4 Shows Friday!!!!

4 Shows Friday!!!!

We have 4 (yes 4 great shows today) 


7 PM - 8 PM EST

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Blacktopia Admin says singer AVANT is the KING OF R&B and EXPLAINS WHY.  GIVE YOUR THOUGHTS

This week singer Jacquees stated that he was the king of R&B for this generation, his bold statement set the "Internet and social media streets on fire" creating all types of memes, counterpoints and discussion centered around who they thought was the true king of R&B for this generation.  

Many people (including various members of the Blacktopia facebook group community at the link here https://www.facebook.com/groups/446575245495210) weighed in on the topic, an admin for the Blacktopia facebook group expressed that singer AVANT is the king of R&B (at least the underrated king) and this is the reason why.........

"I say that singer AVAN ...READ MORE

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The Quest Chronicles: If Only You Knew

The Quest Chronicles: If Only You Knew

It's T-Quest Tuesday so it's time for your weekly dose of #TheQuestChronicles This week's topic: If Only You Knew. If you knew someone's back story, would you approach, receive or treat them different?

https://www.straightofficial.com/?p=2954 ...READ MORE

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OTD: Muddy Waters By Redman Was Released In '97

OTD: Muddy Waters By Redman Was Released In '97

We waiting on part 2, the 1st one is a classic ...READ MORE

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Sadat X & El Da Sensei "XL" Official Music Video

Sadat X and El Da Sensei come together on their album XL as they bring back classic New York rap and all its facets. So does the visual for the title track. Shot in Newark/NJ and Brooklyn/NY this video is a celebration of the culture and the fashion of what makes XL pop! A throwback to how fun videos used to be like in the 90's. Loud and chanting that chorus all in yo face!

Sadat X & El Da Sensei Present «XL» is available on vinyl, cassette tape and digital formats.


via: https://stateofhip-hop.com/sadat-x-el-da-sensei-xl-official-music-video ...READ MORE

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Download the Free DJ SAY WHAAT!! and FLEET DJ'S Apps for all APPLE and ANDROID Devices and from the Amazon App Store!! #BVMobileApps #Fleetdjs #NJFleetdjs #MixtapeHeat #FleetGospelDJs #Podcast #Blog #MakeItMobile #DJSayWhaatApp #DJSayWhaat #captainthrowback #ThickCannon

via: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/djstevec/episodes/2018-12-09T14_06_08-08_0 ...READ MORE

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#Hustle101: Budget Allocation

#Hustle101:  Budget Allocation

  Peace family!  Today we're discussing budget allocation, I've witnessed people have a plan for everything else in their life but their money.  They'll plan their weekend, what outfit they're going to wear, places they're going to, etc with no problem.  But when it comes to putting a budget together it's a super struggle.  So I'm going to help those out that struggle with budgeting with a simple plan courtesy of @getjoemoneyright podcast.

50% goes to needs (bills...food...gas)
20% goes to debt repayment and savings
20% goes to investing (give your money a job)
10% goes to wants (moves, leisure events)

  If you have to adjust the numbers to your liking by all means please do so, I just want you all to start having a plan for your money.  78% of us live paycheck to paycheck, and implementing a budget plan helps resolve that issue.  2019 is coming & I don't want you all to have the same money problems in a new year ...READ MORE

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RICHIE RE #RELOADED EP (@iamrichiere)

RICHIE RE  #RELOADED EP (@iamrichiere)

CHECKOUT RICHIE RE NEW EP #ReLoaded ON ALL DIGITAL SITES http://smarturl.it/8p482u @iamrichier ...READ MORE

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Kove Speakers

The American King Foundation will host the #FREEGAME movement, an event focused on introducing young people to entrepreneurship on Saturday, December 8, 2018, from 10am - 3pm, at the historic Ebenezer Baptist church.  Created to inspire entrepreneurship and teach the foundational principles that lead to internal economic empowerment, the #FREEGAME movement seeks to promote the goal of entrepreneurship within young people by bringing in industry experts to speak to high school students about the relationship between financial freedom and ownership ...READ MORE

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