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Arguably the biggest star from 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp's hit series Power, Omari Hardwick, recently spoke out about fans' disappointment in the ending and how he agrees that the network and show-runners didn't do justice to his role (the main character Ghost) with his eventual death. "I'm with y'all in this sense," Hardwick remarked at the Tribeca Film Festival recently. "I'm with you in the sense that the way the story was sold and told to me is not befitting of the way it ended, guys. So y'all have every right to be like, 'It didn't end right.'

"And because we don't honor our fans enough, and I know me, Matt, and Trey are different," Omari Hardwick went on. "We honor y'all, we honor our fans, man. We often forget that the fans are being sold and told a story that has a genesis, and that it has to end the way that it was sold." Well, it seems like this didn't sit well with the brain who turned Power into a multi-series juggernaut. 50 Cent recently took to Instagram to react to Hardwick's comments, and he voiced some striking disappointment.

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50 Cent Blasts Omari Hardwick For Power Criticisms




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A post shared by HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED (@hollywoodunlocked)

"This [ninja emoji] is a strange bird [bird emoji]," 50 Cent wrote in the caption of the post above. "The f**k is he talking about, [raised-eyebrow emoji] I never done nothing but look out for him. If he needed something I gave it to him. I understand now, that s**t didn't matter." Of course, the G-Unit mogul definitely could've gone way harder, as he proves time and time again with his Diddy disses. But this is more of a question about storytelling and satisfaction rather than gratitude and assistance, so perhaps Fif needs to shift gears.

Meanwhile, last year, Omari Hardwick revealed that Starz offered him to come back to the Power universe, but 50 Cent and the team couldn't make it happen on Hardwick's terms. "It would have to be the perfect thing," he remarked. "They asked me before to come back. They asked me in the last year and a half to come back. When [they] offered this, when I was in Boston reading this script, I was in Boston saying 'and then this.' And then the 'then this' went to Starz and then they didn't come back. They didn't give me what I wanted on the 'then this.' So if they gave me the 'then this'...but it would need to be the right 'that.'"

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Russ Is Not Going To Be Denied On "Win"

There is no stopping the Russ machine this year. It is really hard to not focus in on how often the Secaucus, New Jersey native drops. But at the end of the day, he is fan-first kind of artist is always looking to give his supporters what they want. In fact, he takes that approach quite literally. The "What They Want" singer/rapper sends out polls and so people can select what they want to be released. All of these tracks have been previously teased on the artist's social media platforms at some point as well. The next one up to bat for Russ is called "Win" and it is a celebratory track as you may come to assume.

However, it might not be in the way you might think. On this 2:45 cut, Russ is trying to get with this girl who is quite the trickster. She loves to play mind games, so the veteran decides to play along. Russ intends to "Win" at this seemingly never-ending match. However, he does show signs of wanting to throw in the towel, as she sounds quite unbearable, sneaky, and unpredictable. Admittedly, there are some fairly cheesy and corny bars throughout this child-like affair. "What makes you think I'll respond? Your texts are green (Texts are green right now) / I have to lose you now (Lose you now), did you not get the memo? (Yeah)". Still, give "Win" a try and see what you think.

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"Win"- Russ

Quotable Lyrics:

She turn the brightness down on her phone
She bein' messy now (Yeah)
I wish you checked yourself as much as you checkin' your phone (Checkin' your phone)
Think if you met yourself, y'all wouldn't get along (Y'all wouldn't get along)
Shе said she a vibe, but that was a lie
Shе beefin' with all of her friends (She beefin')

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Drake has a pretty complicated relationship history, some of which emerged during the still-obsessed over Kendrick Lamar beef that went down in 2024. However, some fans out there might've forgotten that, at one point back in the day, he was torn between two models. Moreover, Toccara Jones recently told Carlos King about how she found out that The Boy was dating her and Melyssa Ford at the same time. It's all amicable and water under the bridge now, but it seems like Ford's previous remarks on the matter was what revealed this story to the world, not Jones' own testimony.

"Drake sought you out," King remarked to Toccora Jones, who responded with: "But you've never seen us together! No one's ever seen us together, no one would have actually known that we dated if someone else wouldn't have brought it out in an interview." "Melyssa Ford, I know, I'm her friend," Carlos responded, which provoked laughs from both. Then, Toccora said wasn't surprised when Ford revealed that he was dating them (or at least seeking them out) at the same time. "No, actually, she had came over to my house one night, and she was talking about her new relationship or this relationship," she explained. "I was actually getting ready to go on a date with him, so she's in my room. I'm getting dressed, and I'm about to go meet him.

