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Lil Terrio, also known as the "Ooh, kill 'em" dance kid, has officially changed his life around, losing over 150 pounds. The meme sensation/rapper showed off the results of his weight loss journey on social media, claiming that he will reach 190 pounds in the coming weeks.
"I want to inspire the obese youth and really everybody on my fitness journey," said Terrio, who has struggled with his weight for his entire life. "These past couple months I’ve been low key committed to changing my mindset and my lifestyle. Now it’s time to change the world."

The teenager showed off his improved physique a few weeks ago, sharing a video of himself jumping rope and revealing that, just a month prior to uploading the clip, he couldn't even complete one rotation. 
"Changing my lifestyle was the best decision of my life. I’ve never felt so good & confident," he said in another video. "I faced obstacles during my journey but I didn’t let those set backs stop me. I’m all in."
Terrio most recently shared a before-and-after transformation picture of his weight loss journey, showing just how much his body has changed in the last few years. At his highest weight, he says that he was over 345 pounds. Before Thanksgiving, he predicts he'll be near 190 pounds, which marks a huge moment for the young man.
Congratulations to Lil Terrio on losing so much weight and getting control of his body. Check out his content below.

View this post on InstagramA post shared by Lil TerRio (@lilterrio)


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Mac Miller's Drug Supplier Pleads Guilty To Fentanyl Distribution Charge

One of the men accused of selling Mac Miller laced pills is facing 20 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to a fentanyl charge. According to TMZ, Stephen Walter copped a plea deal with the federal authorities to one count of fentanyl distribution in exchange to drop one count of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesAuthorities claim Walter had sold Mac Miller the bad pills through Camera James Pettit, the man who delivered the drugs to the late rapper. Walter's alleged to have sold Percocet tablets that led to Mac Miller's overdose. Pettit is said to have called on Walter who sent a runner to deliver pills to Miller's home. 
Walter's staring down at some serious prison time. Pleading guilty to the fentanyl charge could lead to a maximum 20-year sentence, plus supervised release for the rest of his life, and a $1M fine. Prosecutors, however, are suggesting that Walter's sentenced to 17 years behind bars, along with five years of supervised release. 
The prosecutors on the case have taken Walter's guilty plea as an admission of guilt that he was previously aware that he had been selling fake oxycodone pills. 
Earlier this month, Mac Miller's fan-favorite mixtape, Faces, finally hit streaming services. That same day, a posthumous verse was included on Young Thug's latest album, PUNK.
We'll keep you posted on any more updates relating to the case. 


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50 Cent Can't Believe How Big His Son Has Gotten


50 Cent Can't Believe How Big His Son Has Gotten

Just a few years ago, Sire Jackson was seated atop his father 50 Cent's shoulders at red carpet movie premieres. Now, the nine-year-old is nearing those all-important double-digits and he's growing up quickly, leaving his dad dumbfounded at the latest video on his page.
Sharing a video of his son Sire walking down the street in a hoodie with a scythe over his shoulder as he seemingly prepares to become the Grim Reaper for Halloween, Fiddy couldn't believe how big his son has gotten in the last few months.
"Look How BIG MY BABY GOT ! WTF he gonna want a car next week," he joked in the caption.

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesWe're still a few years away from Sire hopping behind the wheel of his own vehicle, but at least when that time comes, his dad will likely make sure that he's driving around in the hottest wheels
Some fans have joked that Sire is acting like Kanan, 50's character in Power, in the streets. Others are commenting on his height, joking that he'll end up bullying Ja Rule's kids out of their Halloween candy.
Halloween is rapidly approaching this weekend and Sire is definitely ready. So are a few other celebrities and their families, including Megan Thee Stallion, who recently showed off one of her spooky outfits for this year.
Check out 50's video of his son below.


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Kevin Gates Says Men Should Practice "Semen Retention" During Sex

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has gone viral yet again, this time because of the advice he had for men who want to have healthier sex lives on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.
The "Two Phones" artist spoke about a lot of things, including how people curate relationships on social media. He also talked about his sex life and how he stays healthy, telling the hosts of the show that they should consider practicing "semen retention" -- or the act of purposefully not ejaculating during sex -- if they want to start feeling better physically. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images"Another thing I wanna talk about that's really healing to your body, this is gonna sound crazy, is semen retention. Not releasing no semen," said the multi-platinum rapper. "You need to have sex, you can have sex, but your intention should be to please your partner. And don't release no semen. If you feel like you're about to release, stop. And it's gonna heal your central nervous system and everything."
Gates went on to say that he enjoys foreplay more than the act of penetrative sex, stating that he seeks to please his partner and likes to kiss them all over their body. 

