ATL come out to Vibe lounge tonight and catch me and the homie...

ATL come out to Vibe lounge tonight and catch me and the homie @doubleedoublee performing #ShotsNSelfies for the Status Vodka launch party..

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Imagine molten steel cooled over petrified remains. In other words, your backdrop couldn't get any harder than this. We are proud to present our producer of the month & bi-coastal creator who is none other than Superb Clawson.
He was born in New York, partially raised in Virginia Beach and is currently riding it out on the left side in Cali.

Superb provides what I like to call marching music. With his hard hitting drums and excitable melodies he evokes a feeling that's revolutionary.
He makes a name for himself anywhere he goes and his credits run deep from 50 Cent, Akon, Ceelo Green, Black Street, Lloyd Banks Bone Crusher & Murda Mook, just to name a few.

Not only is he a master at crafting beats, he has a bachelors in science for digital filmmaking. He is also one half of the group ...READ MORE

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Activism: J. Cole Speaks On How We Must All Value Each Other To Change Our Music, The Level Of Viole

Hip-Hop is a powerful medium; esp. when it has something to say. KRS-ONE often commented that rap is the voice of Hip-Hop. Well, one of rap's top lyricists was caught on camera speaking some very salient points about the goings on in Ferguson and how we must move forward in the States. Away from the view that any of us are worthless, or among the 'others' in society. J. Cole has spoken at length before on the evils of racial profiling and hate. As a man of mixed racial heritage, he has always represented a broad, intellectual perspective that engenders universal care and respec ...READ MORE

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Introducing the DMVF Unleashed Bloggers: Meet Jillian Rosado (Poison Harley)

Hello DMVF Universe!

Normally, since I was introduced into this lovely world, I would update you guys on current events that are happening in the DMV Federation and give you guys my opinions and predictions. I figured today would be a different day and I can explain to you who I am and why I'm here.

My name in this federation is known to everyone as Poison Harley. For you comic book fans you can realize I combine my two favorite DC characters into my own little creation. Words can not describe to the owner that has been to be able to make this person come alive.

I've loved wrestling since I was literally born. My mother was a big Undertaker fan and my father loved Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior, so naturally I was in love as well. To make a long story short, almost 25 years later, here I am still a big fan and able to somewhat live those dreams. I've grown close to everyone in the federation, so much so, that I began to call them my family and even though I live in New Y ...READ MORE

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The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | | Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. EST

First Segment: Bestselling Author Lá Tanyha Boyd

Second Segment: Joshua Gortman, L.F.C (Lyricist for Christ).

Third Segment: PASTOR JEWEL VERONICA ALLEN (founder of For Women Only Inc.)

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Relaxation is a State of Mind...

Relaxation is a State of Mind...

Relaxation is a state of mind that does not depend on what you’re doing or what you’re not doing. You can relax any time, even right now. Relaxation is not something that must be put off until you have nothing to do. You can benefit from the power of relaxation even when you are extremely busy and active.

In fact, relaxation will make you far more effective and creative when it accompanies even your most strenuous efforts. Much of the effort of effort is in overcoming your own resistance. Let yourself relax about it, and suddenly it’s not bad at all.

Imagine yourself totally relaxed, free of worries, free of anxieties, free of any pain or discomfort. Just thinking about being relaxed can immediately put you in a state of higher positive energy.

Now challenge you to go beyond just thinking about it and simply let yourself relax. It will bring powerful, effective energy to everything you do. After all, relaxation is a state of mind ...READ MORE

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Nelly Says There's Not Enough Penalties For Officers Killing Young Black Men! (CNN Interview)

After catching backlash on twitter for posting about ‘Honey Nut Cherrios” instead of addressing the mayhem happening in his hometown of St. Louis, Nelly appears on CNN. The St. Louis rapper states “there is not enough penalties for officers killing young black men. He then pleads for peace in his hometown.

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The Remix (08-16-14) - @DarrylDamn, @Maurice_Garland, and #MikeBrown

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In this episode of The Remix, we had Comedian Darryl Damn on the show to talk about his career and give advice to up-and-coming comedians. Darryl Damn has been a comic for 13 years. He's currently a host at Uptown Comedy Corner. He's also appears on Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor.

We also has Maurice Garland on the show to talk about his new book The Art Behind The Tape. The book is written by DJ Mars, Bril Ndiaye, and Maurice. It explores the history of mixtape cover art. Maurice also talked h ...READ MORE

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ATTN: Washington DC - Raheem Devaughn, LoveLife Foundation Present Black Men's Summit/Town Hall


WHO: Roland Martin (Host) - American journalist, syndicated columnist, author, commentator (TV One) and (News One Now); Raheem DeVaughn - Three-Time Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter; Jeff Johnson- Award-winning journalist, social activist, political commentator, and author; Pastor W. Lamar Staples - Associate Pastor, The Temple of Praise, Washington, DC; Pastor Jabari Douglas- Pastor, Kingdom Worship Center, Upper Marlboro, MD; Dr. George Holmes - Member of President Barack Obama's National African American Clergy Leadership Working Group and Chaplain of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee; Reverend Lennox Yearwood - President and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus; Mr. Ed Davies, Execut ...READ MORE

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