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Toccara Jones Divulges On Melyssa Ford & Drake Situation

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A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk (@theneighborhoodtalk)

"And it was always a little weird to me, [that] she came over," Toccara Jones continued. "I mean, not weird, but it was, a little. It was just, I don't know, coincidence? Let's say 'weird' for lack of a better word. But she was just telling me about her situation with the guy that she was dating and she went on to tell me it was Drake. Instead of me telling her right then and there, I wanted to go talk to him first. This wasn't the first time that me and Melyssa was seeing or talking to the same guy. The first time, we handled it -- 'cause it's always girls. You know, girl code, it's always girl code. I'm a girl's girl. And I just decided to handle it a little different this time when she told me about Drake.

"So when she told me what was going on, I finished getting dressed, I went on my date with him, and I told him what she had just told me," Toccara Jones concluded. "And then when I left from him, I drove over to her house, knocked on her door, and sat down and told her. [She took it] pretty calm, she was pretty calm. We just kind of looked at each other, we just, you know, took some deep breaths. It was very calm, maybe shock, you know? It was civil. Nobody got mad, nobody screamed, nobody cried. It was just a girl's conversation, you know. We just kind of compared notes, you know, and just put it on the table."

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Remy Ma's new verse on the Fat Joe and Cool & Dre collab "Outta Control" has a lot of fans on social media raising their eyebrows. Moreover, their concern stems from her opening bars that reference her 2008 convictions of assault, possession of an illegal weapon, and attempted coercion for shooting her colleague Makeda Barnes-Joseph in 2007. "They say I shot my friend over a band, and? / Imagine what I'll do to a b***h I can't stand," Eazy The Block Captain's alleged flame spits on the cut. "Why would Remy Ma start the song off like that?" one fan shared online, with another adding: "Sis that's not the flex you think it is wtf. It's giving broke."

Furthermore, sadly Remy Ma is dealing with a lot of alleged criminal developments in her family, as her son Jayson Scott caught murder charges recently. "Three people that when I catch them, I don't give a f**k who they call," she expressed recently, blasting three mystery individuals whose connections to her son's murder case are unknown and completely speculative at press time. "Smacking they f***ing cheek off and that's just that on that. And they know it too."

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Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Cool & Dre's "Outta Control": Stream

"We stand by JaySon's innocence and pray that the NYPD will conduct a complete and thorough investigation to reveal the truth," Remy Ma stated to TMZ. "This is undoubtedly a difficult time for my family and me. While we sincerely appreciate the love and support we have received from all of you, we kindly ask for privacy as our legal team works to prove Jayson's innocence. As his mother, I want to address this situation personally but have been strongly advised by his legal counsel not to say anything -- as most people in similar situations are informed by their attorneys due to it being an active case."

Meanwhile, we can only guess as to Fat Joe's reaction to these new Remy Ma bars, and as Terror Squad partners, we doubt they're at all out of sync. She still has to deal with some fallout from the whole Eazy The Block Captain, as Cassidy recently released a diss track against him that referenced some of this scandal. It's clear that there's a lot of bad blood to air out there. Hopefully they can continue to solve it through rap battles and nothing more.

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It's been a busy few months for GloRilla, but evidently, she's still managed to find time for some amusing side quests. In June, she dropped off her summer-ready single "TGIF," which was quick to become a fan favorite. Now, she's linked up with Fox 46 meteorologist Nick Kosir, who also goes by The Dancing Weatherman, for a fun remix. He truly made the track his own with hilarious bars like "I ain't got no sunburn cuz I got sunscreen on me," impressive dance moves, and more.

Commenters in The Neighborhood Talk's comments section are here for his rendition of the promiscuous banger. They're currently praising the duo for the ingenious collab. "Love this for both of them," one fan writes. "One thing that weatherman gone do is catch every bop trending & KILL IT," another says.

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GloRilla & Nick Kosir Turn Up To "TGIF" Remix

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk (@theneighborhoodtalk)

They're certainly not wrong. Kosir has also gotten down to Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us," Megan Thee Stallion and Yuki Chiba's "Mamushi," and more in recent weeks. He's far from the only one feeling GloRilla's latest release, however. Rihanna also took to Instagram late last month to share a clip of herself dancing and rhyming along to "TGIF." As expected, she left ASAP Rocky stunned.

