Blacktopia would like to thank and salute all the Veterans that are also "Blacktopians".  We would like to give a special shout out to Blacktopian, and Veteran Adrienne Charleston.

She joined the army at the age of 17, but didn't start until after she graduated from high school.

She served 12 years active duty as a Legal Specialist (Paralegal, Trial Defense, Court Reporter) and in her last 8 years in the Reserve as a Mental Health Specialist. She was able to travel the world. SC, IN, KS, VA, TX, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Korea, Japan.

Adrienne Charleston is also a writer and poet!  You can purchase her new book "Butterfly Flow" here at this direct link ...READ MORE

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Happy vets day to all!! We all have that special someone that laid his life on the line for this country!! #salute #godbless #happyveteransday

via: ...READ MORE

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New Music Upload! Happy Veterans Day

New Music Upload! Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men and women of the US armed forces. In honor of you, here's an upload of a mix I recorded on Halloween 2015 for my masonic lodge, King David Lodge #100. Enjoy!


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Artist Atmosphere: Hometeam

Artist Atmosphere:  Hometeam

Hometeam (HT) is a south Florida group consisting of five (5) members, One, Sk (SpinnKing), G-Code, Rucci Dalla, and Smokeyy B. The group is highly recognized for their sound which they refer to as TecMusic. TecMusic  incorporates their performance vehicles and music, which is a part of the HT movement.

The HT movement has taken the music industry by storm with the release of their single "Ain't Too Many" and now their song "Riding wit that Thang."  The group can be seen packing out major venue with loyal followers.

Hometeam" originated in 1996, with a group of friends from various Caribbean Islands who believed in family first above all and respect. It grew into a group of brothers who throughout the years always held each other down in any situation. The musically as ...READ MORE

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Starforcehiphop is The Fastest Growing Urban Media Hub Worldwide

Freemason ,Brendon Green is the owner operator of the Top Alexa certified super site . BG or BgTheProphet as he's known within the music business, has achieved a phenomenal level of success with sites rising such as Starforcejamaica and StarforceEurope, he's just signed StarforceMusicGrp to a distribution deal with industry giants Empire Distribution . BG has his roots in the hip hop culture all the way back to the breaking days. Through his success in business the sacrifice was giving up on the Rappers' EGO, and instilling perpetual visionary thinking into the next major brand. Which he decided to do the day he co-starred in Wale's 600 Benz Ft Rick Ross and Jadakiss , as The Bodyguard / Limo Driver.

It's about how we network and Communicate. With personal relationships such as Ron Spaulding, Rohan Marley, Mr Cheeks, Gillieda ...READ MORE

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KRS-One Drops New Dope Song "Drugs Won"

KRS-One is more than a legend from the Golden Era of rap...he's still dope and relevant! He's just dropped a new song and announced that an album is on the way. Check out "Drugs Won," where he uplifts a particular plant and a wags a finger at a failed government policy.

Filed under: Music Tagged: drugs won, KRS-One ...READ MORE

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Classified - No Pressure Feat. Snoop Dogg (Audio)

Classified teams up with the god father of hip hop himself Snoop Doggy Dogg! Don't be surprised if you hear this song all over the radio in a few weeks. The track starts Snoop Dogg shouting out Classified as this fast paced, fun beat starts blasting. A very bouncy, catchy piano instrumental is accompanied by [...]

via: ...READ MORE

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Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

Starting a blog is always filled with so much excitement, however a lot of people don't realize how much comes with it. One main thing I always tell people is that with blogging you have to bee consistent and have to know some key facts when starting and maintaining a blog.

I started blogging summer of 2010 when I was 16. I fell in love with blogging because of Necole Bitchie and TMZ. I started off doing mainly entertainment blogging and promoting upcoming new artists. I was extremely consistent and entertainment blogging definitely brought tons of traffic to my site. But at the time I was doing it as a hobby and didn't know I could get paid for it until years later.

With blogging I learned a lot of things such as: about copying and pasting photos that aren't yours, legal problems, the massive amount of how many people are blogging, the ins and outs of wordpress and more.

I decided to share some of my blogging tips 101 and what I have learned so far.


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