Scott Dudelson/Getty ImagesThe idea of semen retention may seem farfetched, but it's been around for a long time, and it's actually part of some ancient practices. It has been linked to improved fertility, sexual pleasure, and physical health.
Are you on board with what Kevin Gates is talking about?
View this post on InstagramA post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, LLC (@theneighborhoodtalk)


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Kanye West's Yeezy Brand Sued For Shipping Delays


While the artist formerly known as Kanye West has gallivanted around Europe and the United States, popping up at a Swedish McDonald's and a boxing match in Atlanta, all while wearing Balenciaga x Crocs boots and a series of creepy masks, his sneaker and apparel brand, Yeezy, has come under fire. 
In recent report by Complex, it was revealed that Ye's Yeezy brand was hit with a lawsuit in California for "failing to ship items within within thirty days and failing to provide adequate delay notices," as well as other, unspecified allegations. 
The lawsuit, "filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, October 22 by the State of California via L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón," also lists district attorneys from Alameda, Napa and Sonoma counties. 
It is alleged that Yeezy violated sections of California's state business code which stipulate products purchased online must be shipped within 30 days. And if, for whatever reason, those products are unable to be shipped within 30 days, the seller must notify buyers of any delays, refund the buyer, or resolve the issue in another way. The lawsuit against Yeezy alleges that the brand, "made untrue or misleading statement regarding its ability to ship products within a certain timeframe, particularly where customers paid an additional charge for expedited shipping." 
The district attorneys listed on the suit are requesting that Yeezy be fined $2,500 per shipping violation, and "restitution on behalf of affected customers." 
How Ye reacts to this lawsuit is yet to be seen. The 44-year-old Donda rapper has yet to make comment on the situation, but if and when he does, keep it locked to HNHH for any further updates. 


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Kid Cudi Drops Trailer For Amazon Documentary "A Man Named Scott"

Kid Cudi is preparing for the release of a brand new documentary based on his life and career titled, A Man Named Scott. Today, the rapper unveiled the trailer for the Amazon documentary which is scheduled to debut on Nov. 5th. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesTeaming up with director Robert Alexander, A Kid Named Scott is set to offer an intimate exploration of Kid Cudi's artistry and life including his meteoric rise to fame and the impact it had on his life. "I just had a hard time dealing with the adjustments from being Scott to being Kid Cudi," the rapper says in the trailer. He also discusses his intention with his creative process which is to "help people in some way.” Alexander described the documentary as a look into Kid Cudi's rise "over a decade of creative choices, struggles, and breakthroughs." 
Cudi's upcoming documentary will include some familiar faces. Pharrell Williams offers some words of praise for Cudi, who he describes as an artist that does not "adhere to boundaries." Meanwhile, the G.O.O.D Music boss Kanye West also makes a cameo in the trailer.
Following the release of Man On The Moon III: The Chosen in December 2020, Cudi has revealed some big plans which include a Netflix animated series titled, Entergalactic and an accompanying album of the same name.
Check out the trailer for Amazon's A Man Named Scott below.


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Last week, "Up" rapper Cardi B fanned all the way out when "You" star Penn Badglely half-revealed that he is a Cardi stan himself. 
During an appearance to promote the third season of "You," currently the #1 show on Netflix, Badgley went in depth when describing Cardi B's fanbase. 

"(Cardi B) has an authentic relationship (with social media)," the 34-year-old Badgley told fans. "It’s like this incredibly nuanced place to be, and despite what many might judge as ‘antics’ and all this, I feel like she has an incredibly authentic relationship to (social media) and that’s why people like her so much."
Upon catching wind of Badgley's comments, Cardi hopped on Twitter and let her love for Badgley be known. 
"OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!!Yoooo like I’m famous famous," Cardi wrote in excitement. 
Badgley responded with a quick, "I—," acknowledging the truth that Cardi B is much more famous than he, and in the days since their initial interaction, their bond has only grown stronger.
Cardi changed her Twitter avatar to a picture of Badgley's "You" character, Joe, and Badgley changed his to a picture of blue-haired Cardi B. And a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Netflix star spoke about his newfound friendship, as well as a new petition to get the "Bodak Yellow" into the fourth season of "You." 
Badgley played it safe, saying he had no idea whether or not Cardi would appear next season, before Kimmel pitched the idea of Cardi killing Emily in Paris as the plotline for the fourth season. Badgley also acknowledged that there is a real-life, legitimate petition to land Cardi a role on "You" and sarcastically quipped that the petition is "changing the world." 
Check out Badgley's full appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below and let us know what you think of his Cardi connection in the comments. 