RiRi later made it clear that she's a major GloRilla fan with a funny DM to the rapper. "You got all summer sis," the message, which quickly went viral began. "I know dis wild hypocritical, but when the album drop?" Ice Spice even used some of Glo's raunchy lyrics as a caption for a mirror selfie earlier this week. What do you think of GloRilla linking up with Nick Kosir for a remix of her track "TGIF"? Who should he team up with next? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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Swarovski x Air Jordan 1 High OG Dropping Next Summer

The Air Jordan 1 High OG is set for a stunning collaboration with Swarovski in the summer of 2025. This release is highly anticipated by sneaker enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. Although the exact design is unknown, Swarovski crystals will play a massive part in the shoes. The Air Jordan 1 High OG is a classic silhouette, known for its timeless style and performance. Partnering with Swarovski promises to add a luxurious twist to this iconic sneaker. The crystals are expected to elevate the design, making it a standout piece in any collection. Overall, Swarovski is renowned for its high-quality crystals, often used in high-fashion and luxury items.

Integrating these into the Air Jordan 1 High OG will undoubtedly create a unique and dazzling sneaker. This collaboration blends the best of athletic wear and luxury design. The sneaker community is eagerly awaiting more details on this release. The combination of Jordan Brand's iconic design and Swarovski's luxurious crystals is sure to create a buzz. Mark your calendars for the summer of 2025. The Air Jordan 1 High OG x Swarovski collaboration is set to be one of the year's most exciting releases. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this exclusive partnership.

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Air Jordan 1 High OG x Swarovski

Image via Sneaker Files

We're not sure what the final release will look like. The image above is just a mockup from Sneaker Files and zsneakerheadz. Also, the collaboration could introduce a selection of women's apparel. Further, the lineup could consist of t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, and accessories, each featuring the Swarovski x Air Jordan branding and incorporating Swarovski's signature crystal embellishments.

Sneaker Files reports that the Swarovski x Air Jordan 1 High OG will be released next summer. Also, the retail price of the sneakers will be at least $400 when they drop. Further, make sure to let us know what you think about these kicks in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the most recent updates and news from the sneaker community. We'll make sure to offer you the newest products from the most notable brands.

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B.o.B. rose up the ranks very quickly at the beginning of the 2010's decade. With radio darlings such as "Airplanes", it's sequel with Eminem, "Magic", "Nothing On You", and "HeadBand", the North Carolina rapper had something cooking. However, it was quite difficult for the then Decatur, Georgia raised artist to recapture that magic, no pun intended. But after releasing Elements, his first album as an independent entity, he seems to be on the up and up once again. The Southern MC has a new project in the works, and it will be called Space Time. It is going to cap off his Elements II series of records, the sequel to the saga that we mentioned earlier. Fans can expect it to drop on August 16 and for it to have 10 tracks. In the meantime, though, B.o.B. is here with a single from it called "Bamboo".

According to Genius, this is supposedly the second offering from Space Time so far. "Steve Harvey" is the lead-off track, and it features a pretty left-field sounding instrumental. It is extremely glitchy and off-kilter and a little all over the place, but in an intriguing way. "Bamboo" is similarly fun, and it sounds like B.o.B. has been in a good headspace while crafting this send-off project. On this record, he is rapping with a carefree attitude over a bouncy and tropical beat. His bars are playful, and they definitely match the vibe presented.

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"Bamboo"- B.o.B.

Quotable Lyrics:

Don't make n****s go ape, go baboon
Apparently you got some trauma
You need to remove
Is it your zodiac sign?
Your Sun and your rising
Stop blaming the moon

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Earlier this week, Sexyy Red and Andre 3000 sat down with LeBron James on his digital show The Shop. As expected, they touched on various interesting topics during the interview, including their iconic monikers. The subject first came up when Andre 3000 asked Sexyy Red to clarify what she'd like to be called, to which she simply replied "Sexyy." From there, she explained that she got the name from "this dude" back in the day when she was trying to think of something to go before Red. The St. Louis-born rapper also revealed that before Sexyy Red, she was known as "Trill Red," which people called her on the streets.

This prompted Andre 3000 to open up about his own original rap name. He shared that he previously went by "Black Wolf" while Big Boi went by "Black Dog." As a duo, they called themselves 2 Shades Deep, which they later changed because a local singing group called themselves 4 Shades Deep. He added that eventually, they decided to go with Outkast simply because they dressed differently than the other kids at their school.

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Sexyy Red & Andre 3000 Used To Go By Trill Red & Black Wolf

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

"Period," Sexyy Red said in response. This is far from the only interesting moment of reflection from their appearance on The Shop, however. Elsewhere in the interview, Sexyy Red asked Andre 3000 about his iconic 1995 Source Awards speech. He admitted that he doesn't remember the whole thing, but could recall his frustration leading up to the event. "It was not planned," he explained. "It looked brave, but I was nervous as a motherf*cker. I was just angry, man."

