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11 Tips for Writing Your First Book

11 Tips for Writing Your First Book

Hey there, future Kingdom Bestselling Author! Ten years ago I set out to write and publish my first book and I'll be honest, I didn't know what in the world to do. I wasn't sure if I was even author material, but I felt there was a story inside of me that I needed to tell. Are you feeling like that? Well, this post is just for you, my friend! Eleven tips to help you get started on writing your first, or even second or third book.


  • BRAINSTORM ideas for your book. Listen, the hardest part about writing a book is just getting started. In the beginning stages, just write...SOMETHING. Brainstorming ideas for the book(s) you want to write or the information that will go inside of your book. I have a list of about 10 different books I want to write at some point.
  • DECIDE On the Type of book you want to write. What type of book do you want to write, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's book ...READ MORE

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    You're Invited!

    A Showcase for Unsigned Talent is extending an invitation to agents, producers, record labels, production companies, talent scouts and agencies to join the Showcase Family as an Industry Insider. As a leading provider of supportive services for aspiring talent of all types, A Showcase for Unsigned Talent provides those who believe they have talent with the opportunity to share their talent with the world, while at the same time receiving an opportunity to have "the eyes that matter" on them.

    A Showcase for Unsigned Talent travels the country finding fresh, new, unsigned talent of all kinds--aspiring actors, models, singers, comedians, dancers, poets and performers of all types. Our commercial campaigns, promotional tours, contests and marketing efforts are designed to draw out new talent while at the same time establishing as an entertainment hub where visitors can go to view videos of new, up and coming talent, see original programming and parti ...READ MORE

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    The Ex Chronicles coming March 8th!  (Pre-Order on Feb. 12th)

    The Ex Chronicles official release date is March 8th!  Pre-Orders starts Feb. 12th

    For anyone that pre-orders the book will receive a small soy massage candle with their autographed copy of the book!

    The book has twenty stories by twenty different authors.

    For more information e-mail

    via: ...READ MORE

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    Always Go with Your Gut Feeling

    Always Go with Your Gut Feeling

    Dang! I knew I should've gone with my gut feeling. Dang! I was right! Often times we rush into things knowing from the get go it doesn't feel right. We think maybe things will change or maybe that person will change. Lesson # 1 always go with your gut feeling or intuition.

    Think about how many times you should've listened to your first mind. Your intuition always should play a role in your life, especially when making big decisions. When you go with your gut feeling, you sometimes can avoid bad money decisions, bad business decisions and a bad heartbreak.

    My story: When it comes to my brand and when certain opportunities come up. I always go with my gut feeling on if I should take that opportunity or not. I remember a friend wanted to work with me, but my gut feeling was like, "that's not a great decision Bianca." And come to find out that person was just money hungry. Another example is when I was working at Victoria's Secret. I quitted without looking back and a few months late ...READ MORE

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    Dynasty of DeeJays:  President of Society DJs - DJ Spade (@djspade)

    DJ Spade is the president of Society DJs located in Nashville, TN.  He has been referred as one of Nashville's most elite deejays.  He has received and been nominated for several awards, such as DJ of the Year, #1 DJ in the South, Graphic Designer of Year, Mixtape DJ of the Year and much more.  He can be heard on 99.1 FM BDay - Jackson, MS, 101.1 The Beat - Nashville, TN, 88.3 Rockorsou - Curacao, and 96.1 Hot - Jackson, TN.

    His brand also consists of, Designer House Media, Manor Graphix and Manor Productions.

    His graphic designs are sought after by some of the hottest in names in the music industry, including Yo Gotti and Young Buck.

    Why the name DJ Spade?

    DS: Spades are the highest suit in the deck, when playing cards.  It represents the fact I am always being on top of my game.

    When did your deejaying career begin?

    DS:  I began throwing parties at the age of thirtee ...READ MORE

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    Welcome New Fleet Artist @Mylezia

    Welcome New Fleet Artist @Mylezia

    R&B singer Mylezia King has been labeled the 'it' girl among some
    music insiders lately, by expanding her fan base via social media and
    performing at venues and cities across the country which included "The
    High School Tour" in Los Angeles at Washington Preparatory and San
    Fernando Senior High Schools. Mylezia, always marvels her fans and
    concert-goers with her angelic voice during her live performances. The
    20-year-old gave the world a glimpse of her vocal talent, at the Philly
    Hip Hop Awards Nomination Show; The World Café; and her jaw-dropping
    performance at the historic Lincoln University during their homecoming
    weekend festivities. She was the headliner for the "Girl Talk, Talk Back
    All Girls Conference" that was held in Newark, Delaware. "The Queen of
    The First State" traveled to the Big Apple and performed on Broadway at
    the Symphony Place which showcased comedian Gerald Kelly.  Ms. King's
    latest single "Boy You Ain't Shhh" which was produced by the ...READ MORE

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    Model-In-Motion: DCS Pre-Teen Model of Ashland, VA-Shawn

    Shawn became a model two (2) years ago, after taking an interest in his mother's modeling career.  When modeling his takes most pleasure in photo shoots, print and promotion. His ultimate goal is to become a household name in the fashion industry.

    Height: 4ft 7 in

    Weight: 65 lbs

    Work: Runway, Print, Promotional and Commercial

    Future Events: 

    RVA 5th Annual Beauty & Barber Awards Show 6/2016

    Past Events:  ...READ MORE

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    New York has a certain appeal that never falters. The fast pace of life, the flamboyant sense of style the city exudes leaves a lasting impression. So when it comes to those nurtured within the confines of the five boroughs, they too are intent on making their mark.

    Born Obress Guy, Brooklyn MC, Livin Proof is no stranger to the spotlight. He came up in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn inspired by his piano playing Grandfather, and his Grandmother, an advocate for family values. While a strong family influence was prevalent, his progression into music came after a spell of 'street life.' Here, he was 'taught good at being bad' by his friend Bingo and quickly adhered to the fundamentals of street life. Like anything he turns his hand too, this New Yorker was determined to be the best but succumbing to the streets and what they had on offer wasn't going to be Livin Proof's final destination.

    With Rap and Hip-Hop, being the soundtrack to his life, music was more of a necessity to Ob ...READ MORE

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