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Future Stars In Samsung's Holiday Campaign For Galaxy Z Flip3 & Galaxy Buds2

With practically all of the major players of the rap game dropping music this year, we've yet to receive a body of work from Future. He's blessed plenty of other projects, including Drake's Certified Lover Boyand Young Thug's PUNK, while his contributions to the former finally earned him his first #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

Paras Griffin/Getty ImagesWe haven't received an update on whether or not he'll be dropping this year but Future's clearly been keeping busy in other departments. Samsung tapped the Atlanta rap star for their new holiday campaign, The Best Gift w(R)ap, alongside Paloma Mami. Fewtch appears in two commercials; one for the Galaxy Z Flip3, and the other for Galaxy Buds2. Miles Cable & AJ Favicchio of SixTwentySix Productions direct the two ads which also includes original music from Future dropping a few bars about the two products.
Aside from recently linking up with Samsung, the rapper also extended his talents for the soundtrack of PS5's Deathloop. 
Earlier this year, Future hinted at the release of HNDRXX 2 during an exchange with Cash from XO who said that the sequel to the 2017 opus would be better for a 2022 release. Chances are, we'll end up getting a tour from Future, as well.
Check out Future in Samsung's new holiday campaign below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. 


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Elon Musk Becomes Richest Person In Recorded History After Tesla Valued At $1 Trillion

The rich just got richer. 
After major car-rental company Hertz announced their plans to purchase 100,000 electric vehicles from Tesla, the company became the sixth company ever in the United States to break the $1 trillion valuation mark. 
Tesla shares grew 12% on Friday following the Hertz news, and the company's CEO, Elon Musk, became the richest person in recorded history.

Patrick Pleul-Pool/Getty ImagesMusk, who is currently valued at $255.2 billion, is already the richest person in the world, besting the next richest person, Jeff Bezos, by more than $50 billion. However, following Tesla's explosion into the $1 trillion stratosphere, Musk is expected to jump to $288.6 billion, according to Bloomberg's Billionaire Index, and $289 billion, according to Forbes. 
This milestone comes 12 years after Tesla's initial public offering, making it the second-fastest company to reach a $1 trillion valuation. Facebook was faster, but after weeks of shutdowns and turmoil, the Mark Zuckerberg-led social media platform currently sits at $927 billion. 
Helping launch Tesla nearly 20 years ago, Musk currently holds a 21% stake in the company. That 21% stake is majorly responsible for Musk's incredible net worth, and with Hertz buying up 100,000 Teslas to rent to its customers, this is surely just the tip of the iceberg. There is an increasing push for electric vehicles and, with the threat of climate change on the horizon, there is no good reason to expect the conversion to electric driving to slow any time soon. Tesla has been at the forefront of that conversion for two decades now, and it's looking more and more like they will lead the charge into the next phase of American automobiles. 
What do you think of Elon Musk becoming the richest person in recorded history? Let us know in the comments.


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Aftermath's Most Prolific Year: 2005


Aftermath's Most Prolific Year: 2005
the game 2005
50 cent 2005

For every label in hip-hop, there are ebbs and flows of relevancy. Despite having all of the necessary financial backing and talent scouting capacities, there are times when even the most megalithic record companies struggle to tune into the culture's frequency. In some cases, they will slip into a rebuilding period. Like a prestigious NBA franchise, they will take time to replenish their roster and await the next superstar or blockbuster release that’s coming down the pipeline. For Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, their history has been a constant process of waiting for that next creatively satisfying-- and lucrative-- boom period.  
After leaving the ranks of Ruthless and Death Row when either environment became stifling,  March 22nd, 1996, saw Dre announce that he would be launching his own Interscope-backed imprint where he’d “produce records exclusively for the new label.” 
By the end of the year, Aftermath had laid out their manifesto with a compilation record which Dre has since largely discredited. While the record was passable, it didn’t have the spark that was needed for the upstart company to fully propel itself to the front of culture. 
“That point of my life, musically, it was just off-balance. I was off track then and trying to find it," he remarked to Maloud Achour. “It was a period of doubt… It happens with artists. Everything isn’t going to be out of the park… But I was trying to find it and fortunately, Eminem came along."

Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesArtists such as Em have ignited Dre’s notoriously interchangeable creative drive. And if West Coast production vet DJ Battlecat's speculation is to be believed, the label is gearing up for a new era of prominence in which they’ll reclaim their place at the top. 

"The Aftermath Takeover has started," his Instagram post proclaimed, citing a prospective slot in December for long-awaited output from Dre himself. On top of that, the graphic pointed to new music from Xzibit, Californian supergroup Mt. Westmore and Aftermath’s modern-day leading light Kendrick Lamar as key components in Dre’s plan.

This would be a near-unprecedented busy year for Dre and his team at Aftermath if the rumors are true. Typically, the label averages a maximum of two releases a year. As such, it’s hard for them to ever really have a vice-like grip on the world of hip-hop. But as we stand on the precipice of a productive new era for Dre, it’s time to look back on the year in which Aftermath’s seal of excellence was almost inescapable. 
With the industry in flux, 2005 was the year in which Aftermath would suddenly find itself commanding all of our attention. Aftermath artists would have four out of the five highest-selling first week numbers in hip-hop that year.
To chart Aftermath’s most productive 12 months, we need to begin in January with the release of The Game’s debut album, The Documentary. Certified as a classic today, the record propelled the Compton rapper to the status of West Coast torchbearer in one fell swoop. 

The Game - January 2005 - Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Originally titled N***a Wit A Attitude Vol 1 before an injunction from Tameka Wright, Eazy E’s widow, the album earmarked The Game as one of the most riveting storytellers. Complete with a husky delivery and patented “name-dropping” style, it would seem as though the path to greatness was always paved for Jayceon Taylor. But as he’s since revealed, he was very narrowly dropped from the release schedule entirely until an unlikely supporter pleaded his case to Dr. Dre.
“Jay-Z was the determining factor in Dre really coming back in and locking in on The Documentary," he told HipHopDX in 2019. “He probably thought in his mind, I’m assuming, I really got to listen, maybe he’s hearing something different… When that came on, Jay was like “that shit is a smash. He came back and locked in and I never knew what happened until one of the mutual homies in A&R told me that Jay Z said this needs to come out.” 
Composed of 17 tracks that varied from reflective essays to readymade party anthems, The Game and his all-star cast of guests delivered a project that’d land G-Unit’s first West Coast recruit at the top of the Billboard charts on his first attempt.

On the subject of the famed, era-defining crew, its leader and fellow Aftermath artist, 50 Cent, played a crucial role in the album’s creation.  
Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t held back when discussing his part in making the record what it was. 

Evan Agostini/Getty Images"I ended up flying to Los Angeles because [Interscope boss] Jimmy [Iovine] wanted to meet with me," Fif told XXL. "They wanted to see if I would work with this other artist that Dre was working with, which was Game. And they said, "The kid can rap, but he's not a great songwriter. When Jimmy called for me to do it I was like, "Alright, cool, I'll fix it," and I gave it [to Game]... I only worked with him for about, I think, four days. 'Cause I had this album already planned so I was like, "Yo, just do this." One by one he went through, 'cause he can rap; he wrote the verses and stuff. And when I got back the only one that wasn't done was "How We Do." 'Cause Dre produced that one.” 
With sales of 586,000 in its first week, The Documentary was the first step in signifying the arrival of a new force in hip-hop. And by the time that the first quarter was out, events that took place away from the mic would ensure that he was going to have a captive audience for a long, long time.
Two months after The Game’s debut dropped, Aftermath would hurtle back up to the top of the charts with 50 Cent’s sophomore project, The Massacre, Instantly rendered a superstar after his 2003 debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ surpassed critical and commercial expectations, it’s no exaggeration to say that 50 had the Midas touch at this point. 
Split between vindictive jibes at his rivals, rueful gangsta rap tales, and several tracks for the ladies, 50 admitted to feeling the pressure to follow up his landmark debut but contended that he’d actually made a more complete picture of himself as an artist.  
"Overall I think the record is… I think it just has more details honestly," he informed Rap Basement ahead of its release. "Like I just took my time to make the record exactly like I wanted to."