What do you think of Sexyy Red and Andre 3000's recent conversation on The Shop? What about them revealing they used to go by Trill Red and Black Wolf? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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"MAGIC HOUR OUT NOW THIS WAS 7 YEARS IN THE MAKING HAPPY TO FINALLY SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD THIS FOR ALL THE REAL HEADS WHO KNOW WHATS UP FUNK DONT QUIT ". It is clear that Jay Worthy is ecstatic to have Magic Hour out after all of his hard work. This collaboration album with longtime producer from Cali, DāM FunK, is led by three singles, all of which came out this year. Jay put out "Westside" with DRAM in late April, "105 West" with a whole host of guests (Ty Dolla $ign, Channel Tres, A-Trak, and DJ Quik), and then "Rich Today". Each track is a direct and worthy homage to the G-Funk sound.

That seems to be what Jay Worthy wanted to accomplish with DāM FunK on Magic Hour. Even though this project was supposedly conceived all these years ago, it could not have come at a better time. With how successful the entire West Coast scene has been in 2024, releasing an album celebrating one of the region's most iconic soundscapes was a great idea. Jay has certainly helped contribute heavily to this achievement, now dropping his second project (Affiliated 2), as well as helping Kendrick Lamar with the "Not Like Us" music video.

As for Magic Hour, DāM FunK brings so many variations of instrumentals and every one of them is incredibly smooth and chill. No matter where you are in the world, this project will make you feel like you are cruising down the roads of California with the top down during the summer. The guest performers, who range from Honda Carter, Barney Bones, Polyester the Saint and more, all bring a sense of aura to Jay's lax rapping. Overall, Magic Hour is one of the best tapes to check out right now.

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Magic Hour- Jay Worthy & DāM FunK

Magic Hour Tracklist:

  • San Dimas (feat. G Perico & Honda Carter)

  • Westside with DRAM

  • Rich Today with Leven Kali (feat. Polyester the Saint)

  • Boogie (feat. Nhale)

  • Can't Do That

  • 105 West with A-Trak (feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Channel Tres & DJ Quik)

  • It's So Hard (feat. Osbe Chill)

  • Untouchable (feat. P-LO)

  • Olde 8 Again Interlude

  • Heartstop (feat. Channel Tres)

  • Connected (feat. Barney Bones)

  • Bounce (feat. Soopafly)

  • Watch Your Tone (feat. Ray Wright)

  • Caught Up

  • Let You Go (feat. Sha Hef

  • Can't Fade The Funk (feat. Honda Carter)

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    LL Cool J's new single "Passion" certainly lives up to his title, as he spits on what he loves about rap music and how much he cares about its artistry. It's a very motivating and nostalgic track, an element that its new music video emphasizes by seeing LL in his current form and as a small child. There's a particular emphasis on him writing rhymes in his notebook in presumably his childhood room, and it makes for a dynamic and engaging visual treatment as you can see the bars literally orbit around him and pop up in cartoon speech bubbles.

    Furthermore, this is the latest single for LL Cool J's upcoming album, and his first in over a decade, The FORCE (Frequencies Of Real Creative Energy). The project will feature Nas, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and more massive guests across the 14-track, largely Q-Tip-produced tracklist, and it's shaping up to be one of 2024's biggest legacy releases. "[I was] going back to the drawing board and learning how to rap again," he told the Associated Press about the LP. "The LeBrons, the Stephs, the Jordans and the Kobes, they all go back to the drawing board, they always try to make themselves better. I wasn't trying to do trendy, and I wasn't trying to recapture anything I did before."

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    LL Cool J's "Passion" Music Video: Watch

    Also, this "Passion" music video lands among LL Cool J's reflections on his relationship with another icon of the game. During a conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, he spoke on how some people are under the impression that he has beef with Jay-Z. While the two MCs aren't the best of friends, they've shown each other plenty of love over the years despite what some anecdotes, rumors, and lyrical interpretations might have you believe. After all, they're two New York legends.

    Meanwhile, LL Cool J is just as prone to talk about the current state of hip-hop. "Drake, that 'Not Like Us' s**t, that s**t's torture for a motherf***er," he said of the K.Dot and Drizzy rap beef during this Charlamagne convo. "Ah, s**t, little kids singing to it. You know that s**t's bananas. You'll be fine, bro. Don't even trip. You just don't take it personal... You can't be overly sensitive. I get it. I been there, I know it. It can be upsetting... But you gotta control that."

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