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This show got it right! Just right for prime - time anyway LOL. Created by KENYA BARRIS and produced by it's stars ANTHONY ANDERSON and LAWRENCE FISHBORNE, this is what I think is an accurate enough portrayal of a successful black family living in an upper class neighborhood. The father Andre portrayed by ANTHONY ANDERSON is struggling with his rise to success and the lack of knowledge his children have of what it took for him to get there. He is an advertising executive who just received the promotion he's been waiting for. But there's a catch, he's now vice president of the Urban division only. No one except Pops can seem to understand why this bothers him so much, not even his bi-racial wife Rainbow played by TRACEE ELLIS ROSS. The laughs were non-stop for me. I loved how most jokes were funny and worked even with the racial undertones. The stress just keeps piling up as his son tries out for field hockey and not basketball and changes his name from Andre to Andy, his younger childr ...READ MORE

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Singer Desiree Coleman-Jackson Takes On New Name "KADESH" | @singdez

Singer Desiree Coleman-Jackson Takes On New Name KADESH And Encourages Confession, Transparency and Reconciliation To God With New Radio Single "Strip"

Singer, songwriter and actress Desiree Coleman-Jackson is a noted popular voice in Gospel music. The soulful, yet sweetly passionate singer, native of Queens, NY, is now known as KADESH. The name KADESH, (consecrated or sanctified, holy), signifies the banner of God's grace and His majesty, and with this new name, she continues to personify resilience in the face of adversity with her unshakeable faith in God.

Kadesh's newest endeavor is her forthcoming album LOVE which delivers a desperate call for the return to love and peace in the world. "This album is a message of hope," exclaims Kadesh. "There is so much going on in the world with wars and killings. We need more love... then and only then can the world be a better place."

Media Inquiries: Stephanie Redix / Infinite Scope PR / / 310.922.7326 ...READ MORE

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Grei Lopes 'My City' Ft Karloz Lima (Prod. By ClaudioMarques) OUT SOON

The Imperial Starz are back with more great music, for the Hiphop & Rap lovers!!!

Claudio Marques, Grei Lopes (also known as RealYoungD) & KarlozLima (Also known as Carlos lima) get together again after a year for another single! Back In 2013 the three Imperial Star members worked on a HOTT Single called 'Realest N*ggas'.

This year, the three Imperial boys worked on another HOTT single!

The NEW track goes by the name of 'My city'.

Grei Lopes always mentioned the fact that he wanted to work on a project which would represent his home city. However the track does not feature a verse from Claudio Marques, as he only took part on the production side of things. The track features a verse from Grei Lopes and another one from Karloz Lima.

The instrumental was produced by Claudio Marques and the overall track was mixed by the DOPExBROKE's Very own Naldo (also known as Melodic Bass/Jaime Menezes)

As mentioned above Grei Lopes wanted to represent his home city so he flew bac ...READ MORE

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What to Do When a Singer Leaves (RA 003)


In the previous episode we discussed How to Find Background Singers , in this episode we are going to explore what to do when and if a singer leaves.

At some point in time you will have a singer leave.  There are several reasons why a singer may stop singing with you:

  • Lack of Commitment
  • Not enough time
  • Interest shifts
  • Just don't want to

    So now that you have determined why your singer may have left, here is how you can begin to pick up the musical pieces :-). It is important to: ...READ MORE

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    The Sum of Your Choices....

    The Sum of Your Choices....

    Today has arrived. You know that it is the way it is because of what happened in the days before. Every thought and every action has a consequence, and today is the sum total of all those consequences.
    This moment right now is completely as it should be. If there were no consequences, then you would be completely ineffective. Though sometimes those consequences seem difficult and even unbearable, they are infinitely preferable to the alternative.

    In your consequences reside all of life's possibilities. If you choose to take action, it will produce a result. Every accomplishment is based on, and every dream depends on this mechanism.

    Sometimes the connection is unclear. But regardless, that connection is there. Sometimes the necessary actions fail to get taken, and undesirable consequences will be the result. Yet even in such failure is the possibility of success, because as soon as the actions are adjusted the consequences improve.

    Remember, you are blessed with the inevitab ...READ MORE

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    Black Thought - "16 Bars" (Live) [Video]

    Black Thought - "16 Bars" (Live) [Video]

    Watch Black Thought of the legendary Roots crew rip through a James Brown-inspired set at's 16 Bars LIVE event presented by Honda.

    Think 'bars' think Black Thought... makes all the sense in the world. And not many can bring it LIVE like this. Just saying.

    via: ...READ MORE

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    Amanda Bynes was arrested Sunday by LAPD at 4:10 AM and charged with DUI. She was held on 15k bail and released later that day. I thought things were just looking up for the 28 year old whose had a rough couple of years starting with erratic behavior beginning in 2012. She is currently on probation from a DUI that year. In 2013 she entered rehab after being held for mental evaluation. She was then released to her mother who then acted as her conservator, it's unclear if she still is. She left rehab in December and enrolled into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. I am definitely sad to see this former Nickelodeon star continue to struggle legally but even more mentally. She's definitely talented staring most recently in 2007's Hairspray and 2010's Easy A. But since then she's stated that she has retired from acting to pursue a career as a rapper. Then she stated she was just taking a break from acting, and is now enrolled in school. Everything has just seemed like more err ...READ MORE

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    Oct. 7th DJ Quick Release Party at SOB's w/ J. Keys, DJ Grand Mix & More

    Purchase Tickets:

    Hip-Hop legend DJ Quik, at SOBs on October 7, 2014 - his first time back on the New York scene in over three years with a special opening performance by J. Keys. The West-Coast native has made his mark in the music industry with eight studio albums and is set to drop his ninth album in October.

    After speculations of his retirement in 2013, Quik returns to the scene with his new album titled The Midnight Life. As Quik hits the stage to perform songs from his new album, his fans won't have much anticipation as his album drops one week from this exclusive album release show.
    Collaborations with prominent artists such as 2Pac, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Busta Rhymes and countless others; it is no surprise that Quik was dubbed a platinum-selling artist at the age of 21. In his later years, he would appear on the film scene as an actor in his own right but never strays too far from the rap game that gave him his nam ...READ MORE

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    #FleetonBang 59 Lindsey Papion

    #FleetonBang 59 Lindsey Papion

    #FleetonBang 59 Lindsey Papion
    Posted December 26, 2013 by EJ in #FleetOnBang

    Make sure you check out the amazing Lindsey Papion crazy talent! unique style you can’t help but vybe to. Get to know her!

    Twitter @LindseyPapio ...READ MORE

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