Happiness is a Cause...

Happiness is a Cause...

Happiness is a cause, not a result. Which explains why there are plenty of people who appear to have every reason for happiness, but are in fact miserable. And there are others who seem to have no reason to be happy, yet they are as happy as can be.

There are many people that find themselves waiting for a reason before allowing themselves to be happy. The problem is that reason will likely never come. But when you find yourself able to be happy even though there's no reason for it, pretty soon an abundance of reasons will start to appear.
When you choose to smile, there will be much to smile about. When you choose to be thankful, there will be plenty of reasons for being thankful. Remember that happiness is a cause, not a result. Don't make your happiness conditional. When you do, you'll limit it and drive it away.
So instead of waiting for happiness to flow toward you, let it flow from you. Such happiness will never fail to find its own very good reasons. After all, happine ...READ MORE

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DJ Blakmagic Helps 'Usher' In the 15-Year Celebration of the R&B King's New Look Foundation

Good work by the homie DJ Blak Magic. A video recap of the celebration for the good work Usher's New Look Foundation has been doing over the past 15 years. Scholarships for the youth; this year raising over a million dollars' worth. Check out the celebs in the house, including but not limited to, hosting duties held down by fellow ATL-ien Ludacris.

via: http://www.jayforce.com/videos/dj-blak-magic-covers-ushers-new-look-foundations-15-year-celebration-video ...READ MORE

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Events: Rapper Big Pooh & CYHI The Prince

Events: Rapper Big Pooh & CYHI The Prince

Rapper Big Pooh 8.21 / CYHI 8.25. Both in ATL. Mark your calendars. Check the flyers below for details.

via: http://www.thekaoseffect.com/events-rapper-big-pooh-cyhi-the-prince ...READ MORE

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Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds...

...Much like jazz... they have no rhythm or no rhyme

Unexpected improv patterns

Impromptu peaks, plateaus and valleys

I even dig the darkest places

Like cognac and live blues in sexy night spot spaces

Tucked into a cozy booth

Where shadows hide your inner truth

Thoughts come in waves of depth and intensity

Much like the soul stirring bass of R&B

And ideas come and go in droves

Few settle in to make themselves at home

Yeah, your mind is like sweet music

And I love the way you use it

Not of sound mind some might say

But I love all of the sounds you play

An infinitely intelligent instrument

Playing wisdom and words and wondrous whit

I see you...

And I get you

Unlike most mere mortals do

I hear you... mentally
No need to explain verbally

Beautiful... dangerously
Exuding and executing creative mastery

I'm so attracted to your mind that I can't get you out of mine...

Perhap ...READ MORE

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Dell Scott of @thedivacoutoure releases "The Undiscovered Jewel"

You are precious...You are stunning...You are a diamond!

In an era, where the bright lights of Hollywood and desire for Reality TV has riddled society with approval addiction; How does a woman realize and value the brilliance that God has placed inside of her? Dell reveals the God-given revelation that women are created in the likeness of a diamond. They each possess a unique cut, radiant color, rare clarity and specific carat weight.

Without realizing one's precious nature, the question is posed: Are you reflecting your own brilliance or simulating someone elses? When you come into the knowledge, that you are fashioned with the unmatchable brilliance of a diamond, only then can the REAL YOU be revealed to the world!

Order your copy of the new release by Dell Scott of Divacoutoure, "The Undiscovered Jewel, Realizing the Brilliance That Lies Within" for $14.99, before the release date of 08/14/14, and receive not 1 but 3 special gifts along with your book!

http://www.undi ...READ MORE

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Reunited: Wu-Tang Appears On 'The Daily Show' With Jon Stewart And Performs "Ron O'Neal" (Video)

Ha! Here's the vid. Wu-Tang was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other night to talk up their re-union in front of the hometown crowd; and to do a performance of their new single "Ron O'Neal." Decent. They took the on-air broadcast home with a performance of "Triumph." See the performance clips after the jump. Start with the interview above.



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Busy? Make Time...

Busy?  Make Time...

Are you busy? Yes, of course you're busy. But guess what? You have to make time for more than just being busy. Choose today to make some time that has real and lasting meaning.
This day will only be here once. Choose to make the time, while you can, to do something unique and memorable and valuable with it.
There are many things you have to do. Just make time, each day, to remember why you are doing them.Finding yourself busy is not the point of life. So make the time, use the time, to be purposeful.
No matter how busy you are, it is important that for certain things you make the time. I challenge you today to show your love to someone special, not merely with your words, but with your time. Instead of rushing right past life's beauty, make time to truly enjoy the wonders with which this day is filled.
Remember no matter how busy you are, make time. Choose today to make some time that has real and lasting meaning. Make some time, today and every day, to live and appreciate th ...READ MORE

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All For The Love...Find Your Niche.

All For The Love...Find Your Niche.

This music game is literally a race between artists where no one truly knows where the destination lies. Honestly, I've seen plenty of artists come and go....and I can't say that I've been in it as long as some others. At least it doesn't feel like it's been that long.

At any rate, I realize with technology and the constant push of music in the social media pipeline, how and where does an artist find their place? What makes one artist better than the other? How does an artist gain more attention? Because it's clearly not about talent. But it has never been about talent, huh? I believe it's more about a niche than talent. There were only a handful of artists in the 80's and 90's that appeared polished at the beginning of their careers. The rest of them just brought something different to the table. After that, it was up to them to keep their spot. I would list, but I honestly don't feel like putting that much thought into it. So, you tell me and we'll see where we agree or d ...READ MORE

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RAWdeoShow: Phene - Riding With Revelation 717 (Episode 1)

Grown grind alert! How does Phene get the people buzzing about what he's got coming. He buzzes 'em. Picks 'em up, has 'em listen to the product, and gets it all on film. Turned out good. That's why we're watching.

(If it didn't, bet that he'd retool... UNTIL IT TURNED OUT GOOD!)

Do the work. Find your fans. Show them you're working for 'em. Relate and release (never relax). There it is - our revelation. Press play to learn his.


You can hear music like this every week. Follow @RAWdioShow and listen to the Saturday Night Live #PodParty where RAW meets RADIO every week, at RAWdioShow.com #SNL

Videos ...READ MORE

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Syncere is back, with 21 Questions!

Syncere is back, with 21 Questions!

We all love this thing called hip hop, but the past few weeks have left me baffled, mystified and downright stupefied.
Without further adieu, here are twenty-one questions that hip hop needs to answer immediately.

  • Lil Kim? (Her entire existence is a question in 2014.)

  • Seriously, who told Lil Kim that Nicki Minaj was referring to her when she said "Queen of Rap" on Beyonce "Flawless Remix"?

  • If anything, shouldn't Lil Kim have a qualm with Beyonce since she's the one that technically stole her name "Queen B(ee)"?

  • Who keeps advising Lil Kim to make records about Nicki Minaj and not the million other topics available?

  • Oh, that's right. Did you forget Lil Kim doesn't write her own rhymes?

  • Why did Beyonce ...READ MORE

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