Vinyl Destination | Ep. 13 'Bonnaroo Super Jam' On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff

Yessir. Jeff and the rest of the crew have made their way to Tennessee by this episode of Vinyl Destination. They have Bonaroo work to do. Now, if you start the show with wellness advice from Method crazy might the ep get?

Some of everybody on the set: Meth, his pal Redman... ScHoolboy Q... in there... RZA showed up... Loaded bill for Bonnaroo Super Jam. Enjoy the hijinks and highlights above.



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Comedianne/Actress Luenell & Rapper Miko Nakkita on The Beat Break today @ 10am on Beat Break 87 FM

Winner from the The Hit Makerz Showcase at the Royal Peacock rapper Niko Nakkita and famous comedian & actress Luenell will be on today's episode of The Beat Break Morning Show.

Plus, this will be More Than Ashley White last day on the show. Don't miss this special summer edition of The Beat Break today at 10am on Beat Break 87 FM and in syndication with Home Team Radio and Blog Talk Radio!

Call in at 760-454-1118, click on the link to hear the show on your PC, or download the Beat Break 87 FM app to hear the show on your smart phone ...READ MORE

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The President of the DMVF Speaks: One Mistake

One Mistake........

From the desk of the President of the #DMVF

There are many similarities between the #DMVF and what some would call "real life". One of my favorite similarities would be one called a mistake. There are many ways around this but the hard truth is there is no 100% way of avoiding making one in the #DMVF. Lately in this new era with my administration, superstars have been able to make more of their own decisions about the direction of their character than ever before. In a way it reminds me of a mass career pathway program. I guess I should cover that another time......But anyway the ability to make your own career decisions sounds like a good idea to everyone and it normally is. But the real question is..... Is it always a good idea? One may not think a decision all the way through. A good example would be most of the younger adults wishing they could be firefighters, a member of law enforcement, an athlete or even a music entertainer. Then some build t ...READ MORE

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Lessons From A Worship Leader #1- It's Not About Me

The Worship Leader Project is an examination of the roles and responsibilities that we as Worship Arts Leaders have.  These are lessons I have learned along my 15 year journey as a worship leader. This first lesson is "It's Not About Me."


There is something magnetic, addictive even about performing. Many would never be able to understand how someone who is pretty introverted and shy can come alive when a microphone is placed in their hand, they dance before the people, act in a play or play an instrument. Notice I used the word, "many." For those of us who have a desire to be on stage and proclaim the goodness of the Lord before a group of people....we get it.

I remember ...READ MORE

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Phree Speech #2

Phree Speech #2

"Aint no way you carry yourself like a man and think you still be treated as a lady"
I hear too often women talking about how the double standards in society when it comes to men, women, and sex...

First off let me make it clear No it's not fair that men receive all the glory as they collect notches on their belt and women receive all the bashing because she slept with one guy! A hoe is a hoe no matter their gender in my book. However women have to understand two things when it comes to this topic. Play the game or wear the name that's it! If you wanna be out here "doin you" then you have to accept people will call you a hoe! Rather or not you feel that way cause honestly how people see you are what they believe and why they are more than happy to along with the gossip of you being a hoe. Not sayin its right but we gotta be realistic in the ways we carry ourselves, the images we project of ourselves and how it's being received.

Now if you want the respect of being a lady and b ...READ MORE

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RAH DIGGA - "Bish Whaaa?"


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{Interview} Delmar Johnson shares book "Seasons of My Soul"

Delmar is the Author of the newly released book Seasons of My Soul: Lessons Learned in a Dry Place and co-author of The Power of Collaboration in Business, she has been featured in The Working Mother Magazine, The Business 101 Magazine, and The Little Pink Book Magazine; and featured on the Black Butterfly Media TV and Blog Talk Radio. Special thanks to our show sponsor La Tanyha Boyd of FAB Virtual Tours! CAN'T SEE VIDEO? LINK:

PODCAST (Prefer to Listen to Audio?) | READ MORE

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