As well as scoring a chart-topping single with “Candy Shop” and becoming Billboard’s number one album of the year, The Massacre promptly elevated 50 to the rank of icon after it became one of only 21 records in history to sell over a million in five days.
"They act like I only had one album. I got 2," 50 wrote recently. "When I focus, I get it all the way right."
Between The Documentary and The Massacre, Dre’s camp had two of the records that didn't only help to define the sound of 2005, but an entire era in hip-hop. Yet where this partnership would have paid dividends for years, 50 and The Game’s personal relationship crumbled and kept Aftermath in the headlines for different reasons.

50 Cent and The Game make an appearance at the Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture to announce they will put their differences aside and make amends - March 2005 - Peter Kramer/Getty Images"He came back recently from overseas and he was disrespectful, I think he’s feeling himself," 50 said during an interview at Power 105. “It’s incredible that he’d come back and forget how much I’ve done for him, personally. He’s not in my camp. No way…. Every record he's selling is based on me being on his record with him."

Although The Game had initially batted off claims that he would be leaving G-Unit and that it didn’t matter if they were friends so long as the music kept coming, this wouldn’t do for 50. 
Quickly, battle lines were drawn and allegiances cemented, as 50 publicly kicked Game out of G-Unit during an appearance on Funk Flex. Soon, things would progress from interviews to a violent altercation outside Hot 97. 
"Me and 50 stared at each other in the eyes with guns drawn. Guns drawn. Two ni**as that was friends and homies and came up in hip-hop together. I don’t even know who fired the first shot; I just know we were shooting at each other," Game reflected during a trip to the People's Party. "It wasn’t about nobody else that was there, even though I had 30 ni**as with me, and 50 had 30 ni**as with him, it’s almost a blessing that only one person got hit, and in the leg, for that matter."
With neither man willing to back down, the beef between a duo as outspoken as 50 and Game meant that the audience was captivated by each diss track, soundbite, and declaration of war that followed. From there, it became the anchor of the news agenda, resulting in countless magazine covers and alleged scoops from ‘insiders’ within G-Unit, Black Wall Street, and Aftermath itself. 
This meant that for the remainder of the year, Aftermath’s two warring stars were everywhere, and in 50’s mind, this highly publicized conflict played a pivotal role in The Massacre’s historic sales. 
"You gotta shoot a n***a," he reflected to XXL. "You gotta shoot a n***a at the radio station on the week of release. [Laughs] Or you gotta die like 2pac to do some shit like that."
By the end of 2005, tracks from across the two rivals’ albums yielded 5 entries on Billboard’s top 25 songs of the year. Not to mention that in the midst of all of this, November saw 50 release a major, semi-autobiographical motion picture and an accompanying soundtrack that grossed over $46 million worldwide.  
As if that wasn’t enough to make this a historic and financially unparalleled year for Aftermath, it was rounded off by a release that brought its flagship talent’s first chapter to a close. 

Eminem at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards - Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty ImagesIn the throes of personal turmoil and addiction issues, Eminem announced his Curtain Call to the world in October of 2005. Billed as a greatest hits collection that’d feature two new songs in the form of “When I’m Gone” and the infamous "FACK," the record was unambiguous in its purpose.
"I have some songs that a lot of people like," Em declared. "I have some songs that only I like. This album is obviously for the ‘lot’ of people." Titled due to the fact that Em believed that "this could be the final thing," the record would be the last word from Shady until 2009’s Relapse and in time, would come to represent far more than a compilation. 
As of March of 2021,Curtain Call had spent its 520th week on the Billboard 200, making it the longest-charting rap album by a massive margin, another historic feather in Aftermath’s cap, and above all, the final token of their sheer, unrivaled dominance throughout the year of 2005. 
A year defined by both beginnings and endings, 2005 has yet to be equaled in Aftermath’s history and by the following year, they were back to releasing just one project per calendar year with Busta Rhymes’ The Big Bang. But with Dre making his presence felt in a way that his perfectionism would usually make difficult, Kendrick returning from the shadows to a massive amount of intrigue and even a star-studded Superbowl performance on the cards, it seems that if they’re ever going to rival that 12 month spell of prevalence, then the time is now.


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