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Yamin Semali is a music producer from East Point, GA.... Read More


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New Monday/Friday video "Right On"


New Monday/Friday video "Right On"


We're back with another video from the project! The homie Dazzell Matthews (@dazzell4u), Uriah Brandon of @negus.news and yours truly hit the city to put some fresh visuals together for one of the rawest cuts off the Illastrate-produced "Monday/Friday" album.

As Boog Brown and I prepare this BYOB Tour for the top of the year, we will have a lot of new releases surrounding this debut, including remixes and bonus tracks coming soon, so enjoy this original version as well as my remix version available over at https://workingclassmusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/right-on. It's a name-your-price situation, including clean, a capella and instrumental versions, all wrapped up with a remix I did for the song as well.



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Monday/Friday live with Blueprint and Supastition June 1st in Atlanta

June 1st at 529,  Working Class Music Group will be in the building w/ @khaydaking performing music from his new EP "Tranzition," as well as Monday/Friday (Illastrate and Yamin) opening for Supastition and Blueprint (feat. VJC's DJ Rare Groove)...it's a family affair, don't miss this one!  

via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/5/mondayfriday-live-with-blueprint-and-supastition-june-1st-in-atlant

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Soul Food Cypher Celebrates its 3-year Anniversary 2/22/15

Peace Semaliens!
We can't believe it's been 3 years since the beginning of SFC.  It seems like only last summer, I was DJing in the back of WonderRoot, scratching over the instrumental to "Otis"...Actually, that was 3 years ago.  Time flies.  For this celebration, they've requested my presence as a DJ and producer, showcasing instrumentals with other producers in the showcase they also have scheduled.  Come out and support!  There's always plenty of talent and artists of various kinds at their events.  No cover and free food!

via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/2/soul-food-cypher-celebrates-its-3-year-anniversary-2221

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New blctxt track "Huh What" maxi-single


New blctxt track "Huh What" maxi-single

greetings, Semaliens!
Well, it's been Aquarius season for about a week and a half, and I'm still in reflection since my day of birth this past Monday.  Working Class Music got together to celebrate all the b-days taking place, including Boog Brown (the 9th) and blctxt (the 3rd).  
Speaking of the 3rd, on that day, we also released a new maxi-single from brother txt, backed by the King I Divine-produced "Jade Masalas" as well as an Illastrate remix of that same track.  

head over to blctxt.bandcamp.com and give it a listen!  Cuts by yours truly. 

via: http://blctxt.bandcamp.co

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Gotta Be Karim feat. Yamin Semali and Boog Brown "So Official"

New Working Class Music Group release by Gotta Be Karim  "So Official" b/w "Nobility"
 Peace Semaliens,
It's a good day to have a birthday!  I'm receiving gifts today that include new music to share!  We've been up to a lot in the studio but nothing much has come from me, but the whole Working Class Music Group is going in right now!  Listen to my brother Gotta Be Karim's new singles below.
So Official by Gotta Be Karim

via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/2/gotta-be-karim-feat-yamin-semali-and-boog-brow

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Yamin vs DT tonight at 529


Yamin vs DT tonight at 529

AboutClan Destined presents...
Yamin Semali vs. DT of Clan Destined (vjc)

Hopefully, you caught the trailers this week via Instagram, leading up to this fight to the death. Will Clan Destined reunite? Will they hate each other even more than ever? Find out on Friday! 

w/ special guests:

 (PSo the Earthtone King, Likwuid, and K. Gaines w/ Deep of 2 Hungry Bros) Hunger Divisionhttp://iamlikwuid.com/Likwuid- http://earthtoneking.com/Pso-  2hungrybros.comDeep- 

 and Jon Doe Atl)EDDIE MEEK$- DOECINO (

 - U-George

 -DJ Nervex and DJ Tone Fresh
Friday January 23rd at 529$7 /
21+ / 9pm / Non Smoking


via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/1/yamin-vs-dt-tonight-at-52

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New Tone Beatz concept instrumental album "Hustler's Science"

On Jan 27th, Dirty Drums Academy producer Tone Beatz presents "Hustler's Science," a gritty project out of the Working Class Music Group vaults.  
"Instrumental album from Dirty Drum Academy producer, Tone Beatz. Hustler's Science. Set to a nostalgic back drop of the late 70's through early 90's, the album tells the story of a hustler's rise and fall in the streets, while dodging the competition and the law. The instrumental album beautifully captures the highs and lows of the game through 26 tracks that play out like a gangster film. The celebration, the grit, and the emotion is all there, with dusty samples and warm drums that'll have you following along like a Scorsese movie."
Tone Beatz recently made 3 tracks from the project available for download prior to the album's official release date (January 27th). You can pre-order the entire album or purchase "Find That Man", "In My Pocket"and/or "Once a Rat" now via the Working Class Music page or on Bandcamp.  Check it out!

via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/1/new-tone-beatz-concept-instrumental-album-hustlers-scienc

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Room 13 by Dion Primo


Room 13 by Dion Primo

Looking back on 2014, there were some awesome releases from the Hiphop side of things, and my new friend and now-collaborator Dion is one of the first to come to mind whenever I think of them.   

Released just last month, in December, Room 13 is full of songs that provide a balance of thought-provoking lyricism and commonality that doesn't lose the listener in abstract expression.  I'm very proud to have been featured on this project.  The messages it contains are right on time, with production that slaps you up the nostrils with funk.  Go press play at www.iamdionprimo.com and you'll understand. 


via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/1/room-13-by-dion-prim

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Skyyhook Radio relaunch/Wake Up Show weekly rebroadcast

If you've been keeping up with our movements, you know Yamin's name has been included in the "who's who" of independent Hiphop musicians of 2014 by AllHipHop.com, a coveted list edited and compiled by Skyy Hook, GM of SkyyHook Radio and Wake Up Show on-air personality.  SkyyhookRadio.com has relaunched with lots of great content, including features for artists and news from around the world.  
For those who don't have Sirius XM radio, the Wake Up Show is rebroadcast weekly on Saturdays at noon (EST via the site)!!  Very exciting news for all of the hiphop heads out there.  
Stay UP!

via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/1/skyyhook-radio-relaunchwake-up-show-weekly-rebroadcas

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CashUs King, Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Blu (feat. Yamin Semali on cuts) - Black Hockey Players

greetings all,
Last month, CashUs King released "The Black Hockey Players" track feat. West Coast all-stars Ras Kass, Planet Asia and Blu, a few weeks after his latest offering "CHURCH (of the Good Thief)" debuted.  I was enlisted to add the DJ element on top of this monster track produced by Beatnick Dee.  Currently, the song is holding down a strong #5 position on the DJ Booth top 20 charts!  Check it out at http://www.djbooth.net/index/tracks/review/cashus-king-black-hockey-players

via: http://www.yendollarmusic.com/blog/2015/1/cashus-king-ras-kass-planet-asia-blu-feat-yamin-semali-on-cuts-black-hockey-player

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