The Beat Break Morning Show with Sean Garvey & DJ Rollem. A comedy based show covering everything from music, entertainment, current events, community and social issues. The Beat Break Morning Show is supported by Dark Knight Entertainment.

On this edition of The Beat Break...Author, Motivational Speaker, Activist, Radio Personality, & Musical Artist FLY Musiq is the special guest co-host on The Beat Break. Find out why FLY Musiq is so fly and her thoughts on various topics including today's news, entertainment, and more. Plus, Demo Reel 2 Reel artist of the week is Mr. Status and the name of his latest song is "I Got Status." Will his single go into the Beat Break music rotation? You will be the judge by tuning in to hear his music. Then later...DJ Rollem is in the mix with the latest and popular Hip Hop & R&B around.

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Actor Wendell Pierce On The White Roots Of Violence In America and More On Real Time With Bill Maher

September 19, 2014 Clip: Race, Violence and the NFL
There's a good amount of good watching on the tube nowadays. No excuse to waste your brain cells on trash TV (you know what that is, and if you watch it no judgements). Bill Maher's 'Real Time' = Good Watching. You remember actor Wendell Pierce from the HBO original series 'Treme' and back in the day on 'The Wire.' Well, the proud Louisiana-bred brother was on Bill's show doing us proud; speaking truth to light on a myriad of issues. Watch the clip above ...READ MORE

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The Return Of The Black Death (Documentary)

The Return Of The Black Death (Documentary)

In the minds of most Westerners, still, the Black Plague triggers t ...READ MORE

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Derrick Rose Donates $1Mil To Chicago After School Program

Derrick Rose Donates $1Mil To Chicago After School Program

After all the negative attention sports been getting the last past couple of weeks, there is finally some good news to report. NBA star Derrick Rose, starter for the Chicago Bulls has donated $1 Million to a Chicago based non profit organization to help after-school programs for kids. In a press conference, Derrick said he wanted to give back because so many people invested in him so that was his way of giving back to teens in the Chicago area.

via: http://repnvairadio.com/2014/09/26/derrick-rose-donates-1mil-to- ...READ MORE

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RAWdeoShow: DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft. Dayne Jordan - Play Dat

RAWdeoShow: DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft. Dayne Jordan - Play Dat

Shut down performance by Dayne with Jeff backing him on the set. "This ain't old music... THIS IS DOPE MUSIC!" So... no requests needed. We got the video cued up right here, so PLAY DAT!


You can hear music like this every week. Follow @RAWdioShow and listen to the Saturday Night Live #PodParty where RAW meets RADIO every week, at RAWdioShow.com #SNL

Videos posted for this blog curated under the auspices of BoneBreaker Studios & O Know He Did Ent. Follow ...READ MORE

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Monica Marie Jones Show

Monica Marie Jones Show

Every Monday is a new beginning...a fresh start! It's a time to start over and get it right. Sadly,

for many it is a time of dread and despair at the mere thought of having to embark upon another

week in a situation where they don't want to be. Mondays are an amazing opportunity to re-
energize, refresh and refocus so it's time to change the way that we think about them.

Just like a good cup of coffee or a warm ray of sunshine, the motivational messages, guests and

topics on this show will give you that boost that you need to start your week off right. Each show

will leave you encouraged, inspired and excited about the new week that lies ahead.

Tune in to listen and talk with your host, author, motivator and entrepreneur, Monica Marie

Jones at UrbanNationRadio.com every Monday at 2pm starting on April 7, 2014.

Monica Marie Jones is an author whose published works include The Ups and Downs of Being

Round (Fiction/Self-Help), Taste My Soul (Poetry), FLOS ...READ MORE

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Your Way...

Your Way...

I know that there are things you would like to have and things you would like to happen right now. Don't let the need to always get your way work against you and get in your way. Keep in mind that happiness and fulfillment are not defined by always getting your way.

In fact, happiness and fulfillment often come in ways that are completely unexpected. When you're too focused on whether every insignificant detail goes the way you want, many of life's best treasures may just pass you by.

Life will more surely and easily go your way when you can let go of the need to always get your way. Why? Because acceptance and gratitude are far more positive and empowering than desperation and resentment.

Certainly there are things you would like to have and things you would like to happen, and it's great when they work out the way you intended. Yet it's not the end of the world if they don't.

I challenge you to expect the best, be happy if it comes, and even happier if it doesn't. In t ...READ MORE

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Vinyl Destination | Ep. 19 "Delirious" On Season 2 With The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

Guard your nuts.

- DJ Jazzy Jeff

Whew! Can we call the last leg of the European tour a wrap already? The guys are worn out - delirious with hunger and fatigue. Almost there though fellas. Three days. But... three days is time enough to get in some serious club jams, traffic jams, airport jams... all starting with the crew jammed into tiny cabs to make their way through Manchester UK the to the first gig in the ep. Real 90s Hip-Hop party in store for the locals. Just for starters. Hit play above for the rest. Hit the jump for some snaps from the clip. Go!

(Heard that Dayne Jordan jawn "All About The Art" in there, didn' ...READ MORE

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VIC XL of Ridin Durty Radio hosts the top 12 hottest independent music countdown from your favorite indie artists. Tune in every Wednesday night at 6 pm est. to hear an all new Ridin Durty Radio Dirty Dozen on Beat Break 87 FM and http://www.beatbreakradiofm.com.

Go to the links below to hear the program or call into the studio line at (646)-668-2378. Download the Beat Break 87 FM app to hear Ridin Durty Radio on your Android, smartphone, and other mobile devices. Get the app here on http://blackvibes.com, The App Store, Google Play, and Blackberry World.


http://www.blogtalkradio.com/beatbreak87fm/2014/09/24/ridin-durty-radio-dirty-dozen-episode-32-9241 ...READ MORE

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