That One Thing - Monday Morning Motivation

This weekend while interviewing singer Margaret Bell for my podcast, I asked her the question that I ask all artists, "Do you do this full time?" To my delight, her answer was, "Yes." She went on to describe how she believes that we've all been given one thing, a gift or talent that will sustain us throughout our lifetime.

Think about how divided our attention and energy is. What if we just devoted it to the one thing that we know we are extremely gifted at?

I ask this often and I'll ask it again...What if you gave that one thing and 8 hour day, like the day you are giving to your employer today? What if you gave that one thing a 40 hour week? What if you spent 30 days brainstorming and planning how you might transform that passion into profit?

What would life feel like if all you were doing was that one thing that you loved and were great at?

I'll give you a few never dread waking up and getting out of bed. Most of your tears are happy ones. The main, and ofte ...READ MORE

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Oakland Boxing Coach Breaks Down Mayweather-Pacquiao on Social Media

Abraham Morones is a boxing coach at Nonito Donaire Sr. Boxing Gym in Oakland, CA as well as handles the day to day operations as well. Morones, a talented boxer himself with over 6o amateur fights and even competing in the 2012 Olympic trials wanted the readers of this blog to understand what happened between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in fight that has reached heavy criticism after ESPN began to slander it directly after the fight ended.

"it's called boxing where the definition is hit and not get hit in a small enclosed space. A sport that demonstrates a form of fighting with rules allowing you to hold or maneuver you body in such a way to not receive life risking damage while still being able to inflict life risking damage to the other combatant. The rules dictate that the combatant that can inflict the maximum amount of damage to render the opponent no longer able to compete wins or inflicts the most damage in the allowed time of the contes ...READ MORE

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Mayweather Defeats Pacquiao, Will Retire After September Fight

In what was a historic night for Floyd Mayweather as he turned in a vintage performance against career nemesis, Manny Pacquiao as he earned the win via unanimous decision with the scores of 118-110 and 116-112 times two, the same score ITR Boxing had. "He had moments in the fight, but I outboxed, I was a smart fighter...and I did what I had to do." Mayweather explained after the fight. "When the history books are written, this was worth the wait!"

The first round started with Mayweather taking the center of the ring as he asserted control early. With in seconds into the round, Mayweather landed a straight right that moved Pacquiao back, but in the middle of the fight Pacquiao attempted to leap in on Mayweather who caught him crisp with a straight right hand that rocked Pacquiao. The second round saw a more aggressive Pacquiao, but still doomed to fail as the more precise fighter, Floyd Mayweather, continued to land the right hand every single round. The third followed suit as well ...READ MORE

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Mayweather to Post Suge Knight's 10 Million Bail If He Wins...

Per The LA Times, former Death Row Records CEO Marion "Suge" Knight might be coming home early if Floyd Mayweather wins on Saturday. Knight, who was recently arrested for murder (that was caught on camera and can be watched here) might just be Mayweather's biggest fan even though it is unclear if they he will be to watch the super-fight from behind bares.

Matthew Fletcher, Knight's attorney, stated to the LA Times that if Mayweather wins he will bail out Knight. According to Fletcher, lawyer representing Mayweather reached out a few weeks ago to find out the details of bailing out Knight. Knight's trial begins on July 7th and as of right now, might be the biggest fan of Floyd Mayweather as his freedom may depended upon it. Knight last made headlines when he passed out in the courtroom afte ...READ MORE

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(Post) Seven Ways to Make Money with Your Music


Ever had someone tell you that there is no money to be made in pursuing your musical dream? Well, my musical friend, they were wrong!

We, without a doubt, live in a society that allows for so many ways to make a living. Yes it is true, you don't have to go to a job you hate to make a living. You can make money off of your natural gift and passions, especially if you work in the music industry.

Here are some ways to make this happen.

  • Mechanical Royalties are one of the most important revenue streams for a successful songwriter. Basically, everytime your music is purchased you receive a mechanical royalty.
  • Analog Public Performance Royalties: This is where you make money every time your song is performed or played in public. AM/FM radio, network TV, bars, restaurants, airplanes, offices, movie theaters... anyone who plays your music has to pay you.
  • Synchronization License Royalties: Whenever your so ...READ MORE

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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Viewing Party @ The Tavern.  Get Your Tickets Now!!

    Stop worrying about where your gonna watch the fight! $20! I'm hosting...come through!

    This Saturday May 2 @ 7 PM

    The Tavern @ Campbellton Rd
    5819 Campbellton Rd
    Atlanta, GA

    $20 (Cash only @ The Door)
    $10 Beer Pitchers
    $5 Seafood Baskets

    Tables also available for Purchase: $25, $75

    Call to Reserve Your Spot
    Mention The Doug Steward Show for this Special Pricing!

    Google Maps:,+Atlanta,+GA+30336/@33.6996692,-84.5782656,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x88f51fc7635e97a5:0x206b17b6a4b20a9 ...READ MORE

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    Killer Mike Speaks On Race And Politics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) [Video]

    That White House Correspondents' Dinner we just posted on? Yeah... Killer Mike was there. The man is up on his politics to say the least. He also lectured at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of the university's 'Hip-Hop Speaker' Series. Intelligent discourse at one of America's well-known gatherings of advanced thinkers. Killer Kill has always spoken up (and well) on issues regarding Hip-Hop politics and humanity. The cli ...READ MORE

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    Let Bangnat Hear It First

    Let Bangnat Hear It First

    If you want the Bangnat team to check out your new track..... Send your MP3 to ...READ MORE

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    "What Moves You?" - Monday Morning Motivation

    "What Moves You?" - Monday Morning Motivation

    Monday Morning Motivation - "What moves you?" Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who shared her passion for collecting with me. I watched her eyes light up with joy as she described the adventures that led her to the Disney dolls and Mikey Mouse memorabilia.

    It made me realize how I've allowed the busyness of the world to whisk me away from the simple pleasures of life.

    In an attempt to help me decide what I might collect, she asked me one simple question, "What moves you?"

    It was a question so simple yet so profound that it helped me to uncover how past experiences can leave you with scar tissue so thick that it leaves you numb. It made me think about how present responsibilities and worries of the future can surround you with an impenetrable fog and leave you stuck in haze. All of this leaving you with an inability to feel and truly experience the beauty that is life.

    So what moves me? What moves you? The process by which I came to answer this q ...READ MORE

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