Female Rise to Power Vol. 15 - Feat. DJ DIME - FREE DOWNLOAD

Female Rise to Power Vol. 15 - Feat. DJ DIME - FREE DOWNLOAD

Check out the new Female Rise to Power Vol. 15 - (all female DJs and artists mixtape) feat. DJ DIME, DJ Firestarta, DJ Timeko T and DJ K Young

Link to release: http://tapehustlers.com/index.php/component/muscol/F/27-fleet-djs/218-female-rise-to-power-15-firestartadj-djtimekot-fleetdjs-fleetdjfemales

FREE DOWNLOAD: http://tapehustlers.com/download.php?id=12 ...READ MORE

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Artist Atmosphere: Tay G

Artist Atmosphere:  Tay G

 Who is Tay G?

Tay G is a Chicago Hip Hop artist who has been in the music industry for ten (10) years.  In his younger years he lived in the south side of Chicago and later he and his family moved to the suburbs.  The moved changed Tay's life because he was exposed to different cultures and styles which helped shape him into a well-rounded individual.

Question:  How did you get started in the industry?

Answer:  My musical career began in a group.  The group noticed my social status with the ladies and wanted me to join to improve their female fan base.  Things took off from their.

Question:  Do you write your own music?

Answer:  Yes I do.  Random thing inspire me.  I get an idea and usually craft my songs based on the idea.  It may take me an hour or a week to write, but it is always me.

Question:  How does the world influence your music ...READ MORE

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General Grown talks about Champion, Police Brutality, and his Grown Man Team in this NEW INTERVIEW

Rapper General Grown talks about his current single "Champion", his Grown Man Team, police brutality, and more in this new one on one interview with Blacktopia!  Listen to what he has to say and also check out his singles here at these direct links



Blacktopia:  How are you doing General Grown? General Grown:  I'm GOOD! Blessed to be here grinding and pushing hard, STRAIGHT WORK NO PLAY...

Blacktopia:  Why do you call yourself General Grown? General Grown:  Actually my ni ...READ MORE

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Is Kanye's Fashion Line Gear For "New Slaves"?

Is Kanye's Fashion Line Gear For "New Slaves"?

Everyone has something to say about the unveiling of Yeezy Season 2 from Kanye West's fashion line. Rapper Ice T called it "future slave gear". I don't think he was far off in his analogy by that that doesn't mean that wasn't Yeezy's vision in the first place. The nude clothing looks like an attempt not to be seen or to blend in with the surroundings and the looser clothing looks like his take on Hobo Chic. Yeezy may be able to design for movies one day, a futuristic tale about oppressed, coordinated youth! LOL. So what do you think, is Yeezy so ahead of the game we're just not evolved enough to find the art in his clothing? Or, are we looking at the costume design for the next syfy thriller, "12 Years A Slave... In Space"?

BTW- If you're thinking of buying Yeezy's clothing but not sure how it would look on the streets, check out Kim Kardashian West sporting a piece from his line's first season below.

Click Link Below To See Pic's From Yeezy's Season 2 Show

http:// ...READ MORE

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Artist Legend: J.T. Money about talks new music and his Come Clean Concert Tour

J.T. Money continues to be a fixture in the hip hop community with legendary banger such as Shake What Yo Mama Gave You and Who Dat.  His supporters wants more and he continues to do just that, with his new singles Get Yo Money and Grown Folks which have hit the streets hard.

Question:  Your new joint Get Yo Money is a banger, a strip club jam.  How would describe the sound and why did you change up your sound? 

Answer:  I never make the same song twice.  I am not stuck in a sound.  I did Get Yo Money to mimicking what these young cats are doing.

A dude made the beat and I liked it.  This will probably be the only song you get from me like that.

Question:  Why do you believe the younger artists, continue to copy each other and w ...READ MORE

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Let It Marinate

Let It Marinate

Life is like a piece of meat. In order to get the most out of it, there are certain things that need to be done in order to ensure the best possible flavor, texture and satisfaction. Flavor is all about taste. When you taste something you experience it and life is all about experiences. The challenge is making those experiences high quality and meaningful. Texture is all about the feel of something. In order to live a fulfilled life, we must tend to our feelings in a healthy way as opposed to ignoring, disregarding them or acting on them before we truly understand them. Satisfaction is the culmination of everything because at the end of the day, you want to get the most out of every experience which will lead to you feeling great about yourself and your life. So the question is, how do we make these things happen? Let's look at how we prepare a piece of meat.

Step One: Clean the meat.

Cleaning out your mind and your life can be as simple as making the time to take a dee ...READ MORE

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The Remix (09-12-2015) Fish Eyed Fool Project Interview @4IZE

Download Entire Show

In this episode of The Remix friend of the show @4IZE came through to promote his new release. The Fish Eyed Fool Project is a 15 track banger. 4-Ize always very witty on the microphone. He always gives great social commentary on the state of the World in his music. But he's not bashful either. He definitely doesn't mind sharing his raunchy side as well. This is a very balanced mixtape with good lyrics and good production.

This project will be released September 15, 2015 4-Ize's Birthday at The Basement for more inf ...READ MORE

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New Single ALERT! "Hotline Bling REMIX" - Dray Solis (R&B)

New Single ALERT! "Hotline Bling REMIX" - Dray Solis (R&B)

MidSouth Muzik's R&B artist Dray Solis (@draysolis) release his cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling" song on Soundcloud. Personally I love the remix more than I love Drakes version. And although I am a huge Drake fan, this remix is defiantly a record that all DJ's and Drake fans should have in their playlists. Check it out for your self!


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#FunnyFriday Friday Night Comedy Bash hosted  by Blacktopian Cegrid Green AKA Mz. Beautiful Rain


____________________________________________________ ...READ MORE

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