with our collective program?" asks CEO Bonita Payton of the Sniper Squad DJs.
About Sniper Squad DJs LLC:
Sniper Squad DJ's LLC is a DJ Career Development company created to assist those individuals with the entire business aspect of becoming a DJ. Designed to teach how to create your company, prepare contract, negotiate fees, effectively market and promote, build and enhance skillsets, and establish a network within the business industry. 
The Sniper Squad DJs Organization is the foremost DJ Career Development company in the music industry. Sniper Squad gives both established and up & coming DJ's the opportunity to spin on internet radio without limitations, their BDS Monitored online radio station "Power WSSQ" has radio shows from DJ's mixing sounds from around the world.
For more information about The Sniper Squad DJs: DJ Reality -
About DJ-League Organization:
Between 2000 and 2012 the DJ-League network built up the most known DJ-community in Europe. Their DJs had common parties in many European regions, where they spread out all the great tracks, they got through their promo pool, which was also unique in Europe. The DJ-League restarted the project again in March 2021. After getting unbelievable feedback concerning the DJ League, they built it up, within a few weeks, a great base again, for a new and even bigger success. 
Since June 2021 the DJ-League broadcasts their own radio show Urban Nation '' on Germany's hottest und well known radio station "PeliOne'', with many listeners in Europe's German speaking areas. The DJ-League DJs have the possibility to show their skills and spread their music to an urban music related audience. 
At the moment the Heads of the DJ-League are working on bringing the DJ-League Promo Pool to a new level, and installing an event-department, which shall give the DJs and artists the opportunity to get appearances in the future at their own DJ-League Parties. With the partner-section the DJ-League wants to increase the support of the DJs and artists in some different ways, like cooperation with a graphic design - company, with an equipment store, DJ-schools, etc. 
We still have so many cool ideas for our great journey yet, becoming even better than in the past and for being the absolutely no.1 urban music - network in Europe.
For more information about The DJ-League DJs: DJ FlexMaster Dee- xxxxxx@DJ-LEAGUE.NET
For worldwide distributio

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Sniper Squad Dj"s welcomes Dj Spaceship! to the family!

Been waiting for the right moment... but no better time than the present! 
Sniper Squad DJ's would like to welcome to the family Gregory Bowers pka Dj Spaceship! DJ Spaceship will also be training to takeover the S.E. Regional Manager position for the organization and bringing in DJ's that can represent the brand on both a National and International level. 
DJ Spaceship will also be a featured mixmaster on the PeliOne Radio Station in Germany every Saturday along with other Sniper Squad/DJ League DJ's (more on that later)!
Join me in welcoming this talented, hardworking, and knowledgable DJ... He has been "Locked & Loaded" forever, now is the time for the world to notice.

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Sniper Squad Dj"s is proud to announce Sniper Squad House Djs

House Music is something that brings people together no matter the color of your skin or your lifestyle, it just has that effect. 
The Sniper Squad DJ's Organization is proud to announce that we have started the "Sniper Squad DJs House" division and have a dope starting line up that in their market has made the moves that people are taking notice of! I am proud to welcome Dommy Styles, Bryan Lee, Damusicman Unique Sounds, Lorenzo J. Hickey, Jaye Hunnie - who will assist with Playlisting duties!
We have the branding in place to make this division Internationally known and these individuals understand that it isn't about anything other than making your soul dance! Welcome to the family and now that you are "Locked & Loaded"... it's time to show the world that "House is A Feeling"#IGotSomeHeavyWeightsOnTheTeamToo#musicbusiness#GotSomeMoreForYaLol#djlife#housemusic#NuffSe

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Bamm Bamm Da Dj and Crazy Dj Bazarro join the Sniper Squad Djs Family

Our DJ family just keeps growing and I for one am excited for what these two individuals will bring to the table.
The Sniper Squad DJ's welcomes from Richmond, VA Marvin Jenkins pka Bamm Bamm Da Dj to the family! The #General as I call him has been rocking with me for a very long time and brings a very diverse mixing style to the fold. He plays on various stations throughout the country and will be an asset to both Sniper Squad and The DJ-League coalitions.
I would also like to welcome the one they call "Beyonce's Favorite DJ", but you know him as Shawn Scot De Bazarro pka Crazy Dj Bazarro "CRAZY WORLD"!!! Representing The Planet Brooklyn, Bazarro is an accomplished DJ, Producer, Promoter and Radio Host whose unique style and musical selection has captivated audiences worldwide! He is a member of The Beatminerz and his crew Dysfunkshunal Familee just released a album filled with straight ????????!
Join me in welcoming them both to their new home!

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DJ Dash /NYC Live


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Sniper Squad Djs Weekly DJ Call Is Back! Hosted By CEO BONITA "Adorable P" Payton

Join us every Tuesday night at 8:30 pm est to 10:30 pm est. 
WhenWeekly from 8:30pm to 10:30pm on Tuesday Eastern Time - New YorkJoining infoJoin Hangouts
Join by phone 1 661-622-3323 (PIN: 754726123)

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Sniper Squad Djs Radio will be live on May 1st. We will be celebrating our 12 year anniversary on May 10th with live shows and Pre-recorded shows all day long from the Sniper Squad Djs. Download the Sniper Squad Djs app for free from Google Play or Apple App Store. You can also click this link!

your computer  at 

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Get It Right Music Workshop BVI March 6-7th 2020

The Get It Right Music Workshop held in British Virgin Islands was one of a kind. The workshop panelist included the Bonita "Adorable P" Payton, CEO of Sniper Squad DJs, Dj Barrie Hype, DJ Scratchmaster, and Artist/DJ King Bubba. Get It Right is a workshop for people in the entertainment industry that focuses on marketing, promotions, copyrights,  music servicing, contracts, djs techniques  and  training.

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